Book 2, Chapter 160 - Cut Off One of Your Own Arms

Cultivation methods were roughly divided into sword cultivation, Taoism, and Buddhism. These were the three big factions, and there were many other types as well. However, their cultivation conditions were much harsher and more difficult. They were also slower and the effects were not as obvious as the big three.

These more unique methods were mostly created by the tribes near the southern Barbarian Forest. However, regardless of the cultivation method, the cultivation realms among humans were all the same.

At the start, you would first detect spiritual energy and absorb it to reach the Spirit Detecting Realm. Then you would convert the spiritual energy into spirit force and cycle it through your body to reach the Blood Movement Realm. Once your body was completely tempered by spirit force and you could materialize your spirit force, you would reach the Spirit Transformation Realm. 

After that, you continue to absorb spirit force until you condense a foundation formation vortex in your dantian to reach the Foundation Realm. The vortex will continue to absorb spirit force until the spirit force solidifies to reach the Spirit Core Realm. Finally, you would help the spirit core crack to reach the Nascent Soul Realm.

But there were five more realms above this.

Soul Formation Realm: after the nascent soul has been nourished, one’s divine sense will be born. It can spread out from one’s body and detect the outside world. As one’s cultivation improves, their divine sense can spread further.

Spirit Sea Realm: after the nascent soul breaks out of the spirit core, the dantian becomes a purple palace. As one’s divine sense increases in power, their cultivation will take a leap and their purple palace will become a spirit sea. The divine sense is like a boat on this sea, and as one cultivates, their spirit sea will grow bigger and bigger.

Dao Origin Realm: once a spirit sea grows large enough to support a dao fruit, a small sapling will grow at the center of the spirit sea. A single dao fruit will grow from this sapling.

Mahayana Realm: as one’s understanding increases along with their cultivation, the fruit will grow larger and larger. The sapling will grow into a heaven-piercing tree.

Tribulation: once the sapling has grown into a heaven-piercing tree, one’s cultivation is almost complete. Only one step is left, which is tribulation. One’s spirit force will slowly transform into celestial force, and when all of that spirit force transforms, they can ascend to become an immortal.

As Liu Yen looked at the six drops of spirit force, he felt extreme regret in his heart. This was a clear sign of a Spirit Sea Realm cultivator! He had just taken the young master and young lady out to get some experience by hunting a spirit beast, but they had encountered a Spirit Sea Realm expert! Even his Liu family, which was the most famous family in the Qing Province, only have three Spirit Sea Realm experts!

Thinking about this, how could Liu Yen feel angry at all? All the anger from before disappeared and he was like a frozen eggplant. Right now, he only felt fear. He thought about how he wanted to fight against a Spirit Sea Realm cultivator. Wasn’t he simply asking for death? He felt upset and regretted his previous actions and wanted to beg for mercy, but it was too late. Fortunately, he didn’t feel any killing intent from Bai Zhanfeng.

The six drops of spirit force looked the same, but the amount of spirit force within each one was completely different. The six drops flew toward the six people, and each person had a different reaction.

The first to be hit by the drop of spirit force was Liu Yen. When that ordinary-looking drop landed on his body, he felt his soul shake and a sense of coldness spread across his body.

The blue spirit force flowed through his meridians and directly reached his dantian. In Liu Yen’s dantian, there was ⅓-meter-tall baby that looked very similar to him—it was his nascent soul. Soon, the blue spirit force surging toward his dantian from all parts of his body formed a net that firmly trapped his nascent soul, preventing it from moving.

Then the blue spirit force inside his meridians became violent and began rampaging inside his body. Every collision caused him to feel pain and a sense of coldness.

His nascent soul was trapped, his meridians were damaged, he couldn't use his spirit force, and his body had suffered a great blow. All of this happened in a flash, and there was not a trace of blood flowing out of Liu Yen’s body. However, his aura instantly weakened.

Aunt Tao, who was also at the Nascent Soul Realm, had already suffered injuries from the backlash earlier and couldn’t resist this spirit force at all. She was already in a bad situation and it just became even worse for her.

When the water-blue spirit force touched her, the chill she felt caused her to cry out in pain. This cry affected the hot-blooded Zhao Jiuge and sent his mind wandering. This Aunt Tao was worthy of the charm art she cultivated—even her cry was so alluring.

After a short moment, she was seriously injured and her aura weakened. Her charming face was bleak and anyone who saw her would pity her.

The other two drops of spirit force almost landed on the Gao brothers’ abdomens simultaneously, then they directly entered their bodies.

A cold feeling spread out, causing the Gao brothers to feel uncomfortable, and both of them frowned. The two drops didn’t spread through their bodies then made their way toward their dantians like before, but instead went directly for their dantians.

