Book 2, Chapter 236 - Setting Off

In the next few days, Elder Waning Moon didn’t force Zhao Jiuge to cultivate. She was very satisfied with the current Zhao Jiuge. Although he was not as good as the other top disciples in the other sects, he had only cultivated for five years. Compared to those disciples, who had been cultivating since they were young, Zhao Jiuge was a lot better. With his grade-8 spirit core, his future cultivation speed would be extraordinary.

Zhao Jiuge was finally able to get a few days to relax. Each day, he talked with Elder Waning Moon about matters of the heart and listened to interesting stories. Zhao Jiuge's tense heart was able to gradually relax.

On this day, a ray of yellow light appeared. On closer look, there was a figure in it. Elder Waning Moon and Zhao Jiuge stood up. When they got up, the figure that was still far away arrived before them.

This person was naturally Elder Dawn Wind. Needless to say, one month had passed, and he had come to pick Zhao Jiuge up.

Elder Waning Moon was not wearing her black shawl today. She smiled and said, “Go, Master Moon will wait for you to return.”

Zhao Jiuge looked at Elder Waning Moon and nodded. After relaxing for a few days, he became tense once more. After all, this was going to be an important event.

Elder Dawn Wind waved his sleeve and left with Zhao Jiuge. He only left behind a few words. “Junior Sister, take good care of the sect with Pine Tree.”

Elder Dawn Wind directly brought Zhao Jiuge to the entrance of the sect. There were already eight people waiting for them. It seemed like a total of 10 people would be going on this trip.

Aside from Jian Wuxian, Jiulian, Fang Qiwen, Wang Yongm, and Chan Hailong, there were three more people wearing the elders’ black robes. Zhao Jiuge could feel that their auras were similar to Bai Qingqing’s second uncle’s, meaning they were Spirit Sea Realm cultivators. Zhao Jiuge didn’t know what cultivation his teacher was at, but just with these three elders and Elder Dawn Wind, they had almost nothing to fear. This kind of line-up had never participated in the Seven Holy Lands Exchange before.

This Seven Holy Lands Exchange would be filled with many undercurrents. Otherwise, Jian Wuxian wouldn’t be coming personally, nor would Elder Dawn Wind. Before, a Spirit Sea Realm elder would take the lead. This time, Jian Wuxian had decided to not lay low anymore!

Among the four disciples beside Zhao Jiuge, two of them were at the mid stage of the Spirit Core Realm and the other two were at the late stage. It looked like they had not been idle during the last month.

Fang Qiwen and Wang Yong were not too seriously injured, and Chen Hailong had recovered in a month. In the end, the only person who was seriously injured was Zhou Hongyong, who had been stabbed by the Cold Underworld Sword.

Seeing Zhao Jiuge arrive, Jiulian smiled, but she didn’t do anything else. After all, with their elders here, she was not that reckless.

Wang Yong still had a cool temperament and nodded at Zhao Jiuge. Seeing that Wang Yong was still friendly, Zhao Jiuge nodded with a smile. There was no deep hatred between the two of them.

Chen Hailong felt a bit embarrassed seeing Zhao Jiuge again. At first, he thought that Zhao Jiuge’s strength was fake, but he later admired Zhao Jiuge’s power. However, he couldn’t bring himself to greet Zhao Jiuge first. In truth, it was very normal for disciples to spar with each other.

When Fang Qiwen saw Zhao Jiuge, his expression was still not friendly. He still seemed a bit unconvinced.

“During the Seven Holy Lands Exchange at the Ten Thousand Dao Sect, you all will represent my Mysterious Heaven Sect. I hope that you will unite together and not let small matters cause any problems.”

Seeing this situation, Jian Wuxian had to speak out and give them a warning.

“Disciples understand.” Fang Qiwen immediately nodded. No matter how reckless he was, he wouldn’t have a dispute with a fellow disciple before outsiders.

Jian Wuxian nodded and said, “Okay then, let us head out now.”

Elder Dawn Wind remained silent. It was clear that Jian Wuxian was in charge of this trip. He was only responsible for helping at key moments and acting as a deterrent. He liked this better, as it resulted in fewer things for him to worry about.

The three other elders in black were all old except for one. The other two had stiff expressions and looked like they didn’t care about anything. Only the younger elder, who was middle-aged, looked at the disciples and smiled.

When leaving the sect, the disciples guarding the entrance naturally did not stop them when they saw the Head Teacher.

Because they still had an abundant amount of time, they didn’t travel very fast. With just Elder Dawn Wind’s speed, they would arrive in just a few days. However, they had decided to take into consideration the speed of the disciples.

The 10 of them blade soared through the sky, leaving behind trails of dazzling light.

Feeling the air outside, which was different from the sect, made the disciples happy. The outside world was filled with temptation, and everything made them curious.

As soon as they left the sect, Elder Dawn Wind disappeared. He told them he would be with them and that they didn’t need to worry.

Jian Wuxian and the middle-aged elder flew side by side, and both of them occasionally smiled.

The two old men expressionally followed behind them and occasionally checked their surroundings.

