Book 2, Chapter 57 - The Storm Rises

“Hehe, this little yard is too small. It would be inconvenient to stretch our fists and legs here. Do you dare to go out and fight?” Bai Zimo had an arrogant smile and sneered at Zhao Jiuge and Leng Rufeng.

Zhao Jiuge frowned and felt extremely unhappy. His disgust for Bai Zimo had reached an extreme and he was reluctant to even say a word, but he took the lead to head outside. It was Leng Rufeng who smiled and said, “Why would we not dare?”

After he finished speaking, he also followed Zhao Jiuge out of the courtyard. The seven or eight youths who had come with Leng Rufeng heard his words and saw Zhao Jiuge’s leave, so they followed. They had their heads held high and chests puffed out as they walked past the disciples from influential families.

In the past, they could not have such courage. Every time they were bullied, they would only swallow it and hide. Now there was someone supporting them, and these youth couldn’t help but become hotblooded.

Looking at how happy those bumpkins looked, the youths from influential families all let out  cold snorts and thought that those bumpkins were really bumpkins. Only Bai Zimo stared at Zhao Jiuge’s back with excitement in his eyes. Today, he would finally have the chance to deal with Zhao Jiuge in order to vent the hatred in his heart.

Mu Zijun didn’t care about what the two sides were talking about. He had a gloomy expression as he walked out of the encirclement. A few of the disciples from influential families immediately followed Mu Zijun and completely left Bai Zimo to look proud on his own.

At this moment, the previously lively yard was silent, leaving only the gloomy Bai Zimo. He coldly looked at Mu Zijun’s back and roared in his heart. Originally, he thought that although he couldn’t beat Mu Zijun, he wasn’t much worse. He wanted to stand out, but no matter what he did, he was always a bit short compared to Mu Zijun, and his prestige was not as good.

Bai Zimo revealed a cruel smile and his dark eyes were a bit bloodthirsty as he secretly thought, “Just you all wait. Today will be the day I show you that I, Bai Zimo, am not easy to deal with. Also, there is Zhao Jiuge. Today is the day that I, Bai Zimo, show off my might. I’ll show those bumpkins my strength and also show those disciples from influential families that I’m not much worse than Mu Zijun!”

On the wide grass field beside Mirror Moon Lake.

At this moment, two groups of people started to gather. The two groups were clearly divided on the grass field. On one side was Zhao Jiuge, Leng Rufeng, and the other disciples from poor families. On the other side was the elegant Mu Zijun, the proud Bai Zimo, and the disciples of influential families. Both sides had about a dozen figures behind them, and more people were arriving.

The disciples from influential families were all talking and laughing. They didn’t feel nervous at all and they would occasionally look at those bumpkins mockingly.

In contrast, the people behind Zhao Jiuge and Leng Rufeng were stiff and their expressions were ugly. They silently looked at each other, and the atmosphere was a bit oppressive, like there was something weighing down on their hearts. When they saw how calm Zhao Jiuge and Leng Rufeng were, they relaxed a bit. They originally thought Leng Rufeng was outstanding enough and had made him their core. Now that Zhao Jiuge had appeared, although the two of them didn’t look like anything special, it brought them a peace of mind.

Feeling the oppressive atmosphere behind him, Zhao Jiuge smiled. He was no longer the youth who had just left the mountain village. After experiencing so many life and death situations, this was merely a small fight. He felt no excitement and was only waiting for revenge.

“There’s nothing to worry about. Since I got involved in this matter, I will not let it go unless I’m the first one to go down. Don’t get stressed over such trivial matters, you have to be manly enough for that thing down there.” Zhao Jiuge spoke with a smile. He knew these disciples were the same as him when he first started cultivation. They were very formal, so he teased them a bit.

Sure enough, those youth all began to giggle and the oppressive atmosphere eased a bit. They were no longer as nervous as before. They carefully observed Zhao Jiuge and found that not only was he approachable, he also wasn’t arrogant because of his strength. When they thought about the battle Zhao Jiuge had with the youth with the scar, their eyes were filled with passion.

Both sides were rubbing their hands, waiting for their people to arrive to fight. At this moment, the grass rustled and everyone quietly waited.

Everyone’s gazes suddenly swept to the right because they heard a sound. They all wanted to see which side’s people had arrived!

The next second, everyone was disappointed. Only Zhao Jiuge was shocked.

Because only one person came.

