Book 2, Chapter 78 - Chickens Cry, Dogs Bark, People Wake Up In Confusion

What the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery took out was a palm-sized red lantern. The bottom of the lantern was like a bowl, and it had some unknown red leather wrapped around the exterior.

Seeing the red lantern, everyone was shocked. Everyone heard that you needed magical treasures to capture ghosts and remove demons. Would the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery rely on this thing?

Even Zhao Jiuge smiled. He wondered how many gadgets the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery had in that purplish-gold bag. He originally thought that it was just a bag, but it seemed to be a storage treasure.

Seeing the expressions of the people around him, the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery didn’t feel awkward. He smiled and said, “This is just a little toy, the Zombie Luring Lamp. It is made of a specific kind of herb and corpse oil. We’ll use it tonight to lure out the zombie.”

As Zhao Jiuge looked at the Zombie Luring Lamp, he felt like this old daoist sure had a lot of strange things. However, none of them were anything of value.

The Yu family members all felt their horizons expand, but when they heard that it burned corpse oil inside, none of them walked forward for a closer look.

“At night, all of you go to sleep and turn off all the lights. No matter what happens, stay inside and don’t come out. Oh, also, prepare a lot of ordinary lanterns in the yard.” The Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery looked at the open yard and began to plan.

After hearing this, Yu Qiusheng immediately became unhappy. His slightly childish face stared at the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery as he cried, “No, I want to see the monster. I want to see you fight the monster.”

“That’s right. Besides, we can’t sleep at ease at night, so it's better if we come out. I’ll call a group of people and perhaps we will be able to lend you a hand,” Yu Qianshan quickly said. If he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he might never feel at ease.

Seeing how the Yu family was like this, the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery couldn’t say anything. In truth, how could these mortals be of any use? He impatiently said, “Fine, but don’t be scared to death. Also, when the zombie comes behind the courtyard wall, get a few brave servants to light up the oil lamps around the yard.”

Seeing the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery become impatient, Yu Qingshan quickly nodded. Then he began ordering the servants.

Seeing the people become busy, the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery revealed a trace of worry. The unknown was the most terrifying. When accidents happened, things would be outside his grasp. He didn’t even know if a zombie would come, or what cultivation level it would be at.

After looking at the calm Zhao Jiuge, he felt a bit more at peace. This village was too strange—it was fortunate there was another cultivator here.

Seeing the servants hang lanterns around the wall, Zhao Jiuge no longer felt tense. At this point, it was best not to worry too much.

However, Zhao Jiuge felt disdain toward all the preparation the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery was doing. Someone truly strong would face things head-on and not rely on other things to make up for strength.

The Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery seemed to notice Zhao Jiuge’s inner thoughts. He was originally going to place down a formation, but then he thought that it wouldn’t help much, so he decided against it instead of being mocked by Zhao Jiuge.

After a short period of time, it was afternoon. Zhao Jiuge didn’t bother with them, he just went to the room the Yu family had prepared for him. He was going to rest and prepare for tonight.

However, the Lord of the Qing Feng Monaster still ordered the servants around the house to prepare. The youngest son, Yu Qiusheng, excitedly followed them.

Seeing Zhao Jiuge leave, Yu Xiasheng’s eyes turned and she suddenly lost interest in the yard. She followed Zhao Jiuge into his room.

When Zhao Jiuge just entered the room, he saw that Yu Xiasheng was following him. He felt his head swell and asked, “Why did you come in here?”

Normally, Yu Xiasheng would endlessly ask him questions like before, but instead, her face was filled with worry and she carefully said, “You have to be careful. The Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery seems to be plotting against you. He doesn’t seem like a good person.”

Zhao Jiuge was startled for a moment and then nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.”

After seeing Zhao Jiuge nod, Yu Xiasheng tilted her lovely head and asked, “Are you sure there is no danger tonight? Is the monster scary?”

Looking at the girl that was a few years older than him, Zhao Jiuge wanted to scare her a bit. “The monster is definitely scary, more terrifying than you can imagine. It has two heads, four arms, eight feet, and is covered in blood. It is as ugly as you can imagine, so you better stay inside the room tonight. As for whether there will be any danger, I don’t know, but I know that if you keep delaying my rest, there will certainly be danger tonight.”

After hearing Zhao Jiuge’s words, Yu Xiasheng didn’t respond at first, but then her lovely eyelashes trembled until fear appeared on her face. She then quickly said, “Then I’ll go and won’t come out at night. You rest well too. You must eliminate the monster!”

After she finished speaking, she rushed out before Zhao Jiuge could react. Her face was pale—it was clear she was scared.

Seeing Yu Xiasheng escape like that, Zhao Jiuge was startled. He thought that she was too easily fooled and that the real scary things were much more terrifying. Finally, Zhao Jiuge couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

After Yu Xiasheng left, no one came to disturb him. Zhao Jijuge sat there and viewed his physical condition. Right now, his dantian was filled with powerful golden-yellow spirit force. When one reached the Spirit Transformation Realm, one would slowly absorb spiritual energy from the surroundings, and it would slowly be converted into spirit force. However, after Zhao Jiuge reached the late stage of the Spirit Transformation Realm, his spirit force had not grown.

It looked like he needed a stimulation to break the bottleneck and enter the Foundation Realm. He really wanted to see what refining his body in a spirit vein would be like.

The two golden dragons no longer made any movement, and Zhao Jiuge couldn’t help but sigh. Cultivation was so slow. His cultivation level hadn’t increased in a while, and he had just started. Once his cultivation level was higher, it would become even more difficult.

