Book 2, Chapter 56 - Fiercely Opposed

“You put the cock in cocky.”

When he said those explicit words loaded with hidden meaning, the originally dim expressions from the youths behind him suddenly burned with passion. They looked at Zhao Jiuge with incredulous looks. They didn’t think someone as handsome and gentle as Zhao Jiuge could say such words—the other person was Mu Zijun after all.

Zhao Jiuge was not afraid at all and could still stare back at Mu Zijun. His words didn’t show any sign of retreat. The seven or eight youths all felt their bodies tremble because of the excitement, causing their blood to boil. They felt Zhao Jiuge’s attitude. Even though they knew how strong Mu Zijun was, they were also no longer afraid. They all looked at Mu Zijun impatiently as if they were looking at a chicken about to be slaughtered.

Mu Zijun had a smile like everything was planned out, but when he heard Zhao Jiuge’s words, he became gloomy. Feeling the subtle change in atmosphere, his pupils suddenly shrank. He looked at Zhao Jiuge and coldly said, “Zhao Jiuge, I know you have some strength, and you think you can rely on that to do whatever you want, but I think you’re wrong. I hope you won’t regret it.”

Facing Mu Zijun’s threat, Zhao Jiuge didn’t care at all. Since they had broken all pretense, there was no need to worry. What’s more, they were walking different paths now. He never liked how arrogant those disciples from influential families acted, and he couldn’t put up with them randomly bullying others.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t hide his disdain for Mu Zijun’s smile. He was about to speak when Leng Rufeng stepped forward and moved like the wind. He immediately stood at the door, blocking Mu Zijun’s path of retreat. Seeing Leng Rufeng move, the other youths all came to a tacit understanding and followed Leng Rufeng. They moved in a fan shape and surrounded Mu Zijun.

“I want to see who will regret it today. Hey, I know you have some strength, and you think you can rely on that to do whatever you want, but I think you’re wrong.” Zhao Jiuge sent the same words back to Zijun. When Leng Rufeng saw Mu Zijun’s expression, he felt quite pleased, and at the same time, he admired Zhao Jiuge even more. If it were him, he could not be as calm as Zhao Jiuge.

When Zhao Jiuge finished speaking, Leng Rufeng knew that Zhao Jiuge was completely on their side now. Seeing how Mu Zijun was alone, Leng Rufeng steeled his heart and made a vicious decision to deal with Mu Zijun now. Even though Mu Zijun was strong, there was still him and Zhao Jiuge. Not to mention they had seven or eight more people on their side.

Zhao Jiuge closed his eyes, and when he opened them, he repeated the same words from that day. “Don’t be too arrogant.” He was a bit stunned when he saw Leng Rufeng ready to make a move. He thought for a bit and understood. He looked meaningfully at Leng Rufeng. The youth had an ordinary appearance but was very decisive in his actions. Zhao Jiuge didn’t object, he also wanted to teach Mu Zijun a lesson.

“You…” Seeing Leng Rufeng’s intent to act, his expression finally became serious. He originally thought that if he came here himself, he would not make a mistake and would make the other side bow. Then he would be able to give an account to the disciples from influential families and increase his own prestige. Who would have known he would run into Leng Rufeng and seven or eight other disciples from poor families. Most importantly, Zhao Jiuge seemed to have something to rely on and was not backing down. This made the always-calm Mu Zijun speechless and a bit of panic appeared on his face.

The atmosphere became more and more oppressive, and some people found it difficult to breathe. At this moment, everyone was waiting for someone to break this deadlock. Mu Zijun was tense and vigilant, trying to prevent anyone from launching a sneak attack on him.

“Hahahaha… So lively.” A loud laugh broke this atmosphere. Leng Rufeng and Zhao Jiuge raised their eyebrows and looked to the door. They wondered who had come. Today sure was lively for them to come one by one. Mu Zijun secretly sighed in relief.

When he saw Bai Zimo walk in with that arrogant smile, Mu Zijun cursed in his heart. While Bai Zimo normally looked useless, he was useful during these key situations. It was fortunate Bai Zimo had come, or else not only would he be beaten, but all his reputation would be gone.

Bai Zimo was wearing his white and golden robe today. He had several disciples from the influential families behind him. When he entered, the originally small courtyard became very crowded. Both sides stared off against each other, as if one disagreement would cause everyone to fight.

“What’s wrong? Continue. I heard someone calling me from far away. Now that I’m here, why don’t you continue talking? I’d like to see who is stronger today. You have more people? I’ll see who has more people between us!” Bai Zimo’s face was filled with arrogance. He had his left hand on his waist and his right hand was pointing at everyone in the courtyard one by one. At the beginning he had a smile but his expression became more and more gloomy. When he looked at Zhao Jiuge his eyes were filled with hatred.

Bai Zimo turned and shouted at the youth with sparse hair, “Baldy, go back and call everyone here. Yesterday, these bumpkins weren't beaten enough. We are going to let them thoroughly enjoy it today.”

The youth named Baldy responsed and quickly ran out of the courtyard. He was likely going to the residence of the youth with the dimples to call for people.

Leng Rufeng looked at Bai Zimo’s expression and his rage completely flared up. He also yelled, “Zhou Dahu, you go call everyone as well. Damn them all, let’s fight!”

Leng Rufeng’s gentle face was flushed red and the veins on his forehead were swollen. His aura suddenly changed!

Hearing this, Zhou Dahu’s eyes burned with passion. He didn’t feel timid due to the atmosphere but rather felt that it was not exciting enough. He excitedly rushed out. Both sides had gone to call for their own people.

The people present all watched with cold gazes and didn’t stop each other from calling for more people. One side was gearing up because they would get to bully those bumpkins more today. The other group was excited because Zhao Jiuge had joined them.

Hearts raced on both sides and their breathing became rough. They could not hide the excitement in their eyes.

Zhao Jiuge just quietly stood there, and his face was as calm as water, but he was thinking about how to deal with this matter. He thought for a long time and couldn’t think of anything, so he just stopped. He decided to live in the moment and let nature take its course.

He chuckled and helplessly shook his head. He had only been at the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect for such a short period of time and had already caused so much trouble. However, Zhao Jiuge didn’t complain, because no one was going to stop him from moving. There was a noble figure pushing him forward.

In the courtyard, the atmosphere suddenly became subtle. They were fiercely opposed and no one was willing to back down.

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