Book 2, Chapter 240 - The Deterrent Power of the Mahayana Realm

Elder Black and Elder White were called Hei Changqing and Bai Wufeng[1]. They were two brothers who had been in the Ten Thousand Dao Sect since they were born. It has been more than 1,000 years.

After they heard the message from Daoist Fu Qing, they also had the same thoughts. Bai Wufeng still had a faint smile on his face, and combined with this silver hair, he looked like an amiable old man. He casually put away the Ten Thousand Spell Bell.

However, the gloomy Hei Changqing suddenly released his aura and surrounded Jian Wuxian with it. Although the difference between the late stage of the Dao Origin Realm and the Mahayana Realm was one small step, the difference was earth-shattering.

However, Jian Wuxian still had a faint smile against this pressure. Although he was at a disadvantage, it wasn’t bad. It was clear that Hei Changqing wanted to make Jian Wuxian look bad, but would Jian Wuxian go alone with it?

“Jian Wuxian, it has been many years since I last saw you. You have directly attacked my Ten Thousand Dao Sect. Do you really think there is no one left in my Ten Thousand Dao Sect?” Hei Changqing’s voice was low and he looked at Jian Wuxian with a fierce gaze. He looked like he wanted to completely devour Jian Wuxian.

The center of the square was the only area that was still fine; the surroundings were a complete mess. The paved square had turned into dust and there were holes all over this area. Some places had completely collapsed. This was no different from a slap to the face.

Jian Wuxan smiled faintly, giving off an unspeakable charm. He waved his purple sleeves and said, “What do you mean? Aren’t Elder White and Elder Black here? Daoist Fu Qing and I were merely sparing.”

“Oh? A spar, yet you directly used an immortal treasure? You clearly intended to kill!” Hei Changqing’s voice became vicious, with a looming sense of killing intent.

The dozens of people on the square watched this scene with various expressions. They were all elders and elite disciples of the other holy lands. If Zhao Jiuge looked carefully, he would see the figure he had always dreamed of. However, right now, even Zhao Jiuge was focused on the situation at hand.

“Hehe, then I’ll have to ask your Daoist Fu Qing. It was he who made the first move.” Jian Wuxian smiled and didn’t seem to be afraid of Hei Changqing’s threat.

“Then what you’re saying is that everything is my Ten Thousand Dao Sect’s fault?” After he finished speaking, Hei Changqing’s aura erupted once more.

“In that case, you don’t need to return to your Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. Wait for your sect to send someone to explain the situation.”

After his words echoed, Hei Changqing disappeared and reappeared not far away from Jian Wuxian. A black, fishnet-like treasure appeared in the air. It looked like he wanted to use some kind of binding treasure to capture Jian Wuxian.

200 years ago, the various leaders of the various holy lands were all at the Spirit Sea Realm, and Jian Wuxian growing so much and reaching the late stage of the Dao Origin Realm was outside of their expectations. If he continued to grow, he would soon become another Mahayana Realm cultivator. Today was a good opportunity to capture Jian Wuxian, and also see how the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect would react.

After all, the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect hadn’t made any moves in the last few hundred years. They all wondered if the few old fellows in the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect had died, resulting in them acting so low-key.

Purple light shined like a firework and shot toward the net. The purple light rained down on the net, causing it to pause for a moment. Jian Wuxian took this opportunity and to fly toward Elder Dawn Wind’s direction.

If Jian Wuxian were at his peak, he would’ve been confident in escaping, even against an early stage Mahayana Realm cultivator. However, he had just used an immortal treasure twice and had used up most of his spirit force. Besides, with Elder Dawn Wind here, why would he need to escape? He just had to retreat next to Elder Dawn Wind.

Bai Wufeng still stood there and smiled while watching all this happen. He didn’t think Jian Wuxian could escape, not to mention the fact that they were in their sect and he hadn’t made a move yet. They held the advantage in cultivation, and with the two of them present, there was no way for Jian Wuxian to escape.

Song Chucai and the Great Devil King carefully looked at this. They were naturally moved by Daoist Fu Qing’s plan, but they feared the foundation of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. This was a good opportunity to test the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect’s bottom line. If the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect didn’t have any response, then they wouldn’t hesitate to ally with the Ten Thousand Dao Sect. They were very eager to get their hands on the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect’s treasures.

Hua Lingsu was wearing a long dress and her hair was coiled up high, giving off a noble aura. Even though her expression was calm, the coldness she gave off with every action made her seem aloof. At this moment, Hua Lingsu was thinking about what to do if they did capture Jian Wuxian. Although her Hundred Flower Valley was not afraid of the Ten Thousand Dao Sect, this was, after all, their sect’s grounds. Her cultivation had also remained stagnant for the past 200 years.

