Book 2, Chapter 245 - The Song Brother and Sister

The scenery of the Ten Thousand Dao Sect was unquestionably beautiful. It was less thrilling but more beautiful than the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

Since all the elders were holding the exchange, the dozens of disciples followed the Chief Head Disciple of the Ten Thousand Sect, Xu Zhu, to a nearby mountain to enjoy the scenery.

Along the way, the disciples from each holy land naturally grouped up and mingled, aside from the Chief Head Disciples. Jiang Fuding and Xu Zhu were walking side by side, talking about something.

Ye Aotian naturally followed behind Ling Bo Re, but what he got in return was that cold expression, telling him to stay far away. Ye Aotian was not unhappy but instead had a silly smile while he followed behind the disciple of the Hundred Flower Valley. Zhao Jiuge didn’t see the woman in pink who was with Ling Bo Re that night when she killed the flood dragon.

Although he was a disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, he didn’t seem to want to use this chance to make some friends. He walked in silence, it was Chen Hailong who was chatting excitedly.

Xu Zhu and Jiang Fuding walked in front and the rest followed. There were about 30 disciples. The two of them would occasionally look at Zhao Jiuge. They felt like this young man they never heard of was somewhat strange.

Because Zhao Jiuge was thinking about his own matters, he was in a daze and was indifferent to everything. Even though people were pointing and talking about him, he just had a cold expression. This made the originally restrained Zhao Jiuge seem like he had a cold temperament.

“Hey, what do you like about Ling Bo Re?”

A voice suddenly echoed beside Zhao Jiuge. This caused Zhao Jiuge to look up immediately, and he saw the young girl in pink.

The young girl stared at Zhao Jiuge with a questioning gaze. Her tender face contained a hint of anger. This startled Zhao Jiuge, and when he thought about her question, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Eh, this… you are?” Although Zhao Jiuge had seen this lovely girl and knew she was from the Void Suspension Sect, he didn’t know any details about her.

The girl in pink acted like she hadn’t heard Zhao Jiuge’s question. She placed her hands on her hips and raised her tone a bit. “You still haven’t answered my question.”

This caused Zhao Jiuge to sweat a little. Before, this girl seemed to have a good personality, but now it seemed like her personality was a bit strange?

“Sorry, this is my little sister Song Rujing, and I’m Song Yuansheng. I’m the Chief Head Disciple of the Void Suspension Sect. This… You know how a woman gets jealous of another woman who is more beautiful. Brother, you understand, right? What is your name?” Seeing this situation, Song Yuansheng quickly walked up and pulled his sister’s sleeve.

This made Zhao Jiuge laugh. Women were indeed terrifying! However, this handsome Song Yuansehng was interesting.

In addition, Zhao Jiuge carefully observed Song Rujing. She was indeed a rare beauty, but she hadn’t matured yet, so she lacked some charm.

Song Rujing looked at her big brother and rolled her eyes. The Void Suspension Sect generally only had one disciple per generation, so there was no Chief Head Disciple. Song Yuansheng had only said it because it sounded better. Even though he tried to act old, he still had a youthful heart.

“Zhao Jiuge.” Zhao Jiuge simply introduced himself. Compared to the disciples of the other holy lands, Zhao Jiuge only had good feelings about these two. If they were like-minded, he wouldn't mind making two friends. After all, once he began traveling the world, he would have to rely on his friends.

“It’s nice to meet you. I have long heard that the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect’s sword art is first class. I would like to see it later. If you don’t mind, how about we walk together?” Soon, Song Yuansheng returned to his usual self, acting like an old man. He was well versed in speaking in these situations.

Zhao Jiuge wasn’t good with these things, so he simply smiled and nodded. Soon, the group of disciples walked toward the next peak.

Song Rujing harmlessly said, “Zhao Jiuge, you still haven’t answered my question. What do you like about Ling Bo Re? However, your words were too overbearing. They were manly though! Much more manly than my sissy of a big brother.”

Song Yuansheng was angry, but he didn’t dare to speak. She held a lot of his weaknesses, and if she became angry, she could do anything.

Zhao Jiuge’s mouth twitched and he endured his laughter. Only now did Zhao Jiuge realize how naive she was. He shook his head and smiled. “You’re still too young, you will understand later. It looks like you will head out to train soon as well. Looking at how naive you are, don’t be deceived by others.”

