Book 2, Chapter 249 - Why Are You So Weak?

Book 2, Chapter 249 - Why Are You So Weak?

Purple light appeared around the retreating Ye Aotian. This purple light immediately covered his shirt.

The pale, purple light converged. On closer inspection, it was actually purple fire!

“Purple origin fire!”

The disciples watching exclaimed. They hadn’t expected Ye Aotian to use this move that only Nascent Soul Cultivators could use.

Once the nascent soul broke free from the spirit core, a purple palace would form inside the dantian for the nascent soul to live in. Purple origin fire would also appear at this time. Not only could the purple origin fire be used to refine treasures to make them stronger, it could be released to attack enemies directly.

The purple origin fire was no weaker than the Daoist’s Three Senses True Fire. Everyone knew that Ye Aotian was really mad now.

Song Rujing’s lovely face was serious as she carefully observed the situation. Ling Bo Re’s gaze was a bit strange, but she didn’t make any moves.

Zhao Jiuge also saw the purple fire, and his eyes narrowed. Things had already reached this point, so he could not back down. Even though he knew the power of the purple origin fire, he still had to try!

With just two steps, Zhao Jiuge was within one meter of Ye Aotian, and this time Ye Aotian didn’t retreat. His eyes became ferocious and his aura erupted. The docile, purple fire before him began to surge.

Ye Aotian became excited when he saw Zhao Jiuge’s two golden palms close in. The purple fire before his chest rushed toward Zhao Jiuge’s palms.

The two sides collided! The golden light melted like ice facing the blazing sun and instantly melted. The purple origin fire wanted to continue burning, but how could Zhao Jiuge let that happen? He quickly retreated. In just a brief moment of contact, the Divine Sanskrit Palm had disappeared.

Zhao Jiuge was appalled by this, and it pained his heart. Only now did he realize the difference between the Nascent Soul Realm and the Spirit Core Realm. He felt a bit of panic in his heart and quickly thought about what he should do next. Otherwise, he would be the one to suffer.

However, Ye Aotian wouldn’t give him time to react. The purple origin fire launched toward Zhao Jiuge like a purple python.

Zhao Jiuge hastily retreated and took out the Cold Underworld Sword on his back. A blue light erupted and the entire sword buzzed.

When the purple origin fire had arrived, Zhao Jiuge’s expression was serious. He raised his right hand and a ray of silver sword energy flew out.

At this moment, the power of a top-tier spirit treasure erupted. Even the disciples that weren't facing the treasure directly were somewhat shocked. Although the cultivation of the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect was not high, his combat strength was indeed higher than theirs.

The silver sword energy collided with the purple origin fire, causing it to weaken. The remaining purple origin fire was blocked by the spirit force released by Zhao Jiuge.

However, Zhao Jiuge obviously looked a bit tired, while Ye Aotian looked completely fine. The gap between a whole realm was not simple.

Ye Aotian revealed a cruel smile and released endless purple origin fire, so much so that even Zhao Jiuge was a bit overwhelmed. However, he didn’t reveal a trace of panic or fear.

He was struggling inside his heart. He was wondering if he should use the sword imprint Master Moon had given him. However, those sword imprints were as strong as a Dao Origin Realm attack, and he would have no way to control it once he released one. This would result in the certain death of Ye Aotian, and he was thinking about the consequences. If he didn’t use it, when he would be humiliated before everyone here.

While he was struggling to make a decision, Jiulian’s group would not standby and watch Zhao Jiuge suffer. Their spirit force erupted from their bodies.

Sword energy suddenly filled the observation deck and colorful lights filled the area. Although they were only at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm, their joint power could not be underestimated. They directly cut apart the purple origin fire Ye Aotian had released.

“Do you think only your Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect has people? You think we have no one?” the young man wearing the long-sleeve shirt immediately said. His status was not low, but he was outshined by Ye Aotian. At this moment, the honor of his sect was in question, and since he saw the disciples of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect move, he would naturally intervene as well.

“Heaven and earth contain vital energy, vast as the bright sun and moon. Calm like the hidden dragon, angry like the cry of the unjust.”

An invisible mass of vast vital energy began to gather. It was invisible, but one could clearly feel it.