His face was bruised and he had a black eye. Luo Xie slowly walked over from the distance with great difficulty. His mouth occasionally twitched, likely due to the pain from his injuries caused by walking.

When Luo Xie arrived, Zhao Jiuge stared at him. He angrily asked, “What did you come here for?”

Luo Xie first looked at Mu Zijun’s group and then whispered into Zhao Jiuge’s ear, “Zhao Jiuge, let’s forget it. Otherwise, things will get out of hand.”

Zhao Jiuge’s brows furrowed and anger appeared on his face. When he saw Luo Xie acting all timid, anger surged in his heart. He no longer had a smile and scolded, “Scram back to recover, there is nothing for you to do here. Even if you hadn’t gotten beaten up, I can’t stand them being so arrogant.”

Luo Xie no longer dared to make a sound after being roared at by Zhao Jiuge. He tiptoed back and his mouth moved. “Hmph, since it's like this, I won’t leave. At most, I’ll fight.”

Although his voice was small to a pitiful degree, Zhao Jiuge still heard it clearly. The corner of Zhao Jiuge’s mouth twitched, but he didn’t insist on Luo Xie going back even though his injuries hadn't healed.

Just now, Zhao Jiuge’s scolding was so loud that even Mu Zijun’s group had heard. Bai Zimo only revealed a cruel smile, but Mu Zijun’s face sank. It seemed that Zhao Jigue was going to stick to this matter until the end.

After waiting for a long time, everyone became a little impatient. A lot of young girls were gathered around them. They were all watching with excitement. Most of these young girls knew the disciples from influential families, and their own family backgrounds were not bad. They were pointing at people on both sides while talking and laughing.

A graceful and alluring girl walked out. She rushed toward Zhao Jiuge with an unkind expression—it was Bai Qingqing.

She was as fast as lightning and she didn’t waste any time. She directly went to the point. “Zhao Jiuge, what is going on? Why are you taking the lead to cause trouble? If you have the energy, why not spend it cultivating?”

Zhao Jiuge was originally happy when he saw Bai Qingqing, since he hadn’t seen her in a month. However, he didn’t expect to be questioned like this right away. Zhao Jiuge was stunned and then his anger surged. “What do you mean I’m taking the lead to cause trouble? What about it? Do you not see how Luo Xie is beaten up? I just can’t stand them being so arrogant, so I’m going to teach them a lesson!”

Bai Qing looked at Luo Xie. His face was bruised and he was indeed in a sorry state.

Her tone suddenly eased a lot. “But you still can’t cause such a big scene. You think you’re powerful now? You think you’re very manly? You’re 15 or 16 years old now, why can’t you be more mature?”

Facing a series of questions and a scolding, Zhao Jiuge stared at Bai Qingqing with an unconvinced expression. He then pointed at himself. “Was I the one to cause the trouble? Am I someone who likes to make a scene?”

Bai Qingqing stopped talking. After the time they spent together, Bai Qingqing had a good understanding of Zhao Jiuge’s personality. Just when she was about to explain, Zhao Jiuge’s following words immediately embarrassed her.

“Why should only the disciples with influential family backgrounds be arrogant and domineering? Should us disciples from poor families be bullied by you all everyday? Do you want to break off our friendship and walk our separate paths like Wang Baiwan?” He spoke each word without blinking. He carefully looked at Bai Qingqing’s expression—he wanted to know what she was thinking.

Seeing Zhao Jiuge’s expression, Bai Qingqing didn’t know what to do at this moment. When she was cultivating, she heard about the fuss and rushed here after hearing that Zhao Jiuge was involved. She had come here with good intentions, but she never thought she would be misunderstood by Zhao Jiuge. Perhaps what she had heard was different from the facts.

Zhao Jiuge’s look of disbelief immediately touched Bai Qingqing’s soft side. Her voice became soft and gentle. “No, I was just anxious for a moment. I just want you to mature a bit and focus on cultivation. I still want to explore the world with you in the future. Otherwise, you will need Big Sister to take care of you forever.” In the end, Bai Qingqing couldn’t help but tease Zhao Jiuge.

After hearing Bai Qingqing’s words and seeing her alluring appearance, it felt like they had returned back to when they were doing the mission. Friendship was like a jar of old wine—the more time passed the stronger it would become. Zhao Jiuge felt something in his heart. Some words didn’t need to be said—as long as he himself understood, it was fine.

Perhaps some misunderstandings only needed one gaze to be resolved.

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