Book 2, Chapter 239 - Elder Black and Elder White

After Jian Wuxian’s words echoed, a purple halo shrouded his body and spirit force began to gather around him instead of being released from his body.


An invisible shockwave scattered. The elders with high cultivation felt this clearly. They looked at Jian Wuxian with disbelief.

Jian Wuxian’s long hair fluttered slightly and his eyes became ethereal.

A purple river made of purple spirit force surged through the sky. Just the momentum it gave off was more powerful than the mountain Daoist Fu Qing had created.

Both were Mountain and River Spirit Transformations, but one had turned into a green mountain, while the other had turned into a purple river. Both of them had easily created these, but it was obvious that Jian Wuxian was a step above Daoist Fu Qing.

It has to be said that Daoist Fu Qing had just reached the early stage of the Dao Origin Realm. Could Jian Wuxian’s cultivation be even higher?

Hua Lingsu and Yuan Yexiu were not shocked by Daoist Fu Qing’s breakthrough, but they were completely shocked now. At their cultivation levels, they naturally understood how big the dap between the early and mid stage of the Dao Origin Realm was. However, before they had time to react, they realized that they were wrong. Jian Wuxian’s aura increased once more, to the late stage of the Dao Origin Realm!

After creating the spirit force river, Jian Wuxian’s aura increased once more. In his hand appeared a silver and white flying sword. This sword looked old and was not dazzling—it looked like an ordinary longsword with nothing special about it. Its material wasn’t jade or iron.

Jian Wuxian moved his right hand and a stunning, silver and white light was released from the sword. A large ray of sword energy flew toward the square.

“Jian Wuxian, you dare!?” Daoist Fu Qing’s angry roar echoed while he suppressed the shock in his heart. He was thinking about how to deal with this fierce offensive.

He originally just wanted to force Jian Wuxian into a bad situation and display his might before everyone now that he had made a breakthrough. Then he would look for a chance to further pressure the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. Who knew that Jian Wuxian’s cultivation was even higher after remaining hidden for so many years.

After releasing that slash, Jian Wuxian’s aura withered a lot and the spirit force fluctuations around him decreased greatly. It was clear that Jian Wuxian had used a lot of spirit force to use that strike.

Hua Lingsu exclaimed, “That’s the Mysterious Heaven Sword, it's the immortal treasure left by Old Man Mysterious Heaven!”

“It looks like this old fellow came prepared. There will be a good show to watch.” Yuan Yixiu revealed a mysterious smile. Although he said this, he was also hiding his own strength.

The other three holy lands had teamed up against the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect for a while. It was just that he and Hua Lingsu didn’t want to get involved.

While Daoist Fu Qing was still figuring out how to deal with the situation, Jian Wuxian’s two attacks arrived. The raging, purple river looked very real and entangled itself with the looming mountain.

After the purple river wrapped around the mountain, it remained very stable and unmoving. Then the purple river suddenly changed—it was no longer soft and was using force instead!

The purple river suddenly moved like a giant blade and slashed down on the green mountain.

A thunderous rumble echoed in people’s hearts. The mountain was cut by the river and turned to nothingness. The strange part was that rubble didn’t fly everywhere.

When the mountain was destroyed, Daoist Fu Qing suffered from the backlash. He suppressed his injuries and felt something sweet in his throat. This wasn’t the most important thing—he had to find a way to deal with the attack from the immortal treasure-grade sword.

An immortal treasure was very powerful, but it required a large amount of spirit force to use. Even in Jian Wuxian’s case, his aura weakened after that strike.

The ray of silver and white sword energy hadn’t even closed in yet, but he could feel its sharpness. Daoist Fu Qing’s expression was extremely ugly. If he didn’t stop this attack, not only would it be a slap to his face, it would also seriously injure him. There were also disciples of the other holy lands here, so he couldn’t afford to lose. No matter what, he had to stop this ray of sword energy.

He clenched his teeth and released all the spirit force in his body. At the same time, a large light curtain shrouded around the entire square. Not only did he have to block that ray of sword energy, he also had to ensure that the square was not damaged.

An orange shield suddenly appeared before Daoist Fu Qing. His spirit force surged into the shield and a layer or orange light appeared before his body. He was prepared to face off against the ray of sword energy.

The people from the other four holy lands were all secretly on guard. They wouldn’t intervene in this fight, but if Daoist Fu Qing failed, they wouldn't allow their own disciples to be caught in the attack. They had to protect their disciples from danger.

Yuan Yixiu felt very happy about Daoist Fu Qing’s misfortune. He was the only one here who had some idea about the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect’s real power. He didn’t know why the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect had been so low-key, but seeing Jian Wuxian erupt like this made him extremely happy.

The silver and white sword energy exuded a sharp aura that instantly tore apart the spirit force Daoist Fu Qing had released. The edges of the square were turned into dust and only the middle part remained intact. However, even the center was still in danger.

