Book 2, Chapter 176 - Accepting Disciples

Zhao Jiuge felt a little nervous but finally focused his gaze on the paper. Although the paper felt cold, his heart was burning from the tension he felt.

There were a few simple sentences on this paper, but they had a great impact on Zhao Jiuge’s heart.

Fool, I’m leaving. Cultivate well in the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. If fate allows it, I hope we can meet again. I hope that when we meet again, you will have reached the height you have dreamed of and that you can keep your promise of accompanying me across the 13 provinces of the Huaxia Dynasty.

The letter ended with the name Bai Qingqing, which confirmed to Zhao Jiuge that it was indeed written by Bai Qingqing.

After reading these few words, Zhao Jiuge wasn’t able to react. Only after a while did he think, “She left?”

Didn’t this mean that he would never find her again? At this moment, he felt an incomparable sense of loss. Bai Qingqing had always accompanied him, and when they were together, he felt nothing. It was only when he lost her that he realized.

All his memories of being with Bai Qingqing for the past three years flashed before his eyes. An indescribable feeling poured into his heart.

Zhao Jiuge suddenly understood why Bai Qingqing was so strange and gentle. That was because she had already planned for this day.

The only good news was that Zhao Jiuge knew she was not in any danger with a master like her second uncle with her. However, he couldn’t accept the way she had told him. Why couldn’t she have just told him in person instead of doing this? Not to mention she hadn’t told him where she was going, so how was he supposed to find her?

Could it be that they would never meet again in this lifetime? Zhao Jiuge suddenly felt like he lost his soul and silently sat on the edge of the bed. He quietly thought about his time together with Bai Qingqing.

Zhao Jiuge sat on the edge of the wooden bed in a daze until Leng Rufeng called him from outside, telling him they were about to head to the Mysterious Heaven Temple. Only then did Zhao Jiuge regain his senses.

The sober Zhao Jiuge looked a bit unstable and felt the impulse to leave the sect now to find her. However, he soon calmed down and gave up on this idea.

Right now, he was only at the late stage of the Foundation Realm, so he had no strength to go anywhere. It was also time to enter the inner sect—was he just going to abandon it? There was also the agreement with Su Su and the lingering image of Bo Re in his mind.

Strength, strength, strength. Zhao Jiuge muttered it like crazy in his heart. If he had strength, none of this would be a problem, but unfortunately, he was far too weak.

Zhao Jiuge decided to stay at the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect to cultivate. Once he had enough strength, he would be able to find Bai Qingqing.

At this moment, Zhao Jiuge somewhat understood his own heart. Unknowingly, the shadow of another girl appeared in his heart.

“Bai Qingqng, no matter where you are, I’ll find you!

“When I find you, I must ask you what happened!”

Soon, Zhao Jiuge’s gaze was filled with determination. Now that he understood himself, he had a goal.

Cultivators needed to follow their own hearts, they needed to follow their own convictions.

He took a few quick breaths and forced himself to return to normal.

He put the precious letter away and slowly walked out. Zhao Jiuge temporarily put aside Bai Qingqing’s matter because there was something important he had to do soon. That was to meet the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect’s Head Teacher Jian Wuxian.

As for Bai Qingqing’s matter, as long as he knew she was not in any danger, it would be fine. Zhao Jiuge believed that as his cultivation increased, he would one day find Bai Qingqing.

Zhao Jiuge left the room in a cheerful mood and saw more than a dozen people gathered outside. It looked like all the disciples that had taken the Hundred Turn Temper Pill had awakened and were all excitedly talking to each other.

Elder Li stood alone, looking at something.

Seeing Zhao Jiuge walk out, Leng Rufeng quickly walked up and whispered, “I don’t see Luo Xie or Cai Mengxuan.” His voice was a bit anxious because they were brothers and had excellent relationships with each other.

Hearing this, Zhao Jiuge looked up and swept the area with his gaze. His expression became a bit worried too. “Could it be that they are at a different peak?”

The disciples that had passed the test were arranged at several peaks, and this was only one of them. Although Zhao Jiuge said this, he was still worried. After all, who wasn’t afraid of death? Luo Xie also had trauma from when he was originally captured by an evil cultivator. He managed to escape in the end, but it still haunted him. However, Zhao Jiuge still believed in Luo Xie.

Leng Rufeng said, “I hope so.”

Soon, everyone was present. Elder Li looked at the future core of the sect and felt melancholy. “Come with me to meet the Head Teacher and for the introduction ceremony. Whether or not you are selected to become someone’s disciple, you will always be the elite of the sect.”

