Book 2, Chapter 63 - Genius Sha Sha

After releasing his most powerful sword strike yet, Zhao Jiuge sat down and rested his chin on his knees. He looked at the endless sea of green outside the cliff.

Nine months had passed, and Zhao Jiuge’s face had become even more handsome. His appearance could attract a lot of young girls, and he had a much more reserved temperament.

The former Zhao Jiuge was like a newborn calf that was not afraid of tigers and gave off the feeling of a drawn sword, but after being in the Ponder Sword Cliff for almost a year, he had calmed his temperament. His blade was now hidden and gave off an otherworldly feeling.

Perhaps because his neck felt uncomfortable from resting his chin on his knees for too long, he leaned back and used his hands to cushion his head. He leisurely lied there with one leg crossed over the other. He was in a daze.

Zhao Jiuge had immersed himself in cultivation and comprehension of the sword, which made time pass in a flash. He had progressed to the point where he felt like he was just a paper thin layer away from reaching Elucidation, but no matter how much he tried, he could not progress. He would need actual combat experience to break through this paper-thin layer. He let out a sigh. There were still two months left in his confinement. He could only cultivate here to waste the time.

He leisurely crossed his legs and looked up while humming a song he learned while back at the mountain village. He could only stare at the stone room. When he first came here, he was very curious because Instructor Zhou had said that a lot of naughty disciples with good talent had been confined here. It was even said that the head teacher of a generation was confined here once as well.

Then Zhao Jiuge looked at the only stone table and chair here for a few hours. He still didn’t find anything strange, so in the end, he gave up on this thought.

Fortunately, the scenery here was pretty good. During his leisure time, when he was not cultivating the sword, he would listen to the sound of the waterfall. He also looked at the sea of green before him, which helped him ease his boredom.

The only thought in Zhao Jiuge’s mind was for the final two months to quickly pass so he could leave this place. Then he would go take missions so he could begin earning sect contributions. When that happened, not only could he use actual combat to hone his sword art, he would be able to accumulate contributions to buy his own flying sword.

Zhao Jiuge had decided that once he had enough sect contributions, he would buy a sword embryo and then collect materials little by little. Then, when he couldn’t endure it anymore, he would get a flying sword forged. Zhao Jiuge didn’t care about the quality of the flying sword. He only wanted to have a flying sword of his own and to quickly reach the Foundation Realm so he could enjoy flying on his flying sword.

Although he wouldn’t be able to fly for long at the Foundation Realm, it was a relatively close cultivation level and therefore easily achievable. Thinking about when he could fly around on his own flying sword, all the boredom in Zhao Jiuge disappeared and he jumped up with passion burning in his eyes.

However, before he could react, his vision went black and he was startled for a moment. However, he felt the pair of hands covering his eyes, and from the size of the hands, he already knew who it was, but the corner of his mouth twitched.

“Guess who I am,” a somewhat sweet voice said. The voice contained a hint of excitement and a playful charm.

Hearing the crisp voice asking him a question, the twitch on Zhao Jiuge’s mouth became even more obvious.

“Is it Sha Sha?” Zhao Jiuge was helpless, and he clearly knew who it was, but he still pretended like he had some doubt in him when he answered.

When Zhao Jiuge immediately recognized her, the person behind him released her little hands angrily.

He saw a little girl wearing green with two lovely, little pigtails. At this moment, she was pouting with her cheeks puffed and had an unhappy expression. When she saw Zhao Jiuge look at her, she put her hands on her waist to act like an old timer and said, “How come you can guess it's me every time?”

She was acting like an old timer, but her words exposed her childish heart. Zhao Jiuge found it funny but didn’t dare to laugh out loud. His face was going to suffer injuries from holding in the laughter, so he quickly said, “Haha, Sha Sha, your big brother was born smart. That’s why I can immediately guess it was you.”

Zhao Jiuge was also like a child at this moment and played around with this 10 or 11-year-old girl.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t know where this little girl came from. After he came here, an ordinary disciple would come here to deliver his food, until one day, this girl named Sha Sha started delivering his food instead. At first, Zhao Jiuge didn’t mind this little girl, he just thought that she was just an ordinary outer sect disciple. He did find it strange that she was so young, but he was too immersed in his sword art, so he didn’t question it much. Later on, the little girl would often silently stare at him with a smile after delivering his food. She stared at him while he practiced his sword art to that point that it made him shudder.

