Book 2, Chapter 150 - Inner Core

The atmosphere suddenly became solidified, and even the slaughter aura from the spirit vein weakened a bit.

Seeing the Blue Thunder Rage Lion’s provocative appearance, Zhao Jiuge felt his blood boil. After more than two years inside the sect, he had grown to enjoy these kinds of fierce battles. Every time he walked between life or death, not only did his experience increase, but his cultivation would advance as well.

At this moment, as he held the drum in his left hand and his sword in his right hand, he looked like he was about to rush in.

The Big-Dipper Sword shined brightly and his late stage Foundation Realm cultivation erupted.

This time, Zhao Jiuge decided not to launch a probing attack and attack for real. The Blue Thunder Rage Lion had nowhere to run and it was time to complete this mission. Since he had also found this rare spirit vein, he was not going to let the Blue Thunder Rage Lion absorb any more from it.

A ray of sword energy condensed and flew toward the Blue Thunder Rage Lion.

The Big-Dipper Sword let out a subtle hum.

Behind the sword energy, a surge of golden spirit force slowly followed. The golden spirit force contained a hint of chilly, blue and white mist.

He immediately attacked with the most simple and practical method to end the battle quickly.

After launching these two attacks, Zhao Jiuge observed the Blue Thunder Rage Lion and began muttering the Sanskrit Divine Body’s chant. Then a strange, golden light surrounded his body and firmly wrapped around him like a suit of golden armor.

A heavy feeling came from Zhao Jiuge’s body, but only his right arm was different from his rest of his body. After using this move on Wu Hua Peak, Zhao Jiuge named it the Sanskrit Divine Palm.

Seeing the ray of sword energy, the Blue Thunder Rage Lion’s scarlet eyes revealed a look of disdain, thinking Zhao Jiuge and Bai Qingqing were using the same tricks again.

Different from before, it didn’t resist it with his body and instead raised its right palm. The five hook-like claws looked very sharp.

Then it's right palm smashed down with extraordinary force, resulting in a powerful gust of wind and sending flashes of thunder shooting out.

The palm collided with the ray of sword energy.

The sound of metal colliding echoed inside the spirit vein. Its five hook-like claws were not damaged at all. These parts of the spirit beast were like natural treasures. Treasures were made from these materials from spirit beasts.

After a fierce slap, the Blue Thunder Rage Lion slightly looked up and there was a flash of light from its horn. It was particularly eye-catching in this spirit vein filled with grey mist.

After the roar from the Blue Thunder Rage Lion, it opened its bloody mouth wide and all the fur on its body stood erect. Then blue and white snake-like thunder instantly covered its entire body.

Those small strands of thunder crackled and rippled across the lion; Zhao Jiuge felt his head go numb from just watching.

A blue and white thunder net shot out from the Blue Thunder Rage Lion and resisted the torrent of golden spirit force.

The two types of spirit force mixed together, but there wasn’t much advantage for either attribute. After they collided, the blue and golden light mixed in a chaotic fashion before exploding. The lights scattered and everything returned to normal.

The Blue Thunder Rage Lion had dissolved Zhao Jiuge’s seemingly random attack. This gave Zhao Jiuge the time to completely activate his Sanskrit Divine Body. However, he didn’t summon the smiling Buddha, because it was not the right moment—the spirit force consumption was too great once it was summoned.

The Blue Thunder Rage Lion lowered its right palm and had a proud smile on its face. It looked at Zhao Jiuge with a gaze of ridicule, seeming to be mocking Zhao Jiuge for being too weak.

However, Zhao Jiuge still had Bai Qingqing, and she was not a kind girl. Her temper was like that of a little lioness—when she went crazy, she was no better than the Blue Thunder Rage Lion. Anger her and you would not be far away from death.

Bai Qingqing didn’t let the Blue Thunder Rage Lion be proud for long. She held the Wind Flower Sword up and the blue light shined on her tender face.

The corner of her white dress fluttered slightly. This time, she didn’t use the sword art, she just gently raised the Wind Flower Sword. A pillar of water-blue light appeared.

The moment the water-blue light appeared, it turned into layers of waves that looked extremely fierce.

She externalized her spirit force similar to when she used The Blue Tide Rises.

Bai Qingqing’s eyes were filled with sarcasm and sneered in her heart, “Isn’t your body very strong? I’m going to suppress you with spirit force. I don’t believe two of us can’t beat you. Instead of wasting spirit force to break your flesh, I’ll first exhaust your spirit force and then use my flying sword to break your flesh.”

Bai Qingqing already knew of this method of dealing with spirit beasts. Different spirit beasts had different characteristics and had to be dealt with in different ways. However, this required broad experience and a wealth of knowledge. Sometimes, experience was no worse than treasures on the path of cultivation.


Zhao Jiuge saw both their expressions and smiled in his heart. Both were proud and both felt disdain toward each other. He really wanted to see what the outcome would be.

