Book 2, Chapter 77 - Village Temple

Both Zhao Jiuge and Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery looked at each with serious expressions. Yu Qingshan blinked a few times and then quickly explained what had happened here.

It turned out that several months ago, during the time of annual worship, Yu Qingshan brought his eldest son, Yu Chunsheng, and a large group of servants back to the ancestral home. During the worship at the ancestral temple, a few people’s faces suddenly became distorted and pale. Then they inexplicably fell to the ground.

They convulsed on the ground for a while, and their faces were pale and seemed to dry up. When they died, their eyes were filled with horror. Their deaths were horrifying and too sudden. Most importantly, no one knew how they had died.

At that moment, the entire village sunk into chaos, and many relatives came to see what was happening.

After the Yu family became rich, they had come back to worship at the temple every year, and nothing like this had happened before. Yu Qingshan was worried, so he led a group of people to find the reason. Even a few elders in the village had gone to find out what had happened. However, the next day, a few more people suddenly died inside with the exact same symptoms. At that point, everyone was frightened and no one dared to stick their nose into this matter anymore.

The clueless Yu Qingshan could no longer go to the ancestral temple, so he stayed in the ancestral home. However, the strange matters continued and a few more people died in the house. They were found at the doorway the next morning, but this time the method of death was different. They were all covered in blood and had two small teeth marks on their necks. This matter caused the entire village to panic.

They all said that the Yu family must have done great evil to get rich so quickly, and now retribution was upon them.

Yu Qingshan became anxious and angry when he heard the rumors going through the village. Anxious because he didn’t know what to do, angry because he didn’t know the cause or what was even happening. He simply couldn’t even defend himself.

Strange things happened three days in a row, and Yu Qingshan could no longer stay here. A few elder servants who served the Yu family for most of their lives voluntarily stayed to take care of the house. Yu Qingshan took his eldest son and the rest of the Yu family back to the town to think of a way to deal with this.

Later, he heard that he would have to find experts to deal with this kind of matter. Yu Qingshan could only ask people to ask the nearby Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect for help. This matter dragged on for several months, but no one came. Yu Qingshan became anxious and happened to run into the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery, which led up to now.

After listening to Yu Qingshan and Uncle Liu’s explanation, Zhao Jiuge finally understood what had happened.

After Yu Qingshan finished speaking, his face wandered between Zhao Jiuge and the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery. He was waiting for them to respond.

At this moment, no one spoke and the atmosphere was a bit oppressive. The door was closed and the room was a bit dark. Zhao Jiuge felt a chill on his neck.

He originally thought that cultivating would be him flying through the world on his flying sword while his robe fluttered in the wind.

Who would have thought that he would encounter so many strange things just as he started cultivating. No wonder Instructor Zhou had said that cultivating was like crossing a river. Each step was life or death. It was very difficult and filled with all kinds of dangers.

Fortunately, Zhao Jiuge was much stronger than before. When he heard all these shocking things, he was not scared. After all, when he escaped from the city of Dong Yang, he passed by the unmarked graveyard and fought against the Ten Thousand Corpse Elder. Thinking about this, Zhao Jiuge’s eyes widened and he exclaimed out loud.

“Could it be a zombie?!” his voice was filled with disbelief.

Inside the room, aside from the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery, everyone was confused because they didn’t know the specific details about a zombie.

Only the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery nodded, and his hands habitually stroked his white beard. “After hearing the story, the people who died in the ancestral home seem to have been killed by a zombie, but this is a bit strange. The people who died in the temple don't seem like they were killed by a zombie, and the yin energy in the village is a bit too strong for a zombie."

After he finished speaking, the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery was filled with doubts, but a faint smile soon appeared. “If it is really a zombie, then my branch is well suited to deal with yin objects like this. Friend Zhao, it looks like I might beat you in this matter.”

After he finished speaking, he smiled at Zhao Jiuge like an old fox. The little Daoist boy stared directly at Zhao Jiuge.

At this point, Zhao Jiuge no longer felt any fear. Hearing the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery provoking him again, he merely smiled and slowly said, “It is uncertain who will come out on top. Also, we haven’t gone to the temple to see what happened there. Don’t speak big now only to slap yourself.”

“Haha, that’s right, let us go to the ancestral temple and see if we can encounter that strange situation again. Then, at night, I’ll show you how I’ll deal with it.” Facing Zaho Jiuge’s counter attack, the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery didn’t continue the argument, he merely smiled. He changed the topic to something else. After all, now was not the time for them to drop all pretense.

Hearing that they were going to the ancestral temple again, Yu Chunsheng was immediately filled with horror. He waved his hand in rejection and tried to prevent everyone from going.

What happened before must have casted a shadow on Yu Chunsheng’s heart. Although Yu Qingshan had also experienced it, he was still the head of the family, so he was more calm. He stared at Yu Chunsheng and scolded him.

