Book 2, Chapter 55 - You Put the Cock in Cocky

The next day, when the early morning sun tore open the darkness, a new day arrived.  Everything was the same as usual and the world continued to run, but at the Mysterious Heaven Peak, today brought about something different.

Zhao Jiuge’s residence was still that simple and humble-looking wooden house.

In the courtyard, the ordinary-looking Leng Rufeng arrived in his blue sword robe as they had promised. His face still had a warm smile, and behind him were seven or eight youths of varying statures. There were actually a few Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators among them. Facing them was one youth with his aura withdrawn. It was Zhao Jiuge.

Leng Rufeng looked at Zhao Jiuge with a smile. Then he put his hands behind his back and gently said, “Brother Zhao, I heard you caused quite the ruckus yesterday. I heard things got pretty lively late last night.”

What had happened yesterday was quite big, and now both sides were incompatible like water and fire. Yesterday, Leng Rufeng and company were beaten, so they naturally would not just let this go. The disciples from influential families were afraid of revenge, so they naturally had people observing Leng Rufeng and company’s movements.

Yesterday, after Leng Rufeng left, he went to deal with the aftermath with several others and then heard about what Zhao Jiuge had done. He couldn't help but admire Zhao Jiuge. He didn’t expect Zhao Jiuge to make such a big move shortly after he left. Not everyone had the courage to do this. Who wouldn’t be vigilant when facing these arrogant disciples from influential families?

Zhao Jiuge only revealed a casual smile and waved his hand. He felt a bit embarrassed and modestly shook his head. “What are you talking about? I just can’t stand it. What’s more, Luo Xie and I live under the same roof. Seeing him like that angered me as well. Are disciples from influential families that great? As long as we work hard, even if we start late and have a worse foundation, we can still beat them. I’m just afraid some people will beat themselves down. Are we really dumber than them?”

As Zhao Jiuge spoke, the aura around his entire body changed. This movement unintentionally exuded an aura of confidence. His gaze and words were powerful.

Not only Leng Rufeng, even the youths behind him revealed looks of admiration for Zhao Jiuge. One of the youths had slightly darker skin and his body was larger than average. He had an honest look on his face. His face turned red with excitement and he couldn’t stop staring at Zhao Jiuge.

This burly youth with slightly darker skin suddenly caught Zhao Jiuge’s attention, and he couldn't help but look over. Zhao Jiuge felt that this person was part of this group of disciples, but he couldn’t remember that person’s name.

Seeing Zhao Jiuge look behind him, Leng Rufeng smiled and explained, “Brother Jiuge, I almost forgot to introduce you. These are our good brothers who are all honest and like-minded. We all came from poor families and were bullied, so we naturally gathered together. That’s how the group fight happened yesterday.”

Looking at the burly, honest youth with dark skin showing a reserved look, Leng Rufeng couldn’t help but find it funny. He stepped back and smiled. “He is called Zhou Dahu, he admires you a lot.”

Seeing Leng Rufeng pull him to introduce him to his idol, Zhao Jiuge, Zhou Dahu panicked. However, when he saw Zhao Jiuge look at him with a gentle expression and not putting on airs due to his strength, Zhou Dahu relaxed a bit. But shortly after, he felt a little overwhelmed.

He clenched the end of his sword robe and just revealed a silly smile. He didn’t know what to do. Perhaps he felt it was a bit too humiliating, so he nervously swallowed and stuttered, “Brother Zhao, when I saw how cool and handsome you were, I… I… I was shocked. I’ve admired you for a long time, and today, I finally get to see the living Brother Zhao.”

Zhou Dahu’s hand clenching his robe became sweaty and he maintained that silly smile. He smiled for so long, his face became stiff. When he heard his companions laughing and saw Zhao Jiuge’s stunned expression, he realized he had said something wrong.

His face immediately turned red and he became even more nervous. He then violently waved his arm and shook his head. He quickly explained, “No, I misspoke, Brother Zhao, I meant that I’m finally able to see Brother Zhao up close.”

Looking at the honest Zhou Dahu, Zhao Jiuge couldn’t help but have a good feeling toward him, even though it was their first time meeting. He didn’t want Zhou Dahu to continue feeling embarrassed, so he said, “No problem. Now that we have met each other, you will be able to see the living me more often.”

Zhao Jiuge smiled and he responded with good humor. At this moment, the atmosphere in the courtyard was joyous. Leng Rufeng secretly let out a sigh. Yesterday, he was struggling on how to deal with this matter. No matter how strong he was, he couldn’t deal with so many people. Yesterday, when he carried Luo Xie back, he was thinking about how to interact with Zhao Jiuge. However, things had gone better than expected, and Zhao Jiuge immediately made a move. Once Zhao Jiuge made his move, it didn’t matter if he had done it for Luo Xie or to join this group. He was now tied with them in dealing with the disciples from influential families.

