Book 2, Chapter 250 - A Chaotic Mess

Song Rujing’s powerful spirit force immediately caused the fierce purple origin fire to disappear. The angry little girl completely ignored Ye Aotian and arrived next to Zhao Jiuge.

“Why are you so weak? You’re the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect!”

Zhao Jiuge was in a sorry state and his aura was unstable. Song Rujing stared at Zhao Jiuge. If she hadn’t seen it for herself, she wouldn’t have believed that Zhao Jiuge was only at the mid stage of the Spirit Core Realm. She had never expected the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect’s cultivation to be so low. His cultivation was even weaker than the elite disciples of the other holy lands. The top disciples of the other holy lands were almost all at the Nascent Soul Realm! However, from that brief exchange earlier, she knew that Zhao Jiuge’s strength was not as simple as it looked on the surface.

Facing her words, Zhao Jiuge’s mouth twitched. Song Rujing was shocked at how low his cultivation was, while he was shocked at how high her cultivation was. She was only a bit older than Sha Sha, but her cultivation was more terrifying than Sha Sha’s.

“It’s not your business. Why did you get involved?” Zhao Jiuge didn’t answer Song Rujing’s question and instead changed the topic. Things were already messy, and if the Void Suspension Sect got involved, it would become even more chaotic.

“Because we are friends. If a friend is in trouble, how could I just ignore it?”

Song Rujing looked at Zhao Jiuge and blinked. She had spoken in a casual tone. Song Yuansheng listened to his little sister’s words and just smiled.

However, Zhao Jiuge was a bit shocked and was moved. They had just met, yet this little girl had really considered him a real friend. He was used to the sinister nature of the world, and this sudden warmth made him feel a bit uncomfortable.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t say more and looked profoundly at Song Rujing. He had considered the Song siblings his friends, but he still didn’t intend to let a little girl stand up for him. Not to mention, was  he really so weak?

“Little girl, don’t intervene in my business. Let me deal with it. Not to mention, this is a feud between our sects.”

Before Song Rujing could refute, the enraged Ye Aotian attacked once more. He didn’t care who it was at this moment—if anyone dared to stop him, he would beat them up as well.

“Heaven and earth contain vital energy!”

A loud roar echoed, then countless strands of golden light gathered to form a ball of light. Ye Aotian’s expression was fierce. He had failed to deal with Zhao Jiuge time and time again, which made him feel shame. He was no longer worried about holding back.

On the other side, Jiulian’s group was in a fierce battle with the disciples of Yue Hua Academy. Sword energy and colorful lights flashed constantly. Looking at the situation, the battle would not end anytime soon.

“Are you done yet? Still going to come? Since you want to fight, I’ll show you a fight!” Seeing Ye Aotian continue, Song Rujing let out a cry. She didn’t consider the early stage Nascent Soul Realm Ye Aotian to be a threat at all. Since he had taken the initiative to attack, she had found a place to vent her anger.

Song Yuansheng watched his little sister with a smile. He naturally understood his little sister’s strength and was not worried about Ye Aotian. Instead, he felt sorry for Ye Aotian. Who had asked him to provoke this little fox? Even himself he had suffered a lot at her hands.

Song Rujing’s expression was extremely serious as she stood before Zhao Jiuge. This made Zhao Jiuge uncomfortable. He was not used to hiding behind a woman. However, facing Ye Aotian’s full power, he knew he was not a match.

Song Rujing’s hands formed a seal. Her gaze was still the same as she watched the golden light close in.

In just a moment, Song Rujing’s middle finger pointed at the void and silver light appeared. Then she began drawing in the sky, and in the blink of an eye, a circle formed. The circle began to shine like a mirror, then a pillar to light shot out toward the vast vital energy rushing toward her.

Although both were powerful, it was clear as day who was stronger. Song Rujing’s aura was a level above Ye Aotian’s.

Zhao Jiuge squinted as he watched the two of them fight. He couldn’t help but sigh. There were still gaps between him and the Chief Head Disciples of the other holy lands. They all had various spells to use, while he only knew one or two.

The pillar of light directly knocked away the vast vital energy. It was nothing fancy, but the impact was there! This harmless-looking little girl had such a terrifying cultivation.

Ye Aotian spat out a mouthful of blood from suffering the backlash of his own vast vital energy. Although it looked bad, he wasn’t very hurt.

Seeing that the situation had stabilized a bit, Ling Bo Re quietly lowered her hand from her life flying sword. She coldly observed the situation.

Seeing Ye Aotian tremble and cough out blood, Xu Zhu was shocked. Originally, he thought dealing with Zhao Jiuge would be easy enough, but he didn’t expect Song Rujing to suddenly appear and have such a high cultivation. She was able to directly knock Ye Aotian back. He was at the early stage of the Nascent Soul Realm like Ye Aotian, which meant that even he couldn’t win against this little girl.