Now that there were no more objections, Uncle Liu stood up and said he would lead the way.

Then everyone headed toward the Yu family’s ancestral temple at the head of the village. This was built by the Yu family. Aside from Uncle Liu, they didn’t take any other servants.

Soon, they arrived at the head of the village, and at a glance, one could see the grey-walled and red-tiled ancestral temple. It was very eye-catching. However, Zhao Jiuge noticed that the village’s temple was right next to it.

The village Zhao Jiuge lived in had a village temple, and most villages had one—there was nothing strange about it. It was mainly used for worship for a good harvest and to bless the village, nothing strange about it. However, when Zhao Jiuge saw the village temple, the two golden dragons in his dantian suddenly opened their eyes like they were threatened. Zhao Jiuge found this strange, but since everyone else was heading toward the ancestral temple, he didn’t have time to keep thinking about this.

Uncle Liu entered first, followed by the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery and the little Daoist boy. Yu Qingshan followed them. It had been a few months since he had entered this place, and what happened back then was still fresh in his mind. He was still scared, since he had helpers this time, he felt more at peace.

Zhao Jiuge was the last to enter, but when they all entered, they didn’t notice a mass of black gas appearing in the sky. It appeared and then disappeared in a flash. If Zhao Jiuge and the Lord of the Qing Feng monastery saw this, they would know that this was the yin energy that was shrouding the village, and it was very strong!

Zhao Jiuge entered the Yu family’s ancestral temple. It was a spacious hall surrounded by red wood pillars, with a few offerings. Yu Chunsheng didn’t dare to walk forward, but Zhao Jiuge looked around curiously. Even the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery was interested in this place; he was curious about what could cause those people to die.

Yu Qingshan nervously said, “This is the first place that strange things happened. Since then, this place has been locked and no one has come here.”

When Zhao Jiuge looked at the tomb of the Yu family’s ancestral temple, he felt like the atmosphere was a bit oppressive, but nothing special. However, he didn’t even notice that he was clenching the Blue Plum Sword so hard that his fingers were turning white.

Even the knowledgable Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery didn’t find anything after observing for a while. "Strange, there is nothing suspicious here, but there is no doubt that there is a zombie here. However, a zombie wouldn’t cause someone to die like that. This is really strange.”

After hearing that not even the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery could find anything, Yu Qingshan looked depressed. He was ashamed. “How can I face the ancestors of the Yu family now?”

If they couldn’t resolve this issue, how could they come back to pay respects to the ancestors? Yu Qingshan was filled with sorrow.

Seeing Yu Qingshan’s appearance, Zhao Jiuge’s mouth twitched a few times. “Don’t worry, it's not like we can’t resolve this issue. Besides, don’t we still have the powerful Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery here?”

Originally, Zhao Jiuge just wanted to comfort Yu Qingshan, but in the end, he looked at the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery with provocation in his eyes.

The Lord of Qing Feng Monastery righteously said, “Let’s go, there is nothing to find here. Let’s go back early so I can prepare. Tonight, I’ll kill the evil for the people.”

Yu Qingshan nodded excitedly. He had waited several months for this day.

After leaving the temple, Zhao Jiuge couldn’t help but look at the village temple that was only a few dozen meters away.

From the appearance of the village temple, one could vaguely tell that many people used to worship there, but it had slowly fallen. Now the village temple appeared somewhat dilapidated. The village temple was not big, only a bit more than a dozen square meters. It was made of yellow bricks, and Zhao Jiuge didn’t know what was worshiped inside.

“How about we go see what's inside the village temple?” Zhao Jiuge said what was on his mind.

When Uncle Liu saw Zhao Jiuge’s interest in the village temple, he quickly explained, “That is the village’s temple, it’s dedicated to a cat immortal. Before, it was filled with worship and the village always had a good harvest, but it slowly fell.” 

Village temples were filled with offerings to keep villages safe. After hearing that it had fallen, the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery lost interest in going inside.

“Let’s go, we need to head back early so I can prepare. Then I need to rest because there will be a big fight tonight.” The Lord of the Qing Feng Monaster urged them to leave.

Zhao Jiuge could only give up on the idea of looking inside the village temple.

He thought that the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery was right. He took a deep breath and his eyes filled with excitement. Although he was a bit fearful of the unknown, real combat was what he needed to make a breakthrough. This was why he had come out on this mission!

The group of people gradually left and everything returned back to normal, like nothing had happened.

When everyone returned to the Yu family’s ancestral home, the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery got busy. He stood in the yard and took an item out of his bag. This made Yu Xiasheng and Yu Qiusheng, who were waiting for some big commotion, very disappointed.

Even when Zhao Jiuge saw the Lord of the Qing Feng Monastery, he wanted to laugh. Was this old Daoist really going to rely on this to deal with the yin object?

Zhao Jiuge smiled. He thought that the Blue Plum Sword he had was better than this.

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