Book 2, Chapter 241 - Like An Old Friend Who Arrived

Dawn Wind had an unbridled smile and took advantage of this moment to send out several rays of sword energy. The silver sword under his feet had unknowingly appeared in his hand.

The sword energy was small and didn’t look very powerful. However, it was as if all its power was condensed and was just waiting to erupt.

After casually releasing a few rays of sword energy, Dawn Wind looked up and his eyes narrowed while he looked at the sky.


A thunderous rumble suddenly rang out, causing everyone’s hearts to skip a beat. Dark clouds had appeared in the calm, blue sky. Not only did the dark clouds churn, there were flashes of lightning within them. It looked like they could come crashing down at any moment.

Heavenly Spirit Transformation!

This was the unique move Mahayana Realm cultivators possessed. When the dark clouds appeared in the sky, the people watching were all shocked. This trip was worth it just to see this.

“What a powerful move!”

Hei Changqing let out a cold snort and spoke in disdain. Even though he was one step below Dawn Wind, he was not afraid. Facing the rays of sword energy and the thunderous rumble, he only looked at them for a moment.

At the early stage of the Mahayana Realm, he could also use the Heavenly Spirit Transformation, but he was not as fast as Dawn Wind. If he used it as well, he would be placed at an obvious disadvantage. What’s more, the rays of sword energy had arrived.

At this moment, Hei Changqing began to mutter something instead of dodging. Then a brown and a white appeared and floated on his left and right sides.

A brown, mahogany sword and a piece of jade exuding a soft, white light appeared on the left and right sides of Hei Changqing.

His eyes shined brightly and his right hand reached out. He directly grabbed the mahogany sword that had a golden peach tree pattern carved on it.

His left hand formed a seal and his right hand waved the sword, then light shined brightly. Daoist was focused on using spirit force as a medium and a treasure as a catalyst to activate various daoist spells.

In merely a breath of time, a spell appeared. At the Mahayana Realm, their control of dao was divine.

Purple light appeared and slowly moved faster and faster. In the blink of an eye, a huge vortex appeared before him, emitting a devouring force. This presumably was an attribute from a spirit vein.

The several rays of sword energy closed in and went into the purple spirit force vortex. What was strange was that the terrifying rays of sword energy seemed to have disappeared when they flew into the vortex.

Dawn Wind’s eyes were filled with disdain. He was not shocked that his sword energy had been blocked, and this was not his true purpose. He had just released them to buy time.

The dark clouds in the sky had spread even more, making it seem like the entire sky was going to press down. The thunderous rumbles from the clouds would make people’s hearts involuntarily tremble.

The lightning bolts that were only as thick as snakes were now as wide as barrels! At this moment, the dark clouds were almost directly above Hei Changqing.

Hei Changefeng felt a sense of danger in his heart. He hadn’t felt his feelings in hundreds of years. The strange feeling became stronger and stronger, and the sound of thunder echoed.

Hei Changqing’s heart sank. Facing this thunder, he was unable to dodge. Thinking about how all the people from the holy land and the disciples of their own sect were watching, he let out a sigh. He couldn’t retreat—he was not allowed to retreat!

His black, daoist robe fluttered, and he took a big step backwards. The palm-sized jade followed Hei Changqing, drawing an arc in the sky.

After stopping, Hei Changqing’s pupils shrank and he raised the palm-sized jade in his hand. This jade was covered in daoist spirit patterns. Just from the light it gave off, one could tell that it was not an ordinary piece of jade.

Even facing the incoming lightning, Hei Changqing still revealed a look of hesitation. When he saw the barrel-thick lightning, he finally revealed a determined gaze.

His right hand squeezed and the jade let out a crisp sound like a trumpet. Soon, small cracks appeared on it until the jade erupted in white light. The white light flew out in an attempt to block the lightning.

The dark clouds had descended and released bolts of heavenly lightning as thick as barrels. These silver and blue heavenly lightning bolts were the most ordinary kind. More advanced heavenly lightning would require special methods to create or would appear during a tribulation. This was as far as one could go with pure cultivation, and each bolt of heavenly lightning consumed a large amount of spirit force.

Rumble, rumble, rumble...

The heavenly lightning finally descended toward Hei Changqing.

Contrasting the raging thunder in the sky, the square below was silent. Dozens of figures were looking up at the scene above.

Daoist Fu Qing’s expression was very ugly. It looked like Elder Black could not hold Dawn Wind back at all. He just didn’t know whether Dawn Wind could be suppressed if Elder White joined the battle.

If they couldn’t suppress Dawn Wind, then Dawn Wind would keep making trouble. He would have to consider if they should use the Ten Thousand Dao Sect’s final ace. They couldn’t afford to lose face like this!

Even Zhao Jiuge’s group was startled. It was rare to see a Mahayana Realm fight. These people were existences that were very close to immortals, and every attack was filled with great power.