Zhao Jiuge couldn’t endure the doubt in his heart, so he asked once more, but this little girl liked to put on an act like she was an old timer and began lecturing him. She was also pointing out where he was wrong in his sword art. At first, Zhao Jiuge didn’t take her seriously and found it funny. One time, he encountered difficulty while comprehending the sword art, and Sha Sha just happened to come. She was smiling and said that if he called her “Senior Sister Sha Sha,” she would give him pointers

How could Zhao Jiuge be willing to do that? He smiled and said, “A little girl like you wants me to call her ‘Senior Sister?’ Why don't you call me ‘Senior Brother?’” But the little girl became angry and was going to deal with him. At first, Zhao Jiuge was afraid of hurting the little girl, so he held back. However, he found that no matter how hard he tried, the little girl would always dodge him and hit him instead. In the end, he used spirit force, but the little girl unexpectedly pulled out a small flying sword and jumped on it. She looked at him with a sly smile and waved her little fist, giving him one last chance to call her “Senior Sister.”

Seeing how she could fly on a sword, Zhao Jiuge couldn’t help but call himself an idiot. He forgot about the terrain around the Ponder Sword Cliff. There was no way in or out, and if she could come here, that meant that her cultivation was not weak.

Zhao Jiuge wanted to cry, but he had no tears. He called Sha Sha “Senior Sister” even though he was unwilling in his heart. This made Sha Sha so proud, she smiled until her eyes were like slits. Yet she still pretends to act like an old timer—she nodded and patted Zhao Jiuge’s head, saying, “Good boy.”

Zhao Jiuge felt depressed in his heart, but he was weaker, so he didn’t dare to mouth off against her. After that, the two of them slowly got to know each other. When Sha Sha had nothing to do, she would come to see Zhao Jiuge at the Ponder Sword Cliff. Zhao Jiuge was terrified to find that this young girl was indeed a few years younger than him but was already at the Spirit Core Realm. This made Zhao Jiuge feel like he had seen a ghost, but at the same time, he felt emotional. No wonder this little girl always called herself the genius Sha Sha.

However, every time Sha Sha came, she would secretly hide her aura and then cover his eyes, making him guess who it was. Every time, she would laugh happily. Zhao Jiuge was now numb to all of this. Fortunately, although the little girl had powerful cultivation, her thoughts were quite simple. Zhao Jiuge was already bored from being in confinement, so the more he chatted with the little girl, the more he got into it.

When the little girl heard Zhao Jiuge call her “Sha Sha,” her expression immediately changed. She angrily rolled her eyes and waved her little fist back and forth. “Didn’t I tell you to call me ‘Senior Sister Sha Sha?’ Wait, it should be ‘Genius Senior Sister Sha Sha.’ How come I teach you every time but you never learn? Is it because you want your senior sister to help you with your training now that your sword intent has shown some growth?”

Zhao Jiuge’s immediately shook his head like the ocean waves. Facing the little girl’s threats, he finally yielded to her might and weakly said, “Genius Senior Sister Sha Sha.”

Seeing Zhao Jiuge act all obedient, the little girl immediately let out a brilliant and sweet smile. She didn’t care that Zhao Jiuge saw her smiling at all.

At first, Sha Sha was only coming to meet this youth who might be her future junior brother because she would be able to be a senior sister. Then, after getting to know each other, she found this youth more and more interesting. So now, whenever she had spare time, she would come here.

Today, the teacher had commanded her to pick Zhao Jiuge up. He had said that Zhao Jiuge would not have to stay for the remainder of the confinement period. Who knew that just as she arrived, this guy would forget his manners?

Sha Sha smiled sweetly and proudly said, “Since you called me ‘Senior Sister,’ I’ll tell you a piece of good news.”

Zhao Jiuge didn’t make a sound. He knew that Sha Sha would not be able to endure it and would tell him even without him asking. He also feared that Sha Sha might have some strange ideas.