Along the way, the atmosphere was harmonious. It was just like elders taking their juniors on a trip.

Fang Qiwen, Wang Yong, and Chen Hailong flew side by side. They were talking about how strong the disciples of the other sects would be.

Jiulian quickly arrived beside Zhao Jiuge, which gave him a headache. However, since they had nothing to do, it could be considered a good time waster.

Today, Jiulian was wearing a blue and white dress that made her look less lively and cheerful but a little more mature. It looked like she would be able to dazzle a lot of the male disciples from the other holy lands.

They weren’t flying very fast, and they picked very desolate areas to fly over to avoid seeing mortals if they flew over a town or city.

Jiulian was chattering endlessly, and even Jian Wuxian and the middle-aged man noticed something.

“Jiulian, ah, when we go back, should I have the Head Teacher talk to your teacher to set up a date for you two?” The middle-aged elder laughed. He looked very playful.

Even Jian Wuxian laughed. He didn’t have the majesty of a Head Teacher at all; the atmosphere was very harmonious. 

Having her intention seen through, Jiulian immediately shouted in embarrassment, “Elder Xu Jiahui! I hate you!”

However, everyone else saw Zhao Jiuge’s indifferent expression and understood his feelings toward the matter.

Jiulian sighed in her heart, but her expression remained unchanged. She was not going to give up so easily. It was rare for someone to move her heart like this.

Jian Wuxian only shook his head. Children had their own thoughts. He was not going to intervene in Zhao Jiuge’s private life. If Zhao Jiuge had someone in mind, he wouldn't mind helping him smooth out the matter. However, it looked like his silly disciple didn’t have such ideas right now.

The topic immediately attracted the attention of the other three disciples. The three of them all couldn’t help but quip with Jiulian. Even Zhao Jiuge smiled. Their relationship had become more harmonious. Zhao Jiuge didn’t care about what had happened, and there was no deep hatred between them. It was them who had provoked him first, which had forced him to be a bit vicious. Now that he was the Chief Head Disciple, he had to be more open-minded, and his burden had also increased greatly.

The Ten Thousand Dao Sect was located in the Yan Province, which was not far from the Xuan Province. They were only separated by two provinces.

Along the way, every time they passed an interesting place, Jian Wuxian and the middle-aged elder would tell them something special about it. The disciples all excitedly listened.

Some things really opened their eyes and allowed them to learn. Zhao Jiuge felt differently each time he left the sect. He was filled with excitement this time, along with some strange emotions. While they were all talking, they didn’t know that all Zhao Jiuge could think about was that cold and noble figure.

According to his third senior brother, that woman should be the Chief Head Disciple of the Hundred Flower Valley. However, she already had Spirit Core Realm cultivation back then, so he wasn’t sure how strong she was now. Zhao Jiuge felt nervous, as he didn’t know what meeting her again would be like.

On the second day, they left the Xuan Province and arrived at the border of the Qing Province. At this moment, Zhao Jiuge suddenly became interested and joined their conversation. Everyone here was at least at the Spirit Core Realm, so there was naturally no need to stop to rest. They could recover more spirit force than blade soaring consumed.

When everyone heard that Zhao Jiuge had found a rank-7 spirit vein here and even obtained an inner core, they were all shocked by his luck and finally understood why he was so wealthy. In particular, they felt envious when they learned that after absorbing the attribute here, he obtained the sword slaughter aura.

Later, Zhao Jiuge remembered some things. The Eight Desolate Sword Formation he obtained was incomplete. The remaining information should be with the Ten Thousand Devil Nest’s ancestor, Yellow Devil, in the Qing Province.

Zhao Jiuge told Jian Wuxian about this matter. He originally wanted his teacher to help him obtain it, since it was on the way. However, Jian Wuxian was a little unhappy. “Solve your own problems. Are you going to continue to rely on others during the long, bumpy road of cultivation? After participating in the Seven Holy Lands Exchange, go out and experience the world for one and half years before coming back to participate in the Battle Competition. If you have the ability, go obtain the rest of the formation yourself.”

Zhao Jiuge felt ashamed and could only nod.

Then Zhao Jiuge became a little absent-minded because when he thought about the Eight Desolate Sword Formation, he thought of Bai Qingqing and the things that had happened.

A sense of powerless entered his heart—he still felt like he was too weak. The self-confidence he had before leaving had lessened a bit.

On the eighth day, they finally arrived at the edge of the Yin Province. At this moment, Elder Dawn Wind, who had been guarding them in secret, joined them.

Once they entered the Yin Province, the atmosphere changed. Jian Wuxian was very serious and no longer spoke, because the Ten Thousand Dao Sect was not far away!

The disciples noticed the atmosphere and secretly put up their guard. They also began adjusting themselves to peak condition. Along the way, they had encountered a lot of spirit beasts and evil doers, but they were all small fishes that they didn’t care about. Normally, Jian Wuxian wouldn’t mind cleaning them up, but they were on official business this time. Also, there were no big fishes that made it worthwhile for him to act.

Elder Xu Jiahuai no longer had the carefree attitude he had before and began to introduce the disciples to the situation of the Ten Thousand Dao Sect.

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