Book 2, Chapter 244 - Be Your Dao Partner

Zhao Jiuge’s eyes were burning with passion. Ye Aotian also saw the same figure, and even Xu Zhu’s gaze contained a hint of passion.

Compared to everyone else, Jiang Fuding was more subtle. Ling Bo Re’s attractiveness was unquestionable. Her mature and cool temperament was really popular. Even the surrounding disciples all looked at her with burning gazes. Those gazes all represented adoration.

Ye Aotian already didn’t like Zhao Jiuge, and he frowned deeply. He had always longed for Ling Bo Re, but she completely ignored him. When he noticed Zhao Jiuge’s gaze, he felt jealousy surge in his heart, but with all the elders here, he knew not to mess around. However, his rage built up inside him and he disliked Zhao Jiuge even more.

Ling Bo Re was still wearing a plain dress, and she seemed to be in a daze, thinking about something. She noticed the strange gazes locked on to her and naturally knew what they meant.

She no longer felt strange about the way men gazed at her. Not to mention, she had no interest in men—only cultivation could excite her.

Even when facing the most annoying men, she directly ignored them and wouldn’t even give them a chance to speak. Over time, the disciples understood that she was always cold like this and that she was not one to be trifled with!

She suddenly noticed a burning gaze locked on to her, and it didn’t move for a long time. This caused her brows to furrow slightly, but that’s all. It wasn’t enough to affect her mood.

She naturally moved a few strands of her silk-like hair and used this chance to look at the source of that gaze. She saw a handsome and determined young man. When he noticed her looking over, he even revealed a silly smile. She just assumed he was another love-stricken man and didn’t think much about it.

Then she suddenly remembered something and was shocked. As if she wanted to determine something, she looked at that figure once more. Normally, at her cultivation level, she would not forget anything, but she still didn’t believe it.

Although it had been more than four years, the outline of that youth was still there. Back at the cold pool, she had only taken a mere glance at him, which was why she only felt a hint of familiarity.

The cold pool from then was very far away from the Ten Thousand Dao Sect. She wondered how that ant-like youth would end up here.

“It’s you?” Although she was rarely surprised, she could not suppress the shock she felt when she saw Zhao Jiuge.

Ling Bo Re’s cry drew everyone’s attention to her, then their gazes turned toward Zhao Jiuge.

“That’s right, it's me. Didn’t think we would meet again here.” Seeing Ling Bo Re recognize him, Zhao Jiuge smiled slightly. Previously, he was too excited, but now he was calm once more. When one becomes a bit too emotional, they naturally return to a calm state.

“Why are you here?” Normally, no matter how curious she was, she would be too lazy to ask. However, encountering Zhao Jiuge again under such strange circumstances, she felt it was simply too unbelievable.

“I came to find you and be your dao partner.” Even Zhao Jiuge did know what had caused him to say such a strange thing. Even he was startled by his own words, but he pretended to be calm.

After he finished speaking, everyone had different expressions. Xu Jiahuai and Yan Yixuan tried their best to hold back their laughter.

Jian Wuxian’s expression was strange, and he nervously looked at Hua Lingsu to see her roll her eyes at him. Even the Shadowless Old Lady looked at Zhao Jiuge strangely. As for Daoist Fu Qing, the Great Devil King, and Song Chucai, they held no interest in this matter.

The surrounding disciples were all scolding Zhao Jiuge. It seemed like he had angered everyone. Ye Aotian felt like his lungs were going to explode. Even he didn’t have the courage to confess to his goddess, and this little brat had done it before him! The jealousy he felt made him somewhat irrational. He decided he was going to find time to teach this brat a lesson.

Jian Fuding and Xu Zhu didn’t have much reaction. One took a profound look at Zhao Jiuge, while the other’s mild smile gradually turned cold.

The young man in the blue daoist robe beside Yuan Yixie said, “Hehe, this boy seems to have angered everyone.”

The young girl in pink unhappily pouted and her eyes wondered. She dejectedly said, “Big Brother, is the Chief Dead Disciple of the Hundred Flower Valley really that beautiful? Why do so many of the disciples like her, including that boy from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect? However, he is probably the only one with the guts to say it.”

“It’s not just those disciples who like her, even I think she is pretty good.” Before he could finish speaking, the girl in pink had already pulled his ear.

“Song Yuansheng! You even learned how to look at women now?” the girl in pink cried out, directly calling her big brother’s full name.

Feeling the sharp pain from his ear, Song Yuansheng immediately revealed his true form. He no longer acted like an old man and immediately became unhappy. He shouted, “Song Rujing! Let go of me. I’m just telling the truth. She is feminine and much better looking than you! A gentleman seeks a graceful and virtuous woman. So what if I look at her?”