Sure enough, when she saw that Zhao Jiuge didn’t show any sign of asking what the good news was, the little girl became impatient. She couldn’t hold back anymore and said, “You don’t have to be locked up here anymore, you can leave.”

Zhao Jiuge was immediately surprised and then he frowned with doubt. Could this little girl be messing with him? He quickly asked, “Is this true?”

Sha Sha couldn’t even be bothered to answer this question. Her lovely face was filled with contempt and she angrily said, “When have I ever lied to you?”

Zhao Jiuge had to concede on this point. Although this little girl was clever and eccentric, her heart was simple and she had never deceived him. He still hadn’t figured out what her identity was, but given how demonic her talent was, her position in the sect could not be low. She was probably the disciple of a certain senior.

Zhao Jiuge had been locked here for more than nine months, so he immediately got up. He wanted to go out, feel the wind, and see how the youths that had joined the sect with him were doing.

Just as he got up and walked out a few steps, Zhao Jiuge suddenly stepped back in embarrassment. He looked at the proud-looking Sha Sha and revealed a silly smile.

Due to the moment of excitement, he had forgotten that there was no path outside the Ponder Sword Cliff. He was originally brought here by Instructor Zhou on a flying sword. He was not at Spirit Core Realm yet and didn’t have a flying sword, so he couldn’t leave on his own.

The little girl showed no intention of speaking and was still acting like an old timer with her chest puffed out. Zhao Jiuge revealed an embarrassed smile and scratched his head. “Genius Senior Sister Sha Sha, please take me out of here.”

Sha Sha was clearly waiting for him to cave, and Zhao Jiuge was very happy right now, so he didn’t mind suffering this loss. Anyway, he had been forced by Sha Sha’s might to call her “Senior Sister” a lot already.

When she heard Zhao Jiuge call her “Genius Senior Sister” once more, she nodded in satisfaction. This time, she didn’t make it difficult for him, she just said, “Let’s go.”

Then she revealed a serious expression, and a moment later, a small, green flying sword appeared before them. Sha Sha got on first. Zhao Jiuge looked at the flying sword with passion in his eyes and then quickly followed.

The two of them got on, and with a thought, Sha Sha steered the green flying sword into the sky. The sword swirled around the cliff and disappeared into the sky.

At first, Zhao Jiuge was worried that the little girl’s control would not be very good and he would fall, so he was a bit nervous. However, when he saw how calm the little girl was, he also relaxed.

Sha Sha looked at Zhao Jiuge and seemed to read his mind. She looked very proud and said in a disdainful tone, “I’m the genius Sha Sha.”

After she finished speaking, she seemed to remember something and immediately added the two words “senior sister,” as if being a senior sister was a very fun thing.

Looking at the flying sword below his feet, he yearned for it more and more, but he still could not accept any missions yet. Now that he had been at the sect for almost a year, Zhao Jiuge was no longer someone who didn’t know anything like before. He knew that magic treasures were divided into different grades, but aside from immortal and spirit treasures, the other grades of treasures were completely determined by the materials used.

Zhao Jiuge had seen many flying swords and naturally had some understanding of what was good and what was bad. When a flying sword was made of better materials, the light it gave off was different from others.

Zhao Jiuge could only stare at the flying sword with passion, but in two more months, he would be able to begin taking missions. Then Zhao Jiuge would be able to work toward his first flying sword.

Genius Senior Sister Sha Sha left Zhao Jiuge at the Mysterious Heaven Peak and then quickly departed. Before Sha Sha left, she didn’t forget to stick out her tongue and make a face at Zhao Jiuge.

This made Zhao Jiuge feel angry and funny at the same time, and he smiled. “So childish, and she wants to be the senior sister.” 

He shook his head and left. A moment later, Zhao Jiuge thought about the nine months he had spent with Sha Sha. The smile on his face was replaced with a serious expression. After thinking for a while, he said, “But what’s the harm in calling her ‘Senior Sister?’”

After he finished speaking, he smiled and continued to mutter to himself, “No, wait, it’s ‘Genius Senior Sister Sha Sha.’”

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