Book 2, Chapter 238 - Display of Might?

The Great Devil King and Song Chucai had always known that Daoist Fu Qing’s ambitions were great, but they didn’t expect them to be this big. He actually wanted to get rid of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. It has to be said that anyone who could become a holy land had a foundation that was unimaginable to outsiders.

However, as a holy land themselves, even though they knew the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect had clearly fallen, a dying camel was still bigger than a horse. Forget about any counter attacks, just the formation around their sect would be troublesome enough for them.

After hesitating for a bit, the Great Devil King asked with some uncertainty, “Does Daoist Fu Qing mean to remove the title of holy land from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, or to remove the entire sect?”

“Both.” Daoist Fu Qing squinted and he revealed an elusive smile.

Seeing the Great Devil King’s shocked expression, he raised his eyebrows “What? Are you not interested in the three rank-2 spirit veins and the countless treasures inside the sect? As long as we come to an agreement, I believe the three of us can wipe the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect out.”

The Great Devil King was moved, but Song Chucai was calm. He understood that some things were not as simple as they looked, and everyone knew how ambitious Daoist Fu Qing was. He was afraid that his own Yue Hua Academy would be put into a bad situation. However, he believed that he could take advantage of the situation.

Thinking about this, Song Chucai revealed a gloomy smile. “What is Daoist Fu Qing saying? Of course we are interested. However, even though we are interested, I’m afraid the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect is not easily messed with.”

“Hahaha, there is no rush. I naturally have my own plans. You just need to wait, this is just the first step. In the future, we will stand on top of the other holy lands.” Daoist Fu Qing laughed, and it seemed like his eyes were looking at something.

The Great Devil King and Song Chucai looked at each other. They understood that those final words were Daoist Fu Qing’s true intent.

Daoist Fu Qing’s expression suddenly stiffened and he looked toward the entrance of the sect “The Valley Master of the Hundred Flower Valley has arrived. Call your disciples over. We should begin preparing, and as for the other matters, I’ll inform the two of you.”

They had arrived yesterday, and their disciples were enjoying themselves with the disciples of the Ten Thousand Dao Sect nearby. After all, they rarely got to come out and appreciate the scenery elsewhere. Generally, until they reached a certain level of cultivation, they weren’t allowed to leave the sect to train.

They called their disciples over to participate in the exchange that would be held today. Today was a special day, so the Ten Thousand Dao Sect’s gate was open. The rest of the holy lands wouldn’t have to announce their arrival.

Although the entire Ten Thousand Dao Sect looked relaxed on the surface, they were on high alert. All the elders had left closed-door cultivation, so no evil doers would dare to cause trouble today.

The Seven Holy Lands Exchange was held in rotation in each holy land aside from the Nameless Temple and the Void Suspension Sect. One never participated, while the other refused to host it. It had been so long that people didn't know where the Void Suspension Sect was located. They had been the most mysterious holy land and basically only passed their inheritance down to one person per generation. There were only a handful of people in the sect, but each of them was extremely powerful.

A moment later, rays of pink light closed in from the distance and soon arrived at the center of the square. Daoist Fu Qing, the Great Devil King, and Song Chucai had already stood up.


Deep in the Yin Province, Zhao Jiuge’s group was moving very fast. They were not far away from the Ten Thousand Dao Sect. What was interesting was on the way, they had met three men dressed in daoist robes. When they got close, one of the middle-aged daoists looked at Jian Wuxian and smiled. He deliberately observed the disciples of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect with a playful gaze in his eyes.

Then Jian Wuxian explained, “Those three just now were from the Void Suspension Sect. I didn’t expect them to appear again this year. I thought they only passed down their inheritance to one person per generation, so why is there a third person?”

Soon, they arrived outside the Ten Thousand Dao Sect. Looking from the outside, all that was visible were a few small peaks in the valley below them that surrounded the entrance. The formation was currently active, so there were flashes of colorful lights coming from the mountain.

Zhao Jiuge was surprised when he saw the Ten Thousand Dao Sect. Although it was not as good as the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, the scenery was pleasant and the air was clean.

One was like an immortal wonderland, while the other was more like a wonderland among mortals.

The 10 of them tactfully withdrew their auras and Elder Dawn Wind moved to the back. Jian Wuxian sharply looked at the surroundings and said, “Let’s go, we’ll give that fellow Fu Qing a good greeting.”

At this moment, the disciples were filled with excitement and expectation. The elders were all secretly on guard.

The Ten Thousand Dao Sect had disciples guarding the entrance and naturally had teams to greet the other holy lands. However, Jian Wuxian showed no intention of stopping and directly flew into the valley like he was very familiar with the place.