Inside the dantians of the two Gao brothers were a dark red and pale gold spirit core respectively. Their spirit cores were similar in size, both about the size of a thumb. There was a thin layer of fog around each of their spirit cores.

The two drops of spirit force directly entered their dantians and landed on the two spirit cores. There wasn’t much movement, but the two originally bright spirit cores dimmed as if they had lost their spirit force.

The Gao brothers felt like they had been hit by lightning and their faces instantly turned pale. All the spirit force inside their bodies dissipated and their auras were extremely weak.

The last two drops fell onto Liu Yan and Liu Ting’s bodies, and both of them groaned. The drops only spread across their bodies and nothing abnormal seemed to happen.

Liu Yan stubbornly kept his mouth shut and didn’t make a sound. Liu Ting felt her spirit force disappearing, and in response to the pain, her eyes turned red and teary. However, this time, Aunt Tao couldn’t even care for herself, much less help or comfort Liu Ting.

In an instant, all six of their auras withered and they could longer use any spirit force. They were also seriously injured, and some of them were filled with fear, not knowing what had happened. Only Liu Yen and Aunt Tao were able to guess what had happened.

The six drops of spirit force had hit six different people at varying cultivation realms. No one was killed, they were only injured just the right amount. It has to be said that Bai Zhanfeng’s control over his spirit force had reached a terrifying degree.

“Sen… Sen… Senior…” Liu Yen was in shock and he could barely speak properly.

At this moment, even as someone from the Liu family, he had to lower his nobel head. Although the Liu family was not afraid of one Spirit Sea Realm cultivator, they also don’t want to offend one. They would do their best to not offend one; otherwise, that Spirit Sea Realm cultivator could target their disciples and descendents. They would have to pay a heavy price to kill him, and not only would the price be heavy, it would also be very difficult.

Most importantly, he was only part of the Liu family’s branch family, so his blood relation was not strong. The Liu family would not offend a Spirit Sea Realm cultivator for him. Instead, they would blame him for causing trouble for the family.

Thinking about this, Liu Yen smiled bitterly. After he respectfully called Bai Zhanfeng “senior,” he ignored the pain in his body to bow. He sincerely looked at Bai Zhanfeng, waiting for this senior’s command.

On the side, Aunt Tao and the Gao brothers looked at Bai Zhanfeng like they was seeing a ghost.

Bai Zhanfeng’s strange method was simple, but it had left a deep mark in their hearts. It was simply too incredible.

“Hehe, how come you are so obedient now? You really won’t cry until you see the coffin.” Bai Zhanfeng revealed a smile that wasn’t a smile while he looked at Liu Yen, who looked like he was greeting his own father.

Although his tone was still calm, his aura didn’t lessen one bit. This made Liu Yen, who was suffering under the pressure, panic even more.

“What is Senior saying? It's my fault for being blind. But… but I know I was wrong.” Liu Yen continued to speak with fear, and he didn’t dare to look directly at Bai Zhanfeng. He would only occasionally look at Bai Zhanfeng from the corner of his eye.

“Oh? So what you’re saying is that if I didn’t have the strength I displayed today, you would have taught me a lesson as well?” Bai Zhanfeng raised his eyebrows, a hint of killing intent leaking out.

Feeling that terrifying aura and the looming killing intent, Liu Yen’s legs immediately went soft. He anxiously said, “Senior, I know I was in the wrong. Please spare us lowly ones. If Senior needs any treasures or spells, my Liu family will definitely get them for you.”

Even at this critical moment, he was still trying to play tricks. He had asked to let them go, not just himself. He had said that the Liu family would be willing to give anything because the young master and young lady of the Liu family’s branch family were here and therefore the elders in the family would certainly agree.

“Do you think I still need those kinds of things? Even if there were something I wanted, you guys wouldn’t be able to afford it.” The more calm Bai Zhanfeng’s tone was, the more nervous Liu Yen became.

Facing Bai Zhanfeng’s words, Liu Yen almost cried and whispered, “Senior, please tell me what you want. As long as you can spare our lowly lives, I’ll do anything. I just wanted to teach them a lesson, I didn’t have any intent to kill them.” The more he spoke, the uglier his expression became and the softer his voice got.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that you had no intent to kill, would I be wasting my time here with you? I would have killed you already instead of leaving you a chance to live.”

After Bai Zhanfeng finished speaking, Liu Yen let out a sigh of relief. As long as he could save his own life, being insulted was nothing. Not to mention he was facing such a powerful cultivator as well.

However, before Liu Yen could relax for long, Bai Zhanfeng spoke once again. This caused Liu Yen’s heart to become tense once more.

“Cut off one of your own arms and I’ll let this matter go.” Bai Zhanfeng’s emotionless voice echoed.

The air seemed to solidify after his words echoed.

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