Book 2, Chapter 173 - Poison Pill

The blood-robed man’s face was covered by the mask that revealed only his eyes. He gently moved a few steps and said with a strange smile, “I’m the disciple of the Central Province’s North Yin Sect, Cao Bin.” 

After he finished speaking, he closed in on Zhao Jiuge and continued, “I don’t blame you for not knowing about my North Yin Sect, you little brat. It looks like you’re a new disciple who hasn’t formally entered the inner sect yet.”

Looking at Zhao Jiuge’s confusion and fear, the skinny man let out a weird laugh.

Although Zhao Jiuge was a bit flustered, he worked hard to stabilize his emotions. He retreated a few steps and loudly asked, “Since you’re a disciple of the North Yin Sect, why are you in my Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect?”

While Zhao Jiuge was asking that question, he was thinking about what to do. This time, there were no instructors or disciples patrolling the area. He hadn’t met a single other disciple so far, which made Zhao Jiuge nervous. The other party was clearly not from the sect and had ill intent!

“Why would I appear in your Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect?” The skinny man laughed and his tone suddenly changed.

His eyes turned ferocious and he roared, “Your Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect’s Jian Wuxie erricated all 372 members of my North Yin Sect. I just happened to be out and escaped the disaster. Why do you think I’m here?”

Zhao Jiuge’s expression changed greatly and he exclaimed, “Revenge?” He never thought that the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, one of the seven holy lands with countless experts, would have someone from the evil sects lurking in their sect. Although he didn’t know who Jian Wuxie was, being able to erricate a sect of more than 300 people alone meant that he had to be famous in the sect.

The skinny man smiled and gloomily said, “It looks like you’re not stupid.”

After pausing for a moment, he continued, “I have lurked here for five years. I thought this mountain was deserted; who would’ve thought I would encounter a new disciple today.”

Hearing this, Zhao Jiuge felt his heartbeat slow down. Although he didn’t know the specifics, he at least had a rough idea of what had happened.

The spirit force inside his body surged like crazy and he raised the Big-Dipper Sword in his hand. The Big-Dipper Sword shined brightly and hummed loudly. This revealed how nervous Zhao Jiuge was. Everything was completed in a smooth motion in a short period of time.

The sharp sword energy suddenly appeared and flew toward the skinny man in the blood-colored robe.

“Hmph, you little brat. You're so young, but you are pretty decisive. Although you’re scared on the inside, you remain calm on the outside. No wonder the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect has lasted for so many years—even their new disciples are this excellent.” The skinny man still remained calm while facing this powerful sword energy. Zhao Jiuge didn’t see him do anything, but the ray of sword energy disappeared like it never existed.

Zhao Jiuge’s eyes widened in shock and he couldn’t believe what he had just seen. He wanted to use the Big-Dipper Sword to attack again, but he found that he couldn’t move, as if he was being restrained.

“If I don’t teach you a lesson, you won’t know how powerful my North Yin Sect was!” Then the skinny man moved his hand before his chest and a candle-sized flame appeared out of thin air. It gave off a strange, red glow.

Zhao Jiuge only felt a monstrous killing intent surge at him, and he felt like he was going to suffocate. He felt helpless and couldn’t move at all. How could he even resist? He was like a weed facing a storm. The sense of crisis has never been this strong before.

The next moment, Zhao Jiuge’s pupils shrank. The skinny man flicked the thumb-sized red spirit force, and it landed on Zhao Jiuge’s body.

The moment the red spirit force landed on Zhao Jiuge’s body, it was going to wrap around him. However, a thunderous roar came from Zhao Jiuge and a purple-blue light flashed, blocking the red spirit force. Zhao Jiuge wasn’t at the Nascent Soul Realm yet, so he could only wear the Purple Ji Chaotic Thunder Armor under his robe, and it had unexpectedly blocked this attack for him.

The skinny man didn’t expect this, and there was a hint of shock in his gloomy eyes. He thought, “Spirit armor? Where did this brat get it? I was afraid of injuring you, so I only used 10% of my strength because you are only at the Foundation Realm, but it looks like I went too easy.” 

Zhao Jiuge suddenly found that he could move after the armor blocked the attack, and now there was a hint of ruthlessness in his eyes. Since he could not escape, then he might as well attack first.

In an instant, a few rays of sword energy shot out; however, this time, there was a layer of grey mist around each of them. It was the slaughter aura he had absorbed from the Absolute Slaughter Spirit Vein!

“Sword slaughter aura?” the skinny man muttered to himself with a hint of admiration in his eyes. He thought this boy sure had a lot of luck to have so many aces before even entering the inner sect. He no longer hesitated and abandoned his previous plan. He then directly released his spirit force to suppress Zhao Jiuge.

Powerful spirit force fluctuations violently surged forward. The moment Zhao Jiuge saw this, his heart turned ashen. This was clearly much stronger than Liu Yen’s aura. How could he resist?

The sword slaughter aura he was so proud of was instantly blasted away by this man’s spirit force. It has to be said that sword energy with slaughter aura was several times stronger.

After everything returned to normal, Zhao Jiuge’s face turned pale. The gloomy, skinny man folded his arms and smiled at Zhao Jiuge. “Your talent is average, but your actions are decisive. Little brat, I find myself liking you more and more, what should I do?”

Zhao Jiuge ignored the skinny man’s taunts. Instead, he asked, “You came to get revenge by killing the disciples of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect?”

Cao Bin nodded and then said, “However, after seeing you, I have changed my mind. Debt must be paid by the correct person. You’re only a new disciple, so killing you is useless. I need to kill those people that destroyed my North Yin Sect.”

Hearing that he might escape this disaster, Zhao Jiuge heaved a sigh of relief. However, before he could relax, Cao Bin’s following words caused his entire body to become tense.

“But you have to help me do something. After you succeed, you will also gain a lot of benefits.”

There was no free lunch in the world, and nothing would come for free. Zhao Jiuge was extremely wary and asked, “What do you want me to help you with?”

Cao Bin gloomily said, “I’ll give you a few poison pills. When you get the chance later, give them to the higher-ups in the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. Do this for me and I’ll spare your life, how about it?”

Zhao Jiuge was startled. Cao Bin wanted him to harm the seniors in his sect? Then Zhao Jiuge’s gaze was attracted by the thing in Cao Bin’s hand.

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