Book 12 Chapter 2 - Those Who Wear Divine Robes

This clay wall that only had a single Gao Yanan’s human figure standing didn’t feel like anything was strange in the slightest.

During these days’ battles, she already saw this type of Lin Xi ‘intuition’ many times… It was because during these past few days of battles, there were already many instances that were dangerous to the point where unless Lin Xi used his special ability, there was no way for them to make it through safely. Just like this old Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator who was also a cultivator at the peak of State Master level with abundant experience.

Gao Yanan who viewed this precisely as the Divine General talent already began to adjust her breathing while standing in the dust of the collapsed scene. She walked up to the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator’s corpse and then frowned slightly, starting to examine the things he carried.

Carrying the dark red giant bow on his back, Lin Xi picked up the white arrows he fired as quickly as possible, and then also hurried up to Gao Yanan’s side.

When he saw that apart from the special black and red banner, Gao Yanan wasn’t able to find anything else on this old Divine Adjudicator’s body, Lin Xi’s brows furrowed even more deeply.

After a bit of hesitation, Lin Xi looked at Gao Yanan and quietly said, “Should I take a look?”

Gao Yanan directly turned around, walking behind a clay wall.

The appearance of this old Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator could only signify that both her and Lin Xi were in a more precarious situation than they expected. She also knew that in this type of situation, Lin Xi had to use some Self Defense Department methods to obtain more information from the enemy. Only, these methods were still a bit bloody, even Lin Xi feeling a bit of hesitation, which was why she decided to look away for now.

Several dozen minutes later, Lin Xi walked up to her side, saying to her with a frown, “His last meal was rice and smoked meat.”

Gao Yanan nodded quietly, “Then he was either together with a Great Mang army or with quite a few other cultivators.”

“That is why we might not be able to continue according to our original plan, unable to follow this path to return north.” Lin Xi looked at her, quietly saying, “I think we might have to instead head towards the regions controlled by Great Mang’s troops, this will instead give us a greater chance to break free.”

Gao Yanan looked him directly in the eyes and said, “You have the final say.”

“Then let me carry you for a bit so you can get a bit of rest. Moreover, there will be one less set of footsteps.” Lin Xi looked at her and said seriously.

“Alright.” Gao Yanan didn’t refuse.

Lin Xi smiled, but because of the bloodiness and extremely nasty environment just now, his smile was a bit rigid. However, he was truly happy. “Let’s go.” He picked up Gao Yanan and then began to run out of this small town’s ruins.

Less than half a day later, more than ten horseback Great Mang cultivators arrived at these small town ruins where the previous battle between Lin Xi and that old Divine Adjudicator took place.

A similarly red divine robed, except that these robes were extremely new, exceptionally scarlet red, middle-aged Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator quickly caught a bit of bloodiness in the air, his expression suddenly becoming a bit ugly.

For some reason, he immediately felt that it wasn’t Lin Xi who died, but rather someone from their side who died again.

After subconsciously stroking the flame gemstone ring on his thumb a bit, this slim faced man whose face carried a bit of ash blue color quickly noticed the source of the bloodiness. After moving aside some scorched planks that were simply piled up nearby, he saw the tattered divine robed corpse below. The pupils of this middle-aged Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator and the dozen or so cultivators behind him instantly contracted.

This middle-aged Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator didn’t actually recognize the old Divine Adjudicator who died under Lin Xi’s hands, nor did he know that there was actually this type of old Divine Adjudicator who left Purgatory Mountain to chase after Lin Xi.

However, when he saw the terrifying wound on that old Divine Adjudicator’s body, the muscles that were even tougher than leather armor and the shattered bones that even flickered with metallic luster, he understood extremely clearly that this old Divine Adjudicator’s cultivation was even above his own. Similarly, when he saw this fresh injury, he knew that both him and the dozen or so Great Mang cultivators behind him once again missed out on a chance to take down Lin Xi.

“The distance between him and us is already becoming shorter and shorter. He will either run into us, or he will run into Divine Adjudicator Ji. He cannot escape.”

After showing the corpse of this old Divine Adjudicator a respectful bow, this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator solemnly spoke like this. He covered the old Divine Adjudicator’s body with several pieces of scorched wood again. Then, his soul force surged out of his fingers and palms, flames flying out from his ring. The wooden boards and the Divine Adjudicator’s corpse were quickly set aflame, ultimately turning into ashes.

The day Lin Xi killed Xu Qiubai, Yunqin obtained a series of victories under Gu Yunjing’s command, stopping the defeating momentum. However, afterwards, before they could ensure they had enough provisions and military equipment to mount a counterattack, the soldiers transferred over from various local armies still needed more experience, so the battle situation still couldn’t help but enter a deadlocked phase.

To South Tomb Province’s south, half the province’s territory and Thousand Sunset Border Pass were still practically completely under Great Mang army’s control.

After Purgatory Mountain Patriarch gave the orders to use some of Purgatory Mountain’s powers to kill Lin Xi, there were already several hundred Great Mang cultivators who crossed over Thousand Sunset Mountain just to kill Lin Xi.

