Book 2, Chapter 167 - Purchase

He rushed out of the Sword Casting Hall and went toward the Duty Hall. After turning in the mission, he was going to buy all the materials Ou Yezi had told him to buy.

Time was of the essence, so Zhao Jiuge didn’t care about the consumption of spirit force. He blade soared on the Big-Dipper Sword toward the Duty Hall.

Soon, the familiar building appeared before Zhao Jiuge. He jumped off the flying sword and quickly entered the Duty Hall.

He charged directly to the old man. He explained the reason for coming and didn’t bother paying attention to anything else.

Zhao Jiuge was still out of breath when he said, “Senior, I came to turn in the mission.”

The old man’ eyes were filled with shock. He hadn’t expected Zhao Jiuge to return so early. Zhao Jiuge had only taken one month to complete this mission. He smiled and nodded.

There was a flash of light and the body of the Blue Spirit Rage Lion, which had its horn removed and blood drained, appeared.

Although the Blue Thunder Rage Lion was dead, there was still some residual spirit force fluctuations coming from its body.

Seeing the Blue Thunder Rage Lion, the old man’s eyes suddenly narrowed and he said, “It’s actually an early stage Spirit Core Realm spirit beast. Didn’t the intelligence say that it was at the late stage of the Foundation Realm? Did it make a breakthrough?”

Zhao Jiuge nodded, and the smile on his face revealed his joy.

After receiving Zhao Jiuge’s answer, the old man was even more shocked. He found it difficult to believe and softly asked, “Did you kill this spirit beast?”

Zhao Jiuge truthfully said, “Me and another disciple, we killed it together.”

The old man nodded in relief. Although this was the case, it was still pretty good. They were new disciples, so they couldn’t be too strong. Being able to kill an enemy one realm above them was proof of their strength.

The old man smiled. “Not bad the two of you. Normally, this kind of difficult mission can only be received on the second floor. I don’t know if you two are lucky or not. Normally, people even lose their lives. However, looking at you, the harvest was not small.”

How could it be small? Forget the body of the Blue Thunder Rage Lion, just the core was already very valuable. Not to mention the most valuable thing was the rank-seven Absolute Slaughter Spirit Vein he had absorbed.

Zhao Jiuge smiled modestly and didn’t say more. He let the old man observe the Blue Thunder Rage Lion’s body.

After a while, the old man frowned slightly and said, “3,000 sect contributions for completing the mission and for the body. How about it? I rounded up for you.”

Zhao Jiuge was at first startled and then asked, “3,000? How come it’s so much?”

The old man smiled and patiently explained, “Because this Spirit Core Realm spirit beast’s body is a bit expensive. It can be used to refine precious treasures. Also, this mission is something that belongs to the second floor; otherwise, why do you think the reward would be so high? Once your strength increases, go upstairs and take a look. The sect contributions you will earn from completing them will shock you. In short, the stronger you are, the more difficult the task and the better the reward.”

Hearing the old man’s explanation, Zhao Jiuge finally understood. He passed the wooden token to the old man. There was a flash of light and then he took it back. Zhao Jiuge stared at the token with a burning passion. There were close to 10,000 sect contributions inside. If he didn’t need the materials for the armor, he could buy a low-quality sword embryo to refine a flying sword.

However, the armor was about to be complete, and the flying sword wouldn’t be far off.

Zhao Jiuge left the Duty Hall satisfied and headed toward the Treasure Pavilion. Now he just needed to buy the materials and wait for the armor to be refined.

With almost 10,000 sect contributions, he walked into the magnificent Treasure Pavilion in an excited mood.

As soon as he went in, he went to the counter selling magic treasures. The disciple on duty was actually a female disciple.

This female disciple was about 20 years old and her appearance was ordinary. However, due to her tender, white skin and her slim figure, she gave off a pure aura when she smiled.

Zhao Jiuge immediately saw her when he entered and went over to buy his materials.

When Zhao Jiuge walked up, he didn’t expect the female disciple to smile until her eyes were almost lines. “Oh, what material is our little black horse here to buy?”

Perhaps because she noticed Zhao Jiuge’s puzzled expression, the female disciple explained, “I saw everything you did on top of Wu Hua Peak. By the way, I’m also from the Mysterious Heaven Peak. If Senior Sister here was 10 years younger, I would have chased you.”

Zhao Jiuge suddenly realized and respectfully called her “Senior Sister.” Her face turned hot and felt embarrassed.

Zhao Jiuge’s words and expression made her laugh even louder. However, she soon recovered and asked in a serious tone, “What do you need?”

He took the jade tube Ou Yezi had given him and softly said, “Give me one of each of the materials listed here.”

The female disciple blinked and curiously accepted the jade tube before looking at the contents inside.

Soon, the female disciple looked at Zhao Jiuge in shock. She asked with uncertainty, “Are you sure you want to buy so many materials? Just the Chaotic Thunder Aurora and the Cloud Dispersion will cost over 5,000 sect contributions. The other materials are not particularly expensive, but large amounts are required, so it will not be cheap.”

She could have never imagined a new disciple like Zhao Jiuge would buy so many materials. What’s more, did he have that many sect contributions?

Zhao Jiuge smiled and nodded “Bring me the materials according to the list. Also, I’ll have to trouble Senior Sister to calculate how many sect contributions are needed.”

The female disciple endured the shock in her heart and asked, “Is it for refining?”

When she saw Zhao Jiuge nod in confirmation, she was so shocked that she was speechless. Although she wondered how Zhao Jiuge could have so many sect contributions, this was Zhao Jiuge’s secret. She soon lowered her head and carefully calculated the sect contributions for all the materials on the list.

“Chaotic Thunder Aurora, 3,200 sect contributions.

“Cloud Dispersion, 2,600 sect contributions.

“Crescent Stone, 300 sect contributions.

“Thousand Year Gloomy Wood, 800 sect contributions.

“Jadie Spirit Holy Liquid, 620 sec contributions.

“Thunder Blood Dragon Blood…”



“A total of 8,930 sect contributions,” the female disciple whispered, then she carefully looked at Zhao Jiuge. She was afraid he didn’t have this many sect contributions.

After hearing the total amount of sect contributions, Zhao Jiuge’s eyes widened in shock. He was prepared and knew it would be expensive, but he didn’t think 11 materials could cost almost 9,000 sect contributions.

If he hadn’t just finished the previous mission, he wouldn’t have enough sect contributions and would have had to sell some Purple Ji Spirit Stone.

He endured the pain and clenched his teeth. “I’ll take them. Here is my wooden token.”

Seeing Zhao Jiuge’s expression, the female disciple smiled. She then gently took the sect contributions. “Then wait here for a moment, I’ll bring you the materials.” She went down to the basement to grab the materials, leaving behind Zhao Jiuge, who felt his heart aching.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t wait for long before the female disciple came back with the materials he needed.

Zhao Jiuge looked at the counter of materials with a gloomy expression. However, there was no other way. Even though it was expensive, he had to pay the price. He hoped the armor would be worth the price!

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