Book 2, Chapter 242 - Shadowless Old Lady

When the four of them were prepared, they were surrounded by red, silver, white, and green lights. Each color of light became more solid, and the previously chaotic atmosphere stabilized a bit.

It has to be said that at their cultivation, everyone had a terrifying amount of combat experience. Every detail was so well thought-out. Battles between experts were often decided in an instant. When both sides had similar strength, the victor was usually determined by minor details.

On the other side, Dawn Wind released his full strength in anger, and even more heavenly lightning descended. However, the Ten Thousand Spell Bell was as stable as Mount Tai. Seeing that he could not deal with Hei Changqing quickly, Elder Dawn Wind moved, but the needle-like attacks had already arrived before Jian Wuxian and company.

Three people did their best while one person counter-attacked. Because there were four people shielding them, Zhao Jiuge didn’t feel too much spirit force fluctuations. However, the sight of the attack still caused his heart to tremble.

The shield was the first to shine, and it created a green light barrier around everyone. Then silver and white light from the flag expanded and wrapped around the green light. Finally, the red light from the red mirror rushed out toward the needle-like lights.

The Mysterious Heaven Sword shined once more under Jian Wuxian’s control. Jian Wuxian’s aura rapidly withered, while the sword shined even brighter. Jian Wuxian’s face was visibly turning pale.

He raised his arms, the sword shined brightly, and the sword energy appeared.

Jian Wuxian led the way. He was facing the same situation Hei Changqing had faced. He couldn’t retreat and was not allowed to retreat!

The dense, needle-like lights covered the sky before them. Even the ray of silver sword energy could not completely stop the attack. After all, Bai Wufeng was a full realm above Jian Wuxian!

However, the power of an immortal treasure could not be underestimated, especially one focused on killing! With the help of the Mysterious Heaven Sword, Jian Wuxian was able to destroy ⅔ of the incoming attacks, but they still had to face the remaining needle-like lights.

Feeling part of his spirit force being destroyed, Bai Wufeng’s face turned green, but he was also helpless. Everyone knew how powerful immortal treasures were and how rare they were. Even their Ten Thousand Dao Sect only had the Ten Thousand Spell Bell. Defensive treasures had their own benefits, but they couldn’t compare to the offensive power of the Mysterious Heaven Sword.


A series of cracking sounds echoed when the lights directly pierced through the light formed by the red mirror. Then the red mirror itself shattered.

The thin elder who had sacrificed the red mirror coughed out a mouthful of blood. Although he didn’t lose his life, as he was on guard, he lost all power to fight. The power of the Mahayana Realm could not be underestimated.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding...

The needle-like attacks directly pierced through the silver and white lights. The silver and white lights didn’t shatter, but they were filled with tiny holes. The other thin elder was better off, but he felt helpless—it felt like he had used his full force to punch a ball of soft cotton.

Xu Jiahui no longer hid his strength, and his mid stage Dao Origin Realm strength erupted. Although he was nowhere near as strong as Bai Wufeng, with the giant shield in hand, he gave off the feeling of a sturdy mountain. After being blocked three times, the attack was no longer as fierce as before, so he was able to stop the attack.

Xu Jiahui’s mind was damaged. After all, this shield was connected to his mind. He had managed to stop the attack but had suffered some damage. However, he was much better off than Jian Wuxian, who had used an immortal treasure three times. His spirit sea had almost completely dried up!

With just one blow, two of them were seriously injured and one had suffered minor injuries. Only Xu Jiahui was doing relatively well. Bai Wufeng could not continue, because he had to worry about himself. Seeing the situation stabilize, Dawn Wind quickly changed directions and immediately controlled the heavenly lightning to descend upon Bai Wufeng. Hei Changqing still had the Ten Thousand Spell Bell to help him resist the thunder, but that also meant that Bai Wufeng would have no help. At this moment, the terrifying power of the mid stage of the Mahayana Realm was on full display. In a one-versus-two battle, he held the clear advantage!

Bai Wufeng secretly cursed and quickly retreated. Without the Ten Thousand Spell Bell, how could he dare to face off an attack from someone who was like an immortal swordsman? If he focused on dodging, then even Dawn Wind wouldn’t be able to do anything to him any time soon.

