Book 2, Chapter 155 - Beat the Young and the Old Comes Out

The white flying sword rose and launched a mass of spirit force at Zhao Jiuge. He showed no sign of hold back at all!

Fortunately, Zhao Jiuge was not the same as before. After almost three years in the sect, his cultivation and experience had made qualitative leaps.

Sword Art Elucidation Chapter.

He used the sword art and a ray of silver sword energy erupted. It immediately shattered the incoming spirit force attack.

The spirit force turned into specks of light and disappeared.

Liu Yan’s expression changed slightly. He didn’t expect Zhao Jiuge to deal with his attack so easily, but it didn’t matter.

Liu Yan’s white longsword shined brightly.

“Your Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect is not the only one with a sword art. My Liu family also has it!” Liu Yan had a grin on his face. Although his cultivation level was lower than Zhao Jiuge’s, Zhao Jiuge had already exhausted a lot of spirit force earlier.

The Liu family also had a sword art that was a bit famous: the Liu Thirteen Sword Art. Generally, only people with the Liu family blood could learn this sword art.

A ray of sword energy formed, the difference was that it was bright green. 

When Liu Yan used the Liu Thirteen Sword Art, a bright, golden light erupted from Zhao Jiuge’s body. This golden light wrapped around his body. It was the Sanskrit Divine Body.

Although he had less than 50% of his spirit force left, he couldn’t care too much about it—he could only take it one step at a time. He could not defeat the elders, but he could still beat these two younglings. Zhao Jiuge could only hope that they would fear their sect and only teach them a lesson. Right now, he could only do his best to protect Bai Qingqing, who had exhausted much more spirit force than him. That killing blow on the Blue Thunder Rage Lion was all Bai Qingqing.

After releasing the Divine Sanskrit Body, Zhao Jiuge held his sword up and fearlessly faced the incoming sword energy.

He swung the sword in his hand and a golden torrent flew toward the ray of green sword energy.

After doing all of this, Zhao Jiuge didn’t bother to watch the result and rushed toward Liu Yan.

The golden torrent was cut in half by the ray of green sword energy. The golden torrent that was split in half flew off to the side and collided with a large tree. Branches and leaves fell off before the tree slowly fell over.

The ray of green sword energy was not weakened at all and continued to fly toward Zhao Jiuge.

A thunderous rumble echoed and even the ground trembled. After the ray of green sword energy dissipated, Zhao Jiuge stood there like Mount Tai!

“Elder Liu, do you think the young master can beat that little fellow?” Aunt Tao had a faint smile on her face as she looked at Liu Yen.

“Although I was wrong about this little fellow before, his strength is just okay. He lacks treasures, so he will lose sooner or later. Strength is not only one’s cultivation after all.” He only looked at Aunt Tao for a moment and didn’t dare to look more. He dreaded this woman in his heart. She had Nascent Soul Realm cultivation, which was why she had become a guest of the Liu family specifically to protect the young lady.

At this moment, Zhao Jiuge continued to rush toward Liu Yan. He had closed the gap from the previous 10 meters to only a bit more than one meter.

He raised his right arm, which was covered in a golden light. He held the Big-Dipper Sword high up and slashed down on Liu Yan’s head. He looked like a desperate wolf.

He didn’t expect Zhao Jiuge to arrive before him so quickly and begin close-quarters combat. Liu Yan panicked and didn’t know what to do. It looked like he didn’t have much combat experience.

He could only retreat, and while he retreated, he raised his sword to block the strike aimed at his head.

This retreat meant that he had lost the momentum of this battle

Although he had managed to block this blow, Liu Yan’s body staggered back a few steps before stabilizing himself.

A powerful force spread into his hand from the sword, making his hand a bit numb. Zhao Jiuge couldn’t help but helplessly sigh. It was the gap between their flying swords. Otherwise, he would have the absolute advantage with his Sanskrit Divine Body.

Observing the situation of the battles, Gao Li and Gao Zhuang became anxious. The blade in their hands trembled and their expressionless face contained a trace of anxiousness.

Seeing the young master’s sorry state, Gao Li couldn’t help but ask, “Elder Liu, should we intervene?”

Liu Yen gently touched the jade token on his waist and said, “There’s no rush. That brat is going to be taught a lesson no matter what. Let the Young Master warm up, it's rare for someone to spar with the Young Master.”

Liu Yen understood Zhao Jiuge even less. Zhao Jiuge looked ordinary on the surface but was not weak! However, he had already made his decision and was going to help his young master. If his young master won, it would be fine, but if his young master lost, then he would personally teach Zhao Jiuge a lesson. He didn’t care that Zhao Jiuge was a disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

The next moment, Zhao Jiuge made a crazy decision—he abandoned his sword and used his hands.

He took a step forward and closed the gap between them again. His right hand was shining brightly and slapped down toward Liu Yan.

At such a close distance, Liu Yan couldn’t raise his sword to defend, and his face lost color. Although Zhao Jiuge had given up on his sword and was attacking with his bare hand, Liu Yan still felt a sense of danger. Just the momentum Zhao Jiuge gave off made Liu Yan’s heart skip a beat.

The bright, golden palm smashed down. At this moment, Liu Yan hadn’t managed to react.

The golden palm continued to enlarge in Liu Yan’s eyes. Just when it was about to land on his head, a curtain of white light suddenly appeared and surrounded Liu Yan. That palm only ended up hitting that white light curtain.

The white light curtain looked very normal, but when Zhao Jiuge’s palm hit it, a ripple spread along with a burst of white light.

The source of this light curtain was the jade on Liu Yan’s waist.


A thunderous rumble echoed, and the entire canyon seemed to be shaking.

Zhao Jiuge couldn’t help but be knocked back, feeling like his bones were breaking. He temporarily lost feeling in his right arm.

The blood flow in his body was a mess. Blood flowed out from his mouth and he felt a sense of soreness in his meridians. He looked at the jade token on Liu Yan’s waist with a complicated gaze. Even though he was stronger, he didn’t have more treasures!

He moved his thumb on his right hand, but he found that his right arm was powerless. He wanted to raise his hand to wipe away the blood from the corner of his mouth but was unable to lift his arm.

Looking at the situation, Liu Yan was not much better off. Although he had activated the jake token, all his spirit force had been consumed in an instant. Fortunately, Zhao Jiuge’s cultivation level was not high; otherwise, how could Liu Yan have defended against Zhao Jiuge’s attack?

Because his spirit force had been emptied instantly, Liu Yan’s face turned pale white and there was a trace of lingering fear in his eyes. If not for the jade on his waist, he would have been smashed into pieces. At this moment, the victor was decided.

Liu Yan felt complicated. He didn’t think he would lose to such an ordinary-looking young man.

Just at this moment, a tender, white hand gently reached out toward the corner of Zhao Jiuge’s mouth and wiped away the blood.

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