The orange light flashed constantly—it looked like this treasure wouldn’t be able to last long. It looked like even he himself was unsteady.

Jian Wuxian revealed a smile of disdain, but he moved once more for another strike. It was such a casual movement, but it frightened everyone watching.

Jian Wuxian still had the strength to use a second strike! It was not easy to use an immortal treasure!

Daoist Fu Qing’s eyes become bloodshot after seeing this. If he knew this would happen, he wouldn’t have tested Jian Wuxian. He had given Jian Wuxian the perfect excuse to act without reservation.

The first ray of sword energy hadn’t dissipated yet when the second ray arrived. The situation was very unfavorable for Daoist Fu Qing. He might be seriously injured or even die because he had been caught off guard. At the same time, his bloodshot eyes were filled with killing intent. Jian Wuxian had reached the late stage of the Dao Origin Realm and had cultivated even faster than him. Soon, the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect would have another Mahayana Realm cultivator. As long as he didn’t die, he would find the opportunity to trap Jian Wuxian and kill him to prevent future problems.

This thought hadn’t dissipated when an ancient voice echoed. Daoist Fu Qing felt the pressure that was shrouding him disappear.

“Head Teacher Wuxian really went all-out, even taking out the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect’s immortal treasure right away.” A voice suddenly rang out. It was hoarse but ethereal.

After the words echoed, the residual sword energy dissipated instantly and a black spirit force surged out, protecting the square.

On the other side was a figure shrouded in white spirit light, and a seven-colored light flew out from this figure. This seven-colored light flew closer and closer until it was revealed to be a large bell!

There were spirit symbols densely carved on the surface of the bell. The bell released an endless, seven-colored glow.

When this bell appeared, the surrounding world seemed to become a lot more solid. This was a power that only an immortal treasure had!

“Hehe, even the Ten Thousand Dao Sect’s Ten Thousand Spell Bell has appeared. Are immortal treasures so worthless now? They are appearing one after the other.” Hua Lingsu excitedly looked at the sky.


A thunderous rumble followed by endless echoes. The second ray of sword energy was destroyed by the bell.

Immortal treasure against immortal treasure. One was a killing weapon, extremely sharp and powerful. One was a defensive treasure, thick and sturdy. They were evenly matched!

At this moment, what was being compared were the people controlling these immortal treasures. It was clear that Jian Wuxian was at a disadvantage this time.

At this moment, all movement stopped and the two figures shrouded in black and white spirit force revealed themselves.

Daoist Fu Qing’s hair was a mess and he looked like he was in a sorry state. Fortunately, someone had intervened, or else he would have been made a fool of.

When he saw the two figures floating in the sky, he revealed a look of joy and quickly sent them a message. Because this was the best chance to force Jian Wuxian to stay.

The old man in black looked slightly gloomy. He had a head of black hair and an eagle hook nose. The old man with white hair looked more like an immortal. It was he who controlled the bell, and his appearance gave people a good impression.

These two were Elder White and Elder Black of the Ten Thousand Dao Sect. Both of them were at the Mahayana Realm. After hearing Daoist Fu Qing’s message, their eyes lit up and they began weighing the pros and cons. Then they looked at each other—it seemed like they had made a decision.

“Goodness gracious, what is going on today? The exchange hasn’t even started and there are already immortal treasures and Mahayana Realm cultivators. You don’t see these things every day.” The Great Devil King secretly clicked his tongue. Their Great Barbarian Sect also had their immortal treasure and Mahayana Realm cultivators. However, there were only two Mahayana Realm cultivators.

Song Chucai only watched in silence. No one knew what he was thinking about.

“Elder Black, Elder White. Hehe.” The yellow-robed Elder Dawn Wind chuckled. It seemed like he wasn’t concerned at all about having to face off against two Mahayana Realm cultivators.

“Elder Dawn Wind, could this be getting a bit out of control? Not only were immortal treasures used, but even Elder Black and Elder White came out.” Xu Jiahui’s expression became serious. The situation was getting increasingly out of control.

“No problem. Even if we broke the sky today, it would be fine. If I can bring you all here, I can safely bring you all away.” Elder Dawn Wind was very calm and simply watched the situation unfold.

Hearing this, Xu Jiahui calmed down. He was not afraid, but they had five elite disciples with them. These were disciples with unlimited potential. It was fine if something happened to him, but nothing could happen to these disciples. They were the future of the sect!

The five disciples, including Zhao Jiuge, looked at Elder Dawn Wind with admiration. They secretly vowed to cultivate well so that once their cultivation was profound, they could shelter the sect like Elder Dawn Wind!

At this moment, Elder Black and Elder White finally looked at Zhao Jiuge. The situation suddenly became a bit messy.

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