At this moment, the situation changed once more. Several middle-aged daoists wearing golden robes had arrived some time ago. However, in a battle between three Mahayana Realm cultivators, they naturally couldn’t intervene. However, when they saw the two elders facing a critical moment, they had no reason not to make a move. This was their home, and they held the numbers advantage. The three daoist couldn’t deal with Dawn Wind, but they could easily deal with the seriously injured Jian Wuxian and the other three elders. At this moment, the spirit force fluctuations in the air changed drastically once more.

Yuan Yixiu’s expression changed and the spirit force inside his body surged. He was not going to sit there and do nothing. Even though he was only at the mid stage of the Dao Origin Realm, he was confident Elder Black and Elder White wouldn't dare to force him to stay. Although their Void Suspension Sect only had a few people, their foundation was something even the Ten Thousand Dao Sect dreaded.

When Yuan Yixiu was about to make a move, he noticed something from the corner of his eye and stopped. He saw that Hua Lingsu had already gotten up and begun talking to an old lady in her group. She had a head full of silver hair with some black mixed in, and her back was hunched. She was clutching a yellow, wooden cane to support her body. After seeing this person, Yuan Yixiu seemed to remember a certain someone from the Hundred Flower Valley and his pupils shrank. He was wondering if every holy land had brought their Mahayana Realm elders out. Could there be some big changes this time? If he had known this earlier, he would have dragged his old master to come.

Thinking about this, Yuan Yixie secretly looked around. He saw that the Great Barbarian Sect and Yue Hua Academy hadn’t brought their Mahayana Realm elders and let out a sigh of relief. Otherwise, their Namepless Temple would’ve been forced into a very passive situation.

Sure enough, shortly after, the old lady held the yellow wooden cane in one hand and her other hand formed seals. A ray of black light shot toward those three middle-aged daoists.

When the old lady made her move, the aura around her disappeared and her true cultivation erupted. She appeared in the sky and shouted, “All of you, stop. The exchange hasn’t even started yet. We are here to talk about serious matters. The 13 provinces are filled with evil doers, yet you all want to start infighting now?”

Her voice was filled with spirit force, and a rumble accompanied her shout. The aura she released was no weaker than Dawn Wind’s! Strange things happened every year, and today was particularly strange. All these old fellows that never appeared had all appeared today!

When Jian Wuxian saw the three middle-aged daoists from the Ten Thousand Dao Sect make their move, he was naturally very angry. However, before he and Elder Xu Jiahui could find a way to deal with this, an old lady had rushed out like a dragon. Seeing this old lady shocked him, and when he saw who she was, his gaze toward her was as complicated as Hua Lingsu’s gaze toward him. 

That ray of black light instantly destroyed the attacks from the three middle-aged daoists. This sudden development shocked everyone below, including Elder Black, Elder White, and Dawn Wind. All attacks stopped and the people of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect and the Ten Thousand Dao Sect gathered with their own people.

Seeing this figure clearly, Jian Wuxian revealed a complicated expression. There was a bitterness in his heart, and he respectfully said, “Shadowless Old Lady. I didn’t expect you to have come to the exchange as well.” 

“Recently, the 13 provinces have not been calm. If I hadn’t come, something might have happened.” Compared to the complicated expression in Jian Wuxian’s eyes, the Shadowless Old Lady was much more calm. She looked at this junior who had almost become her disciple’s dao partner. Although she felt that what she had done back then was not right, it had been far too long to regret it now. However, it seemed like her disciple still had some feeling for this brat.

She seemed to still feel some guilt toward Jian Wuxian. “Didn’t that old fart Elder Dawn Wind come as well? I’m sure you all had the same thoughts as me.”

Jian Wuxian quickly nodded, but Elder Dawn Wind smiled and greeted the Shadowless Old Lady. This caused the Shadowless Old Lady to roll her eyes. Jian Wuxian secretly wondered if Elder Dawn Wind had wronged her in his youth.

Elder Black and Elder White retreated to the three middle-aged daoists’ side, their auras a bit unstable. This was because they had suffered a few injuries when they were played around with by Elder Dawn Wind. They were unhappy, but they couldn’t be bothered with that anymore now that the Shadowless Old Lady had appeared. They were afraid the two sides would join forces against them, but, fortunately, it seemed unlikely.

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