Book 4 Chapter 23 - Impossible to Explain

A Thunder Academy lecturer whose physique and willpower were powerful to the point of ignoring the pain of soul force battering the body.

A powerful lightning blade forged from Thunder Mountain’s natural Thunder Soul Stone, a soul weapon whose rate of successful creation is extremely low.

Exceptional cultivator, exceptional soul weapon.

Everyone could tell that Gao Liren was purposely trying to start something between the lecturers, in this way seize back some dignity for Thunder Academy, but who would have expected that he would be knocked unconscious by just a finger from this unremarkable looking Green Luan Academy woman.

The fiery red little beast swung its tail, quickly disappearing into Mu Qing’s sleeves.

“Erosion Flame Beast!”

The other balding Thunder Academy lecturer woke up from his extreme shock, reaching out a hand and pointing at Mu Qing, his body trembling all over from shock and anger. “You… you… were actually a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest? Aren’t you a Self Defense Department lecturer?”

Mu Qing gave this Thunder Academy lecturer a look, her brows slightly furrowing as she asked in return, “Who said that those from Self Defense Department can’t become Spiritual Sacrifice Priests?”

The Central Continent Guard’s cultivators gave each other a look. All of them were thinking the same thing: Green Luan Academy’s cultivators really were all ridiculously powerful, and also ridiculously arrogant.

At the same time, the eyes with which they looked at Mu Qing also suddenly developed a bit of respect and fear.

This was completely unrelated to the result of this match.

It was because only those with the most resolute will and the purest minds could communicate with spiritual beasts, become a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest.

Yunqin’s war priests would forever be the most noble and unsullied existences in the army, while Spiritual Sacrifice Priests were even more outstanding.

Mu Qing’s words were simple and impossible to retort against. The balding middle-aged Thunder Academy lecturer’s ‘s entirely red face gradually paled, saying through clenched teeth, “Just what kind of identity do you have in Spiritual Sacrifice Department?”

Mu Qing gave this Thunder Academy lecturer a calm look, quietly saying a line that left Lin Xi with an extremely wonderful feeling, feeling an urge to shout out with praise.

She said, “I am merely a dormitory supervisor.”

Imperial City’s Central Continent Guards all released a bitter laugh, looking at each other in dismay.

They understood Green Luan Academy’s pride, that was why all of them clearly understood that Mu Qing definitely wouldn’t speak any lies in this type of situation. Moreover, they also understood extremely clearly that there was no way a dormitory supervisor with a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest status was ordinary, yet this was indeed her identity. Right now, there really was a strong feeling of irony.

In this type of world that revered military skill, there were perhaps no arguments that were stronger than the fist.

While looking at the Thunder Academy students who silently dispersed, thinking that this competition could finally come to an end, Lin Xi whose mind became more relaxed couldn’t help but quietly ask Mu Qing, “Teacher, what is that fella in your sleeves, it’s so strong… won’t your finger jab directly make the other guy become an idiot?”

“Erosion Flame Beast, also known as the Flame Rodent Beast, a rodent type beast that lives around Meteor Lake. The other party’s cultivation isn’t under mine, so that jab will at most leave him muddle-headed, leave him with a headache for a few days.” Mu Qing still calmly and patiently replied to Lin Xi’s questions like before, but her following words instead made Lin Xi’s back break out in cold sweat. “Lin Xi, in a bit, come with me alone… I have some things to ask you.”

Why could he shoot down Helan Yuexi with a single shot?

Lin Xi walked behind Mu Qing with his brows furrowed, walking halfway up the mountain. He knew that now that he was forced to use the ten minute time rewind ability during this competition, there would definitely be many things he couldn’t explain. This was especially the case before the academy lecturers who understood him extremely well, this point of confusion even harder to dispel.

Should he say that he had the same ten halt rewind ability as Principal Zhang? That he could read the message Principal Zhang left behind?

Even if he said these things, these academy lecturers who normally had great trust in him still wouldn’t believe him.

Then how was he supposed to explain it?

Right when he felt like he really didn’t have any way to explain himself, a trace of black color appeared in the snowy mountain valley ahead.

