Book 2, Chapter 177 - Reason

In the distance, dozens of lights were rushing toward the Mysterious Heaven Temple. They could now see the beautiful temple.

The dozens of disciples following the elder were very excited. Even Zhao Jiuge, who was depressed due to Bai Qingqing's departure, became excited when he looked ahead.

Zhao Jiuge had not seen much of the world and was shocked. He had never seen such a beautiful building before. The 30 to 40 youths beside him had similar expressions.

More than 100 disciples at the Foundation Realm had participated in the inner sect selection, but less than had 40 passed. Compared to the more than 500 disciples in this generation, a very small proportion had entered the inner sect.

Although they were 30 to 40 people, they would be the core of the sect for the next 100 years. They would receive the best training from the sect.

The other holy lands only cared about accepting large numbers of disciples and picking the elite among them. After all, when you recruit a lot of people, there will definitely be a few geniuses.

The Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect did the exact opposite, but it was better in the long term.

Soon, the dozens of people put away their flying swords and landed on the square. The 30 to 40 disciples stood neatly on the square led by three black-robed elders.

In the main hall, the six elders at the lead looked outside the hall. The kind old man frowned slightly and asked, “Why are there so few disciples this time?”

“Senior Brother Flying Flower, the situation this year was a bit special,” the beautiful middle-aged woman below him said softly to Elder Flying Flower. She was Elder Piao Wu.

The handsome and slightly cynical middle-aged man became interested and asked, “Oh? What changed?”

Elder Piao Wu pursed her lips and looked up at Jian Wuxian. “Xue Qingfeng, you have to ask the Head Teacher.” After she finished speaking, she had a strange expression. Although they were all elders and higher-ups of the sect, they were from different factions. Piao Wu was from the Mysterious Strange Peak, while Xue Qingfeng was from the Mysterious Fallen Peak.

Elder Flying Flower only spoke once, and he had a kind smile on his face once more. He quietly looked at everyone’s expressions. Everyone came from different peaks, so it was inevitable there would be a bit of friction between them.

As for Elder Feng Chen, who stood behind him, he also belonged to the Mysterious Heaven Peak like Elder Flying Flower. Elder Feng Chen was Elder Flying Flower’s junior brother, and he was only standing behind Elder Flying Flower because of their good relationship. His position was not low. The other three elders hadn’t said a word since the beginning.

The Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect had countless elders, and most of them cultivated in peace, never worrying about anything else. Occasionally, some of them got involved in sect affairs, like these six. Elders like Elder Dawn Feng were the guiding compasses of the sect, and they would not appear easily.

Today, many people had gathered not only to see how good the character of these new disciples was, but also to accept disciples. After all, no matter how good one’s talent, one still needed guidance.

No one expected Xue Qingfeng to turn toward Jian Wuxian and ask, “Head Teacher, isn’t the number of new disciples a bit too small this time?”

He was of an older generation and was at a higher cultivation level than Jian Wuxian. However, Jian Wuxian was the Head Teacher, so he still had to show respect, but his words were very forceful.

Jian Wuxian’s gaze immediately moved from outside the temple to Xue Qingfeng. He revealed a smile that wasn’t a smile. “I intentionally did this. I naturally have my own reasons.”

After he finished speaking, he attracted the attention of everyone here. They all waited for Jian Wuxian to continue. However, he showed no sign of talking, and just when Xue Qingfeng was about to speak, Jian Wuxian suddenly continued.

“You all know that in the last 100 years, the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect has fallen. The other holy lands have been recruiting a lot of disciples, and our Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect has almost fallen to the bottom. Have you all thought about the reason behind this?”

After he spoke, everyone began to ponder. The beautiful woman with the black, silk scarf who was sitting beside Xue Qingfeng had doubt in her eyes. She was curious about the reason behind it.

Fortunately, Jian Wuxian didn’t make them sit for too long this time. “It’s because the disciples from influential families have messed up the style of the sect. Previously, the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect was outstanding and then the descendants of these influential families wanted to join. However, this created a problem: these disciples had families and didn't feel a strong sense of belonging like a mountain child such as Zhao Jiuge. Once they become strong, basically all of them return to their families and contribute to their families. We have basically wasted our time and trained these disciples for someone else.”

He paused for a moment and then continued, “And these disciples from poor families have a much stronger sense of loyalty to the sect. They will become the core of the sect. This is why this year’s test was different from before. You can see for yourself how few disciples of influential families are out there—most of them are disciples from poor families. We want good disciples rather than numbers. What use are disciples with high cultivation if they are willing to betray the sect?”

This reason suddenly awakened everyone. They all looked outside, and it was really as Jian Wuxian had said. Their expressions all became a bit embarrassed. Although they had some internal conflicts, this absolutely didn’t change their feelings toward the sect. They all feared that the sect was slowly declining.

The disciples that were afraid of death were mostly from influential families, while most of the remaining disciples of the sect were still very loyal to the sect. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many disciples dying outside the sect only for the glory of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

After this, it would be the competition between the seven holy lands. After this small exchange, it would be the blood-soaked Battle Competition between all the sects. At that time, many disciples would die for the honor of their sect.

Jian Wuxian seemed to notice the repressed atmosphere. He smiled to ease the tension. “You guys don’t have to worry, the future will be theirs. However, today, you all came to accept disciples. In the future, teach them properly so that they can shine for the sect.”

His words immediately eased the tension and lightened up the atmosphere of the main hall. They all became excited for the arrival of the new disciples again.

“Elder Li, bring them in.” Jian Wuxian wrapped his voice in spirit force so it rang across the square. At this moment, the people inside and outside the temple were filled with excitement. It was about time for the masters to accept new disciples!

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