Book 2, Chapter 62 - Unstrained Plum Blossom Booms on the Mountain

Green Jade Mountain.

A beautiful young girl seemed to be in a trace while looking into the distance. Her silk-like hair was scattered across her shoulders. The young girl seemed to be waiting for someone as she stared motionlessly into the distance. A while later, the girl lowered her head and sighed in her heart.

Green Jade Mountain no longer had any trace of green. It was covered in a heavy layer of snow and was wrapped in silver.

That girl looking into the distance was Su Su. She had been apart from Zhao Jiuge for almost a year now. Every time she came out of her cultivation, she would come to the mountain where they agreed to meet, hoping for that figure to appear. But it was all just self-deception—she knew that person wouldn’t appear until much later. Su Su had just gotten used to coming here for a walk and zoning out.

Even the heavy snow could not hide the plum blossoms blooming in the mountains. The red dots were very conspicuous in the white snow, and the red flowers were scattered across the snow.

The plum blossoms made the snow look even whiter, but the snow lost to the light fragrance of the plum blossom.

Su Su moved through the plum forest and touched the plum branches that were still covered in snow. This caused the snow to fall on the ground, but Su Su ignored all of this. She was still thinking about the figure she couldn’t forget, to the point of almost going crazy.

Su Su loved the plum blossoms, but what she loved even more was that blockhead. At night, she often asked herself how she felt about that blockhead, only to find that she didn’t even know when that seed had been planted in her heart.

They have a five-year appointment, but it had only been a year. Su Su tightly squeezed her half of the jade until her fingers turned white, but she didn’t notice at all. She gently pinched the petal of a plum blossom and carefully looked at it. She smelled the fragrance from the flower and thought about the past.

She could only see the white sky with red plum flowers falling down. It was like a painting. 

Her refined eyelashes trembled. When Su Su opened her eyes, she felt like she was in a trance. Then she found that everything was a bit tasteless. She turned toward the picturesque snow scene. The world seemed to become a painting. She quietly stood there as if she had become part of this scene, this painting.

The snow began to fall once more, adding a bit more liveliness to the sky.

There was a child two heads shorter than her standing beside her. The child was a bit skinny and was afraid of the cold. The child’s hands were clamped together to keep warm and his nose was red from the cold. However, the child was trying not to make any noise, in fear of disturbing the girl.

A layer of snow covered their shoulders. The girl seemed to notice that the child behind her was cold. She withdrew her gaze and looked toward the south only because the blockhead in her heart was cultivating there.

Su Su turned around and her gaze became gentle. She softly said, “Little Tian, are you cold? Let us go back.”

After hearing that they were heading back, although the child was relieved that he wouldn't have to be frozen, his eyes were filled with doubt. He crooked his head slightly and asked, “Big Sister, are we not going to wait for Big Brother?”

Zhao Xiaotian had grown a little taller since their meeting at the town of Qing Rong. Although his body was still thin, he had begun cultivating after following Su Su back. However, his progress was slow because his physique was bad due to the lack of nutrition when he was young. There were too many impurities in his body, so his body still feared the cold.

Facing Zhao Xiaotian’s question, Su Su shook her head and said with a meaningful smile, “He will come when he should come. When he shouldn’t come, no matter how much we wait, he won’t come.”

Zhao Xiaotian blinked. He seemed to understand what his big sister had said, but he also didn’t understand. He was too young to understand the relationship between a man and a woman. “Big Sister, you like Big Brother, so why not go to him? Are you not afraid that Big Brother will run off with someone else in these years?”

Su Su raised her right hand and pretended to hit him. Zhao Xiaotian smiled mischievously, knowing that the slap would never land on him—he didn’t even try to dodge.

“Little kid, who told you this stuff? I’ll tell you, if your Big Brother dares to run off with someone else, I’ll chase him down even if I have to go to the end of the world. I’ll kill that cheater and then kill myself. I’ll be his forever.” Su Su's face turned red from what she had said, but in the end, her expression turned inexplicably dark. Zhao Xiaotian was too young to notice the change in her expression.

Su Su sighed in her heart once more. “If I had a choice, I would go with him. However, I have my own unspeakable troubles I must deal with.”

An air current surged, blowing the snow on the ground into the air like a silver dragon. However, the air flow suddenly stopped.

Su Su’s eyes became cold. She didn’t even turn around as she coldly said, “Xue Wuxing, how many times have I told you not to secretly follow me for no reason?”

