Book 2, Chapter 68 - Passing Through the Clouds Wielding a Sword

On the way to the Treasure Pavilion, he was already able to see a vague outline of the building.

As he was walking over, Zhao Jiuge had his head down, staring at the wooden token in his hand. He was looking into the details of the first mission he had received from the Duty Hall.

The information recorded said that the people in the town of Yu Hua had asked the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect to send someone to resolve this matter because it was somewhat strange. The exact situation wasn't clear, and from the news the Enforcement Hall had brought back, it could be a haunting. Finally, the task was deemed not too difficult and was likely some strange creature that had just learned how to use spirit force. The rest would have to be figured out by Zhao Jiuge.

In addition, when things happened, the people of the town would look for the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect because it was close. The Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect would naturally protect the people around it.

Otherwise, why would the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect create an Enforcement Hall?

Aside from collecting information and completing missions, the main responsibility of the Enforcement Hall was to kill the evil doers of the world. There were numerous cultivation methods and spells in the world. Some were good and naturally some were terrifying. They were too evil to practice.

After putting away the wooden token, Zhao Jiuge’s face was filled with excitement. This was the first time he would get to leave after entering the sect, and he could finally earn sect contributions. He was one step closer to getting the flying sword he always wanted. Zhao Jiuge had thought about it. First, he was going to buy materials, then the extra sect contributions would be used to buy a good sword embryo.

Thinking about this, Zhao Jiuge didn’t care about the strange matter recorded in the wooden token. He could not be compared to his past self. Not only was his spirit force much stronger, even his sword art had already reached the realm of Elucidation.

Back when he faced the Ten Thousand Corpse Elder, he had to rely on Su Su’s help. When facing Daoist Yi Qing, he was saved by the person guarding Su Su. However, he was able to gain a lot of combat experience during all of this. Zhao Jiuge was filled with confidence about this mission. He thought that once he bought something useful, he would immediately head to the town of Yu Hua. It was also very close to the sect, so it couldn’t be that dangerous.

As Zhao Jiuge thought about stuff, he arrived outside the Treasure Pavilion before he knew it. It was not far from the Duty Hall.

Compared to the majestic Duty Hall, the Treasure Pavilion was much more quaint and lavish.

It was just one floor, and the edges of the building were covered in gold tiles and the supporting pillars were silver. The entire pavilion had four corners, with protruding edges that arched downwards. Above the entrance was a plaque with the words “Treasure Pavilion” in white.

Zhao Jiuge curiously looked at the door and then rushed inside with a hint of excitement. He was more familiar with the Treasure Pavilion than the Duty Hall because he was very interested in his place and had carefully read about it. He saw a lot of items that were listed, but they were all too expensive for him to buy. The mission he had received this time would give him 120 sect contributions, and that was already a lot for a mission at this level.

The missions Zhao Jiuge had seen when he read the disciple manual were all ones where he would help elders of the sect pass information, refine pills, or cast swords. Those missions would only give him 10 sect contributions after a whole day of work.

In the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, sect contributions were like treasures themselves. If he wanted sect contributions, he would have to pay in labor. The Treasure Pavilion was much smaller than the Duty Hall, with only one floor. Zhao Jiuge found this a bit stranger, but once he entered, he understood why.

The Duty Hall was divided into five floors from the bottom up, and each floor got smaller and smaller. Most people only received missions from the first floor, and those that could go up were undoubtedly strong. However, the amount of sect contributions they could earn would definitely be terrifying.

The Treasure Pavilion also had five floors, but they didn’t go up. Instead, they went down.

Aside from the first floor, there were four more floors below. Zhao Jiuge saw thin old men at the entrance to the floor below. They looked like ordinary old men; however, even a fool could guess that someone guarding such an important place wouldn’t be weak.

Looking around, the Treasure Pavilion was filled with jade tubes. These contained introductions to the items and the amount of sect contributions they cost. No physical items were placed here.

The four floors below each contained magic treasures, materials, pills, and spells.

The more expensive an item was, the deeper down it would be. As long as you had enough sect contributions, there would be something to make your eyes fall out from how much it cost.

Zhao Jiuge continued to look around, especially at the two old men. They seemed to notice, and one of them also looked back at Zhao Jiuge. Zhao Jiuge suddenly felt pressure on his body, so he quickly looked away. Only when the old man looked away did the pressure disappear.

There were seven or eight youths working around the floor. Zhao Jiuge casually looked around and found that the items were divided into pills, magic treasures, spells, and materials. Then materials were classified into even more detailed categories.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t step forward to ask but went toward the magic treasure section. He picked up a jade tube and injected spirit force into it, then the information inside entered his mind. Treasures were labelled: magic treasures, precious treasures, spirit treasures, immortal treasures, and rare treasures born from the world.

