Book 2, Chapter 65 - Spirit Vein

Mysterious Heaven Peak, a courtyard in the southeast of the peak.

At this moment, this courtyard was no different from the other ones. Countless ripples echoed through the air, visible to the naked eye. The spiritual energy around the Mysterious Heaven Peak surged toward this location. This kind of commotion was not normal.

Inside the house sat a beautiful girl around 16 or 17 years old in a blue robe with her black, silk-like hair scattered across her shoulders. Her eyes were closed and she had a solemn expression, but her eyelashes would occasionally tremble.

This girl was Bai Qingqing, who Zhao Jiuge had not met yet after leaving the Ponder Sword Cliff.

After Zhao Jiuge was taken to the Ponder Sword Cliff by Instructor Zhou, Bai Qingqing had devoted herself to cultivation. All she did was cultivate, only stopping each month to listen to the instructors teach. At most, she would find a nice place to practice her sword art. During this year, very few people saw Bai Qingqing.

At the beginning, a few people admired Bai Qingqing’s beauty. They thought they could rely on their family heritage and sense of superiority to win Bai Qingqing. They shamelessly stuck to her every day, and this really annoyed her. Finally, one day, someone came to show off a treasure and hinted that if they got together, he would give her the treasure. Bai Qingqing finally couldn’t hold back her hot temper and revealed the famous sword Wind Flower!

She sent it flying toward that disciple, using her full power without any sign of holding back. Fortunately, the disciple was not completely useless and used his cultivation to escape. All the other disciples who had ideas about Bai Qingqing laughed at his sorry state, but at the same time, they felt a chill in their hearts. Not only did Bai Qingqing have a hot temper, but the Wind Flower Sword showed that her family background was not inferior to theirs. The youth that had almost been killed by the sword said that the sword was almost on the level of a spirit treasure. None of these disciples had a treasure like that, and since then, no one dared to provoke this female tiger. Not even the youth with the scar, who had returned after recovering, dared to provoke Bai Qingqing.

After all, no matter how beautiful a rose was, it still had thorns, so not everyone was qualified to pick it.

Bai Qingqing originally came from the eastern sea for the purpose of cultivating the sword art. As for her spirit force, she didn’t care. If she wanted to, with her father’s resources, she could have long built her foundation.

Bai Qingqing rarely went out and rarely communicated with others—she never even went out to make friends. Aside from Zhao Jiuge, she rarely talked to other people in the first place, so she never got the news that Zhao Jiuge had returned. Even if she did know, she couldn’t go meet Zhao Jiuge.

Because she was condensing her foundation formation and then breaking into the Foundation Realm!

Today, she finally entered the first layer of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Art, Elucidation. So she immediately chose to break into the Foundation Realm. After condensing a foundation formation in her dantian, the formation would be able to constantly absorb spiritual energy and convert it into spirit force on its own. By then, the amount of spirit force she generated was not something someone at the Spirit Transformation Realm could compare to. She would also have the chance to set the foundation for the attribute of her spirit core in the future.

Inside the room, the surging spiritual energy began to change. Before, it was still in gas form, but now it was turning viscous and beginning to turn into liquid!

No matter what happened around her, Bai Qingqing remained motionless—only her beautiful eyebrows would tremble. The surrounding spiritual energy surged into her body like crazy.

When this happened, the three instructors who were chatting with each other stopped what they were doing. When they felt the fluctuations from Bai Qingqing’s residence, they were filled with disbelief then surprise. Although the commotion of reaching the Foundation Realm was not as big as the Spirit Core Realm or Nascent Soul Realm, it was still something they could clearly feel. This meant that Bai Qingqing was really breaking into the Foundation Realm and had comprehended the first layer of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Art.

It has to be said that in the past 10 years, no one else beside the head teacher’s disciple Sha Sha had been able to comprehend Elucidation in such a short period of time. Nine months, Bai Qingqing had only taken nine months to comprehend it. How could these elders who considered the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect their home not be happy when they saw such a gifted disciple?

“Haha, I didn’t expect to find such a treasure among this batch of disciples. She reached this step in less than a year. The sect rule is that if a disciple can’t comprehend Elucidation in three years, they cannot enter the inner sect. This requirement is already difficult enough. The three of us weren’t able to enter the inner sect and have been in the outer sect for so many years.” Instructor Wang was very excited and his face turned a little red. He couldn’t help but think about their own past.

“You old fool, we are already doing pretty good for ourselves getting this far. We have lived for hundreds of years, and although we can’t compare to those old monsters, we are much better than mortals. My cultivation has been stuck for 100 years, but even if my lifespan reached its limit, I would not regret cultivating. I just want the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect to reach the glory of its heyday.” Influenced by Instructor Wang’s words, Instructor Li also spoke up. His eyes were filled with memories.

