Book 2, Chapter 159 - Shocking Power

After Liu Yen shouted, the aura around his body erupted and the pressure of a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator spread out. His purple robe fluttered and he wasn’t holding any treasures in his hand.

Gao Liu and Gao Zhaung stood beside Liu Yen, and their auras spread out as well. Although their auras were weaker than Liu Yen’s, they were both at the Spirit Core Realm, so they couldn’t be underestimated.

Gao Li raised the blood-colored blade in his hand and blood-red fire appeared at the tip. A low-quality spirit treasure, the blade was named Slaughter Sun.

Gao Zhaung raised his golden blade. It didn’t have much of a guard, but it had a few golden rings, and it was also a low-quality spirit treasure. The blade was named the Golden Back Great Blade.

Both of them were expressionless and released their killing intent. Even though they were facing Bai Zhanfeng, who gave off a terrifying aura, they showed no signs of fear.

Just at this moment, a cold snort echoed. The sound wasn't loud, but it was like a bolt of thunder had exploded in their hearts.

Then Bai Zhanfeng frowned slightly and unhappily said, “You’re overestimating yourselves!”

He didn’t seem to do anything, but there was a flash of light in his eyes and an even more amazing aura than Liu Yen’s erupted from his body. This aura was like a huge wave that smashed into them.

Even though Zhao Jiuge wasn’t the target of this pressure, he still felt a bit of the aftershock. Just the aftershock caused Zhao Jiuge’s heart to turn cold like he had fallen into the abyss.

Zhao Jiuge’s heart trembled. What was this man’s cultivation level? When would his cultivation reach this point? Just this aura was able to make him feel like he could not breathe. He couldn’t tell what everyone’s cultivation levels were, but he could tell that Bai Zhanfeng was easily suppressing the six on the other side by himself. Zhao Jiuge was finally able to relax because he knew that today, his side wouldn’t be the one suffering.

A muffled groan echoed. It wasn’t very loud, but it was very harsh to the ear at this moment.

The muffled groan came from the beautiful Aunt Tao. When Liu Yen and Aunt Tao looked at each other, he secretly signaled her to find a time to make her move. She immediately understood his intentions.

While Bai Zhanfeng was speaking, Aunt Tao made her move. She thought she had found her opportunity.

A faint, pink spirit force spread out from her body and her entire body became even more alluring. Even her smile had more charm to it.

Aunt Tao cultivated the Fox Charming Cultivation Method. She was good at charming people and making them lose focus, injuring their mental state. That’s why even though she was only at the early stage of the Nascent Soul Realm, Liu Yen, who was at the mid stage, still had to be wary of her.

The pink spirit force around her became even more intense, but Zhao Jiuge and Bai Qingqing couldn’t see anything because their cultivation levels were too low. Seeing her spirit force wrap around Bai Zhanfeng, Aunt Tao’s mouth unconsciously curved upward into a smile. She was very confident in her own skills.

In the past, countless men had fallen at her feet. Her chest slightly trembled and she smiled, making her beauty even more intoxicating.

However, the smile didn’t last line before a mouthful of blood replaced it. A line of bright red flowed down the corner of her mouth, forming a sharp contrast with her tender, white face.

Aunt Tao’s beautiful eyes were filled with horror. She looked at Bai Zhanfeng but didn’t even know what had happened. Bai Zhanfeng didn’t even look like he had moved, but she had already suffered backlash. Her meridians were damaged and she couldn’t even use her spirit force.

“Mere tricks.” Bai Zhanfeng only gently glanced at Aunt Tao and then withdrew his gaze. Although Aunt Tao was very charming, how many beautiful women had he seen in his life?

A mere Nascent Soul Realm cultivator had dared to try to play tricks on him. Just because a tiger doesn’t roar, does that mean little kittens can bully the tiger?

Thinking about this, pride surged in Bai Zhanfeng’s heart. He revealed a mocking smile and didn’t even bother to properly look at the other three.

Then an even more shocking pressure spread out from Bai Zhanfeng. This was his true aura!

The originally high and mighty Liu Yen and the Gao brothers suddenly felt like they were lonely boats at the mercy of the violent sea.

Liu Yen’s eyes almost fell out from shock and his heart was filled with horror. He knew Bai Zhanfeng was strong, but he didn’t expect his strength to be this shocking.

At this moment, he was still unwilling to give up and was making his final struggle. The anger in his heart had long made him forget to guess what Bai Zhanfeng’s cultivation level was. Although Liu Yen was only at the Nascent Soul Realm, he was not uninformed like Zhao Jiuge. He knew that there were still five realms after the Nascent Soul Realm!

Green spirit force appeared around Liu Yen and his eyes contained a hint of madness. As the situation spiralled out of his control, he was becoming irrational.

In his madness, he didn’t notice that the Gao brothers were deathly pale and drenched in sweat. Their teeth were clenched and their hands were trembling while holding their blades. From the looks of it, the two of them could not move at all under Bai Zhanfeng’s pressure. Although they were not as strong as Liu Yen, they were still Spirit Core Realm cultivators!

The green light before Liu Yen’s chest gradually gathered and became dazzling. Just when he was going to attack, his pupils shrank because Bai Zhanfeng finally made his move as well.

“I gave you face, but you didn’t take it. I tried to talk, but you wouldn’t listen. It seems like you all have to suffer a bit.” Bai Zhanfeng frowned in displeasure.

His long, black hair fluttered and his simple, grey robe swayed a few times before it calmed down. Six drops of water-blue spirit force appeared before his chest. Zhao Jiuge was surprised when he saw this—he had never seen anyone use spirit force like this. Just the control required to do this was already amazing.

Six water droplets of spirit force were suspended before him. Not only was Bai Zhanfeng able to condense his spirit force into such a concentrated point, the fluctuations coming from each drop were different!

Zhao Jiuge asked himself in shock, “How is this possible!?”

Bai Zhanfeng looked down at them like they were ants. He had no expression on his face except for a trace of pity while he shook his head. Then the six drops of spirit force flew toward the six people.

When Liu Yen saw this, he pondered a bit. This scene suddenly made him understand something. His eyes widened and his mouth opened like he wanted to say something. Even though his face was filled with panic, those six drops of spirit force still flew toward them.

At this point, Bai Zhanfeng had only released his aura and condensed six droplets of spirit force. He hadn’t shown off any dazzling or flashy skills.

But the commotion he had caused was absolutely amazing!

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