Xu Zhu supported Ye Aotian’s back and asked with a worried look, “Are you alright?” At the same time, the disciples of the Ten Thousand Dao Sect quickly closed in. There were about 10 of them.

“No problem, my blood flow was just disrupted a bit.” Ye Aotian wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and stared at Song Rujing. This time, not only Zhao Jiuge, even Song Rujing became his target.

Seeing that Ye Aotian was fine, Xu Zhu shouted at Ye Aotian and Jiang Fuding, “Attack together!”

Originally, he just wanted to deal with Zhao Jiuge and injure the honor of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. He hadn’t expected the Void Suspension Sect to suddenly make a move as well. Since this was the case, Xu Zhu didn’t mind dealing with them as well. The always-mysterious Void Suspension Sect had caused them a lot of dread as well.

Most importantly, he had Ye Aotian and Jiang Duding. With the Great Barbarian Sect and Yue Hua Academy dragged in, Xu Zhu was even more fearless.

The moment Xu Zhu’s voice echoed, the 10 disciples behind him moved. Even Jiang Fuding made a gesture, and the three disciples behind him followed as well.

The disciples of Yue Hua Academy were already fighting Julian’s group of four. This pushed the tense atmosphere to its peak.

Ye Aotian had recovered and charged toward Song Rujing with Jiang Fuding and Xu Zhu. Even though Song Rujing was young, she didn’t feel nervous facing this situation. Instead, she seemed to become even more restless.

After a moment of rest, Zhao Jiuge had recovered. As a man, he could not hide behind a little girl. His aura erupted to its peak and he stepped forward next to Song Rujing. The two of them prepared to face the attack of the three incoming enemies.

On the other side, Xu Zhu, Jiang Fuding, and Ye Aotian’s attacks had appeared in the blink of an eye.

A soft sound echoed across the observation deck and Jiang Fuding’s body visibly changed. The powerful body under his clothes seemed to be changing rapidly, emitting a dim light. This light was dark yellow and seemed sturdy and profound.

The dim light flickered constantly and seemed to form a layer of golden armor around Jiang Fuding. In a flash, he went through an earth-shattering transformation.

Zhao Jiuge’s eyelid twitch a few times. He knew this was the Great Barbarian Sect’s body-refining spell. The entire Great Barbarian Sect followed the path of body refining. The spell Jiang Fuding was using was similar to his Sanskrit Divine Body, but there were obvious differences.

Seeing that Jiang Fuding was only at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm, Zhao Jiuge couldn’t help but grin. Jiang Fuding was his. He wanted to see if his Sanskrit Divine Body was stronger than Jiang Fuding’s body-refining spell.

Ye Aotian took out a blue and white jade fan. The fan was ⅔ of a meter long and gave off a dazzling glow. Accompanying the glow was a chilling, white mist around the fan. The fan had two blue ribbons that swayed at the bottom. Ye Aotian had directly taken out his life treasure. It looked like he was completely enraged.

Xu Zhu had condensed two silhouettes made of light before him. Although he didn’t reveal any of his own aura, the aura from these two silhouettes could not be underestimated!

One was like a bird that wasn’t a bird, like a crane that wasn’t a crane. It opened its slender wings that were dyed red. Its black and white feathers were very life-like, its dark eyes were filled with intelligence, and its long beak was over one meter long. It stared at Song Rujing with a ferocious gaze.

The other was a beast that wasn’t a beast, a man that wasn’t a man. Its bottom half had four strong legs with an oxtail. However, its upper body was that of a person, and it had a human face. Its facial features looked like a human’s, but anyone with knowledge knew it wasn’t a human, but a rare spirit beast.

When the two silhouettes were formed by Xu Zhu, the spirit force around the observation deck seemed to freeze a little. A sense of danger arose in Zhao Jiuge’s heart.

The three of them had prepared their attacks and closed in. Behind them were more than 10 silhouettes, ready to attack as well. On the other side, Zhao Jiuge and Song Rujing were prepared for the attack. Jiulian’s group was still fighting and occasionally erupted with powerful spirit force.

This fight involved most of the people here; only a few people were not involved. They were the few female disciples from the Hundred Flower Valley and Ling Bo Re, who led them.

They were happy to watch this fight, because this matter didn’t involve them. When Xu Zhu was about to launch his attack, the whole situation was a mess.

This fight involving the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, the Void Suspension Sect, the Ten Thousand Dao Sect, Yue Hua Academy, and the Great Barbarian Sect had gotten out of control.

Ling Bo Re emotionlessly watched the situation. However, the female disciples behind her were excitedly watching this mess.

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