Thinking about the 200 sect contributions he had, Zhao Jiuge didn’t hesitate to search for a magic treasure. He currently didn’t have a weapon to use so he looked for a sword. Information surged forward, there were hundreds of magic treasure swords.

Green Peak Sword, Magic Treasure, 180 sect contributions.

Mysterious Iron Sword, Magic Treasure, 150 sect contributions.

Wu Yin Sword, Magic Treasure, 90 sect contributions.

Information of hundreds of magic treasure swords and images appeared before him. Zhao jiuge could only stare at the information, and he wanted them all. Although these were low rank treasures, he didn’t even have his own sword yet.

Zhao Jiuge thought for a long time. His hands were clenched and he bit his lip. After a long time, he finally made up his mind to buy the Blue Plum Sword for a total of 200 sect contributions.

His heart ached when he found a young man working here and said, “I want this Blue Plum Sword, here is my wooden token.” He then respectfully handed over his wooden token.

The young man looked at Zhao Jiuge. When he realized that Zhao Jiuge was probably one of the little fellows who had just joined the sect, he smiled. He then took the wooden token and a light flew across it.

After deducting the 200 sect contributions, the young man softly said, “Wait a moment, I’ll go get the sword for you.” After he finished speaking, he turned and walked down the Treasure Pavilion.

Zhao Jiuge had nothing to do while waiting, so he curiously looked up what the most expensive sword was.

Mysterious Moon, Immortal Treasure, 1 million sect contributions.

Seeing this, Zhao Jiuge’s eyes widened to circles and his breathing became rough. One million! What kind of concept was this? It scared Zhao Jiuge so much that he looked away. This was not something he should be looking at, and he quickly calmed himself. Zhao Jiuge looked at the materials. There were many strange things that cost hundreds to tens of thousands of sect contributions. These prices were acceptable for Zhao Jiuge; however, in order to create a decent quality flying sword, the materials would not be cheap.

Most disciples were willing to refine their own swords because the quality of the sword would depend on the materials and their proficiency at refining. Perhaps they might be able to refine a sword far better than the materials used, or they could fail, but the sword embryo would still remain.

It was a bit like gambling, but most disciples were willing to refine it themselves. The more expensive the materials used, the more likely the flying sword would be of high quality. There was even a chance for immortal treasures.

After looking at the materials for a while, Zhao Jiuge was dazed by all the different materials he had never seen before. In the end, he decided to not look at then anymore in order to not mess up his thoughts.

Shortly after, the young man returned with a long, blue sword about 1 ⅓ meters long. Its whole body was exuding a blue glow. Zhao Jiuge anxiously received the sword. He really loved the sword and didn’t want to let it go. This made the heartache he felt earlier a bit better.

Although he didn’t have any sect contributions left, what sword cultivator didn’t love swords?

A sword cultivator only needed a sword in their hands. Regardless of how good or bad the sword was, the sword cultivator would still love it.

After touching it a few times, the cool feeling of the sword made him sober up. He also remembered that the wolf he had killed with Bai Qingqing was still in his storage ring.

There was a flash of light from his storage ring and the body of the Ghost Wind Spirit Wolf appeared. Zhao Jiuge quickly asked, “May I ask Senior Brother how many sect contributions the body of a Ghost Wind Spirit Wolf is worth?”

One could not only obtain treasures with sect contributions at the Treasure Pavilion, it was also possible to sell materials and items to the Treasure Pavilion for sect contributions.

When the young man saw the ring on Zhao Jiuge’s hand, he was surprised. Most new disciples didn’t have storage rings, as these rings were not cheap.

Although the young man was surprised, he quickly moved his gaze to the Ghost Wind Spirit Wolf. After observing it for a while, he said, “This Ghost Wind Spirit Wolf is at the Foundation Realm. The bones and blood have some use, but most importantly, its tendons can be used to create a whip-like treasure. Adding up everything, I can give you 300 sect contributions. Are you okay with that?”

When the young man decided on the value of 300, he looked at Zhao Jiuge and asked if it was acceptable.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t hesitate after hearing this. He knew that the sect would be making profit off this, but he didn’t care. There was not much use in him keeping it, and sect contributions were much more important. The sword embryo and all the materials needed were like a bottomless hole.

After the transaction was complete, Zhao Jiuge held the wooden token and the Blue Plum Sword. He looked longingly at the jade tubes one last time and then left the Treasure Pavilion.

While leaving, Zhao Jiuge thought to himself, “Just wait, I’ll soon have earned enough sect contributions to refine my own flying sword!”

At this moment, the youth had his back to the sunset, which elongated his shadow, and his face was filled with determination.

During their youth, which sword cultivator didn’t dream about flying through the clouds on a sword?

During their youth, which sword cultivator didn’t dream about having a beauty to accompany them while they traveled the world?

During their youth, which sword cultivator didn’t dream that one day their hard work would pay off and they would become a sword immortal that would purge all evil from the world?

And the youth whose shadow was stretched by the sunset was walking down this path.

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