Although Zhao Jiuge wasn’t very old, he had experienced the true nature of the human heart. Seeing this naive girl, he couldn’t help but warn her.

Song Rujing pouted. “I don’t believe anyone can deceive me.” After she spoke, she waved her fist before Zhao Jiuge.

“If anyone dares to bully you, I’ll beat them up.” Zhao Jiuge was amused by this lovely girl. These siblings were really strange, but he liked them. After just a few words, he had good feelings about them. They didn’t put up air and didn’t pretend.

Song Rujing stared at Zhao Jiuge and mysteriously said, “I don’t need it, but I’ll reluctantly recognize you as a friend. I’ll tell you a secret: you’re my first friend!”

“Then shouldn’t I feel really honored?” Zhao Jiuge also copied Song Rujing’s tone, which caused her to laugh.

Even Song Yuansong revealed a faint smile and quietly watched this. Compared to his naive sister, he didn’t lack insight. That was why he hadn’t talked to the disciples of the other holy lands and instead came to talk to Zhao Jiuge. The corner of his mouth curved upwards and he thought, “One day, you will realize how much of an honor it really is to become my little sister’s friend!”

Along the way, Song Rujing was still thinking about the question and muttered to herself. When Zhao Jiuge heard this, he smiled.

“In truth, you don’t have to mind it too much. You’re not bad yourself. In a few years, perhaps you will be even more attractive than Ling Bo Re.”

Hearing Zhao Jiuge’s words, the little girl became a little shy and no longer brought up this topic.

As they talked, the three of them gained a better understanding of each other. However, the Song siblings didn’t take the initiative to talk to Fang Qiwen and the others.

They had their own pride. The reason they had come to talk to Zhao Jiuge was because Zhao Jiuge was of similar age, they had a good first impression, and he was the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. Fang Qiwen and the others were also outstanding disciples of the sect, so they wouldn’t lower their pride to take the initiative to talk to them either.

Although the elite disciples of the various sects were not necessarily much weaker than the Chief Head Disciple, the position was naturally more prominent. This was why so many people had competed with Zhao Jiuge for the position. The identity it represented was different from a normal disciple.

Before these talented Chief Head Disciples from the other holy lands, these elite disciples were more like escorts, so they naturally wouldn’t spare them the time.

Jiang Fuding and Xu Zhu talked to each other, and the elite disciples with them also talked to each other. Although they weren’t as good as the Chief Head Disciples, they were still the core of each sect. It was good to get to know each other now.

Only the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect and the Void Suspension Sect were different. The Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect felt disdain toward taking the initiative, because they had their own pride and the other holy lands had always held some hostility toward them due to jealousy. The Void Suspension Sect didn’t care, because there were only two disciples in their generation.

Soon, the group of about 30 people arrived at a nearby peak. The peak was not very tall, but it was wide. There was a large observation deck at the edge of the mountain that allowed one to look down the peak. The scenery was very beautiful.

“This is our Ten Thousand Dao Sect’s Immortal Fairy Peak. If you look at the opposite mountain from the observation deck, the mountain looks like a beautiful flying immortal fairy. While the elders are discussing important matters, we can enjoy the scenery of our Ten Thousand Dao Sect. This is something you can’t see in your sects,” Xu Zhu explained in detail. It had to be said that as the Chief Head Disciple of a holy land, he had charm and elegance.

Zhao Jiuge moved his gaze over, and after listening to Xu Zhu, it did look somewhat like it. The 30 or so disciples were all pointing and talking inside the observation deck.

“Haha, Brother Xu what you said is wrong.” Ye Aotian stopped following the Hundred Flower Valley disciples. After all, no matter how thick his skin was. even his face felt hot when facing Ling Bo Re’s coldness. At this moment, he was standing next to Xu Zhu, but he deliberately spoke loudly.

Although Xu Zhu didn’t understand Ye Aotian’s intent, he still asked with a smile, “Oh? What do you mean?” 

“We already have a real immortal fairy here, so why look at a mountain that looks like an immortal fairy?” With that, Ye Aotian’s gaze turned toward Ling Bo Re, his intent obvious.

There were some female disciples among the group, and they naturally sneered at this. However, the male disciples all had knowing smiles.

The female disciples from the Hundred Flower Valley quietly looked at their eldest senior sister. When they saw that she revealed no reaction, they also didn’t respond. These female disciples were all very beautiful, but they were overshadowed by Ling Bo Re.

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