His words were simple, but they immediately made the disciples emotional.

“Let’s go!” With a roar, Elder Li took the lead on his flying sword.

All the disciples had recovered, and their cultivation had even improved a little. They quickly took out their flying swords and followed. They were afraid that if they were late, no one would take them as a disciple.

Along the way, Elder Li deliberately traveled slower to allow the disciples to enjoy the scenery of this beautiful wonderland. The disciples all talked with each other and pointed at everything they saw. Among them, Luo Bowen was the most active, and Zhao Jiuge had a good impression of him. However, Zhang Pingquan remained silent and only occasionally looked at Zhao Jiuge.

Leng Rufeng flew next to Zhao Jiuge and looked at him with a profound gaze. Then he asked, “Where is Bai Qingqing?”

Zhao Jiuge’s expression became stiff. He wasn’t expecting Leng Rufeng to suddenly ask his question. His expression sank, and after letting out a sigh, he said, “She left.”

“Left? Where did she go?” Leng Rufeng was shocked. Although he didn’t have a good impression of Bai Qingqing before, that had improved greatly. He didn’t expect her to leave just like that. No wonder Zhao Jiuge looked so devastated earlier.

“I also don’t know.” Zhao Jiuge felt like his heart was empty.

Seeing this, Leng Rufeng didn’t ask more. From Zhao Jiuge’s expression, he seemed to understand something.


Mysterious Heaven Temple.

Today, the temple was no longer deserted like before and was very crowded. The purple-robed Jian Wuxian looked a little more majestic than before. No one stood beside him; he alone was sitting on the chair with the double flowers carved on it.

Below him were dozens of redwood chairs, and they were filled with people. There were several men and women in black robes. They seemed to be elders, but there was no sign of Elder Dawn Wind.

There were four men and two women. The two closest to Jian Wuxian were two older men. One had a kind and warm smile, and behind him stood Elder Feng Chen! One could see that this old man’s identity was not simple!

The other one was of similar age, but his skin was very smooth, so he didn’t look very old. However, compared to the kind old man, he looked much colder and gave off pressure without being angry.

Below the two of them was a beautiful middle-aged woman. She wore a black sword robe and carried a small flying sword in a sheath behind her. She looked very stern.

On the opposite side of her was another woman, but her appearance was covered by a black, silk scarf. Her hair was coiled up high, and one could see her tender, white face through the gap in her scarf. This combined with her beautiful figure proved that she was a bit younger than the beautiful middle-aged woman.

The last two were two middle-aged men in black robes, and they seemed a bit absent-minded. The one on the left was handsome and seemed a bit cynical. The corner of his mouth was slightly curved upward as he looked at the vast square outside the main hall.

As for the other man, he looked honest and ordinary, and he seemed nervous. His eyes were in a daze, like he was thinking about something.

A total of six people, and their positions showed their ranks. Even among the elders, they were probably famous individuals.

There were a few people standing behind each of them, all wearing the same sword robes, and some of their faces were very young. These were their disciples. Elder Feng Cheng, who was standing behind the kind old man, stood up among the crowd.

Below them was the handsome Jian Wuxuan and the cold Jian Wuxie.

Then below them was Du Jun, who was clearly a sword cultivator but wore a scholar robe, and behind him was his younger brother, Du Junping. There was an ugly man standing beside Du Junping.

There was also the old man wearing the spotless, linen robe that looked to be a kind old man. Behind him was the short but silent Ye Deyong and a beautiful woman of about 30 or so in a palace dress.

There were still some people standing or sitting inside the hall. Some were young and some were old. There seemed to be a wide range of people here.

The charming little girl was beside Jian Wuxuan and intimately held onto his robe. She had two lovely braids in her hair and a pair of watery eyes—it was Sha Sha.

She gently pulled Jian Wuxuan’s sleeve and whispered, “Martial Uncle, do you think that brat Zhao Jiuge passed the test?”

Jian Wuxuan revealed a mysterious smile. He gently shook his head and softly said, “You’ll see for yourself soon, they are about to arrive.”

Then the corner of his mouth curved upward. With his cultivation, he had already seen everything with his divine sense.

Looking at her martial-uncle’s smile, Sha Sha pouted. She originally wanted to act spoiled and make him tell her, but dozens of lights arrived at the temple.

As a result, Sha Sha immediately closed her mouth and widened her lovely eyes as she looked at the square outside.

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