At this moment, Zhao Jiuge was wondering if this was the Mahayana Realm! With a move of their hands, they could cause the world to change. Just watching this would make anyone’s heart boil. The Mountain and River Spirit Transformation and Heavenly Spirit Transformation made Zhao Jiuge very excited, and at the same time, he had gained a better understanding of the different cultivation realms. While he was excitedly watching the battle above, he didn’t notice the cold and noble figure on the square below.

When that white jade and the lightning connected, the old fox Bai Wufeng took this opportunity to move. As an old fox, he knew exactly when the best moment to strike was. He had been waiting for this moment, and he moved the Ten Thousand Spell Bell before Hei Changqing.

Seven-colored light descended and shrouded Hei Changqing’s body. The Ten Thousand Spell Bell’s silhouette shrouded Hei Changqing.

After doing all of this, Bai Wufeng didn’t stop. Defensive immortal treasures were different—they didn’t consume as much spirit force. Not to mention Bai Wufeng’s cultivation was higher than Jian Wuxian’s, so after using it twice, he still had power left to fight!

A white whisk appeared in Bai Wufeng’s hand, and he waved it in the air. Needle-like white lights appeared in the sky, but this attack didn’t head toward the battlefield or Dawn Wind. Instead, it headed toward Zhao Jiuge’s group!

Elder White looked very amiable but was extremely vicious. He clearly wanted to kill these elders and disciples of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

Bai Wufeng was indeed cunning. While Hei Changqing was fighting Dawn Wind, he first protected Hei Changqing, then he launched an attack at the elders and disciples of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. This would force Dawn Wind into a dilemma, and he would be able to kill the people of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect!

The heavenly lightning wasn't weak—it directly destroyed white light created by the jade. It looked like that old saying was indeed correct. Treasures were only external things to help improve your strength, but the most important thing was still increasing your own strength.

Hei Changqing seemed to know that the jade would not be enough to resist the heavenly lightning—he had just used it to weaken it. He was already being protected by the Ten Thousand Spell Bell. The bell released waves of light to fend off the heavenly lightning. The lightning had struck the light created by the bell but couldn’t break it. An immortal treasure's power could not be underestimated!

At the same time, the needle-like attack closed in on the group led by Jian Wuxian and Xu Jiahui.

“You dare!?”

An angry roar came from Dawn Wind. While battling Hei Changqing, he noticed this scene from the corner of his eye. He had been caught off his guard, so even though he wanted to help, it was too late. He could only watch the attack fly toward Jian Wuxian and company. This was an attack from a Mahayana Realm cultivator. If any of the elite disciples died, it would be a huge loss for the sect. Dawn Wind let out an angry roar, and after controlling the heavenly lightning to let out a fierce attack, he quickly rushed toward them.

Facing this sudden attack, even Jian Wuxian and Xu Jiahu were shocked. Even the two Spirit Sea Realm elders were no longer expressionless like before.

At this moment, the true characteristics of the sect were reflected. The people of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect quickly responded. Jian Wuxian and Xu Jiahui stood out in front, followed by the two Spirit Sea Realm elders, to guard the five disciples behind them.

Even when facing an attack from a Mahayana Realm cultivator, they weren’t afraid at all. Even though it was likely for them to die, they didn’t hesitate to step forward. It didn’t matter if they died, but the future of the sect had to be protected. Besides, they had all lived for a long time and had no chance of making anymore breakthroughs. However, these disciples all held great potential and were different.

Even the five disciples, including Zhao Jiuge, didn’t panic at all—they calmly faced this sudden attack.

“Everyone, work together. We just need to stop this attack.” Jian Wuxian had used his immortal treasure twice, causing him to reach his limit, but he would release another strike even if he had to risk his life. After all, only an attack from an immortal treasure could resist an attack from a Mahayana Realm cultivator.

“Okay.” Even Xu Jiahui’s expression changed. He waved his hand and a bright, black shield appeared in his hand. Right now, they could only do their best to resist. Once they blocked this attack, Dawn Wind would be able to protect them.

The two elders at the late stage of the Spirit Sea Realm didn’t even bother speaking. Their serious expressions made their wrinkling faces even more ugly. They were two full realms below the Mahayana Realm, so it was pointless to attack. They decided to focus entirely on defense. They could only hope to protect the disciples behind them. Even if they died, it would be worth it as long as the disciples lived.

Two rays of light suddenly appeared. One was a ray of white light that turned into a large, white flag. The other ray of light was red that turned into a red jade mirror. Both were defensive treasures.

Zhao Jiuge and company were not afraid, but they gritted their teeth. They felt powerlessness fill their bodies. Only now did they realize how cruel the competition between the holy lands was. Presumably, the scenes outside the sect were filled with blood. They hated how weak they were. They just wanted to grow stronger so they could contribute to the sect and not drag the sect down!

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