Book 2, Chapter 58 - Ponder Sword Cliff

Knock. Knock. Knock.

The noisy footsteps closed in from the distance. Every step seemed to be stomping on their hearts. With these footsteps, everyone knew that the people they were waiting for had finally arrived. His honest face was replaced by the melancholy in his brows. He had his hands behind his back while he walked across the grass with more than 20 disciples from influential families behind him. It was Wang Baiwan.

Dozens of figures appeared in the distance. The person in front was fat but gave off an extraordinary aura. 

The more than 20 figures behind him were all rushing here and were not afraid of anything. When they heard about the situation from Baldy, they all became excited and followed Wang Baiwan here.

When Bai Zimo and the youths saw their own people arrive, they revealed proud smiles. At this moment, the disciples from influential families had 30 to 40 people. Without Bai Zimo or Mu Zijun’s command, they walked to surround Zhao Jiuge’s group of seven or eight people.

The youths behind Zhao Jiuge didn’t have much fighting experience, so they were already stiff and unsettled. Now that they saw that the other group had more people, they began to shiver. Their expressions were ugly as they looked at the disciples from influential families.

Zhao Jiuge didn't panic at all and raised his brows. Then he stared at Wang Baiwan.

As if he felt something, Wang Baiwan also looked toward Zhao Jiuge. When their gazes met, it felt like the world stopped.

The moment their gazes met, everything they experienced together flowed through their hearts.

Once upon a time, even if we drank all night, it wouldn’t have been enough.

Their gazes met for a few seconds before Wang Baiwan shifted his gaze due to his guilty conscience and looked elsewhere.

This scene made Zhao Jiuge sigh in his heart. “Why can't we be like old friends even in the end? I can’t tell if you’re my friend or enemy, I’m unable to see through it all.”

Zhao Jiuge’s expression became gloomy and he secretly prepared his spirit force. If anything went slightly wrong, Zhao Jiuge was ready to harden his heart no matter the consequence. Although the fight so far had been only with their physical bodies, as using spirit force would break sect rules, Zhao Jiuge had no choice since he was on the weaker side. After seeing Wang Baiwan’s expression, Zhao Jiuge knew that this could not be stopped. There was no room to negotiate.

One side had no less than 40 people, while the other side only had 10 people. There were more than a dozen girls standing by and pointing. They were laughing and filled with excitement. Only a few of them looked anxious, but they had no way of stopping this big fight. Only Bai Qingqing looked on with indifference.

Before, she only hated that Zhao Jiuge didn’t cultivate properly, but she hadn’t expected this to affect Zhao Jiuge’s self-esteem. She was smart, so she immediately stopped trying to discourage him. After all, men and women had different mentalites regarding this and didn’t pursue the same things. She knew not to say more and just watched and waited for when the situation went wrong to intervene.

Although she didn’t like how the disciples from influential families were so arrogant, she was also one of them. She also didn’t hate those disciples from the poor families, so she decided to let them be.

Bai Zimo let out a cruel laugh. The disciples from influential families were itching for a fight and all walked up aggressively. This time, more than 40 people completely surrounded them. As they stepped forward, the few youths behind Zhao Jiuge turned ashen and retreated. When they could no longer retreat, their breathing became rough as they waited for the fight to begin.

Leng Rufeng and Zhao Jiuge didn’t act like them. After all, they were at the Spirit Transformation Realm, so their physical bodies were a lot stronger, unlike some of the youths who were only at the Blood Movement Realm.

Zhao Jiuge and Leng Rufeng looked at each other and both laughed. They both saw the determination in each other's eyes, those fearless auras. They threw away all other distractions. As long as they were confident, what was there to fear?

The dangers and hardship they would face on the path of cultivation would not be easy, so how could they be afraid of a small fight stopping them now?

Zhao Jiuge only felt a heart-moving and heroic feeling surge in his chest.

Leng Rufeng also felt a heroic feeling surge in him, and he let out a laugh.

Not only did their actions give the seven or eight youths courage, they also stunned the 40 or so people on the other side. They didn’t know what these two were up to.

Bai Zimo couldn’t stand how the two people could be so calm while being surrounded. He gloomily shouted, “Pretending to be mysterious? Beat them up. Let these bumpinks know what strength is.” 

The disciples from influential families already could not hold back anymore and swarmed forward, ready for a fight. Seeing this, Bai Zimo felt a sense of pleasure. He already couldn’t stand looking at Zhao Jiuge and was itching to get revenge.

