Book 2, Chapter 54 - Arranging a Fight

The youth with the dimples had a look of resentment and was covered in injuries. He was still thinking about how Zhao Jiuge had beat him up. Each scene played in his mind over and over.

The youth with the dimples was someone who was unwilling to be mediocre. Who didn’t want to be frivolous when young?

During the entrance exam, because he saw Bai Zimo take all the attention by being the first to walk the chain, he had decided to be the first to walk up the stairs in order to gain everyone’s attention. After hooking up with Mu Zijun, he spent every day playing with them and making friends. He could not help but have a proud smile on his face. He felt especially good after the big fight today, but he never expected to be caught by Zhao Jiuge shortly after.

“Hmph, I’ll let you be arrogant for now. Now matter how arrogant you are, I don’t believe you can beat Mu Zijun and all of us.”

The youth with the dimples clenched his teeth and had a vicious look on his face while thinking vicious thoughts. When he walked into his room, the sword robe on his body was in tatters and covered in bloodstains. When he entered the room he shared with Zhang Chufeng, a look of resentment disappeared from his face.

“Ah, what happened to you? It has only been a little while and you turn out like this. What happened?” After entering the house, there was a somewhat bald youth who looked at the youth with dimples in shock. He questioned the youth with the dimples and then checked on the injuries.

It would have been better if he hadn’t asked. The youth with the dimples had finally calmed down when anger surged in his heart once more. He angrily shouted, “Guess who I just met!!”

Zhang Chufeng’s puzzled face sank and he asked back, “Who?”

“Zhao Jiuge.” The youth with the dimples gritted his teeth and said the name of the person who had humiliated him. He didn’t care that others knew that he was beaten up, because he thought that there was no shame in losing to Zhao Jiuge. The aura and strength Zhao Jiuge had displayed during that battle had left a deep impression on them all. That wonderful fight shocked their hearts.

Zhang Chufeng raised his eyebrows and showed a hint of uncertainty, “Zhao Jiuge, the one who battled on the stone platform? You said he just beat you up, but why? Hasn’t he been gone for a long time?”

“It’s him. It doesn’t matter how strong he is, I’ll go find Bai Zimo. Didn’t he say that he would deal with Zhao Jiuge sooner or later? Now the opportunity has come.” The youth with the dimple’s face was blue and purple. He didn’t care about the wounds on his face and sneered.

Zhang Chufeng didn’t speak but continued to ponder and let the youth with the dimples continue explaining what had happened.

Mysterious Heaven Peak.

While the youth with the dimples was still telling his story, two more youths were brutally beaten by Zhao Jiuge. Although they weren’t the ones that beat Luo Xie up, Zhao Jiuge didn’t care anymore. He planned to beat them up as he found them.

Originally, Zhao Jiuge wanted to find more people, but there was not enough time. Most people had returned to their rooms, so he could not find any more people to intercept.

After beating up three people, the sky gradually dimmed and the night became cool.

Zhao Jiuge thoroughly felt the pleasure of revenge and also the feeling of doing whatever he wanted because of his strength.

When night completely arrived, people filled the youth with the dimple’s room. It was particularly lively, and there were no less than 20 people here. If one looked closely, they were all people who were the Mirror Moon Lake, all disciples from influential families. At this moment, they all had looks of righteous indignation as they talked.

The youth with the dimples was leaning against the bed, his face covered in bruises. Some places on his body had skin and flesh split open. Although all the blood had been cleaned, it was still a shocking sight. Zhang Chufeng looked at the youth with the dimples and didn’t know what to do.

There were over a dozen people around the bed, with Mu Zijun and Bai Zimo in front. After they heard about what happened, everyone quieted down and looked at Mu Zijun and Bai Zimo. They were waiting for the two of them to speak. They wanted to see how this matter would be dealt with.

This was the respect brought by strength. Among the 20 of them, only Mu Zijun and Bai Zimo were powerful, at the late stage of the Spirit Transformation Realm. The rest were only at the Blood Movement Realm.

“Are you sure Zhao Jiuge made a move? I couldn’t find a reason to deal with him, but heaven really didn’t leave a man with no path. Since he wants to stand out for those bumpkins, I’ll let him pay the price. Since I dealt with them once, I can deal with them again if they haven’t been beaten enough.” Bai Zimo grinned and his eyes burst with excitement. After he finished speaking, he licked his lips.

As soon as he finished speaking, the breathing of the 20 or so people stopped. The eyes of all these youths from influential families lit up. They feared nothing in this world, they only wished for the world to be more chaotic. They were used to being arrogant and domineering before, and they wanted to have some fun now. From Bai Zimo’s tone, they concluded that he was going to find trouble with those bumpkins again and also find trouble with Zhao Jiuge. The fight between the two was inevitable!

“Brother Bai, we support you in knocking down Zhao Jiuge’s fame.”

“That’s right, let those bumpkins see what’s so good about Zhao Jiuge and Leng Rufeng. We still have Senior Brother Mu Zijun and Senior Brother Bai.”

“We all should go up to them directly tomorrow. We can’t let him beat up one of us for no reason. If we don’t teach them a lesson, they won’t know that they should fear us. I can’t stand Zhao Jiuge pretending to be great; just looking at him, I can see he is asking for a beating.”

