Book 2, Chapter 243 - Meeting Ling Bo Re Again

“Shadowless Old Lady, I didn’t expect you to come. Your presence brings light to my humble Ten Thousand Dao Sect. We didn’t notice you earlier. I hope you forgive our rudeness.” Bai Wufeng smiled, and his words were filled with respect. The Shadowless Old Lady was a Mahayana Realm cultivator more than 1,000 years ago. They feared her even more than Dawn Wind.

The Shadowless Old Lady’s face was expressionless as she faintly said, “No problem. I originally didn’t intend to show myself. However, seeing you all fight without the intent to talk about serious business, I had to intervene. If there are no more issues, let us all sit down and start the exchange.”

Hearing the Shadowless Old Lady’s words, Elder White and Elder Black looked at each other. Since they were given a way out, they would not push this matter further. This time, the others had come prepared, so they wouldn't be able to get any advantage anyways. It was better if they found other opportunities. Thinking about this, Bai Wufeng said, “We were just sparring a bit. Now that we are done sparring, we can discuss the important matters. Good thing the center of the square wasn’t destroyed, or else we have no place to talk. What do you say, Dawn Wind?” At the end, Bai Wufeng looked over at Dawn Wind and raised his brow.

“I also want to sit down and talk. After all, just like the Shadowless Old Lady said, things have been quite messy lately. We should sit down and talk business.” Elder Dawn Wind had already shown off his might to suppress them, so he wouldn’t go too far. There was a tacit mutual understanding between them.

The Great Devil King and Song Chucai’s expressions were quite ugly. The other holy lands all had a Mahayana Realm cultivator here. That meant that in the discussion, their voices would be smaller. The situation was not good for them. Daoist Fu Qing’s expression was also ugly. He had failed to deal with the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect and could only plot for revenge later. He never expected things to get out of hand like this.

After the short commotion, everyone returned to the center of the square. The damaged square was naturally being cleaned up by the disciples of the Ten Thousand Dao Sect. This time, six of the seven holy lands had arrived. Aside from the Nameless Temple, all of them sat down in their seats and were ready to begin a new round of conversation.

Due to the appearance of the Shadowless Old Lady, Dawn Wind, Elder Black, and Elder White, the disciples of the Ten Thousand Dao Sect quickly brought out four more main seats for them. The conversation was still presided by the head of each holy land; these four old fellows were just there to listen.

Behind them were the elders of the various holy lands, while the disciples were naturally standing behind the elders. The Chief Head Disciple was allowed to stand a bit further upfront. Zhao Jiuge stood beside Jian Wuxian.

All of a sudden, the people at the square became clearly visible, and Zhao Jiuge excitedly looked at the crowd. He had some idea about the backgrounds of these people.

Zhao Jiuge was not the only one observing them—the Chief Head Disciples of the other holy lands were observing each other as well. On the way here, his teacher had given him some information, so Zhao Jiuge had some knowledge of them.

The ones sitting in the middle were naturally the people of the Ten Thousand Dao Sect. Aside from Elder White and Elder Black was Daoist Fu Qing. Beside him was a respectful-looking young man who wore a similar purple and golden robe. However, his robe didn’t have as many dao lines or yin and yang symbols.

His long, black hair was coiled up like a dao disk. His face was red and his eyes scanned the square. He had a leisurely temperament with no sense of urgency at all, and he had a faint smile on his face. He was the Head Chief Disciple of the Ten Thousand Dao Sect and also Daoist Fu Qing’s disciple, Xu Zhu.

At the most outer edge were the Great Barbarian Sect and Yue Hua Academy, who didn’t have Mahayana Realm cultivators amongst them. The Great Devil King was the weakest among all the heads of the various holy lands, only at the late stage of the Spirit Sea Realm. Thus, he was even more sidelined than Yue Hua Academy.

There was a young man with a ferocious aura and long, black hair standing next to the Great Devil King. However, his appearance looked a bit messy, and his hair was casually draped over his shoulder.

The aura he gave off was like a ferocious beast from a forest that was always on guard and waiting to deliver the fatal blow. Even before the mighty Mahayana Realm cultivators, the young man revealed a ferocious gaze. Zhao Jiuge secretly sighed. This person was indeed worthy of being someone who specialized in body cultivation. His body was even more powerful than a sword cultivator’s. Zhao Jiuge really wanted to spar with the Chief Head Disciple of the Great Barbarian Sect when there was time. He wanted to see if his Sanskrit Divine Body was stronger than the Great Barbarian Sect’s body-refining method.

Beside the Great Barbarian Sect was Yue Hua Academy. Song Chucai had not reached the Dao Origin Realm, but he was one step into it. His strength was naturally not something the Great Devil King could compare with.

