Book 2, Chapter 174 - Mysterious Heaven Temple

Cao Bin’s dried right hand opened, revealing a dark purple pill. This had to be the poison pill he was talking about. Although it was not filled with spirit force like the other pills Zhao Jiuge had seen, it still gave off a powerful medical fragrance. The fragrance was so strong that it stung his nose.

Zhao Jiuge felt his throat become dry. He swallowed hard and then said, “You want me to use this poison pill to harm my sect’s elders?”

“That’s right. I have a bottle here with four or five pills. As long as you promise me that you will poison them when you get the chance, I’ll not only spare your life, but also reward you with some treasures.” Cao Bin’s words were filled with temptation.

Cao Bin seemed to notice that Zhao Jiuge was shaken, so he continued, “I’ll also teach you some spells and cultivation experiences from my North Yin Sect. With the resources you will obtain from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, your cultivation will soar. Do you even need to think about it?”

Cao Bin’s words were filled with temptation. Treasures, spells, and cultivation experiences. These were all things that a cultivator dreamed of. Zhao Jiuge was confused for a moment, but soon, his heart became determined.

A noble person lived life without any fear, while a villain lived life in distress.

Why was he cultivating? Wasn’t it all to be able to live as his heart willed?

If he agreed to this, how could he live with himself? Treasures and spells were things he needed right now, but he would obtain them through his own effort rather than rely on this method.

“You don’t look like a good person, and your North Yin Sect was likely evil. If my senior in the sect wiped out your sect, there must have been a good reason. Don’t even think about getting me to agree to help you.”

Although Zhao Jiuge was afraid of Cao Bin’s aura, he wouldn't go against his principles.

“Have you really thought about it?” Cao Bin took a few steps forward toward Zhao Jiuge and coldly said, “You’re really not willing to help me?”

Zhao Jiuge nodded without hesitation. The temptation before him was undeniably great, and it was related to his life or death. However, his heart could not accept him doing something like this.

“Hehehe…” Another wave of laughter came from Cao Bin like he was enraged. “I don’t have time to waste with a brat like you. If you really won’t help me, then swallow this poison pill and die!” His words were filled with killing intent.

Zhao Jiuge was bound in place and couldn’t resist at all. Cao Bin had constantly threatened him, which made Zhao Jiuge very angry. Although he was weaker than Cao Bin, he had his own pride.

“If you’re going to kill me, then kill me. If you want me to betray my sect, then you can just go die! Don’t even dream about it! Even if you kill me, you won’t be able to escape. There are countless instructors, elders, and fellow apprentice brothers and sisters who will get revenge for me!”

His words were filled with courage!

Zhao Jiuge felt a sense of pride fill his heart. Although he had only been here for a short three years, this was his home, and he had a sense of belonging. He didn’t even have to think about it—there was no way he was going to harm those elders, even though he had never met them before.

“Good! Good! Good! If that’s the case, then you can die!” Cao Bin’s chest was heaving up and down, and he stared at Zhao Jiuge with a fierce gaze.

Then he quickly stepped forward and grabbed Zhao Jiuge. Zhao Jiuge couldn’t move and was at Cao Bin’s mercy. He could only watch as Cao Bin force opened his mouth and put the poison pill into his mouth.

The poison pill melted in his mouth and he immediately felt something warm flowing through his body. Hot pain filled his body as it flowed through his meridians. Zhao Jiuge couldn’t help but let out a hysterical cry. He felt the force of the pill rampage inside his meridians and then he fainted from the pain. Even when he tempered his body inside the spirit vein, he didn’t experience such pain.


Mysterious Heaven Temple.

A young man wearing purple was standing at the entrance of the main hall. He had his hands behind his back and was looking into the distance. Although he was standing there, his divine sense had long shrouded the nameless mountain where the inner sect selection was taking place.

The youth’s clothes, along with his ordinary, wooden hairpin and the extraordinary aura he gave off, revealed that he was the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect’s Head Teacher Jian Wuxian.

The main hall of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect was not particularly large yet not small. Aside from the painting of the ancestor riding a cow hanging on the wall, there were no other decorations.

The main hall was filled with red columns as thick as a person’s waist and red curtains with golden edges. The entire floor was as smooth as jade and there was a furnace in each of the four corners. All four furnaces had golden surfaces and emitted faint, fragrant smoke.