The girls words and eyes were so cold, the wind and frost were insignificant in comparison. They were beaten down by the coldness in her bones.

A feminine young man wearing a blood-colored robe walked out with an ugly expression. He completely ignored the girl’s question and indignantly said, “Is that brat really that good? You have been back for a year and are always in a daze. If you don’t believe me, I’ll go kill him when the time comes. How can I not compare to him?”

His words were arrogant and he didn’t back down when facing the girl’s beautiful face.

Before, Xue Wuxing was hiding in the distance and secretly watching the girl of his dreams. However, the last words Su Su had said caused him to become angry, and his killing intent gave away his position.

Su Su’s beautiful eyes became frosty. She stared at him and shouted, “You dare?!”

Killing intent surged around the young girl. The originally calm snow also began to fly into the air with the surge of killing intent.

“Su Su, don’t forget your identity. When the time comes, see if I dare.” The feminine young man was unmoved and coldly left those words before leaving. He disappeared from this mountain that only had white and red.

Hearing this, Su Su, who was originally filled with killing intent, suddenly became desolate. Her body softened and even her face became a little pale.

Xue Wuxing was someone her father had picked up and raised as a direct disciple. He was one of the up and coming talents in their sect. He had always followed her and liked her. She believed that given her father’s love for her, he wouldn’t force her to be with someone she doesn’t like and would let her decide on her own.

But now that blockhead had gone to cultivate far away, so they were drifting apart. The dream of them exploring the world was also getting further and further away.

At this moment, Su Su’s heart was in disarray, but it was still not enough to stop her feelings for that blockhead.

In this world, you sometimes can’t have both.

Zhao Xiaotian calmly watched. As a child, he had always seen the good and bad of people. Although he was young, that didn’t mean he didn’t understand the world. He knew who was good to him, and he remembered them in his heart. He didn’t make a sound, he only clenched his fists. He thought that he should cultivate well in order to not suffer.

Su Su withdrew her emotions and calmed down. She then extended her hand to hold Zhao Xiaotian's cold, little hand. They left this picturesque scenery.

While leaving, Su Su brushed aside a few strands of her hair and then looked back toward the south.

“Love you, hate you. Do you know? 

“Blockhead in the distance, are you well? If you are well, then it will be a sunny day.

“Even the sky covered in wind and snow cannot stop my feelings for you.”

Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, Ponder Sword Cliff.

It didn’t matter if the outside word was covered in snow. The Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect was protected by a formation, so it was like spring year-round and filled with spiritual energy.

The blockhead that was lingering in someone’s heart had stayed at the Ponder Sword Cliff for more than nine months.

As the sound of the waterfall echoed, the youth in the blue sword robe was waving the ordinary-looking wooden sword in his hand.

Sword light flew across the air. Sometimes it was like a dream or illusion, sometimes it was like a song or a sob, sometimes it was violent or graceful. The movements of the sword were smooth and gave off an otherworldly temperament. Compared to the start, the sword was no longer restrained.

The sword light remained the same and the sound of the waterfall echoed in one’s ear.

The sound of the waterfall became more and more clear in the youth’s ears. The youth’s eyes became clear, and he was completely immersed in his own sword intent.

Just at this moment, the youth’s closed eyes suddenly opened and his aura changed. His original sword energy that was like a little stream suddenly became fierce.

His hand rose and the sword fell. Then a dazzling ray of sword energy flew off the cliff like a lone boat.

Outside the Ponder Sword Cliff was an endless sea of green. This was created by the 100-foot-tall ancient trees. Zhao Jiuge’s eyes were filled with expectation as the sword energy flew forward.

A thunderous rumble echoed and a gap several meters wide appeared in this rolling green wave. It was very eye-catching, like a wound.

There was a faint hint of joy in Zhao Jiuge’s eyes, but it was not strong.

Others would take 10 years to hone their sword, but he had reached this state in less than one year. Although it was good, it was not the state of Elucidation, but he was close.

His sword was getting closer and closer to the sword intent of the first layer of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Art.

The constant sound from the waterfall had combined with his understanding of the sword to create this sword strike that Zhao Jiuge was relatively satisfied with!

Mysterious Heaven Temple.

When Zhao Jiuge released that sword strike, Jian Wuxin, who was focused on comprehending his sword art, opened his eyes. He nodded with a smile and then closed his eyes. He then went back to comprehending his sword art.

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