Book 2, Chapter 66 - Duty Hall

The Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect was not only protected by a powerful formation, there were also three spirit veins. The ancestor had picked this location to ascend because of this.

Each of the three peaks had a spirit vein under them. Not only would the members of the sect be able to refine their bodies there, it would make the spiritual energy in the sect more abundant.

All the holy lands were built on top of spirit veins, and the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect was no exception. The more powerful a sect was, the better the cultivation spot they could occupy, and the faster their future generations would be able to cultivate. This created a cycle, making a strong sect even stronger, while a weak sect would fall even more.

The third rate sect or even smaller sect would have never seen a spirit vein. Spirit veins were also divided into different qualities. The Huaxia Dynasty was a vast place, and there were new spirit veins constantly being born. Some were found and others remain undiscovered. The spirit veins at the holy lands would never disappear. Even if the disciples absorbed some of the energy there, the energy would immediately be refilled, keeping the spirit vein full. However, some spirit veins dried up once all the spiritual energy was absorbed from them.

Cultivation was an act of defying the heavens, and every step was life or death. One must strengthen themselves along this path even if it’s just a little. That’s why people used spirit veins to refine their bodies.

By doing this, not only could one increase the strength of spirit force, they would also gain an attribute. After that, the spirit force would take a qualitative leap. Some were too poor to refine their bodies in a spirit vein, while others were able to gain an attribute in one. This was the foundation of a sect.

If the Foundation Realm was just building the foundation for your spirit core, then refining your body in a spirit vein was like planting a seed. Once your spirit force gained an attribute, it would then spread to all the spirit force in your body.

The spirit veins in this world were divided into nine ranks and had a wide variety of prosperity. There was water, fire, wind, thunder, and the unique strange attribute.

Due to Old Man Mysterious Heaven, the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect occupied three rank two spirit veins, while some other holy lands only had one. As for the legendary rank one spirit vein, there was only one record of one.

Two rays of sword energy flew across the sky, leaving behind a trail of light.

There were three figures on the two flying swords. One was the serious-looking Instructor Zhou and the others were the kind Instructor Li and the beautiful Bai Qingqing.

As for Instructor Wang, he still had to teach the outer disciples, so the two of them were taking Bai Qingqing to the spirit vein.

On the day Bai Qingqing successfully broke into the Foundation Realm, she was startled by the three instructors. However, they explained the situation to her and she understood the reasons.

Bai Qingqing was born from an extraordinary background and had seen a lot more than most. She naturally knew that she had to refine her body after building her foundation. She originally came here to learn sword arts, and there was naturally a spirit vein waiting for her at home. However, now that a spirit vein was being gifted to her, she was not going to refuse. Even she wanted to see what kind of spirit vein a holy land hand. After all, her family’s spirit vein could not compare to one that belonged to the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

The two flying swords circled once and then slowly descended. Bai Qingqing saw that they had arrived below the Mysterious Fallen Peak.

Earlier, Instructor Zhou had told Bai Qingqing that the sect had three spirit veins. One was the Cold Sky Sword Spirit Vein, another was the Extreme Flame Burning Yang Spirit Vein, and the last one was the Lonely Wing Five Tribulation Spirit Vein.

The three spirit veins had three different attributes. One was the cold attribute, one was the fire attribute, and one was the wind attribute. Thinking about how she had grown up near the sea, she naturally chose the Cold Sky Sword Spirit Vein.

At this moment, they were located at the entrance of the Cold Sky Sword Spirit Vein. This place was well hidden, so most ordinary outer sect disciples didn’t know this place.

The three of them slowly walk down the winding mountain path. Bai Qingqing curiously looked around and finally walked through a tunnel leading underground. A stone chamber appeared, and there was suddenly light.

At this moment, the three of them were underground, but Bai Qingqing was surprised to see that there was a path going down on the other side of the stone chamber. She could also feel that the temperature was obviously lower over there.

Bai Qingqing couldn’t help but shudder, then her beautiful eyes widened. She panicked a bit and looked to the corner of the stone room to see a withered old man in a black robe sitting there. If she wasn’t looking at him with her eyes, she wouldn't be able to detect his aura at all. He was like a dead man.

The black-robed old man was very thin and looked like an ordinary old man. However, seeing how respectful the two instructors were, even a fool would know that this old man’s status was extraordinary.

Instructor Zhou bowed and respectfully said, “Elder, we are here on orders from the head teacher to lead a disciple to the Cold Sky Sword Spirit Vein to refine their body.” 

Those that could become elders were all old and powerful members of the sect that were very loyal to the sect. These elders didn’t come out much, and they focused solely on cultivation. They were attempting to make breakthroughs in order to extend their lifespans. They often guarded important locations of the sect, and usually, no one came to bother them.

If the new disciples of the sect were the fresh blood that made sure the sect did not fade away, then these elders were the main force of the sect. Whenever there was a crisis, it would be mostly resolved by them. Those at the peak of the sect were the guiding compass.

The black-robed old man revealed no expression as he gently glanced at the three of them. He merely nodded before closing his eyes.

