Book 2, Chapter 171 - Inner Sect

Shortly after, the sounds of people arriving on flying swords started to echo. Everyone who could enter the inner sect selection was at the Foundation Realm, so they could fly. Everyone held on to their flying swords. Even though their cultivation levels were not high, they were still very happy.

After a few more figures arrived, it looked like no one else was coming. Right now, there were more than 30 disciples here—this was a lot. It looked like a lot of disciples had managed to erupt at the very end and reach the Foundation Realm in time.

Aside from Zhao Jiuge’s old enemies—Scar[1], Mu Zijun, and Bai Zimo—he also saw people he knew, like Leng Rufeng, Luo Xie, Liu Yinger, Wang Baiwan, Bai Qingqing, and so on. What surprised Zhao Jiuge were the two familiar figures beside Leng Rufeng. He remembered that they were people who followed Leng Rufeng.

The one with dark skin and gave off a reckless aura was called Cai Mengxuan. The other one, with a white face and skinny body, was called Zhang Sai. These two held the flying swords they had obtained from the last special training. They were filled with excitement and followed behind Leng Rufeng and Luo Xie.

The two of them had similar backgrounds to them. They had all entered the path of cultivation through some kind of lucky encounter. Now there were five Foundation Realm cultivators in their group.

As for the other people, aside from the dozen or so people belonging to Mu Zijun’s group, Zhao Jiuge had no impression of the rest. He had been busy cultivating for three years, so he didn’t know the names of many people.

At this moment, the people on the square were vaguely divided into three groups. Aside from Zhao Jiuge’s group and Mu Zijun’s group, the rest were people that focused on their own cultivation. Now that the inner sect selection was coming up, their group had subconsciously gathered together.

The disciples that could not reach the Foundation Realm were relegated to remain outer sect disciples. Although they couldn’t enter the inner sect, they could still cultivate. They would have to earn sect contributions to buy sword arts and treasures, and they would not be provided any resources. Also, there were many places outer sect disciples couldn’t go to.

Everyone here silently waited for the instructors to arrive. No new disciples had arrived for a long time. All those that should come should have arrived already.

Time slowly passed. Just as they were feeling anxious, waiting for the instructors to arrive, a figure silently arrived on the platform

This shocked the disciples, and the originally noisy square became silent. They all looked up at the person who had suddenly appeared.

This person looked middle-aged and wore a black sword robe. His cuff had a small sword embroidered with gold silk—this meant that he was an elder of the sect.

The middle-aged man looked majestic and his gaze swept the disciples below. He revealed no emotion as he said, “You all can call me Elder Li. I’ll be taking you all to the location of the inner sect selection. Your instructors will not be responsible for this matter.”

Elder Li quickly explained the situation and waited for the reactions from the people below the platform.

Sure enough, when everyone heard that the three instructors would not be coming, they were shocked. However, it didn’t cause too much of a commotion. After three years, they were much more mature than before.

Elder Li’s expression was a bit unhappy, but he didn't stop them from talking. He only coldly looked at them. Then everyone realized that something was wrong and they all closed their mouths to wait for Elder Li to speak once more.

“Noisy. Keep talking. Why don’t you all keep talking?” Elder Li’s cold words echoed and a powerful pressure spread out from his body, causing the disciples to tremble.

“No discipline at all, yet you want to enter the inner sect and represent the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. If anyone causes a fuss again, all of you will be eliminated and lose your chance to enter the inner sect.”

The square suddenly became silent. No one dared to say a word; they didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly.

Elder Li slowly looked at the 30 or so Foundation Realm disciples, then his expression eased a little. “You can all blade soar, right? Then follow me. Once we arrive, you will learn the specifics of the selection with everyone else.”

Although all the disciples here were at the Foundation Realm, their cultivation levels were not the same. Some were at the early, mid, or late stage; some had been there for over a year, while others had just broken through. However, most importantly, there were people who hadn’t gotten the chance to temper their bodies in a spirit vein, so there was a qualitative gap between their spirit force.

A soft buzz echoed across the square and broke the silence.

A large, blood-colored flying sword suddenly appeared before Elder Li and then Elder Li flew into the air on the sword.

Considering these disciples’ cultivation levels, Elder Lin didn’t fly very fast.

Looking at Elder Li’s actions, everyone quickly copied him. They all moved very fast, afraid that if they were too slow, Elder Li would take away their chance to enter the selection. After all, the first impression they had of Elder Li was that he was very harsh.

Dozens of people filled the sky and followed Elder Li. The sky was filled with various colors, making for a dazzling sight.

Looking at the strange scenes below them made the disciples who had never come to these parts very excited.

During the last three years, as new disciples, they couldn’t go to many of the peaks, only about a dozen. The entire Mysterious Heaven Mountain Range contained an unknown amount of peaks, each with their own scenery.

Following Elder Li, the surrounding environment became more and more strange. There were countless peaks that seemed to be floating in the clouds. Some peaks were connected by large chains and loomed in and out of the clouds.

Along the way, they occasionally saw handsome or beautiful inner sect disciples that were flying by on flying swords or spirit beasts.

Most of these disciples had powerful cultivation. Their extraordinary auras made these new disciples envious. They wondered when they could be like those inner sect disciples, wearing dazzling clothes and shining treasures while they traveled the world.

The disciples were filled with nerves, expectations, and excitement along the way. Soon, they arrived at their destination.

Elder Li’s body began to tilt downwards—it looked like he was going to descend to the ground.

The disciples followed closely after Elder Li and soon arrived at a mountain peak. This area was part of the inner sect, so new disciples normally would not be allowed here.

After landing on the mountain peak, everyone looked around with curious gazes. There were flowers, trees, and vegetation covering the peak. There were even some strange plants they had never seen before. However, it wasn’t too much different from Wu Hua Peak, and there was no building that stood out.

This made the disciples feel a bit disappointed, but their expressions soon became serious.

1. Well author just kinda gave up on naming him and went from “youth with a scar” to directly just “Scar.”

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