Book 2, Chapter 246 - Take Advantage Of

When Zhao Jiuge heard Ye Aotian’s words, he looked at Ling Bo Re. When he noticed that her face was still cold, he suddenly felt like it was boring. He brought Song Yuansheng and Song Rujing to the side to chat and enjoy the scenery.

Jiulian still felt some displeasure toward Zhao Jiuge, so she naturally wouldn’t talk to him. She and the others were talking about something.

At this moment, everyone’s gazes were on Zhao Jiuge because the ice-cold beauty, Ling Bo Re, was walking straight toward him!

Song Yuansheng was dumbfounded, while Song Rujing had a strange gaze. She stared at Zhao Jiuge and then at Ling Bo Re. She seemed to want to see something from them.

Feeling the strange gazes on him, Zhao Jiuge was a bit strange. He looked at Ling Bo Re, who was observing him, and was confused.

This made Xu Zhu very happy. It was like someone sending him a pillow when he was sleepy. Originally, he wanted to say something that would provoke Zhao Jiuge and Ye Aotian to get into a fight. Who would have thought that such a good opportunity would appear on its own?

Xu Zhu also saw Ye Aotian’s ugly expression, and he couldn’t be happier. He directly ignored Jiang Fuding, who was a much smaller threat to him than Ye Aotian.

Ling Bo Re didn't care about the other people’s gazes, she just coldly looked at Zhao Jiuge. She stared at him for a while, and her cold gaze made Zhao Jiuge very uncomfortable.

Normally, with Zhao Jiuge’s personality, when faced with the woman he liked, he would have been happily talking about this and that. However, perhaps because there was some lingering resentment from back when she looked at him like an ant, or because he knew she had no interest in the opposite sex, he didn’t bother making a fool of himself. Instead, he stared back with a similar gaze and stubbornly refused to take the initiative to speak.

The two of them stared at each other. People who didn’t know anything might think they were looks of affection. Zhao Jiuge was able to clearly see Ling Bo Re’s face, and at this moment, he couldn’t help but become intoxicated by that exquisite face.

After a bit of deadlock, perhaps Ling Bo Re felt uncomfortable from Zhao Jiuge’s gaze. She finally said, “Why did you end up here? Back then, you didn’t have any spirit force at all.” Her voice was a bit strange—perhaps she was trying to hide the panic in her heart.

“Am I not allowed to cultivate? Back then, someone was quite proud.” Zhao Jiuge’s voice was a bit cynical.

Ling Bo Re ignored Zhao Jiuge’s strange tone but was thinking about this matter. According to Zhao Jiuge’s words, he had gone from a mere ant to his current state in such a short period of time. Although she didn’t know what Zhao Jiuge’s cultivation level was, becoming the Chief Head Disciple of a sect could not be easy.

Thinking about this, Ling Bo Re finally looked at Zhao Jiuge seriously. The youth seemed to have undergone a metamorphosis and was a little different from before. Ling Bo Re’s eyes no longer had the look of contempt she had when they first met—she was very serious now.

This huge contrast shocked the originally angry Zhao Jiuge. He smiled and said, “Why don’t you consider that thing a bit?”

Ling Bo Re’s gaze shifted to Zhao Jiuge’s eyes with a puzzled look, and she asked, “What thing?”

Just after she spoke, her expression became cold. She clenched her teeth and angrily smiled. “With just how long have you cultivated, you want to look for a dao partner?”

“So what if I have only cultivated for a short period of time? I have to thank you. If not for you, I wouldn’t have progressed so fast. I cultivated hard just so I could conquer you one day.” Zhao Jiuge smiled and spoke like it was nothing. However, only he knew the hardships he had faced along the way.

If it was anyone else, Ling Bo Re would have already made a move, but facing this young man before her, she was not angry. Instead, her red lips curved up into a seductive smile. “Whether you can conquer me or not will depend on whether you have the ability. Whenever you think you can you can, come and find me. If you can win against me, I’ll consider it.”

Her smile stunned many of the male disciples here. When had this ice-like beauty ever smiled like this before? At this moment, everything else seemed pale in comparison to her smile—it was like an ice plum flower had suddenly bloomed. What surprised them even more was the dialogue between the two of them, and how they looked like they knew each other. Most importantly, her final words were extremely shocking.

After Ling Bo Re finished speaking, she left with a playful smile and returned to the Hundred Flower Valley group. It was not easy for her to take the initiative to talk to Zhao Jiuge, nor for her to speak so much. It was enough for her to get a general understanding of the situation and knock Zhao Jiuge down a peg.

Zhao Jiuge looked at Ling Bo Re’s back with eyes filled with passion. Although he knew that what she had said was not serious, he was definitely going to challenge her. Wasn’t this his reason from the start? However, he knew that this was not the right time. He had been successful in his cultivation so far, but he knew that there was still a gap between him and the geniuses of the other sects. He had just entered the threshold, but he believed that the day when he would conquer Ling Bo Re was not far away!

