Book 2, Chapter 169 - A Drop of Blood to Recognize the Owner

He saw there was a suit of armor about one meter large laying inside the furnace.

The whole armor was purple-blue and was surrounded by silver lightning; it was a shocking sight! The armor had no sleeves and only protected the body, but the shoulder piece was made from the horn of the Blue Thunder Rage Lion. The whole armor was simple, without any fancy designs, but the light it gave off added a domineering aura to it

With just one gaze, Zhao Jiuge was completely mesmerized by the appearance of the armor. It was simple but didn’t lose out in might.

It looked like the armor was almost complete and was about to come out of the furnace. Zhao Jiuge praised Ou Yezi in his heart. Normally, Ou Yezi looked like a drunk, but it turned out that he had very good insight. All the worries Zhao Jiuge had about the refining failing disappeared in the excitement.

Even the sloppy young man was shocked by the appearance and aura of the armor. Then he felt envy. He wondered when he could have an armor like this.

“What are you standing there for? Move aside, don’t interrupt my refining.” At this moment, Ou Yezi finally noticed their arrival.

“Isn’t it already complete?” Zhao Jiuge pointed at the armor inside the furnace.

“Bullshit, there is one last process left. Move aside. You’ve waited two months already, why do you care about waiting a bit more?” Ou Yezi’s bare chest was covered in sweat. It was obvious how hot it was near the furnace.

First, the Purple Ji Spirit Stone was melted, then it took two months to integrate all the materials before forming the shape of the armor. Now it was down to the last and most important step of the whole refining process.

Zhao Jiuge and the sloppy young man retreated to the side and watched Master Ou Yezi refine. They had never seen anyone refine before and were curious about what it was like.

An invisible pressure suddenly spread out within the room.

Then Master Ou Yezi’s expression became serious and he raised his hand. Spirit force extended from his body and wrapped around the armor. There was a flash of light and he pulled the armor before him.

This scene almost made Zhao Jiuge’s jaw fall off. Zhao Jiuge originally thought Master Ou Yezi was just an ordinary refiner; he didn’t expect Ou Yezi’s cultivation to be even stronger than Liu Yen’s. Zhao Jiuge could not match the previously messy drunk to this current Ou Yezi. His expression became sluggish.

Ou Yezi’s expression was serious. He held the blue and white inner core in one hand and a purple fire in another. This purple fire was the purple origin fire that only Nascent Soul Cultivators had.

There was a purple glow mixed with the orange fire. Suddenly, the purple origin fire began to move wildly like a group of snakes dancing.

The blue and white inner core seemed to realize its impending fate and suddenly shined brightly. One could vaguely hear the angry roar of the Blue Thunder Rage Lion.

Ou Yezi had a serious expression and smiled at the inner core. He secretly thought, “Whether this armor can increase in quality and gain a spirit will depend on you.”

Ou Yezi no longer hesitated—he threw the inner core into the void and threw the purple origin fire toward it. The purple origin fire charged at the inner core like it had found its prey. It immediately wrapped around the blue and white inner core.

At this moment, the muffled sounds of thunder became even stronger, but the purple origin fire would not show any mercy.

Soon, the sound of thunder softened until it disappeared completely. The inner core that contained all the essence of the Blue Thunder Rage Lion began to melt.

Ou Yezi quickly formed seals and pulled the Purple Ji Chaotic Thunder Armor with his spirit force. Then the purple origin fire and the inner core flew over, and the purple fire wrapped around the armor as well.

The armor was suddenly surrounded by the purple origin fire and disappeared inside it. One could only hear the sound of fire crackling while the purple origin fire raged.

“Hehe, now we can only listen to the heavens. As for how it will end up, it will be determined by fate.” Ou Yezi suddenly smiled. The aura of a master that he had disappeared once more and he looked like an alcoholic again.

Then he sighed with a look of regret and shook his head. “Unfortunately, it's only the inner core of a spirit beast that had just entered the Spirit Core Realm. This Purple Ji Chaotic Thunder Armor is doomed to never reach the peak of spirit treasures.”

After he finished speaking, he picked up the wine gourd and took a few sips. His gaze was focused on the armor inside the purple origin fire.

On the side, Zhao Jiuge was stunned, and the heartache he felt from before had disappeared. He felt that it was definitely worth the price he had paid. He believed that the armor would not disappoint him.

It didn’t take long before the inner core was melted into the armor. The armor suddenly released a colorful light for a few seconds.

It was covered in strands of lightning that were particularly dazzling in the underground room. There was also a soft rumble of thunder accompanying this lightning.

It was actually a spirit treasure! Although the armor was only about one meter large, since it was a spirit treasure, it could change its size. It could protect one’s body on the outside and their nascent soul on the inside. That was why armor was particularly valuable!

Zhao Jiuge didn’t have time to be shocked. After the colorful light disappeared from the surface of the armor, something shocking happened!

The armor floating in the air showed signs of escaping—it was flying away.

Ou Yezi suddenly shouted, “Quickly, drop your essence blood on it to make it recognize you as its owner!”

As he shouted, a surge of spirit force surged out from his body and warped around the armor.

The armor continued to struggle, but it could not escape this spirit force.

Then the armor was pulled next to Zhao Jiuge.

Zhao Jiuge was awakened from the shock of the armor escaping by Ou Yezi’s roar. The reason it was called a spirit treasure was because it was not dead like magic or precious treasures—it had a certain amount of intelligence.

Thinking about this, Zhao Jiuge stabilized his mind and prepared himself to fuse his essence blood into the armor.

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