Book 2, Chapter 61 - Time Flows Like Water

As the flying sword flew through the sky, Zhao Jiuge felt the wind against his face. He also felt the depressed feeling in his chest gradually disperse as he looked ahead into the vast, open sky.

He was no longer the inexperienced little kid who would be afraid of flying in the sky. Not to mention, Instructor Zhou was very powerful, so he wasn’t worried. However, the uncertainty in his heart made him feel like he was just drifting with the waves. The biggest wish in his heart was to increase his strength. It was not something he could do all at once, he had to slowly accumulate it.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t have any other thoughts about going to the place called the Ponder Sword Cliff. He honestly planned to cultivate and was even a little excited about having a peaceful place to himself . “Others might take 10 years to refine their sword art, but I, Zhao Jiuge, will comprehend Elucidation in just one year!”

Seeing Zhao Jiuge’s expression constantly changing, how could Instructor Zhou, who was very wise and experienced, not see through what he was thinking? He revealed a gentle smile and stroked his beard.

“Zhao Jiuge, don’t worry. This confinement is not to punish you, don’t think it's some bad place. Take advantage of this year and cultivate well. Then I’ll arrange for you to head to the Duty Hall to complete missions to gain actual combat experience. In this year, you must cultivate your sword art until I’m satisfied before I let you out. Otherwise, you understand the consequences.”

Instructor Zhou revealed a meaningful smile, after pausing for a bit, he said, “I have my eyes on you. If you can comprehend the Sword Energy Elucidation and reach the Foundation Realm, and if you have enough sect contributions before you enter the inner sect, I’ll go to the Treasure Pavilion to get you a flying sword. This will be all up to you, no one else can help you.”

After he finished speaking, Instructor Zhou closed his mouth and no longer paid attention to Zhao Jiuge. He only left the image of his back to Zhao Jiuge.

Zhao Jiuge was suddenly shocked after hearing Instructor Zhou’s words. His wooden expression changed to one of passion. He had already forgotten about the flying sword he always wanted. Now that there was a chance of getting one, his motivation suddenly rose.

He had seen his senior brothers and sisters flying in the clouds with their clothes fluttering in the wind. Zhao Jiuge was extremely envious of them. Ever since he joined the sect, he had only ridden flying swords a few times. His heart itched when he looked at all the flying swords.

Through records, Zhao Jiuge already knew that once he reached the Foundation Realm, his body would be constantly replenishing his spirit force, allowing him to use a flying sword for a short period of time. Once he reached the Spirit Core Realm, he would be able to fly on a sword without falling.

Thinking about how he was originally a child from a small mountain village who accidentally embarked on the path of cultivation, how could he not yearn for that mysterious strength?

Mysterious Heaven Temple.

A youth wearing purple was sitting at the center. His eyes gave off an ancient aura, but he had a warm temperament. Anyone who looked at him would get a pleasant feeling like a spring breeze blew by.

There were three figures standing below Jian Wuxin.

One was wearing a yellow robe. He was elegant but somewhat playful. Even when facing the head teacher of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, he was still the same, only he was a bit more respectful.

The other had a cold expression with a hint of respect between her brows. She had a beautiful body and wore a white dress. It was the young woman riding the fiery red sword that day.

The third was much smaller and wore green. She had two pigtails and was about 10 years old. She had a cute face, and only this little girl could be so carefree before Jian Wuxin. She had a big smile on her face to the point that her eyes formed a line.

“What do you guys think about this Zhao Jiuge?” Jian Wuxin’s warm voice echoed. The large fight earlier was noticed by the people in the Mysterious Heaven Temple.

Wu Tianshan pondered for a bit. He wondered why his teacher remembered this kid, but he obediently answered, “His heart is good, but his talent is lacking. Without a special encounter, he won’t go far on the path of cultivation. He is not very useful.”

The woman in white angrily stared at Wu Tianshan and scolded, “What do you mean not very useful? When you first joined, you were a genius, but now you have been stuck at Soul Formation for 100 years. If cultivation only relies on talent, how did all those seniors get this far? Isn’t it all done step by step!?”

After hearing the woman in white scold him, Wu Tianshan felt a bit embarrassed. He slightly bowed his head and smiled. “Senior Sister is right.”

Seeing Wu Tianshan’s frivolous expression, the woman in white became even more angry. She rolled her eyes. “Looking at you, you’re not even as good as Sha Sha. I’m a woman, and my second junior brother has been missing for years; we have no idea where he is trapped. In the end, the Mysterious Heaven Peak will have to rely on you to be in charge.”

After she finished speaking, Fu Hongling let out a sigh. She was frustrated and began to silently ponder.

Wu Tianshan withdrew his playful smile when he heard Fu Hongling’s words and finally became serious. Thinking about this second senior brother, Wu Tianshan also silently pondered.