Zhao Jiuge muttered in his heart, “Blue Thunder Rage Lion, you could’ve provoked anyone, but you had to provoke this little lioness. When she goes crazy, she is almost the same as you.”

Thinking about this, Zhao Jiuge’s mouth curved up in a smile, but his hands didn’t stop. Powerful spirit force surged out and followed closely after Bai Qingqing’s blue spirit force. After working together for so long, they have a tacit understanding of each other. He naturally knew what Bai Qingqing’s plan was and would not give the Blue Thunder Rage Lion a chance to breathe.

Seeing Bai Qingqing’s water-blue spirit force, the Blue Thunder Rage Lion looked up and slowly raised its palm, blue light spreading from its body. It didn’t consider this spirit force worthy of its attention.

Halos covered in thunder and filled with spirit force appeared from the Blue Thunder Rage Lion’s body.

Then its palm smashed down and these thunder halos flew toward the water-blue spirit force. Bai Qingqing’s powerful spirit force seemed to be losing; it was being destroyed rapidly and was forced back. In the end, Bai Qingqing’s spirit force was destroyed and there were still some thunder halos remaining. They were rushing toward Bai Qingqing.

However, Zhao Jiuge’s spirit force followed closely after. Not only did it destroy those thunder halos, it also charged toward the Blue Thunder Rage Lion.

When yhe golden light suddenly appeared before the Blue Thunder Rage Lion, there was a hint of panic in its eyes. It didn’t expect these two human cultivators to be so shameless to attack one after the other.

Spirit beasts were still spirit beasts after all. It was only at the Foundation Realm, so although it had gained intelligence, its thoughts were obviously not very complex.

The golden spirit force immediately surrounded the Blue Thunder Rage Lion. Even though blue spirit force had appeared around its body to resist, it was caught off guard, so it still suffered a degree of damage.

The Blue Thunder Rage Lion originally had the intent of playing with its prey. However, after being injured, its scarlet eyes changed greatly.

Although the injuries weren't bad, due to how powerful its body was, it was still injured, so how could it not be angry?

Zhao Jiuge’s eyes narrowed to a crescent curve from smiling. In his eyes, this Blue Thunder Rage Lion was already a pile of materials worth a lot of sect contributions. There was also the spirit vein that was worth a lot as well.

The Blue Thunder Rage Lion’s scarlet eyes were filled with anger and it madly shook its head. The fur on its body stood straight from the stimulation.

The grumpy Blue Thunder Rage Lion was originally half laying there, but now it immediately leaped forward. It moved like a bolt of thunder toward Zhao Jiuge, and it remembered that it was this human cultivator who had injured it.

At this moment, the Blue Thunder Rage Lion was like a ray of light—it arrived before Zhao Jiuge in a flash.

It had a ferocious expression and its claws slashed directly at Zhao Jiuge’s head.

Feeling the aura of the Blue Thunder Rage Lion before him, Zhao Jiuge didn’t panic. Instead, a strange sense of joy arose. He rushed forward instead of retreating.

The golden light around his body shined brightly. His Sanskrit Divine Body reached its peak and an extremely bright light surrounded his right hand. He was going to go head-to-head with the Blue Thunder Rage Lion’s body!

The cave felt like it was going to crumble, as one could clearly feel the ground tremble.

When the two sides collided, the golden light around Zhao Jiuge’s right hand became burning  hot and showed signs of breaking. He retreated two steps before immediately stopping.

The Blue Thunder Rage Lion didn’t move at all, but the pain in its palm showed that it didn’t hold the advantage.

The Sanskrit Divine Body was extremely abnormal, so no one knew what kind of amazing effect it would have in the later stages.

Although body refining spells were extremely powerful, they were also the most difficult to cultivate. Not only did they cause a great deal of pain, they also required a lot of rare treasures and materials.

The constant setbacks today caused the Blue Thunder Rage Lion to become a bit flustered. Not only was it losing in terms of spirit force, it couldn’t even get an advantage with its powerful body.

Then a strange scene unfolded.

The Blue Thunder Rage Lion slowly retreated while staring at Zhao Jiuge and Bai Qingqing. The silver horn on its head gave off a strange light.

Zhao Jiuge’s eyes narrowed and he raised his eyebrows. He didn’t know what kind of trick this Blue Thunder Rage Lion was playing.

Bai Qingqing’s eyebrows furrowed as she observed this scene.

The surrounding spirit force frantically poured into the Blue Thunder Rage Lion along with the slaughter aura inside the spirit vein.

At this moment, the Blue Thunder Rage Lion was abnormally quiet. It wasn't moving much and its body gently trembled. Then it let out a low growl and blue light flickered from its body.

There had to be something wrong here!

Zhao Jiuge didn’t know the reason and was just observing the situation. However, Bai Qingqing seemed to remember something, and her expression became more and more ugly.

Soon after, her beautiful eyes narrowed and she exclaimed, “It’s going to try to condense a spirit core and break through to the Spirit Core Realm!”

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