At this moment, Song Chucai had a gloomy expression. If he had known this was going to happen, he would have called those old fellows from the academy. Even though Song Chucai was sitting on the main seat, he was very uneasy. 

Compared to Song Chucai, his disciple, Ye Aotian, who was also a Chief Head Disciple, didn’t have such fears. He unbridledly looked at everyone. In his mind, Yue Hua Academy was a great backing and no one would dare to provoke them. When he noticed Zhao Jiuge next to Jian Wuxian and noticed how young the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect’s Chief Head Disciple was, he revealed a smile of contempt. He looked at Zhao Jiuge with an arrogant smile and raised his hand. He swiped his right hand across his neck as a gesture toward Zhao Jiuge, his intentions clear.

Then he ignored Zhao Jiuge and stared at a cold and beautiful woman from the Hundred Flower Valley with a burning gaze. Zhao Jiuge didn’t show any emotions. He was no longer the hot-blooded youth he was before. Even facing Ye Aotian’s provocation, he merely smiled and didn’t retort.

Beside Yue Hua Academy were the three people from the Void Suspension Sect. Aside from Yuan Yixiu, there were two disciples, one male and one female. Even though their line-up was so pitiful, no one dared to look down upon them. No one knew how many people were in the Void Suspension Sect, only that they were very few. Each generation, they received no more than a handful of disciples, but every single one of them was a genius. These two humble-looking youths would likely be no weaker than these elders in the future!

The Void Suspension Sect was always low-key. Others guessed that the Void Suspension Sect had the largest number of Mahayana Realm cultivators. However, they didn’t get involved in worldly affairs. In their sect, each person was one faction, each person was their own world. They always did things on their own. Even now, the other holy lands had no clear grasp of their foundation.

The young man and young woman were similar in age, around 16 or 17 years old. The young man was wearing a daoist robe similar to Yuan Yixiu’s. He was thin but had his own style, with a flying sword on his back. From his naive expression, it was obvious he had not seen much of the outside world.

The young woman had a simple, pink, silk dress with a white shawl over her shoulders.

Young girls liked to look beautiful, and she was no exception. Her silk-like hair was coiled up with a jade butterfly hairpin. This hairpin was clearly just an ordinary ornament and not a treasure, but she seemed to like it a lot.

This young girl was equally as naive, and she curiously looked around at the surroundings. Zhao Jiuge raised his eyebrows. His teacher had told him about all the Chief Head Disciples aside from these two. It looked like they were in a similar situation as him—this was the first time they had appeared before the rest of the holy lands.

Including Zhao Jiuge, the three of them were the youngest, much younger than the rest. Seeing Zhao Jiuge looking at her, the young girl sweetly smiled at him with good will. Perhaps it was because they were of similar age.

Zhao Jiuge was shocked for a moment and also returned a smile. Although this girl was only a bit younger than him, she had certainly experienced much less than him. There were not many people as naive as her here. Another person that came to mind was Su Su. He wondered where that lovely and spirited girl was now and how she was doing.

Their gazes met for an instant before they began looking at other people. However, while Zhao Jigue was wondering who this young man and young woman were. The young woman was also curious about who Zhao Jiuge was.

“Big Brother, do you know who the young man who doesn’t seem much older than us is? He seems to be the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect,” the girl in pink asked sweetly. Facing her doting older brother, she didn’t reveal the same sweet smile she revealed to strangers.

“I also don’t know. Teacher hasn’t mentioned him. Presumably, he must have also appeared recently. Teacher said that the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect is not as simple as they seem on the surface. If we can, we should establish a good relationship with him.” The young man spoke like he was much older. The girl in pink rolled her eyes. She didn’t know what to do with this older brother of hers.

The girl in pink cheerfully said, “Then let us go greet him in private later. It would be nice to become friends.”

This also caused the young man to roll his eyes as well. They were indeed worthy of being twins!

At this moment, Zhao Jiuge moved his gaze to the Hundred Flower Valley.

His breathing suddenly became unstable because there stood the figure that had always been in his mind!

How many countless days and nights where he questioned himself if he really wanted to see that figure that looked down upon like an ant. The answer was quite obvious.

When this moment finally came, Zhao Jiuge suddenly wanted to retreat, as he started feeling timid. His breathing was rough and his body trembled slightly. When he saw that beautiful and cold figure, his pupils expanded a little.

Sure enough, it was that familiar figure. She was still as cold and unmoving. Compared to before, her aura was even colder, but her eyes were still as cold and indifferent as before.

This person was Ling Bo Re.

When he first heard the woman in pink call her name, Zhao Jiuge had always thought her name was Bo Re. However, on the way here, his teacher had told him that her name was actually Ling Bo Re.

Today, Zhao Jiuge was able to finally see this person that he had been thinking about for so long.

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