In this mountain valley that wasn’t that large stood a lonely figure, an elder.

This was the single-armed elder who bathed in glory and everyone’s respect in Summer Spirit Lake. Even though they only met during the entrance examination, there was definitely no way he would forget this person.

Vice Principal Xia.

Lin Xi didn’t know that his existence had long been classified as a Heaven’s Core secret in the academy, unaware that this elder was always silently watching his growth. For him and most cultivators in this world, this elder’s status was too high.

That was why when Lin Xi who originally thought that he would be interrogated alone by Mu Qing saw this elder, his entire body shuddered involuntarily, a fine layer of sweat covering his body again.

Only when the elder’s warm gaze landed on his body, nodding towards him gently, did this Deerwood Town youngster who was taught etiquette extremely well by his parents react, feeling like his current display really was a bit disrespectful. As such, he couldn’t help but give a bow in a bit of an overcautious manner, saying, “Vice Principal Xia.”

Vice Principal Xia smiled. “There is no need for excessive formalities.” Then, he waved towards Lin Xi, having Lin Xi follow him.

Lin Xi walked in this mountain valley, but discovered that Mu Qing turned around to leave.

He walked up to Vice Principal Xia, following behind him, but this elder instead waved his hand, pointing forward, having Lin Xi walk with him side by side.

Lin Xi walked up to his side, confusion covering his face as he looked forward.

Amidst the thick layer of snow, next to an ordinary stone, was a stalk of thin and weak unknown small purple flower.

Lin Xi was amazed, but he only became even more confused as to what Vice Principal Xia’s intentions were.

He couldn’t help but turn around to look at Vice Principal Xia, but he only saw many dark age spots and deep wrinkles on Vice Principal Xia’s face.

At this time, Vice Principal Xia also turned around to carefully size him up, asking, “How did you do it?”

Lin Xi’s body shook again. He didn’t think of a good excuse to begin with, and now, under Vice Principal Xia’s wise, farsighted, and gentle gaze, it was as if he could see through his heart. He didn’t know how to reply at all, in the end feeling like there was nothing he could say. He could only hang his head. “I don’t know.”

This couldn’t be considered a reply at all.

However, Vice Principal Xia instead smiled, slowly saying, “Before you came with Mu Qing, I had Mu Qing let you rest for a bit. At that time, I already took a look at Yuhua Tianji, met those two girls, Bian Linghan and Gao Yanan as well. Since even you yourself knew that the things you had Bian Linghan do were absurd, why did you still insist on doing them? You should also understand that had you failed, you would have sent her to her death with your own two hands.”

Lin Xi found this even harder to explain, he could only repeat himself. “I don’t know.”

“There is someone who is quite similar to you, he spoke words similar to those you spoke to Bian Linghan to me. He told me that no matter how preposterous it sounded, I had to believe him.” However, Vice Principal Xia still didn’t get angry, instead looking at Lin Xi with even more admiration, hanging from his lips was a mysterious smile. “I originally felt that you were like him, that was why I decided to have you and Bian Linghan join this competition. The reason why, despite knowing that there was no way this competition would be fair, I still decided to do this, was because I had faith in all of you, especially in you.”

Lin Xi’s mind froze for a moment, instantly realizing that the academy might have already noticed his peculiarities a while ago. The inside of his vest became even more so drenched in cold sweat.

He naturally knew that the one Vice Principal Xia spoke of was definitely Principal Zhang, but he didn’t know what Vice Principal Xia intended by saying this. As such, he still remained quiet, only listening.

“Starting from your performance in the Direct Spear Strikes Trial, in reality, I already felt like you were like him. Meanwhile, your following performance… all the way until you stabbed Wanyan Muye in Half Snow Gray Plains, made me even more certain that you not only have Braveslayer aptitude, you are just like him, having the unique and unmatched Divine General aptitude.” Vice Principal Xia looked at Lin Xi and said, “Even though you might not be aware of it yourself, your performance this time indeed verified my judgment.”

Lin Xi couldn’t help but become stunned. “Divine General?”