Only Mu Zijun revealed a look of disdain and felt it beneath him to make a move. He still watched with his usual elegance.

Bai Zimo glanced over with the corner of his eye and snorted in his heart. He also couldn’t stand Mu Zijun, who always looked like he was superior, but he was not as strong, so he didn’t reveal his true intent for the time being. When the time was right, he would deal with Mu Zijun as well. Thinking about this, Bai Zimo’s gaze became grim.

Inside the encirclement, when Zhao Jiuge saw the group of disciples from influential families swarm toward him after Bai Zimo’s order, his blood boiled. He couldn’t hear anything else and only focused on them. At this moment, Zhao Jiuge moved!

He opened his arms like an eagle spreading its wings to guard against the punches and kicks of three youths from the other side. Although they didn’t use spirit force, someone whose body had been refined at the Spirit Detecting Realm and Blood Movement Realm was light years tougher than an ordinary person.

The heavy yet dull sounds of flesh colliding echoed through everyone’s ears.

At this moment, Zhao Jiuge erupted in anger and no longer paid attention to the situation of the field. His right hand swept forward in an arc like a swallow playing with water. His hand quickly swept by but left no trace.

Three crisps sounds and three red flap marks appeared on the faces of three youths from influential families.

It wasn’t due to the pain or anger that their faces turned red. Their eyes widened and they looked at Zhao Jiuge in shock. They hadn’t expected Zhao Jiuge to slap them in the face. They had been spoiled at home and had never suffered this kind of humiliation. They suddenly let out roars.

Zhao Jiuge used his full strength in these slaps without holding back. It has to be said that even without spirit force, the body of a Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator was as hard as steel. Shortly after being hit, their faces turned from red to green and swollen.

Seeing the three of them roaring in anger, Zhao jiuge just sneered in disdain. He then kicked them in their abdomens three times in a row. They all flew backwards in the shapes of shrimps and even knocked back some of the people behind them.

Even without spirit force, the power and agility of someone at the Spirit Transformation Realm was much better than ordinary people. Not to mention the fact that Zhao Jiuge also cultivated the Sanskrit Divine Body.

Bai Zimo watched from afar with bloodthirst, wanting to go in to fight Zhao Jiuge. However, more than 40 disciples were surrounding the dozen or so disciples from the poor families, so Bai Zimo couldn’t get close at all.

Muffled sounds continued to echo from Zhao Jiuge’s body. After a long time, even with Zhao Jiuge’s body, he was getting overwhelmed and felt pain from some parts of his body. Even with his superior physical body, he could not show his true power. After all, there were simply too many people, and he was surrounded.

The situation was completely one-sided. Except for Leng Rufeng and Zhao Jiuge, the other seven or eight poor youths were all curled up and being beaten. Some were even knocked flat on the ground.

Zhao Jiuge noticed the situation, but he was completely restrained. He was anxious but could not resolve the situation.

When the young girls watching saw that there was no excitement, their expressions became dull. There was no enthusiasm, so their pretty faces were filled with disappointment. 

Only Bai Qingqing was watching Zhao Jiuge’s expression in a daze, and a look of helplessness appeared on her mouth. Girls matured earlier, so she felt bored watching them fight. It was like watching a bunch of kids fight, and she hadn’t expected Zhao Jiuge to be like this as well. While she felt helpless, she also felt a little disappointed, but even more so she became curious to what his past was like.

The fighting continued and loud noises echoed—sounds of bodies colliding, fists punching, feet kicking, voices cursing, and cries of pain.

In this otherworldly place, there was a place that was peaceful and completely quiet.

Northeastern corner of the Mysterious Heaven Peak.

Beside a natural waterfall that flowed off a cliff, there was actually a natural cave. Three sides of the were surrounded by cliffs and only one side revealed ¼ of the Mysterious Heaven Peak’s beautiful scenery. This natural cave was in the middle of the cliff. It was very beautiful, but it was not a place a human could reach. 

The cave was not big—one could immediately see the entire cave at a glance. There were three large characters carved on the stone wall. The words were distorted but were filled with sword intent.

If one walked closer, one would see that the three large words carved with vermillion red paint said “Sword Ponder Cliff.”

The Sword Ponder Cliff seemed out of place on the noisy Mysterious Heaven Peak.

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