Book 2, Chapter 166 - Purple Ji Chaotic Thunder Armor

After bidding farewell to Bai Qingqing, Zhao Jiuge rushed toward the Sword Casting Hall. He didn't know that at this moment, a young girl was crying because of him.

Thinking about his armor, Zhao Jiuge didn’t even want to turn in the mission for sect contributions right now. He rushed directly toward the Sword Casting Hall.

Like last time, after having his wooden token inspected, Zhao Jiuge arrived at the spiral staircase. This time, he knew where he was going and quickly went down the spiral staircase. Soon, he arrived at the bottom.

The moment he arrived, a voice echoed. “Zhao Jiuge, I've been waiting for you for a long time. How come you only came now?”

Zhao Jiuge was startled for a moment and then saw the sloppy young man.

He smiled faintly and endured the passion in his heart. “I had to participate in that special training and then went to complete a mission. I came back here right after I returned.”

The sloppy young man arrived beside Zhao Jiuge and circled him twice. He carefully observed Zhao Jiuge. “Special training, I know. Not only us outer disciples, even the inner disciples that come to have treasures refined are all talking about you. They said you are among one of the most promising disciples this batch. Everyone is talking about you.”

Zhao Jiuge was suddenly dumbfounded. He asked, “They are all talking about me? What are they saying about me?”

The sloppy young man laughed. “What else can they talk about besides what you did during the special training? How cool. The entire sect, inner and outer, is talking about it.”

Zhao Jiuge suddenly felt a bit proud. He didn’t expect to gain some small fame in the sect through the training.

The sloppy young man interrupted Zhao Jiuge’s thoughts and urged him, “You should quickly go in, Master Ou Yezi has waited for you for a long time. The Purple Ji Spirit Stone has been melted and is just waiting for the materials. Master Ou Yezi has lost his tempers a few times already.”

Then the two of them passed through the large, stone door. Zhao Jiuge followed the sloppy young man down the path into the deepest part. The temperature increased as they went deeper.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the house they went to last time.

“You wait here for a bit and I’ll go call Master Ou Yezi. After all, outsiders can’t go inside this area.” The sloppy young man smiled apologetically and then rushed inside.

Zhao Jiuge felt his breath become rushed. This kind of waiting was the most exciting.

Since he was idle, Zhao Jiuge wanted to go up to the exhibition hall to check out the treasures. However, he saw an acquaintance and gave up on the idea.

At the front desk was Brother Lu, who had his head lowered and his brows furrowed while thinking about something.

 Zhao Jiuge smiled. “Brother Lu, long time no see.”

Hearing this, Brother Lu looked up and smiled after he noticed it was Zhao Jiuge. “You came. A few days ago, Master Ou Yezi came here yelling about why you hadn’t arrived yet.”

Zhao Jiuge felt a bit embarrassed and scratched his head. He felt a bit embarrassed and said, “I've been too busy lately, so I came late.”

Brother Lu pursed his lips and continued, “You’re pretty good. You have become a celebrity among the entire sect, so you should be busy. Right now, the Sword Casting Hall has become busy again. Refiners are getting more and more requests, so we are stuck here receiving materials. When there is nothing to do, we are idle to death, but when it's busy, we are busy to death.”

Brother Lu muttered in complaint, for they spent most of their time on these trifle matters. They didn’t have time to cultivate, and this created a vicious cycle. Their cultivation levels never increased, and they were stuck doing these chores.

“Little rascal, you still know to come here. If you had taken any longer, I would’ve given up on refining for you.” A loud yell came from outside the door. Without having to look back, Zhao Jiuge knew it was master Ou Yezi.

Zhao Jiuge turned his head, and sure enough, he saw the bare-chested Ou Yezi enter the hall.

As soon as he came in, he stared at Zhao Jiuge and angrily said, “Do you still want to refine or not? If you don’t, then scram, I’m busy. If it wasn’t for the attractive materials, I wouldn’t waste my time refining for you. There are plenty of people who want me to refine treasures for them.”

After he finished speaking, he angrily stared at Zhao Jiuge. He finally managed to catch this fellow, so he had to get some answers. Otherwise, no matter how precious the Purple Ji Spirit Stone was, he was going to give up on it. He really wasn’t bragging—the Sword Casting Hall was getting busy and there were many people asking him to refine treasures. That included some elders.

“Refine, we’ll refine today. Didn’t I come today to listen to your order to see what to do next?” Zhao Jiuge didn’t expect Ou Yezi’s temper to be so hot. However, he didn’t dare to show any attitude and could only smile.

Ou Yezi let out a cold snort and said, “The Purple Ji Spirit Stone has been melted and the rough embryo has been refined. I just need the materials to complete the last step.”

Zhao Jiuge was somewhat puzzled and asked, “Okay, I just don’t know what materials are needed.”

“I have prepared the material list for you, I just don’t know if you can afford it. I’ll say the ugly words now: if you can’t gather the materials today, I won’t have time to refine for you.” Ou Yezi’s anger still hadn’t dissipated.