Humans were born with mortal bodies, but when they walked on the path of cultivation, their mortal bodies would change. Their bodies would become strong, and even their souls would be affected. When cultivators died there was no afterlife, not even a chance at reincarnation.

Also, back then, all three of the instructors were in the same generation of disciples, but they all failed to enter the inner sect after three years. They didn’t get to receive the resources of the inner set, but throughout the many years they spent in the outer sect, they were able to reach their powerful cultivation levels step by step. However, all of them were now stuck in their current realm, unable to take another step forward. The three instructors all felt emotional, but, looking back, they didn’t regret anything. That’s because the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect had been their home for so long.

The sparse sunlight from the distance scattered on the faces of the three instructors. The years had left traces on their faces, but it didn’t leave much regret in their hearts, and that was enough.

They pondered for a while before Instructor Zhou broke the silence.

“Okay, we are all old now, so no need to act like children. It’s time to talk about the important matter. How do we deal with Bai Qingqing’s situation? Normally, after three years, the disciples that enter the Foundation Realm enter the inner set and find a teacher at the Mysterious Heaven Temple. The seniors from the three peaks choose their disciples and then they are sent to the various spirit veins to refine their bodies to give their spirit force a property. The problem now is that less than a year has passed. So, how should we deal with this?” Instructor Zhou always had a strict expression, but now he was filled with worry. His eyebrows were locked while he pondered.

After hearing Instructor Zhou’s words, Instructor Li and Instructor Wang returned to their usual selves.

“Do you all still remember that little girl named Sha Sha? She comprehended the first layer of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Art in seven days and broke through to the Foundation Realm. Even the head teacher was shocked, and he immediately accepted her as his disciple. How about we report it to the head teacher and let him deal with it?” Instructor Li’s eyes were half closed and he was stroking his beard. He looked at the other two with a look of inquiry.

After thinking for a while, Instructor Wang said, “Since this is the first time we’ve encountered such a situation and don’t know how to deal with it, then we should simply let the head instructor deal with it.”

Instructor Zhou thought for a while but couldn’t think of a better course of action, so he also agreed. The three of them stopped observing Bai Qingqing’s breakthrough to the Foundation Realm and headed toward the Mysterious Heaven Temple to inform Jian Wuxian of this matter.

Only Instructor Zhou looked through the south while he flew and thought, “Zhao Jiuge, ah, Zhao Jiuge, don’t let me down. You have come out from the Ponder Sword Cliff, so you should not be far away from a breakthrough. Otherwise, you won’t even be able to enter the inner sect.”

Mysterious Heaven Temple.

There were four figures standing inside the temple.

Aside from Head Teacher Jian Wuxin, there were the three instructors that had rushed here to report the situation.

At this moment, the three instructors just finished speaking. They were waiting for the head teacher to tell them how to deal with this matter.

After hearing this, the head teacher was surprised, but after thinking for a while, he made up his mind. 

“Let’s do this: you first take Bai Qingqing to one of the spirit veins in the sect so she can refine her body and gain prosperity. As for which spirit vein, let her choose. Then continue to treat her like the rest of the disciples, and we will deal with her in three years.” Jian Wuxin pursed his lips and then gently waved his hand.

He seemed to remember something and said, “That’s right, properly teach her the second layer of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Art, and don’t let her cultivation fall behind.”

After Head Teacher Jian Wuxin finished, the three instructors had some doubt on their faces. They all looked at each other, confused.

A moment later, Instructor Zhou could not hold back the doubt in his heart and stepped forward. He faced the head teacher and asked in an uncertain tone, “Is the Head Teacher not going to accept Bai Qingqing as a disciple?”

After Jian Wuxin heard this, he smiled faintly and gently shook his head. “I can’t accept every good seedling I see as a disciple. I also don’t have much time to teach, and holding back a disciple would not be good. Most importantly, this girl is not suited for my path. When accepting a disciple, it's not just about talent—the person’s character is much more important.”

Seeing that the three instructors still had some doubt and confusion, Jian Wuxin spoke up once more. “To cultivate, one must first refine the person. To question dao, one must question oneself. If a person’s character can’t be used, then what use is their talent? This is something that was passed down by the ancestor and is set as the law of the sect. A sect looks at many aspects when recruiting disciples. Our Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect is not like the other holy lands, who only care about numbers. It's better not to have them than to have those that rot.”

After he finished speaking the instructor looked like they learned something.

Then the head teacher Jian Wuxian said a few more words to them before leaving. The three instructors also turned to leave. They were going to take Bai Qingqing to a spirit vein to refine her body.

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