Book 2, Chapter 59 - Confinement For One Year

The originally one-sided situation suddenly changed as nearly 20 more young men wearing blue joined in. Seeing how the fight had already started, Zhou Dahu’s eyes turned red and he rushed in like an angry bull.

After a long time, both sides became bloodthirsty and began to hit a lot harder. From hitting their bodies, they moved to the faces and other sinister locations. The addition of Zhou Dahu’s people suddenly caused the situation to come to a standstill.

Originally, Zhou Dahu and Baldy had left to look for people together, but when Baldy went to look for people, everyone was together, so they had come at once. On the other hand, Zhou Dahu had to gather people up in small groups, so it took much longer.

They came late, but it didn’t affect their momentum. Seeing Leng Rufeng and Zhao Jiuge take the lead, they were filled with courage.

The crowd surrounding Zhao Jiuge and company was scattered by the people that had just arrived. Bai Zimo was able to finally squeeze in and come face to face against Zhao Jiuge.

It was never too late for a gentleman to take revenge, even after 10 years. However, Bai Zimo felt like it was too late, too late! The day he had been waiting for had finally arrived, and because of how excited he was, he was trembling.

Mu Zijun has been watching from the side with a cold expression and could no longer hold back once he saw all these people rush in. He charged in and directly found Leng Rufeng. Leng Rufeng wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked contemptuously at Mu Zijun, smiling.

Zhao Jiuge was startled when he saw Bai Zimo. He hadn’t expected to meet Bai Zimo so early. Bai Zimo had an arrogant smile and looked like he was going to say something. How could Zhao Jiuge give him the chance to speak nonsense? He immediately sent a slap over. Caught off guard, Bai Zimo barely managed to avoid it, but he was forced back a few steps.

His brows that were raised due to his arrogant smile suddenly furrowed. His face was so gloomy, it looked like it was going to drip water.

When enemies meet, their eyes turn red.

This time, Bai Zimo was smart and didn’t waste time speaking nonsense. He leaped toward Zhao Jiuge, his palms smashing.

Zhao Jiuge was not afraid when he faced Bai Zimo’s killing intent and the furious tide of attacks. Zhao Jiuge copied Bai Zimo’s attack to counter, but he also sent out a kick that landed on Bai Zimo’s stomach.

Zhao Jiuge chuckled. He was not one to go easy. When he saw Bai Zimo shiver from anger, he felt happy. He hated Bai Zimo’s arrogant face.

A wave of spirit force fluctuations suddenly appeared. Although it wasn’t powerful, it was particularly shocking among this group of 70 or so people fighting.

Both sides involuntarily stopped what they were doing and looked toward the source of the spirit force. They saw Zhou Dahu on the ground with three people kicking him. He probably couldn’t hold back his anger and released his spirit force. His Blood Movement Realm spirit force surged out, and although it was not very strong, it was much stronger than someone not using spirit force. This caused the three youths attacking him to lose their balance and get sent flying.

This whole time, both sides came to the tacit understanding of not using spirit force because it was difficult to control spirit force and they could easily cause serious injuries. However, in this large scale fight, Zhou Dahu took the lease in using spirit force. The three youths that were sent flying couldn’t hold back their anger and also released their spirit force.

There three more flashes of spirit light and the four of them created a vacuum around them. Feeling threatened, the others all released their spirit force. At this moment, the situation became a complete mess.

Who would have thought that because of one person, everyone would begin using spirit force? This sudden change caused the bored young girls on the sidelines to suddenly turn pale.

Their eyes were wide open and their mouths were gaping in shock. It would be very normal for people to die in such large fights involving spirit force!

Leng Rufeng’s expression finally became serious. The situation had developed out of his control. However, when he looked at the aggressive Mu Zijun, Leng Rufeng steeled his heart. He had fallen into a disadvantageous position to Mu Zijun, so he also released his spirit force.

Although Zhao Jiuge felt a chill when this happened, since others had begun using spirit force, he was not going to hold back. There was no need to talk about the rules anymore.

Golden spirit force spread out, exuding a powerful light. This immediately overshadowed the rest of the spirit force here. He was going to take the advantage by making the first move. Zhao Jiuge waved his hand and a mass of spirit force smashed toward Bai Zimo’s chest. Bai Zimo was caught off guard and was barely able to release a protective layer of spirit force.