Zhao Jiuge pondered a bit and then slowly said, “There should be no problem with the materials, I just don’t know what exact materials are needed.”

He had almost six to seven thousand sect contributions. Not to mention he still hadn't received the sect contributions for this mission. If he really needed to, he still had Purple Ji Spirit Stone he could sell.

“Here is the list of materials. Go get the materials from the Treasure Pavilion. I’ll wait for you here, don’t be late.” Ou Yezi casually tossed a white jade tube to Zhao Jiuge.

“The most costly items should be the Chaotic Thunder Aurora and the Cloud Dispersion. The rest should be common materials. I have also determined the name of the armor for you.”

Zhao Jiuge suddenly became interested. His eyes lit up and he asked, “What’s the name?”

“Bring the materials and then we’ll talk about it.” Ou Yezi left Zhao Jiuge hanging.

“I’ll definitely bring the materials. Master, please tell me the name.” Zhao Jiuge felt a sense of excitement. This was the first treasure he was refining.

Ou Yezi didn’t believe him and turned his head in anger.

Zhao Jiuge suddenly revealed a cunning smile and there was a flash of light. A thumb-sized blue and white inner core appeared in his hand—it was the inner core from the Blue Thunder Rage Lion.

At this moment, this inner core laid in Zhao Jiuge’s palm and emitted a faint glow. Fluctuations of spirit force constantly surged out from it.

Zhao Jiuge had a treacherous smile. “Master Ou Yezi, do you see what this is?”

Master Ou Yezi’s eyes suddenly widened and he shouted, “This is an inner core! You brat, where did you get this from?”

Zhao Jiuge raised his brows and proudly said, “Tell me the name of the armor and I’ll hand over the inner core to be refined into the armor.”

What attracted a refiner the most was good materials. Seeing their treasures turn out to be high-quality made them feel a sense of accomplishment. Zhao Jiuge didn’t believe that Ou Yezi wouldn't be moved.

He had hesitated for a long time before deciding to use the inner core on the armor. He had to be decisive, and since he had decided to refine a treasure, it should be a good one.

“Purple Ji Chaotic Armor. You stinky brat, quickly hand over the inner core.” Ou Yezi didn’t waste time and directly said the name before grabbing the Blue Thunder Rage Lion’s inner core. Although it was only the inner core of an early stage Spirit Core spirit beast, it was still very valuable.

“Quickly get the materials, I’ll wait here for you. I’m confident in increasing the quality of this armor a bit more.” Right now, the only thing in Ou Yezi’s eyes was the inner core. He quickly urged Zhao Jiuge, and his hands became even more itchy.

Hearing this, Zhao Jiuge became even more happy and said, “That’s right, there is one more thing.”

After he finished speaking, there was another flash of light and the body of the Blue Thunder Rage Lion appeared.

Ou Yezi muttered, “A Blue Thunder Rage Lion—so the inner core came from this. Your strength is pretty good, you stinky brat.”

After he finished speaking, he frowned and observed the Blue Thunder Rage Lion. Then he said, “Remove the horn and drain the blood, the rest is not useful. Those two can be used to help refine the armor.”

Zhao Jiuge nodded. As long as he could refine the armor, he was willing to use the entire lion, even if it meant he wouldn’t complete the mission. However, now he could still turn in the body to complete the mission.

Zhao Jiuge tentatively said, “Master, I’ll go but the materials then come back.”

“Scram, scram, scram, quickly. I’ll wait for your materials to begin.” Ou Yezi waved his hand and urged Zhao Jiuge. Right now, the only thing in his mind was the inner core and the other two materials. He was carefully considering how to use them.

Zhao Jiuge smiled and didn’t mind. As long as the armor was of good quality and Ou Yezi was happy, Ou Yezi could scold him as much as he wanted.

Brother Lu and the sloppy young man looked at Zhao Jiuge with admiration.

The sloppy young man was particularly envious. His eyes shined and he said, “This kid’s luck is so good. Last time it was the Purple Ji Spirit Stone, and this time it’s an inner core. It looks like this armor won’t be low-quality.”

Brother Lu nodded. He also looked at the inner core in Master Ou Yezi’s hand with a burning gaze. “That’s right, he is indeed worthy of being the dark horse of the new generation of disciples. I wonder what new heights he will reach once he enters the inner sect.”

The two of them looked at each of them and felt melancholy. At this moment, Master Ou Yezi’s scolding suddenly interrupted them.

“If you have time to waste talking here, quickly finish your tasks and go cultivate. Do you two really want to spend your entire lives here doing chores? For him to reach this stage, he had to pay a price. You all can do the same. You also spent three years here, but the difference is so big. Think about it yourself.”

After he finished scolding, Master Ou Yezi sat down on the side and observed the materials. He was thinking about how to refine the materials once Zhao Jiuge returned.

The looks of admiration on Brother Lu and the sloppy young man immediately froze.

The sloppy young man had awakened somewhat after hearing Zhao Jiuge’s words. He wasn’t shaken much and calmly left the busy hall to do this work.

Brother Lu was left there with a dull gaze while muttering something.

In an instant, the room quieted down.

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