After thinking about cultivation, Zhao Jiuge suddenly remembered what Yu Xiasheng had come to warn him about. Zhao Jiuge had always been wary of the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery, but he thought that it was just because they belonged to two different factions. However, now it seemed like the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery had a grudge against him, so he reminded himself to be more vigilant.

He was old and looked otherworldly, but his power was only similar to Zhao Jiuge’s. However, he had much more experience than Zhao Jiuge. This was the first time Zhao Jiuge had met a fellow cultivator after leaving the sect.

Zhao Jiuge thought for a while before throwing aside all distractions. He calmed his mind and closed his eyes to begin cultivating. He was going to maintain his condition and wait for night to arrive.



In a flash, it was midnight. The remaining people in the village had long gone to bed, unlike the people in the Yu family ancestral home, who were all awake.

Tonight, the moonlight illuminated the earth.

The people in the village had already fallen asleep. It was spring, when everything was growing, so there should at least be the sounds of insects, but it was completely silent. Zhao Jiuge had just pushed open the door. The more silent it was, the more strange he felt the situation was.

Zhao Jiuge came out to the yard and saw around 20 to 30 people there. When the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery saw Zhao Jiuge arrive, he finally said, “It’s almost time to start. All of you, stay further away. Remember that no matter what happens, don’t come out.”

After hearing that the matter was going to start and knowing that the matter that had bothered his heart for several months was about to be resolved, Yu Qingshan’s eyes became excited. He quickly nodded and led the group back inside the room to wait and see. Although he was scared, he couldn’t help but be curious. Even though he was afraid, he was still among a group of people. A group of the Yu family’s servants guarded their masters.

The large yard was now left empty except for the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery, his disciple, and Zhao Jiuge. The Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery turned toward his disciple and said, “When there is movement, immediately light up the yard.”

The little daoist boy nodded and retreated to the corner.

After reaching the Blood Movement Realm, one could easily see in the darkness. Zhao Jiuge knew that the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery only wanted to light the place up so the people of the Yu family could see him show off.

The little daoist boy suddenly opened the gate to the house and the yard suddenly darkened. This was because the little daoist boy had extinguished all the lights.

When the people in the Yu family saw the gate open, they lost their vision to the darkness. Things hadn’t even begun and they felt like a fierce beast was about to enter.

Fear poured into their hearts and darkness engulfed their vision.

“Let’s start,” Zhao Jiuge urged on the side. He was getting impatient. 

This time, the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery didn’t respond. Instead, he waved his hand and the red Zombie Luring Lamp appeared in his grasp. He then pointed at it and the lamp shined.

A small ball of light that emitted a faint, red glow appeared. Zhao Jiuge smelled something foul and quickly retreated to the wall.

The Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery placed the lamp at the center of the yard and quickly retreated to the corner. He quietly waited there, his figure hidden by the darkness.

The Zombie Luring Lamp was made of a spirit herb, and inside it was corpse oil. The smell was foul, but it could spread very far. Zombies were yin in nature and loved this kind of smell. Soon, the culprit would be led here.

Time passed minute by minute. Everyone was holding their breath, including Zhao Jiuge. They were all nervous and were afraid that if they breathed too loudly, they would be noticed by the yin object in the darkness.

After a long time, there was no reaction. Only the small light in the middle of the yard was moving, but everything else was motionless. Zhao Jiuge became impatient.

“Does this thing work? Could it be a yin object that's like zombies?”

“Wait a bit more, this thing is definitely working. As long as it's a zombie or something similar, it will definitely come. Don’t worry, it takes a long time for the smell to spread,” the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery said, but he wasn’t sure either. He knew that the lamp worked, but he was afraid the yin object was not a zombie-like creature!

The rest of the Yu family inside the room was extremely anxious, but nothing had come yet.

Just at this moment, a loud noise broke the silence in the village.

Zhao Jiuge was shocked, but then he realized that it was the sound of a chicken crying mixed with dogs barking. It was soft at first, but soon, every single chicken and dog in the village was making noise.

It was as if the village had exploded. Everyone in the village woke up, but no one dared to get up to check what was going on.



Yu family’s ancestral home, Yu Qingshan.

His lips trembled and then he excitedly said, “It’s here, it’s here. That night, when a few people were in this house, it was like this as well. All the chickens and dogs in the village were causing a commotion.”

After hearing Yu Qingshan’s words, everyone else became tense. As they waited for the monster to arrive, they all subconsciously grouped even closer together.

The Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery whispered, “It’s here, be careful. When it comes, wait to see what it is first. I’ll attack first, then you follow up.”

Zhao Jiuge made a sound in agreement. His hand held the Blue Plum Sword and his eyes were staring at the gate, waiting for the zombie to appear.

At this moment, the entire village became lively.

Chickens were crying, dogs were barking, and people woke up in confusion. 

The sound gradually got closer to the Yu family’s ancestral home. A gust of yin wind blew through the entrance, and it was filled with the smell of a rotting corpse.

Finally, a figure entered the property.

The people in the Yu family all stared at the appearance of this yin object and held their breaths. Only Yu Xiasheng covered her eyes with her hands and then looked through her fingers.

Although it was horrifying, it was clearly not the same as what Zhao Jiuge had described. Thinking about what happened, she cursed in her heart! Just thinking about this made her less fearful of it.

In the courtyard, Zhao Jiuge’s breathing seemed to stop. He was also observing the figure before him.

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