“I sing the cries of supernatural beings, I dance into the dark underworld. To fill out the rivers and mountains, the way of the human world is distinct.”

As the youth man in the lead sang, the other disciples of Yue Hua Academy shouted as well.

This was a spell that every disciple of Yue Hua Academy had to cultivate, the Vast Vital Energy Song. This spell was specifically made to restrain evil, and the disciples of Yue Hua Academy had taken it upon themselves to deal with evil.

When the chant filled with vast vital energy finished, bursts of vital energy erupted from the observation deck. Once the bursts of vital energy were golden, it meant that that person had reached a higher level.

How could the observation deck not become lively? One side had powerful sword energy and the other side had vast vital energy.

Aside from Ye Aotian, there were five other disciples. Although they had more people, they were not stronger than the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. They only had two at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm and three at the mid stage, while the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect had four at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm.

After Jiulian and the others helped Zhao Jiuge resist the purple origin fire, the disciples of Yue Hua Academy immediately joined in the battle. They immediately released their sword energy to combat the vast vital energy.

At this moment, Zhao Jiuge was alone and helpless once more. Ling Bo Re frowned and her fingers subconsciously grasped her life flying sword. There was hesitation in her heart, and she wondered if she should help Zhao Jiuge. Normally, she wouldn’t care at all, but for some reason, she was reluctant to let him suffer.

“Hahaha, Zhao Jiuge, I want to see who will help you. Isn’t your Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect arrogant? After I deal with you, I want to see how you continue to act so arrogantly.” When Ye Aotian saw the other disciples from his sect stop the disciples from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, he revealed a cruel smile. Then his eyes revealed a ferocious light and he began to move.

The raging purple origin fire surged out once more. Not only did this attack look more ferocious, its power had increased greatly.

Zhao Jiuge’s expression became fierce. Originally, he was hesitant. After all, killing someone was troublesome. However, Ye Aotian shouldn’t have brought the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect into this. He could lose and suffer, but the honor of the sect couldn’t be damaged. He would rather bear all the consequences than allow anyone to damage the honor of the sect.

He had been raised by that old man with great difficulty and never really got to experience what home was. When The old man died, he drifted along for a period of time before he came to the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. There he met his friends, his kind senior sister, and his strict teacher. This made him feel the warmth of home, and the sect meant a lot to him. If anyone dared to insult the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, he would risk his life to defend it.

A dark light appeared on Zhao Jiuge’s waist, but no one noticed. The light came from the Pi Xu Jade Token. The token was dark green and was completely different from how it was originally. What Zhao Jiuge didn’t know was that every time he cultivated, the Pi Xu Jade Token would absorb part of the spirit force. This was why his cultivation was somewhat slow.

Just when Zhao Jiuge was about to take out the sword imprint, a petite cry caused him to stop.

“Stop it!”

Song Rujing’s lovely face had turned into a frown, and this made her look even more lovely. When she noticed Ye Aotian completely ignoring her, she pouted in anger.

Then all the disciples stared at this seemingly harmless little girl.

A terrifying spirit force erupted, causing everyone to feel a sense of dread. Everyone saw Song Rujing reveal an unhappy expression while a powerful spirit force surged out. After carefully observing this spirit force, everyone realized that she was actually at the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm!

This little girl who seemed to be the youngest here had such terrifying cultivation—how could everyone not be shocked?

On the side, the corner of Song Yuansheng’s mouth twitched. He looked at the angry little girl and then secretly glanced at Ye Aotian with a look of pity. This little girl usually looked very friendly, but once she got angry, there was no stopping her. Even he had suffered quite a few losses to her. What could he do? He was not as strong as his little sister.

Song Rujing didn’t waste time talking nonsense and directly used her spirit force to crush the purple origin fire. If the gap between Zhao Jiuge and Ye Aotian was like the difference between heaven and earth, then the gap between Ye Aotian and Song Rujing was the same.

The surrounding disciples were all stunned. Today was filled with surprises. Originally, they were just watching Zhao Jiuge and Ye Aotian fight. Now not only had the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect and the Yue Hua Academy gotten into a fight, even the mysterious Void Suspension Sect had joined the fray. There was a good show to watch!

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