“If not because I understand him extremely well, knowing that you have absolutely no relationship to him, I really would have suspected if you were his descendant.” Vice Principal Xia looked at him and said, “In this life of mine, I also didn’t think there would be another with this type of potential, but I’ve still seen it again.”

Lin Xi became speechless.

Vice Principal Xia gave him another look, saying, “That person, is precisely Principal Zhang.”

Lin Xi became even more speechless.

However, Vice Principal Xia thought that his unusual expression was due to excessive shock. He chuckled, and then said, “It isn’t just your aptitude, your soul force density… temperament, all of it is extremely similar to his. Moreover, you actually spoke the same type of words he did… There is no way you know this, but there were several times where when the two of us faced enemies, when our opponent was clearly powerful to the point where there was no way we could win, yet he still had us hold absolute trust in him… Then, that opponent that was completely impossible to win against, just like how you shot down Helan Yuexi, was defeated under his hands.”

After a slight pause, Vice Principal Xia pointed at the unknown little purple flower in the snowy land in front of them, asking, “Lin Xi, do you know why I had you come to see this flower?”

“This student is slow, does not understand Vice Principal Xia’s intention.”

“According to normal reasoning, there is no way this flower could bloom and survive in this place. However, when I originally climbed the mountain, I just happened to discover this small flower. This can only be explained with the word miracle.” Vice Principal Xia smiled as he looked at Lin Xi, saying warmly, “This Divine General aptitude is a miracle in itself. After Principal Zhang, our Green Luan Academy actually produced someone else with this aptitude, this is even more so a miracle.”

“Windstalker and Braveslayer alone are identities you previously learned should absolutely be kept a secret. Now, I will tell you about this Divine General talent… I believe you understand that this secret must be kept hidden even more clearly, or else who knows just how many people there are who wouldn’t want you to continue living in this world.” After a slight pause, Vice Principal Xia’s expression became completely serious, saying with an extremely stern manner, “That is why this competition… it also included my deliberate arrangements. As your cultivation advances, gold needs to shine in the end. That is why if you use your Windstalker identity to hide your Divine General status, it is still acceptable.”

Was this the so-called enjoying the benefits of predecessors’ hard work?

Originally, when facing someone like Vice Principal Xia, all explanations were pointless. However, because of Principal Zhang’s existence, Lin Xi instead didn’t have to justify himself at all.

Lin Xi revealed a bitter smile. He looked at the exceptionally benevolent Vice Principal Xia, quietly saying, “Vice Principal Xia, your intention is for others to believe that I will become a Windstalker, and that I originally already have this type of archery skill, able to shoot down an opponent from such a great distance? As for Teacher Tong, Teacher Xu and others, your respected self will make proper arrangements?”

“This is the only way this matter can be explained.” Vice Principal Xia nodded, warmly looking at Lin Xi and saying, “Even though Windstalkers are individuals most people will immediately wish to eliminate, they are still not as world shocking and horrifying as Divine Generals. Also… I have faith in you.”

Lin Xi thought about his current cultivation, feeling like he didn’t even have much faith in himself.

“If I wanted you to fire that arrow again, could you accomplish it?” At this time, Vice Principal Xia looked into Lin Xi’s eyes, asking this seriously.

Lin Xi who originally already calmed down already immediately tensed up, shaking his head and saying, “I can’t.”

“Seems like this is also just like Principal Zhang.” Vice Principal Xia chuckled. He turned around to look at that little purple flower in the ice and snow, releasing a light sigh. “The things he can sometimes do, if he had to do them again, it really would be hard to do again.”

Lin Xi stared blankly for a moment, but he finally couldn’t hold himself back, asking, “Vice Principal Xia, do you know where exactly Principal Zhang is right now? Also… could you tell me some things related to him?”

“I only know that he went to some hidden land to explore a mystery. As for his concrete whereabouts, perhaps no one in this world knows.” Vice Principal Xia gave Lin Xi a look, a bit of an indescribable expression appearing between his brows. He slowly said, “The matters regarding him, if there is time, I can tell you a bit more about them. However, I need to leave this place soon to deal with a crucial matter.”

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