The girl in green was mumbling about how boring it was, but when she heard her second senior sister say her name, her eyes began to turn before she let out an innocent laugh. First, she made a face toward Wu Tianshan, then she grasped Fu Hongling’s arm.

“Third Senior brother, you are really lacking now. I condensed my spirit core a year ago now and I can feel that it won’t be long before my nascent soul breaks out. If you don’t quickly make a breakthrough, be careful.”

The girl named Sha Sha’s two pigtails swayed with her words. She had a playful expression and her cunning eyes looked at Wu Tianshan.

If an outsider saw this, they would be shocked. A little girl not even 12 years old had already formed her spirit core and reached the Spirit Core Realm.

There was no lack of genius in this world, but there will always be someone stronger and more talented than you.

When Wu Tianshan heard Sha Sha’s teasing, he felt even more awkward. The most important thing was that this little junior sister of his was loved by his teacher and senior sister. The other teachers also liked Sha Sha a lot. When facing this little ancestor, he could not put on the air of a senior brother at all. He decided to simply not make a sound and let her do as she wished.

Seeing Wu Tianshan’s expression, Fu Hongling laughed. This little junior sister of hers was indeed a source of joy, and her talent was almost demonic. Even Jian Wuxin smiled as he quietly watched his disciples playfully chat with each other.

“If this Zhao Jiuge could comprehend Elucidation and reach the Foundation Realm, I’ll take him as a disciple,” Jian Wuxin said casually, but his three disciples had different reactions.

Fu Hongling had a faint smile on her face as if everything was natural. However, the joy in her eyes betrayed her real thoughts. She also liked this youth very much, and perhaps she would have a new junior brother.

It was Wu Tianshan who was completely stunned. He never expected his teacher to accept a disciple so easily. It has to be said that his teacher had decided to not easily accept new disciples anymore. He hadn’t accepted any for over 100 years until he found Sha Sha. She was too loveable and her talent was simply too demonic. As for Zhao Jiuge, his temperament was average and his talent was also average. How had Zhao Jiuge managed to catch his teacher’s attention?

Wu Tianshan wouldn’t make a decision for no reason, and his teacher naturally had his own reasons. However, he became curious—what was so special about this Zhao Jiuge?

When Sha Sha heard this, she couldn’t stop smiling and clapped her hands. She jumped around and cheered, “Good, good, I’ll be a senior sister. Haha, there will finally be someone to call me senior sister. I will no longer be the youngest one.”

When Jian Wuxin saw Sha Sha’s cute reaction, he couldn’t help but smile. Then he patiently explained, “Cultivation mainly relies on diligence, talent is only secondary. I believe you all understand this without me saying. Now do you understand why I suddenly want to accept this little fellow as a disciple?”

When he saw his disciples shake their heads, Jian Wuxin smiled and said, “Because I saw in his eyes the unwillingness to lose, the unwillingness to accept the status quo, and even a trace of unyielding stubbornness.”

His disciples all nodded whether they understood or not.

A sly look appeared in Sha Sha’s eyes. Who knew what kinds of tricks and schemes she was coming up with.

The flying sword didn’t fly for long before making a 180 degree turn. Then it slowly descended and then circled around the cliff before stopping mid way down the cliff. 

After getting down from the flying sword, Zhao Jiuge stared at the 20 square feet of space. The so-called Ponder Sword Cliff was just a naturally formed cave on the side of a steep cliff. It would be impossible to climb down, and if Instructor Zhou hadn’t brought him here in the flying sword, he would not have been able to find this spot.

No wonder this place was used to confine disciples who were being punished. He looked at the three red words carved into the wall: “Ponder Sword Cliff.” Zhao Jiuge was suddenly fascinated by it.

Instructor Zhou chuckled and smiled. “Okay, you can be at ease and cultivate here for a year. The meals will be sent to you. Don’t underestimate this place, many people now famous in the sect were sent here. They calmed themselves and threw away all distractions, allowing their cultivation to rapidly advance. This is your chance.”

After he finished speaking, Instructor Zhou’s flying sword slowly flew away and disappeared from the cliff, leaving Zhao Jiuge there by himself.

Zhao Jiuge quietly observed this place and revealed a self-deprecating smile. There was a simple, stone bed and stone table here and nothing else.

Then he looked at the scenery outside and his mood inexplicably became better. The sound of the waterfall flowed into his ears. He could see the scenery outside at a glance and he saw the luscious green mountain from high above. Zhao Jiuge felt his mind become more clear.

Listening to the sound of  water, enjoying the warmth of the sun, and looking at the view outside, Zhao Jiuge decided to sit down to cultivate here. His whole body became inexplicably calm.

Time slowly passed during cultivation...

Time flows like water, the month passes like songs.

No matter how much the light and darkness quickly pass, I only care about you. I don’t know how you are doing. Are you still as brilliant as a flower?

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