Only those who were also cultivators, individuals who were part of the world of cultivation, would understand just how terrifying of a number several hundred individuals was.

The reason there was such a shocking number of cultivators wasn’t only because Purgatory Mountain was now the true ruler of Great Mang, declaring many rewards with shocking benefits, it was also because the current Lin Xi was just too well-known in this battle between countries, in both Great Mang and Yunqin.

After Lin Xi killed Great Mang’s Southern Path Great General[1] along Meteor Lake’s shores, helped the army ambush and wipe out the thirty thousand Great Mang troops who ambushed Meteor City, and then afterwards killed Xu Qiubai[2], his name was already destined to be recorded in Yunqin and Great Mang’s annals of history, being passed on through these countries’ tales. If a Great Mang cultivator could kill this Lin Xi, then not only would he become Great Mang’s hero, he would also become Great Mang’s legend in an even more brilliant manner.

That was why most of the Great Mang cultivators who came didn’t even arrive because of the rewards the royal court offered, but rather for their motherland and their own glory.

In reality, this terrifying number of Great Mang cultivators already brewed quite the storm in South Tomb Province.

Under the darkness of night, Ji Yuelun stood on a peak that could overlook Meteor Lake, the blood-like Purgatory Mountain divine robes fluttering in the wind, his face icy-cold to the extreme.

Purgatory Mountain was always an existence that subdued through fear, which was why many cultivators had to obey Purgatory Mountain. Even Great Mang’s armies had to unconditionally cooperate with Purgatory Mountain. This was especially the case when Wenren Cangyue already completely had his hands full, so even if he had to ask Purgatory Mountain for help on this matter of killing Lin Xi, their objective was still completely the same.

That was why with resources many small cultivator troops didn’t have, Ji Yuelun, this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator already had great certainty that when night descended, Lin Xi and Gao Yanan should try to break out from where he was right now. However, it was already a long time after his predicted time, yet Lin Xi and Gao Yanan still didn’t appear, not clashing with the ambush he set up here at all.

Several dozen black and red armored Purgatory Mountain Emissaries gathered behind him, not daring to utter a sound.

After an hour or so of time passed, a Great Mang high ranking officer quickly arrived at his side, quickly and quietly recounting the scene that happened today by those small town ruins, already informing him of that old Divine Adjudicator’s appearance.

“That was a senior who came out from Purgatory Mountain by himself, not someone directly assigned by the elders, unrelated to us.”

When he listened to all of what this Great Mang officer had to say, Ji Yuelun coldly said, “Since a battle happened there, then it means our predicted path was correct. Together with those people pressuring him, he still isn’t coming in this direction, meaning that he has already completely sniffed danger. He won’t pass by this place.”

After saying these things, Ji Yuelun’s body fluttered upwards, heading down the mountain.

When they saw Ji Yuelun quickly flying across the night sky, thinking that if this Divine Adjudicator who was attached great importance to by Purgatory Mountain also encountered trouble like that old Divine Adjudicator, they would definitely be severely punished, all of these Great Mang officers who were clearly cultivators as well continuously rushed out a few steps, following behind Ji Yuelun, urgently asking, “Sir Ji, where is your respected self preparing to go? Do you need us to do anything?”

“I am heading where we have more forces, going there to kill Lin Xi.”

When his voice had just dropped, Ji Yuelun’s figure already completely disappeared into the darkness. Only the sounds of divine robes fluttering in the night winds could be vaguely heard.

“He is implying… Lin Xi will instead choose to head towards where some of our troops are stationed?”

“If…” When these Great Mang officers saw that they couldn’t keep up at all, their expressions changed several times. Right at this time, another expanse of blood redness appeared in the night winds. Another even younger Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator whose expression was even more cold and arrogant came out.

This young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator looked at this nervous Great Mang officer with mockery, saying with a bit of ridicule, “Is the commander someone you all need to worry about? If even he cannot take down Lin Xi, then not even Sacred Experts can kill Lin Xi.”

This Great Mang officer trembled, looking at this young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator with confusion. His previous alarm and confusion originated from the fact that he understood clearly that Ji Yuelun’s cultivation didn’t actually reach Sacred Expert level, perhaps not much different from the old Divine Adjudicator who was killed. Since even that old Divine Adjudicator was killed, then he was obviously even more worried that Ji Yuelun who now also moved alone might die. However, this young Divine Adjudicator instead brought up Sacred Experts, why?

However, his confusion only lasted for a few breaths of time. A flash of understanding flickered past his brain, quickly reacting. His eyes were instantly filled with relief and respect. “Your respected self’s intention is that Sir Ji already successfully cultivated Devil Transformation?”[3]

The young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator released a cold snort. He felt like there was no need to reply to this question at all, and that it was completely beneath him to do so.

1. Southern Path Great General Sacred Expert Qilian Bao B11C29

2. Most powerful archer under Wenren Cangyue B11C47

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