Yuan Yixie was originally looking at his two disciples happily, but he felt like things were going wrong. He immediately shouted for the two of them to stop, as he was afraid they would begin fighting.

With a way out, Song Yuansheng remained silent. In truth, he was afraid of his little sister. While he was older, he was weaker than her.

Song Rujing let out a lovely snort. She turned her head and secretly looked at Ling Bo Re. Ling Bo Re was taller than her, had more slender legs, and a bulging chest that made Song Rujing pout. She secretly looked down at herself and suddenly felt discouraged. She secretly wondered when she would grow up, and she felt that she couldn’t compete with Ling Bo Re right now. Since she couldn’t think of anything, she simply gave up and decided to continue watching the show.

On the other side, Xua Jiahui and Jian Wuxian were talking. They were talking and laughing, and the atmosphere was relaxed.

“The disciple really takes after the teacher. That stinky brat has your style.” Xu Jiahui revealed a mischievous smile. He liked how bold Zhao Jiuge was.

“Stop being so frivolous, remember your status.” Jian Wuxian had just begun speaking when he seemed to remember something. “However, I haven’t taught him anything and yet he gained enlightenment. Could he be a self-taught genius?”

“Then I won’t worry about this matter, it’s your business. Just look at Hua Lingsu looking at you with that accusing gaze. Back then, you wronged her, and now your disciple is going to after her disciple. Is this karma?” Xua Jiahui ignored Jian Wuxian’s reaction and laughed.

This caused Jian Wuxian’s expression to become ugly, and he secretly looked at Hua Lingsu. Just like Xu Jiahui had said, she was looking at him. Jian Wuxian couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Let bygones be bygones.

Facing Zhao Jiuge’s words, she didn’t know how to reprimand him and simply decided to ignore Zhao Jiuge. No matter how curious she was, she decided not to ask. She didn’t think this Zhao Jiuge would be bold enough to say these kinds of words here. There were still many elders around. Although she looked to the side, those words just now had an impact and brought about a strange feeling.

The surrounding disciples began to loudly ridicule Zhao Jiuge. The originally quiet scene became very noisy due to Zhao Jiuge’s words.

“Enough, quiet!” The noise finally made Daoist Fu Qing let out a roar. He frowned and said, “Xu Zhu, take the disciples of the holy lands to the nearby peaks and show them around. We elders have things to discuss. Once we finish talking about the rise of the Evil Four and the Battle Competition, I’ll call you all back.”

“Yes, Teacher.” Xu Zhu lowered her head and obediently agreed. He felt helpless. He originally wanted to stay with his teacher and listen to what they would discuss, and gain some insight. He didn’t expect his teacher to think they were too noisy.

Hearing Fu Qing’s words, the others didn’t refute and allowed their disciples to leave with Xu Zhu while they discussed official matters. As for infighting, it was impossible with the arrival of the Mahayana Realm cultivators. It would have to be left for the future.

However, before Zhao Jiuge left, Jian Wuxian secretly whispered to him, “Good disciple, do you really like that girl?”

Zhao Jiuge was startled. He didn’t expect his normally strict teacher to ask such a question. He looked at Jian Wuxian and noticed that there was no hidden intent there. Zhao Jiuge nodded with some doubt in his heart.

Jian Wuxian revealed a strange smile and nodded. “Okay then, you cultivate well. Your teacher will help you with this matter.”

Zhao Jiuge’s eyes widened while he stared at Jian Wuxian.

“Teacher, how can you help me with this matter? This kind of thing can’t be forced. I’ll use my own strength to conquer that iceberg, but right now, it's a bit too early.”

“When the time comes, you’ll know. For now, cultivate well—I’ll take you on a trip to the Hundred Flower Valley later.” Jian Wuxian revealed a mysterious smile. Afterward, he waved his hand to let Zhao Jiuge leave with the other disciples.

Zhao Jiuge followed Jiulian and others like a wooden chicken to the peaks nearby with the other disciples.

Aside from Zhao Jiuge, who was thinking about his own matter, Fang Qiwen, Chen Hailong, and Wang Yong were a bit excited. They looked around at the Ten Thousand Dao Sect and the disciples of the other holy lands.

Compared to them, Jiulian’s mood was very different. She looked a little lonely. She had always thought that because she and Zhao Jiuge belonged to the same sect, they would eventually be able to get together. She didn’t expect Zhao Jiuge to ask Ling Bo Re to be his dao partner and completely shatter her dream.

Her mood was very low and she walked behind everyone. The absent-minded Zhao Jiuge saw this and felt sorry for her. However, this was good too—it was better to make things clear now than having them get messier.

The heart is silent, the wind is silent.

The gentle breeze blew through the mountain, and everything seemed to quiet down. No one knew what this troubled young man and young woman were thinking about.

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