Now that he had seen the figure that had been haunting his soul so long, he was satisfied. Although he was acting cool on the surface, he was very happy in his heart.

In contrast to the joy in Zhao Jiuge’s heart, Jiulian was as cold as ice. Although she was talking with others, she would occasionally look over at Zhao Jiuge. When she saw Ling Bo Re walk over and talk to him, she felt her heart sink.

Song Rujing waved her hand before Zhao Jiuge’s eyes and angrily shouted, “Hey, hey, hey why are you still looking? The others have already left and you’re still unwilling to blink.”

Zhao Jiuge’s mood seemed particularly good, he merely smiled at Song Rujing yelling at him. He had a youthful smile on his face while he looked at the unique scenery of the Ten Thousand Dao Sect with his back toward everyone. This left Song Rujing to mutter to herself on the side.

When Ling Bo Re returned to her fellow Hundred Flower Valley disciples, she was immediately teased by her junior sisters.

“Eldest Senior Sister, is there really something going on between you and that kid? If you really get conquered by him, we are going to lose our Eldest Senior Sister Ling!” A woman in a white dress covered her mouth and laughed.

This white dress was like the sword robes of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, the symbol of the sect. The Hundred Flower Valley didn’t have a single male disciple, so most of the female disciples found dao partners from other sects or holy lands. This allowed the Hundred Flower Valley to have a really good relationship with everyone. Of course, the Hundred Flower Valley’s own foundation was not bad either. All their disciples were as beautiful as immortal fairies.

“Little girls, stop talking nonsense, or I will deal with you all once we return.” Facing her own junior sisters, she naturally didn’t treat them as cold as outsiders. However, her natural temperament was to keep people far away.

Although she was a bit surprised when she saw Zhao Jiuge here today, it wasn’t enough to affect her. That was why she didn’t care about what her junior sisters were saying. Seeing their eldest senior sister speak, they knew Ling Bo Re’s personality enough to quickly shut up. They still glanced at each other and giggled.

Ye Aotian’s cold gaze was locked on to Zhao Jiuge’s back. His chest was heaving slightly and there was a flash of ferociousness in his eyes. He was weighting the trade-offs of his actions.

He had naturally seen what had happened earlier and knew what had happened. He had chased after Ling Bo Re for a long time, and both of them had been famous for some time. He thought that only Ling Bo Re was worthy in terms of status and strength. He had thought of Ling Bo Re as his own woman. Now he saw her talking with Zhao Jiuge. It made him wonder if something had happened between them in the past.

He already didn’t like Zhao Jiuge for nothing but the fact that Zhao Jiuge was from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. He didn’t like anyone from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, not to mention his jealousy was boiling over. If he couldn’t vent this anger, he wouldn’t be able to calm down, but as the Chief Head Disciple of Yue Hua Academy, he still had some brains. He knew that their various elders were still here and that the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect had one of their  Mahayana Realm elders here, while his Yue Hua Academy had none. If things got out of hand it would be his Yue Hua Academy who suffered in the end. This was why hesitation appeared in his heart. If it was in the past, he would have long dealt with someone like Zhao Jiuge.

Ye Aotian’s internal struggle was noticed by Xu Zhu, who revealed an almost imperceptible, insidious smile. Xu Zhu lowered his head and whispered into Ye Aotian’s ear, “If you really can’t let this go, how about Jian Fuding and I go with you to greet that boy? If that boy is unwilling to back down, we can teach him a lesson together.”

When Jian Fuding heard this, he was a bit surprised. Although he also liked Ling Bo Re, he had deep concern in his heart. After this meeting, the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect could not be underestimated, and his Great Barbarian Sect didn’t have a Mahayana Realm cultivator present. If things got out of hand, it would be them who suffered. He had done things like this many times, but that was only when there were no worries.

Hearing Jian Fuding’s concern, Ye Aotian also agreed. He had similar thoughts and was afraid that the situation would get out of hand.

Xu Zhu chuckled. He was always calm and didn’t reveal his desire for Ling Bo Re. He glanced at the two of them and slowly said, “It doesn’t matter. Don’t forget that this is my Ten Thousand Dao Sect. No matter what happens, I won’t idly watch—I’ll help you.”

Ye Aotian looked at Xu Zhu with a look of gratitude and felt like he was someone worth getting to know better. He didn’t know that he was merely being used by Xu Zhu to test Zhao Jiuge’s strength. Even Jiang Fuding was somewhat moved by Xu Zhu. In this world dominated by strength, relationships were fleeting, but, of course, that only applied to certain people.

Without any concern, Ye Aotian relaxed and his aura changed. He looked at Zhao Jiuge with ill intent. He was confident that no matter where Zhao Jiuge came from, he would be able to teach him a lesson. He had been holding back this rage for a long time, and now he could finally release it.

Without any hesitation, Ye Aotian walked toward Zhao Jiuge with Xu Zhu and Jiang Fuding. His imposing aura attracted the attention of the surrounding disciples.

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