The 10 of them flew through on 10 flying swords. The dozen or so disciples guarding the entrance were all startled. They watched them disappear and hadn’t managed to react yet.

After a while, when the young man in the lead saw the robes belonging to the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, he disdainfully said, “I was wondering who came. It turned out to be the cowards from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. During the last Battle Competition, they all deserted and left. They still dare to come to this exchange? Have they not learned their lesson?”

The other disciples all echoed his opinions. Many of them had participated in the last Battle Competition.

The arrogant disciples naturally felt unhappy that these people had rushed in without greeting them, but today was a special day. If it were a normal day, then someone charging in like this would be a shocking event! They would be allowed to kill on sight! The sect master was already prepared inside, so the young man was too lazy to get involved.

Jian Wuxian had obviously come here before, and he immediately led the group to the right. Soon, they all saw the huge square with no less than 50 or 60 people. Aside from the seven eye-catching seats at the center, there were about 20 to 30 more seats around them.

There were already five people sitting there. Although the Nameless Temple never participated, they still left a seat for them out of respect. The only empty seat left was for the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

Aside from the main seven seats were seats for the elders. As for the young disciples, they obediently stood next to their elders.

When Jian Wuxian saw the people on the square, they all noticed his group. They all looked over with interest. They wanted to see if the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect’s lineup was still as pitiful as the previous years.

Daoist Fu Qing was wearing a purple and gold daoist robe and had a yin and yang diagram hanging behind him. He narrowed his eyes as he observed the people who came. When he saw that the person leading them was Jian Wuxian, he revealed an imperceptible evil smile and his eyes became ferocious. He immediately stood up and shouted, “I want to see if Jian Wuxian has made any progress after all these years!”

Aside from the Great Devil King and Song Chucai, there were two more people. One was the middle-aged daoist Zhao Jiuge had seen earlier, the Void Suspension Sect’s sect master, Yuan Yexiu. The other was a beautiful woman in her 30s, Hua Lingsu, the Valley Master of the Hundred Flower Valley.

Those that heard this were shocked. Was Fu Qing going to make a move before the exchange even began? Although Fu Qing had exceeded them by reaching the Spirit Dao Realm, there was no need to be so impatient. Only the Great Devil King and Song Chucai knew what was going on.

Right after his voice echoed, he jumped up and a powerful aura exuded from his body. His purple and gold robe fluttered and his hair moved without any wind.

Feeling this aura, everyone’s expressions changed greatly. The pressure from a Dao Origin Realm cultivator was so great. Although there was only a one realm difference between the Spirit Sea Realm and the Dao Origin Realm, the difference in strength was like heaven and earth.

Daoist Fu Qing didn’t have anything in his hands. There was no sound, but his green and yellow spirit force slowly gathered.

An illusory mountain suddenly appeared in the empty sky. It faded in and out of existence; it was like a mountain hidden in the fog.

Hua Lingsu and Yuan Yexiu looked at each other. Although they were slightly shaken, they were still very calm. This was because they had some understanding of Daoist Fu Qing’s cultivation.

The Great Devil King and Song Chucai could no longer hide their shock. Even though they felt like they had overestimated Daoist Fu Qing’s strength, they hadn’t expected him to display such power so easily. At this moment, a sense of dread toward Daoist Fu Qing appeared in their hearts.

The elders from the other holy lands were all Spirit Sea Realm cultivators,so they felt envy and admiration toward Daoist Fu Qing, who had reached the Dao Origin Realm. As for the disciples that came, they all looked at him in amazement.

Zhao Jiuge, Jiulian, Fang Qiwen, and Wang Yong were still calm. However, Chen Hailong’s face turned white.

Mountain and River Spirit Transformation—this was the characteristic of the Dao Origin Realm. Seeing the mountain that suddenly appeared, Chen Hailong was filled with fear.

Elder Dawn Wind had no expression when he saw this; he acted like nothing was wrong. However, when he saw the reactions of the disciples, he frowned. The difference in mental strength was obvious at a glance, and this Chen Hailong had fallen behind.

“What a powerful Mountain and River Spirit Transformation. It looks like that old fellow Fu Qing wants to display his might right after reaching the Dao Origin Realm.” Xu Jiahui had a smile on his face, and there was no trace of fear. If it broke out in a big fight, it wouldn't be his problem. This line-up was not as simple as it looked.

“I want to see how they are going to display their might. I was worried that I wouldn’t find a chicken to slaughter to warn the monkeys.” Jian Wuxian smiled and flew ahead to face the mountain.

“Meeting after such a long time, there is no need to give me such a big gift.” A roar echoed across the square. After he spoke, Jian Wuxian’s purple robe began to flutter—it gave off an unspeakable sense of style.

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