At the same time, Bai Zimo’s eyes became cold. It has to be said even with how arrogant he was, he didn’t dare to use spirit force during the fight. The consequences were no joke. No matter how powerful the Bai family was, they could not stand against the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, which was one of the seven holy lands.

Even though the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect had fallen, even a dying camel was bigger than a horse. He wouldn’t dare to carelessly provoke the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

While Bai Zimo was startled, Zhao Jiuge sent another wave of spirit force toward him. He didn’t wait for the result and quickly leaped to the side.

Now that he was using spirit force, both his strength and speed had increased greatly. Zhao Jiuge was like a madman—the more he moved, the less he held back. His spirit force erupted completely.

Even though Leng Rufeng and Mu Zijun were using spirit force, they wouldn't dare to go all out. They were merely holding each other back in fear of causing too much trouble.

The disciples from poor families were at a disadvantage, but after Zhao Jiuge went crazy, they gradually gained the upper hand.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t care about the consequences, he directly attacked the disciples from influential families with spirit force.

All of a sudden, they were all sent flying into the grass, coughing out blood. They were caught off guard and were hit by Zhao Jiuge’s attacks without any chance to block. This kind of ruthlessness even made Bai Zimo’s heart feel a chill. Zhao Jiuge was too bold!

In truth, how could Zhao Jiuge be blamed? It was them who had bullied Luo Xie first and didn’t stop. Zhao Jiuge had been bullied since he was young, and now he finally had the strength to vent all the anger in his heart. He didn’t care about the consequences.

Soon, there weren’t many people who could still move left. Zhao Jiuge’s eyes became somewhat scarlet and he coldly looked at Bai Zimo.

Bai Zimo suddenly felt a chill when those cold eyes locked on to him. In a fair and open fight, Bai Zimo didn’t care and Zhao Jiuge didn’t fear him. However, Bai Zimo was worried right now and was afraid of using his full force. He was afraid the sect would investigate this matter. Now that Zhao Jiuge was locked on to him, he suddenly didn’t know what to do. Battling was not an option, and not battling was also not an option.

There were youths lying on the ground. Those that had suffered lighter injuries just had some bruises and cuts. Those who had more serious injuries were bleeding and their clothes had been cut by spirit force. They were in sorry states and were moaning in pain.

The lively young girls didn’t expect this to happen. They were merely here to watch the excitement. Their faces all turned white and the smiles on their faces disappeared when they looked at the miserable scene before them.

Zhao Jiuge only felt anger in his chest. Since things were already at this point, he might as well be more ferocious. He let out a snort and coldly looked at Bai Zimo. Light spread out from his body—it was the sign he was going to launch another attack. Bai Zimo’s pupils shrank and he began to ponder. Should he go all out to fight against Zhao Jiuge while completely ignoring the sect rules, or endure once more in front of everyone?

Zhao Jiuge released a ray of silver sword energy. Bai Zimo watched it get larger and larger. Before Bai Zimo could decide what to do, a loud roar echoed and a powerful pressure descended on everyone, making it difficult to breathe.

Three figures closed in from the distance. They were three black dots at first, then all three instructors arrived. The angry roar was from Instructor Zhou.

He was originally cultivating, and although he had noticed this nonsense earlier, he let it be. Physical fights between disciples were normal, but in the end, the situation became too intense. Not only him, the other two instructors were shocked as well. The three of them immediately made their move to intervene.

The people present immediately found it difficult to breath from the pressure and could no longer move. The sword energy disappeared as well. Only Bai Zimo relaxed. He looked at the three instructors and then at Zhao Jiuge with a gloating smile. He was glad he hadn’t made a move.

Instructors Li and Wang were gloomy and didn’t speak. They waved their sleeves and took the seriously injured disciples away to recover. They left Instructor Zhou here, who laughed in anger.

He looked at the situation here, and his beard was trembling. After a long time, he slowly said, “It hasn’t been long and you all have become so unruly. Do you think this is your home and you can do as you wish? If I don’t teach you all a lesson now, you will never learn. The person leading will go to the Ponder Sword Cliff for one year of confinement.”

After hearing Instructor Zhou’s words, the crowd looked toward him in shock.

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