Book 2, Chapter 152 - Taking the Core

The blue and white inner core floated before the Blue Thunder Rage Lion. It floated in the air for a moment before waves of blue and white light were released.

Then it slowly flew into the air and lit up this spirit vein.

The Blue Thunder Rage Lion used its most ferocious attack right away, utilizing the inner core it had just condensed. If it lost its inner core, it would be no different from a lion who had all its teeth pulled out.

The flood dragon that was killed by the woman in pink had only used its inner core as its last resort.

This showed just how angry the Blue Thunder Rage Lion was. Its hatred for Zhao Jiuge and Bai Qingqing, who had followed it here, was strong.

Seeing the Blue Thunder Rage Lion using such a ferocious move right away, Zhao Jiuge and Bai Qingqing didn’t dare to be careless. Zhao Jiuge was surrounded by the Sanskrit Divine Body, so he walked in front of Bai Qingqing to protect her.

Two surges of spirit force containing a cold aura shot out of their bodies and collided with the spirit force released by the inner core.

Even though their spirit force was not weak, their combined power was suppressed by the inner core and even dissipated. The power of the Spirit Core Realm should not be underestimated, even if it was only the early stage!

The two of them did not panic when they saw this; it was like they were already expecting this outcome.

The remaining blue and white light from the inner core was about to surround them. However, Zhao Jiuge had his Sanskrit Divine Body at its peak, so how could he let it happen?

The spirit forces collided and the remaining blue and white spirit force dissipated. Zhao Jiuge felt like his bones were going to break. Even though it was just the residue, it was still more than enough to deal with him.

His full power had barely managed to hold off a casual attack from the Blue Thunder Rage Lion; this made Zhao Jiuge’s expression become gloomy. After breaking through to the Spirit Core Realm, this Blue Thunder Rage Lion was indeed not easy to deal with.

At this moment, the inner core flowed before them and the light around it became blinding.

The Wind Flower Sword in Bai Qingqing’s hand moved and a sharp collision sound echoed.

The inner core’s attack stalled for a moment, but it was still as stable as Mount Tai. Bai Qingqing’s right hand trembled violently before she would split open on her hand. Blood flowed out from her tender hand, but it looked very beautiful.

Taking advantage of this moment, the blue and white inner core smashed into Zhao Jiuge. He didn’t have time to react, but, fortunately, the golden light around him was still protecting him.

Even so, Zhao Jiuge still felt like his internal organs were tossed around. Bai Qingqing quickly released a soft, water-blue spirit force armor to enhance Zhao Jiuge’s defense. Both of them worked together against this overbearing offensive.

Zhao Jiuge’s face became somewhat distorted while a creaking sound echoed in his body. He clenched his teeth and moved his right hand slightly.

“Don’t hit the inner core, it is too overbearing. Since it's bold enough to release its inner core, then we’ll directly attack its body. This will be the last try. If we can’t do it, we’ll retreat. Otherwise, we won’t last very long.” Bai Qingqing caught a glimpse of Zhao Jiuge’s actions and quickly advised him. If this continued like this, their spirit force would run out first.

“Use the Twilight Drum,” Bai Qingqing quickly added while thinking about something.

Zhao Jiuge seemed to know what Bai Qingqing wanted to do, so he simply nodded. He urged the Sanskrit Divine Body to resist the inner core while injecting spirit force into the Twilight Drum.

At this moment, Zhao Jiuge’s spirit force was being consumed at an amazing rate, which shocked him greatly.

Dong, dong, dong… Dong, dong, dong… Dong, dong, dong...

Waves of drum beats echoed, creating a strange rhythm that made people involuntarily become intoxicated with it. It was like a powerful hand that had a tight grip on your heart; it would loosen and tighten its grip according to the beat.

Zhao Jiuge’s eyes were locked onto the Blue Thunder Rage Lion. He wanted to know if it would react. Facing the Blue Thunder Rage Lion at the Spirit Core Realm, he wasn’t sure if the drum would still have the same effect.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t have to wait for long before the pressure from the blue and white inner core suddenly weakened and the inner core itself became motionless.

Zhao Jiuge’s eyes were filled with excitement. The Big-Dipper Sword in his hand suddenly lit up and quickly sent out a ray of sword energy into the inner core.

However, another ray of silver ray of sword energy was even faster than him. That ray of silver sword energy had already shot toward the head of the Blue Thunder Rage Lion.