When the black-robed old man’s gaze swept by, even the two instructors felt a bit suppressed, so there was no need to talk about Bai Qingqing. The holy land’s foundation was not something those families could compare with.

When the black-robed old man withdrew his gaze, all three of them sighed in relief. They felt like their backs were soaked with sweat. When the old man looked at Bai Qingqing, she felt like she was completely seen through.

Seeing the black-robed old man nod, the three of them continued down toward the Cold Sky Sword Spirit Vein. As they went down, the temperature continued to drop, to the point that they had to use spirit force to resist the chill. Soon, blue light filled the surroundings and a vast spirit vein appeared before them. Looking at the vast spirit vein, Bai Qingqing was dumbfounded. 

However, the two instructors were calm. It seemed like they were very used to this.

Instructor Zhou looked around before he withdrew his gaze and whispered, “You take Qingqing to refine her body and guard her. I’ll take a trip outside first.”

Instructor Li was a bit surprised,. He raised his brows and asked Instructor Zhou, “What are you going out for?”

“Because that boy Zhao Jiuge has come out of his confinement at the Ponder Sword Cliff. I want to go see him. That brat hasn’t made any progress in so long and isn’t even as good as a little girl like Qingqing.” Instructor Zhou had a frustrated expression.

After he finished speaking, he left without looking at the other two. Instructor Zhou was not really disappointed at Zhao Jiuge. However, after seeing Bai Qingqing reaching Foundation Realm already, he was just a bit anxious.

Only after seeing Instructor Zhou leave did Bai Qingqing reveal an unhappy expression and mumbled, “What’s wrong with being a woman? You dare to look down upon women. Women can also hold up half the sky!”

This was only when facing Instructor Zhou. Facing anyone else, Bai Qingqing’s hot temper would have erupted.

After hearing Bai Qingqing’s mumble, Instructor Li smiled. “Let’s go, Qingqing. You go refine your body and I’ll stand guard.

Zhao Jiuge’s residence.

Zhao Jiuge was sitting there, absorbing spiritual energy.

When he was at the Ponder Sword Cliff, he had focused only on comprehending the sword art and wasn’t in a hurry to increase his spirit force. This led to his cultivation remaining at the mid stage of the Spirit Transformation Realm.

When he returned the day before yesterday, he happily drank with the group of disciples and they laid drunk in the courtyard until the next day. Zhao Jiuge felt very happy to be able to reunite with this group of friends. He had no friends to play with him during his childhood.

Only today did he calm down to cultivate. He felt that he was close to breaking through to the late stage of the Spirit Transformation Realm. After that, it would be time for him to head to the Duty Hall to take missions and earn sect contributions.

He closed his eyes and felt the situation inside his body. In his dantian, the two golden dragons became more lifelike and refined.

Compared to when he just entered the sect, his spirit force was much denser than before. One only had to look at the bright and golden spirit force around his dantian to realize this.

Zhao Jiuge knew that once this spirit force reached a peak, it would turn from gas to liquid and form a foundation formation. At that moment, he would make a qualitative breakthrough and reach the Foundation Realm. Right now, he was still two steps away, one big and one small. Today, he was going to take that small step forward.

Thinking about this, Zhao Jiuge sped up the Sanskrit Heart Sutra, and the surrounding spiritual energy began to flow into his body like a small stream. As time passed, more and more spiritual energy surged into his body.

Zhao Jiuge was not impatient as he slowly absorbed the spiritual energy into his body. The spiritual energy was turned into spirit force by the Sanskrit Heart Sutra.

The spiritual energy he absorbed constantly nourished his meridians. It was so comfortable that he almost wanted to let out a loud sigh.

He was just sitting on the bed, absorbing spiritual energy like this. Finally, after more than one hour, there was a crisp sound and the spirit force around his dantian became even brighter. At this moment, Zhao Jiuge had broken through to the late stage of the Spirit Transformation Realm.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t reveal any emotion, as he felt that this was very natural. After having accumulated for so long, this breakthrough was natural.

When he saw the bright color of his spirit force, he knew that he was just one big step away from reaching his goal.

He had been sitting there for almost two hours, so he stretched his arms and opened his eyes. However, he was startled by the person before him.

There was a person before him, and he hadn’t even noticed him while he was cultivating.

Just at this moment, that person angrily said, “Oh, so much free time. It seems like the Ponder Sword Cliff is a good place. How about sending you back for another year?”

Zhao Jiuge looked at Instructor Zhou and embarrassedly scratched his head. He smiled and quickly said, “I understand the instructor's kindness, but I don’t need to go back.”

Zhao Jiuge quickly waved his hands while he spoke, fearing that the instructor would send him back to the Ponder Sword Cliff. How could he have known how boring that place would be.

“You don’t want to go and show no sign of growth, but you are still so laid back. You better scram your way to the Duty Hall and pick up some missions to hone yourself.” After hearing Zhao Jiuge speak, Instructor Zhou became more and more angry. Even his voice became a bit hysterical, and his brows furrowed tightly.

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