Her hidden ace was the old lady sitting beside her. Everyone knew about the Ten Thousand Dao Sect’s ambitions, and she felt like this exchange was going to be different from the past ones. That was why she had brought a hidden ace along.

While Hua Lingsu was thinking about this, Yuan Yixiu was pondering the same thing. It was clear that Jian Wuxian was not in a good situation, and he wondered if he should intervene. The Great Barbarian Sect, Yue Hua Academy, and the Ten Thousand Dao Sect were grouped together. Everyone knew about their great ambitions, and he had to consider the future. He didn’t believe that wiping out the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect would be enough to satisfy them. His Void Suspension Sect would not be safe alone.

At this moment, while Hua Lingsu was about to ask the Mahayana Realm elder from the Hundred Flower Valley to make a move, a shocking change occurred in the sky!

A mocking voice echoed through the Ten Thousand Dao Sect, and every peak in the sect could clearly hear this voice.

“It has been many years, yet you are still like this, Hei Changqing. You only know how to bully juniors.”

This voice was filled with spirit force that echoed through the clouds. That grand laugh couldn’t hide the mockery in his voice. Although it wasn’t very loud, everyone heard it.

The people in the square all looked at the figure in horror. They wanted to see exactly who it was.

All the disciples and elders in the Ten Thousand Dao Sect were in shock. Someone had directly called out the name “Hei Changqing.” Which deity was this? After all, Hei Changqing was a Mahayana Realm cultivator!

Even Hei Changqing and Bai Wufeng looked at the group in the distance. At this moment, Jian Wuxian had already retreated.

Only now did people see the group from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect! The person in front was Elder Dawn Wind, and to his left and right were Jian Wuxian and Xu Jiahu!

Behind them were naturally the disciples of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect and two thin elders. At this moment, they released their auras and stopped hiding their strength.

One at the mid stage of the Mahayana Realm, one at the late stage of the Dao Origin Realm, one at the mid stage of the Dao Origin Realm, and two at the late stage of the Spirit Sea Realm! Even across the entire Huaxia Dynasty, this was an extremely powerful group.

Everyone was startled. They hadn’t expected this to happen. What’s more, they didn’t expect the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, who had always been on the bottom in the past, to appear with such power!

With their auras completely released, they gave off an unspeakable feeling. The strongest one, Elder Dawn Wind, was like their guiding compass.

The robes that represented the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect fluttered in the wind. They no longer looked as weak as they did during the exchanges in the past.

Yuan Yixiu revealed a helpless expression and looked at Jian Wuxian. Then he smiled and thought, “This fellow chose to lay low for so many years. He finally decided to show himself!”

When the beautiful Hua Lingsu saw Jian Wuxian, her gaze was very complicated.

The most shocked ones were the Great Devil King and Song Chucai. Both of them were prepared to beat the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect while they were down, but who would’ve expected a Mahayana Realm cultivator to appear! And from the look of his aura, he was clearly stronger than both Elder Black and Elder White. At this moment, they hid their contempt for the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

Bai Wufeng moved next to Hei Changqing. Both of them started observing Elder Dawn Wind.

Hei Changqing looked at Elder Dawn Wind and slowly said, “I was wondering who it was, but it turned out to be you, you old fart. I haven’t seen you for so many years, I thought you had already died.” His voice was filled with dread, but he was not afraid of Elder Dawn Wind, even though his cultivation was lower. After all, this was his sect.

“You’re not dead yet, why would I die first? You bullied my junior—do you really think there is no one left in my Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect?” The mockery in Elder Dawn Wind’s voice didn’t diminish.

Hei Changqing suddenly began to laugh. He stopped laughing and said, “So what if your Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect has people? What can you do? This is my Ten Thousand Dao Sect’s land!”

“Is that so? What can I do? Then I’ll show you what I can do!” While Elder Dawn Wind spoke, his eyes became sharp. After his voice echoed, he disappeared and his aura became even stronger than before.

Hei Changqing’s expression changed greatly. He didn’t think that Elder Dawn Wind would really make a move in their own sect’s land. Although a Mahayana Realm cultivator was strong, did Elder Dawn Wind really think they would be afraid?

When he was dealing with Jian Wuxian, he noticed the rest of the people from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, but he had thought that they were just other elders that had come with Jian Wuxian, because Elder Dawn Wind was hiding his aura. Either way, it looked like Elder Dawn Wind wasn’t going to let this go, but he was not easy to bully either. Most importantly, this was their home, and he couldn’t lose face before the other holy lands!

As a result, Hei Changqing looked at Bai Wufeng and moved. They had been working together for years and they were also brothers, so there was no need for them to say anything. Bai Wufeng also moved!

1. Hei is black and Bai is white. Hence Elder Black and Elder White

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