The dim inner core suddenly lit up but was caught off guard by Zhao Jiuge’s sword energy. There was a bright flash of light, but the inner core didn’t take much damage.

The Blue Thunder Rage Lion saw the ray of silver sword energy flying toward its head and subconsciously raised its palm. It wanted to rely on its powerful body to block it.

The sword energy dissipated into specks of light and a wound appeared on the Blue Thunder Rage Lion’s palm, making blood flow out.

It didn’t have the time to react before a slender, water-blue flying sword suddenly enlarged in its vision.

The entire long sword pierced through the Blue Thunder Rage Lion’s head, only the hilt of the Wind Flower Sword remaining outside the Blue Thunder Rage Lion’s head.

A sharp, piercing sound rang out when the long sword pierced through the Blue Thunder Rage Lion’s head. Blood erupted out from its head and it fell to the ground.

The light in its scarlet eyes gradually faded and the life force inside the Blue Thunder Rage Lion rapidly dissipated. Even the blue and white inner core immediately dimmed, but the spirit force within it was still shocking.

Just like this, the Blue Thunder Rage Lion that had just reached the Spirit Core Realm died before it could even manage to display its true strength.

The entire process was so fast that Zhao Jiuge hadn’t managed to react, and he was in shock. It wasn’t until the water-blue spirit force pulled the inner core to that tender hand that Zhao Jiuge swallowed. He looked at Bai Qingqing somewhat in shock.

The somewhat large Blue Thunder Rage Lion fell like it was telling the world of its death. The surging spirit force and slaughter aura coming from the spirit vein gradually calmed down.

“Here, take it. What are you being startled for?” Bai Qingqing stretched out her tender palm toward Zhao Jiuge. Sitting at the center of her palm was a blue and white inner core.

Zhao Jiuge looked at Bai Qingqing in disbelief and his voice trembled in excitement. “For me?”

The price of an inner core made it so that it was something you could only wish for but not buy. Not only could it be used to refine treasures, it could also be used to refine one’s cultivation. It was not something you could have too much of. Just now, Bai Qingqing was clearly the one who had done most of the work. Without her fatal blow, the Blue Thunder Rage Lion would not have died. He didn’t think she would just give the inner core to him like this.

The previous treasures, spirit stones, and materials had been given to her because they were not worthy of her attention. He felt grateful to her for giving him the inner core so easily, but at the same time, he also linked together all of Bai Qingqing’s previous actions. It seemed like he had severely underestimated the power of Bai Qingqing’s family.

“It's for you, what are you being startled for? Don’t you need it for refining the armor? Do you not want it?” Bai Qingqing became impatient.

Zhao Jiuge’s eyes widened and he raised his brows. “I want it, why wouldn’t I want it?” He quickly grabbed the inner core and put it and the Twilight Drum into his storage ring.

His anxious expression made Bai Qingqing roll her eyes, then she turned her back toward him. She walked up to the Blue Thunder Rage Lion and gently pulled out the Wind Flower Sword.

Bai Qingqing faintly said, “Quickly come and collect the body, you can trade it for sect contributions.”

After she finished speaking, she held the Wind Flower Sword up and looked around at the Absolute Slaughter Spirit Vein.

Zhao Jiuge nodded, but he hadn’t reacted to everything yet. He put the body of the Blue Thunder Rage Lion into his storage ring and let out a big breath.

Now not only was the mission complete, they had gained an inner core and a spirit vein. Zhao Jiuge could have never imagined something like this happening before they came here.

He found him liking going out on trips more and more. Not only could he broaden his horizons, more importantly, he could have some kind of breakthrough. When he walked between life or death, his cultivation would increase greatly.

Bai Qingqing looked around and suddenly said, “You can’t absorb the spirit vein for the time being, or temper your body with the slaughter aura here.”

Hearing this, Zhao Jiuge was shocked. He held back the sense of loss and asked, “Why?”

Everyone at the Foundation Realm could enter a spirit vein to temper their body and absorb the attribute. Some people never found even one spirit vein, while others found countless. Although one could absorb more than one, the attributes couldn’t conflict.

The more attributes one absorbed, the more overbearing your spirit force would become, and the spirit force inside the spirit vein could improve one’s cultivation greatly. When he heard that he couldn’t absorb this spirit vein right now, he could not help but feel depressed. What he urgently needed was to increase his strength.

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