Book 2, Chapter 60 - The Storm Subsides

After hearing that the leaders would be confined, everyone’s expressions changed. Although they didn’t know what the confinement would be like, just from the sound of it, it couldn’t be a good thing. At this instant, everyone suddenly went silent.

Everyone couldn’t help but look toward Zhao Jiuge, Leng Rufeng, Bai Zimo, and Mu Zijun. Then they looked at the angry Instructor Zhou. They were afraid to breathe, in fear of attracting Instructor Zhou’s attention.

Bai Zimo was filled with joy at Zhao Jiuge’s misfortune and felt glad that he hadn’t used spirit force. No matter what, the responsibility would not fall on his head. He looked at Zhao Jiuge with a taunting gaze.

Mu Zijun was still as elegant, without a trace of panic. He was educated from youth, so he could remain calm in any situation. Although the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect was a monstrous tree that shrouded above these influential families, this matter was not big enough to cause much trouble.

Only Leng Rufeng panicked and also felt anxious for Zhao Jiuge. As someone from a poor family, he knew exactly how difficult this opportunity was and what kind of blow it would be to lose it.

Zhao Jiuge revealed no emotion on his face and his voice was humble. He looked at Instructor Zhou and slowly said, “Instructor Zhou, today’s matter started because of me and had nothing to do with them. Confine me at the Ponder Sword Cliff.”

Zhao Jiuge wasn’t a hero, but he felt like things had gotten too serious. He originally just wanted to cultivate in peace, but it had evolved to a point where they couldn’t resolve the situation. After weighing the pros and cons, he simply decided to take responsibility for this whole situation, then he could cultivate in peace so he could enter the inner sect. This way Leng Rufeng and Luo Xie won’t be implicated. As for the hatred with Bai Zimo and the others, he would have to wait until they entered the inner sect to resolve it. If he couldn’t enter the inner sect, everything else would be pointless.

When Zhao Jiuge spoke, not only did all the youths look toward him, even the angry Instructor Zhou was startled. His expression returned to being serious and he sternly said, “Okay, as you wish, you will be confined at the Ponder Sword Cliff for a year. As for the others, I don’t want to say more. In the future, you better study your sword art properly. If there is any more nonsense. you will be directly kicked out of the sect, there will be no mercy. Zhao Jiuge will be confined for one year, effective immediately.”

This result was simply so dramatic, the youths on both sides hadn’t reacted. They were all stunned.

Instructor Zhou didn’t randomly decide to deal with the situation like this. He knew exactly how this whole situation started. Every generation of disciples would form factions due to different family backgrounds and usually when it's not too big the instructors turn a blind eye. However this time it turned into a huge fight and even spirit force was used. This was no joke, if something went wrong lives would be endangered.

His original plan was to confine Bai Zimo and Mu Zijun. However, when he saw Zhao Jiuge take the initiative to take the blame, he felt that this was fine too. This would give a good environment for Zhao Jiuge to cultivate in peace. After all, he was still very optimistic about Zhao Jiuge.

Instructor Zhou looked meaningfully at Zhao Jiuge and softly said, “Let’s go. Is there anything you need to do? If not, you will be staying at the Ponder Sword Cliff for the next year.”

Seeing Instructor Zhou’s meaningful gaze, Zhao Jiuge didn’t understand. However, he only wanted to gain more strength, so he didn’t think too much. This was a good way to get some peace and quiet so he could properly study the sword art. He gently nodded and walked forward a few steps.

Instructor Zhou then looked back at everyone. His eyes lit up and he sternly said, “All of you, scram back and cultivate properly. If you guys ruin my mood during the lecture next month, see how I’ll deal with you all. You all think you can upheave the heavens!”

After he finished speaking, his aura erupted. The disciples all shivered and didn’t dare to to reveal the slightest hint of disagreement.

He waved his sleeve and dragged Zhao Jiuge over. The two of them stood on a flying sword and the sword flew into the clouds. Soon, they disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Seeing Zhao Jiuge and Instructor Zhou disappear into the sky, everyone was able to breathe in relief because the pressure was gone. The originally quiet atmosphere became lively due to Zhao Jiuge’s words.

“Senior Brother Rufeng, is Senior Brother Zhao going to be okay? He won’t be punished, right?” Zhou Dahu was the first to get up. He didn’t care about the dust and pain on his body. He was very anxious when he asked Leng Rufeng.

Some of the other disciples from poor families looked toward Leng Rufeng. They all wanted to know if anything would happen to Zhao Jiuge.

Leng Rufeng felt ashamed and mumbled for a bit before he said in an uncertain tone, “He should be fine, he is just in confinement for a year. Next year, we will see him. I hope nothing happens.”

Hearing Leng Rufeng’s answer, the youths all felt anxious and involuntarily worried for Zhao Jiuge. They couldn’t help but feel sad.

Mu Zijun had a complicated expression. He didn’t expect Zhao Jiuge to steal the limelight this time. However, he also admired Zhao Jiuge as he wouldn’t have dared to speak up to take responsibility. He just sighed and remained silent.

He left without a word. At this moment, Mu Zijun no longer had any distractions. He no longer cared about fame or personal interest, he just wanted to properly cultivate. After all, strength was the most important thing. Most importantly, without Zhao Jiuge as his opponent, he just didn’t have any passion left. He never even considered Bai Zimo a worthy opponent.

Only Bai Zimo stood there with a proud smile, laughing at the misfortune of others. Even the disciples from the influential families that normally hung out with him didn’t want to talk to him. Although they all looked down upon these bumpkins, Zhao Jiuge’s performance one month ago and the strength he had shown today had won everyone’s respect. Even though Zhao Jiuge was taken into confinement today, the disciples from influential families were convinced by his strength, even if they wouldn't say it. They all left one by one. Some remained silent and some had complicated expressions on their faces. Bai Zimo, who was left by himself, felt like there was no point in gloating here anymore and left.

Seeing that the disciples from influential families had left, the disciples from poor families finally were able to look at them proudly. They knew that this sense of pride and dignity had been saved by a youth named Zhao Jiuge.

When the disciples from influential families left, the remaining youths from the poor families thought about how Zhao Jiuge would no longer be here, which made them feel a bit lost.

“Senior Zhao is so powerful, I need to properly cultivate so I can be as strong as him.” Zhou Dahu’s originally depressed expression was replaced with determination. He thought about how amazing Zhao Jiuge was, and he yearned to be as strong.

Leng Rufeng gently nodded in agreement and said, “That fellow is indeed pretty powerful.”

A moment later, Leng Rufeng found that the atmosphere was a bit depressing. He turned to the group of youths and said, “Come, let us go back and cultivate. Next year, we’ll come and pick that fellow up.”

“Okat!” The 20 to 30 figures all responded at once. All the gloominess from before was swept away by their loud response.

When Zhao Jiuge battled the youth with the scar on the stone platform, he shocked all their hearts, and they remembered him.

Today, Zhao Jiuge had used his personality, charm, and strength to completely win the respect of everyone here. Even the proud disciples from influential families were the same.

Zhao Jiuge’s prestige had gradually reached the top among this generation of disciples. At this moment, no one could surpass him.

In the distance, Bai Qingqing chuckled and her alluring face bloomed like a flower. It was fortunate no one saw this.

She gently shook her head as she was laughing at that blockhead, laughing at Zhao Jiuge.

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