The entrance of the temple was a few meters wide, enough space for two to three people to stand side by side. Past that was a row of fences made of redwood, and Jian Wuxian stood at the entrance, looking past the row of fences.

The main hall was surrounded by fences like this. Only one side of the temple didn’t have any fences. Instead, there were steps that looked like they were made of white jade leading down to the square below. One would worry about stepping on it, because the jade looked like it would break.

Past these 30 or so steps there was a square about 100 meters wide. The entire square was as smooth as the inside of the hall. This was the core of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. Anything important would be announced here, and the premise was that you were in the inner sect.

From the outside, one could see that the main colors of the temple were red and gold, and the corners were slightly curved. The temple stood on top of a mountain surrounded by cliffs.

Because this mountain peak was very high, it was inside the clouds. There was a pale, white might surrounding the peak, making the temple look like a palace. It was simple yet exquisite.

Jian Wuxian quietly stood there like he was looking at the scenery before him, but in reality, his divine sense had already shrouded the nameless mountain.

He seemed to have fused with the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. Only someone at the Soul Formation Realm could have this ability. Once you reached the Soul Formation Realm, your mind could wander and observe the situation in the distance.

A bright, golden light flew toward Jian Wuxian’s location. He was instantly awakened from his state, but when he saw the figure that came, he calmed down once more.

The golden light landed below Jian Wuxian, revealing the handsome Jian Wuxuan. However, unlike before, he seemed very anxious.

Even though Jian Wuxuan was a bit nervous, he still presectfully bowed and said, “Senior Brother.”

Jian Wuxian nodded and said, “Junior Brother, do you think I have gone too far this time?”

“Senior Brother, do you know why I came?” Jian Wuxuan was surprised and then continued “They are only a group of children without any training, it is normal to fear death. It is human nature. Are we not the same? We are also afraid of death, that’s why we cultivate, so that he can exist forever alongside heaven and earth. I think we should give them a chance—they may still be able to become part of our core force in the future.”

Jian Wuxuan’s expression was very serious, but his tone became a bit excited at the end.

After Jian Wuxian heard this, he let out a sigh. He had a complicated expression as he slowly said, “I know you have your reasons, how could I not know. However, in the past 100 years, although the Huaxia Dynasty has looked calm on the surface, there have been violent waves surging in the background. Although our Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect has always been low-key, the Ten Thousand Dao Sect has been mass recruiting, and Yuehua Academy has sent a large number of their elite disciples to wander the 13 provinces. Even the farthest barbarian mountains have been restless. How many of our Enforcement Hall disciples have died to evil cultivators? And how many at the hands of disciples of the other holy lands?”

“It’s not that we want to be cruel, but the world is forcing us to do this. My Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect can’t continue just doing our own thing.”

Jian Wuxuan’s expression changed. Although Jian Wuxian hadn’t explained everything, how could he not understand the sect’s situation? They didn’t care for fame, but other holy lands did. He could feel the sorrow and cruelty in Jian Wuxian’s voice.

Although Jian Wuxuan remained silent, his hands were clenched tightly from thinking about the disciples who had died for the sect. They might not be famous, but they had died for the sect so that the mortals could have better lives.

The disciples of the Mysterious Sword Sect were all righteous. In order to kill those evil cultivators, the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect had even formed the Enforcement Hall. It didn’t only keep order in the sect, but also pointed its sword at the evil outside. Many evil cultivators hated the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect to the bone, and they would kill any Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect disciples they came across.

Jian Wuxian seemed to know that the topic was a bit heavy, so he changed it. “It won’t be long before the competition between the seven holy lands is upon us. After that, it will be the Battle Conference between all the sects. My Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect will fill the stage and seize honor for the sect.”

Looking at the empty square, the smile on Jian Wuxian’s face became even wider.

“I don’t know if the new disciples will surprise me more.” After a pause, Jian Wuxian continued, “Every 100 years, a day like this appears in my Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. I really hope I can continue standing here, watching our disciples like this.”

Hearing this, Jian Wuxuan’s eyes became a bit dazed. He carefully looked at his senior brother before him. Only now did he notice that the senior brother that he grew up and cultivated with had had his smile replaced by furrowed brows.

Only now did he realize that his senior brother had given up far too much as the Head Teacher.

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