However, Zhao Jiuge was not stupid—he wouldn’t resist the kindness of other. After initial contact, he really liked these people’s simple natures—they made him feel happy. Compared to Wang Baiwan and Mu Zjiun, who always had their own plans, Zhao Jiuge much preferred to get along with these youths who had no complicated plans. He could be much more carefree and relaxed around them.

Even the seven or eight youths behind Leng Rufeng stepped forward to greet Zhao Jiuge one by one. Zhao Jiuge responded with a smile without the slightest look of arrogance. After seeing Leng Rufeng’s desire to speak, Zhao Jiuge didn’t hide his intent and said, “I know why you are all here, so don’t worry. I was also born poor, and Luo Xie is like a brother to me. Ever since I was little, I had no friends, I was only accompanied by a wooden horse. Since you all look up to me, then no matter what they want to do, you can count me in.”

After hearing Zhao Jiuge’s straightforward words, everyone was moved. Although there was nothing fancy about those words, his honesty reassured everyone.

“That’s great! With Senior Brother Zhao around, we’ll never be bullied again. We’ll beat those damn young masters!” The burly Zhou Dahu gritted his teeth and clenched his fists while he cursed.

The last worry in Leng Rufeng’s heart completely dissipated, and the others were all cheering. With the addition of Zhao Jiuge, it was more than just one more person on their side. Yesterday, when they fought, they were ganged up on and fell due to a disadvantage. 

They were all filled with youthful spirit, they just wanted to get pay back.

No one would feel good about being beaten. With the addition of Zhao Jiuge, their spirits were all uplifted. Even though they were beaten today, they were all gearing up to go at it again. They were a little eager to have another battle against those disciples from influential families.

“Hahaha… I think it's too early for some of you to be happy.” A voice that didn’t fit the atmosphere suddenly echoed in the courtyard.

Zhao Jiuge and Leng Rufeng’s eyebrows furrowed at once and they narrowed their eyes at the door. They saw Mu Zijun standing gracefully at the doorway with a jade fan in his hand. He looked at Zhao Jiuge and company with a smile. Neither Zhao Jiuge nor Leng Rufeng noticed anyone approaching, which put them on guard. This Mu Zijun was really unfathomable.

Seeing Mu Zijun arrive, the seven or eight youths who had come with Leng Rufeng all glared at him and moved. They secretly formed an oval shape surrounding Mu Zijun. It looked like they were ready to act if there were any disagreements.

After all, Mu Zijun’s attacks were the most insidious, fastest, and most vicious yesterday. Mu Zijun sneered as he looked at them, but he didn’t move. Then he looked at Zhao Jiuge and Leng Rufeng. His gaze darted back and forth with amusement in his eyes. Only when he looked at Zhao Jiuge was there a hint of complication.

However, Mu Zijun had been nurtured by his family since he was young, so he wouldn’t mess up the situation due to a little emotion. Even now, he just became a bit more cold.

“Zhao Jiuge, are you capable?” He didn’t say any rude words, he merely raised his eyebrow. However, the smile on his face, along with those light words, was more annoying than any provocation.

Zhou Dahu was filled with anger, and when he saw Mu Zjiun's doubt his idol, his face flushed red. He was an honest person, so his speech was a bit clumsy. But at this moment, for some unknown reason, his speech became smooth and he didn’t stutter while he cursed, “Is he capable? Try it on your mother and you will know if he is capable.”

Zhou Dahu had a burly figure. Coupled with his vicious appearance, it was difficult to connect him with the simple and honest youth from before. As he cursed, a lot of saliva flew out everywhere.

“Bumpkins will be bumpkins, even your words are rough. Believe it or not, I can deal with all of you bumpkins by myself. If I wanted to make you round, you would be round. If I wanted you to be flat, you would be flat.” Facing Zhou Dahu’s cursing, Mu Jizun didn’t become angry, but sneered with disdain.

Facing Mu Zijun’s mocking words that contained no cursing, Zhao Jiuge laughed in anger. He wasn’t doing anything and time seemed to stand still. Everyone in the courtyard seemed to be waiting to see Zhao Jiuge’s response and how he would deal with his matter.

Seeing that Zhao Jiuge didn’t react for a long time, they were a little disappointed. They thought that even Zhao Jiuge was afraid of Mu Zijun. However, just everyone was about to sigh in disappointment, Zhao Jiuge’s next words immediately brought everyone’s blood to a boil, and their eyes were filled with fiery passion!

“You put the cock in cocky.” [1] After Zhao Jiuge finished speaking, he didn’t forget to brush aside the hair on his forehead a few times. He smiled and his needle-like stare was locked on to Mu Zijun.

1. The raw here is 请把逼还给牛 which is “Return the 逼 back to the 牛. To understand this, 牛逼 is a variant of 牛屄, which both mean “arrogant” or “cocky.” And 屄 can also mean “cunt” in a vulgar way. So, as you can see, the raw is saying to return the two words back together to form 牛逼/arrogance. Basically, a very roundabout and vulgar way of calling someone arrogant. So I decided to use “You put the cock in cocky” as a replacement.

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