At this moment, those with vain hearts attacked Zhao Jiuge. Some of the youths had flattering looks on their faces as they flattered Mu Zijun and Bai Zimo. Bai Zimo seemed to enjoy this a lot and smiled as he accepted this flattery of unknown sincerity. His brows were furrowed and he revealed a look of pride.

Only Mu Zijun remained calm, as if he hadn’t heard any of that hypocritical flattery.

However, there were youths that were not as hot-headed as those who had started clamoring first. Was Zhao Jiuge, the person who had given the youth with the scar injuries so serious that he hadn’t returned yet, that easy to provoke? Besides, there was also the dark horse, Leng Rufeng!

You can be confident, but you can’t be arrogant.

“Ah, it's a pity that the youth with the scar has not come back. Otherwise, we would have seven or eight people at the Spirit Transformation Realm.” A sigh suddenly echoed among the crowd.

After speaking of the youth with the scar, everyone suddenly remembered that after being carried away by Instructor Li that day, he hadn’t returned. It has to be said it had been a month. Since they thought of youth with the scar, they also thought about the person who fought a fierce battle against the youth with the scar that day, Zhao Jiuge.

Those youth that were really arrogant suddenly looked like they were forced to eat Chinese Goldthread [1] and became silent from the bitterness. They looked a bit embarrassed and the atmosphere suddenly changed.

It seemed that after one month, some people had already forgotten about the extraordinary battle between Zhao Jiuge and the youth with the scar.

“Zhao Jiuge is not easy to deal with. He has the capital to be arrogant,” a youth with a small stature, tender face, and rosy cheeks muttered in a low voice. Then he suddenly noticed everyone glaring at him angrily. He looked like a child who had done something wrong, and he lowered his gaze in embarrassment.

“Even though he’s strong, the most important thing is to resolve this issue. We can’t let someone be beaten up for nothing, but Zhao Jiuge is a difficult person to deal with. We need to come up with a solution.”

“If you’re unconvinced, then let’s fight! I’m not afraid of any challenge!”

“How about we all go together? Since he is willing to be underhanded, there is no need for us to be righteous. We can go block him directly. There are so many of us, are you afraid we can’t deal with him?”

With someone taking the lead, there would always be someone who agreed. There was never a lack of people who wanted to follow to cause trouble. At this moment, everyone came up with their own thoughts, and the small room became noisy once more.

The calm Mu Zijun frowned slightly and his nose moved slightly. He seemed to dislike the atmosphere here and found them too noisy. He softly said, “I’ll be leaving now. All you rest assured, I’ll have an answer for you all regarding this matter tomorrow night. I’ll first go meet with Zhao Jiuge.”

After he finished speaking, he left while ignoring everyone’s reactions and didn’t even consider what other people thought. Even if he was angry or feeling disgusted, he would still maintain that elegant demeanor because of the way he was raised.

Although Mu Zijun seemed a little proud, compared to Bai Zimo’s frivolousness and arrogance, everyone actually preferred the seemingly cold Mu Zijun. After he spoke, everyone knew that this matter would not end like this. They would know what would happen tomorrow night.

The people inside the room all became excited and anticipated Mu Zijun’s reply tomorrow. They believed that Mu Zijun wouldn't disappoint them.

Mu Zijun just left without saying a word to Bai Zimo, nor did he ask for Bai Zimo’s opinion, like he was the master. This made Bai Zimo very embarrassed. Bai Zimo’s teeth itched, but he was helpless against Mu Zijun. He couldn’t beat Mu Zijun in a fight, he couldn’t beat Mu Zijun’s background, and even in terms of prestige, his was not as good as Mu Zijun’s.

However, Bai Zimo was used to being proud. After seeing Mu Zijun leave, he felt a bit embarrassed to stay. He deliberately tensed his face and said in a loud voice, “Just wait and leave Zhao Jiuge for me to deal with. Go get some rest, I’ll get revenge for you.”

Bai Zimo left this sentence and copied Mu Zijun—he left without looking back. However, temperament was not something everyone had, and everyone’s temperament was different.

The moonlight was as calm as water, but Mu Zijun’s heart was like boiling water.

When he walked out of the yard, a breeze caused a few strands of his hair to flutter. They were like the fluctuations in his heart that wouldn’t calm down even after a long time.

His eyes narrowed and Mu Zijun looked up at the sky with a complicated gaze.

“Zhao Jiuge, have we finally reached this point? The point of being on opposite sides? I really don’t want to be your enemy. Unfortunately, this is something I can’t change. If I don’t give everyone an answer to this matter, how could the might I’ve established exist?”

With a short sigh followed by a deep sigh, Mu Zijun turned around.

His back was a bit lonely. He really never wanted things to reach this point, but this was all fate. Since they couldn’t be friends, they might as well be enemies.

When does life go the way you expect? When does life lack excitement? With you as the opponent, life won’t be so lonely.

Mu Zijun made a decision in his heart. Tomorrow, he was going to find Zhao Jiuge and Leng Rufeng to arrange a battle!

Thinking about Zhao Jiuge, Mu Zijun, who had a melancholy expression, suddenly smiled slightly. “Zhao Jiuge, ah, Zhao Jiuge, I hope you don’t disappoint me.”

1. Very bitter stuff used in chinese medicine

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