Book 2 Chapter 13 - Course Point Reward

In just a second of time, the long black needle in Tangcang spy’s hand was already only ten feet away from Vice Principal Xia.

Even Madman Qin’s beautiful flying sword, after being blocked, was still frozen in midair, unable to fly out again yet. The powerful force that was produced blew his hair and the black robes on his body backwards, having a bit of indiscriminate destructive feeling.

This wave of aura and the frigid killing intent clearly declared one thing: now that this Tangcang spy discovered that his cover was blown, his objective completely changed, becoming the assassination of Vice Principal Xia.

However, for some reason, Nangong Mo’s attack this time seemed to display a slight hesitation. The short golden rod in his left hand inadvertently shook, as if it was waiting for something, yet what was expected never appeared.

Above the dark green bricks and black tiles, a gust of wind suddenly stirred out of nowhere, countless stalks of withered grass sticking out from between tiles torn apart. The slender elder who appeared from the cliffs seemed like a deity as he descended from a roof. Following a thunder-like shout, his foot crushed downwards, a wave of powerful and tyrannical aura erupting from his feet. A dazzling golden light appeared, and then there was actually black and white, the two-colored radiance that was released forming an alternating black and white tiger head. The noise of the air being powerfully crushed sounded, completely like that of a giant tiger roaring.

Nangong Mo raised his head slightly.

The sky above his head seemed to have become more overcast, completely covered by this skinny elder.

The golden rod left his hand, flying upwards. Meanwhile, that final trace of hesitation the individuals at their level could sense was stripped off of him like a final worldly possession. On his body, there was now only biting cold chilliness and killing intent.


The long black needle in his hands suddenly released dark radiance, as if this long black needle was suddenly set on fire, shining, releasing a beam of light.

Vice Principal Xia still stood in place, not moving, but the qilin and mandarin duck markings suddenly swelled a bit. A wave of yellow light was released from his fingertip, silently making contact with the black radiance aimed between the brows.

He still didn’t show much of a reaction, standing in place without moving, only the gray hair in front of his forehead becoming a bit messy. However, Nangong Mo’s body instead seemed to be controlled by some type of strange power, unable to hold that long black needle in his hand properly. As the space between his thumb and forefinger split apart, blood began to flow along the palm of his hand.


The golden rod was struck flying by the bright tiger head crushing downwards, and then it smashed heavily into his left shoulder. Following a muffled crack sound, his left shoulder’s bones broke, muscles snapped, viciously caving in.


However, this Tangcang spy didn’t release a single sound of pain, not paying the beautiful flying sword that had already arrived at the back of his neck, about to remove his neck if just another second passed any attention. Instead, following a cold shout, a wave of blood and faint golden radiance shot out, attacking at the space between Vice Principal Xia’s brows again!

This was his ultimate attack, compared to the black radiance that was released from that long black needle just now, its aura was much more powerful and terrifying. Once this attack was released, Nangong Mo forgot everything, all of his thoughts focused on that faint golden light.

The green sword radiance that was clear like autumn waters cut through the academy black robes at the neck. Wind blew, but it passed between him and Vice Principal Xia.

While watching the powerful and unwavering faint golden light approach, Vice Principal Xia still didn’t move, instead, a slight expression of pity appeared between his brows.

A black arrow seemed to have been shot down from the heavens itself, landing on that faint golden radiance with incomparable precision..

The cold and decisive killing intent between Nangong Mo’s eyes instantly vanished, his heart instead feeling a sense of freedom.

The black arrow was blasted to pieces by the golden radiance, but the great power wasted on the arrow also made this faint golden light deviate, cutting through a few strands of Vice Principal Xia’s grizzled hair, passing by his ear. When it landed on the ground, one could see that it was actually a small gleaming and shaftless sword.

This was also a flying sword!

The beautiful green sword radiance drew a thread of blood across his clean white neck, but didn’t remove the head. 


The brilliant tiger head that crushed down from above instead smashed heavily into the back of his head, the force difficult for him to bear. He spat out a mouthful of blood, powerlessly kneeling on the ground before the dark green bricked black tiled courtyard.

“Tong Wei… your cultivation and archery skills seem to have made progress again.” Nangong Mo who now had a bit of a freed expression on his face turned around in an extremely calm manner, saying this into the maidenhair forest to his left.

The single-eyed black-robed lecturer stood on a tree trunk like an eagle, quietly looking at Nangong Mo from the distance, staring at this friend who he had previously went from the grade to the grave with. After just a few seconds of time, he turned around, jumping backwards, disappearing into the forest again without uttering a word.

“Vice Principal Xia, who would have thought that after suffering such serious injuries back then, you still have Sacred Master level cultivation. Even with just a single arm, I am still not your opponent.” Nangong Mo coughed, blood trickling down continuously from the corners of his mouth.

Vice Principal Xia’s face was removed of all emotions, calmly saying, “If you were someone from Yunqin Empire, your future accomplishments would definitely be greater than mine.”

“It is a pity that I am not, from the day I was born, I was someone from Tangcang Country…” Nangong Mo reached out his hand, wiping at the blood that flowed from his neck, saying while coughing, “Even though you all were able to find out my true identity, now that something happened to me here, our side will definitely find your people on their side too… after all, those who could discover traces of me aren’t many.”

“We will do what we can.” Vice Principal Xia slowly turned around, these words carried a hidden meaning others couldn’t understand at all, yet when Nangong Mo heard it, the corners of his lips produced a bitter smile, becoming quiet.

Lin Xi woke up amidst the smell of a calming and pleasant medicinal fragrance.

After opening his heavy eyes with great difficulty, he saw that he had been changed into a clean set of blue robes, and he wasn’t in his own room.

The always frowning, somewhat absent-mindedly lost in her thoughts, full of a bookworm feeling Associate Professor An was currently holding a book, sitting in front of a small purple sand furnace that was releasing medicinal fragrance.

In this quiet room that was surrounded on all sides with shelves filled with books and labeled containers, there was only him and this black-robed woman.

“You’re awake?” Associate Professor An’s eyes didn’t leave the book in her hands, not looking at Lin Xi, yet she suddenly said this.

Lin Xi nodded, sitting up from the thick blanket on the ground. He saw that there were some burn injuries on his skin, but there was a faint yellow ointment applied over those areas, and instead of the slightest bit of pain, there was instead a slightly cool feeling.

Associate Professor An then said, “Don’t wash off the ointment. Your burns aren’t serious, they should be fine tomorrow. How did you know that Natural Arts Department student was there?”

Her tone was extremely flat, giving one the feeling as if she was reading a book, not the slightest emotional fluctuation. However, her sentence instead made Lin Xi stare blankly for a moment. When he recalled the scene of this associate professor’s exposed jade lotus-like arms holding that skinny Natural Arts Department student before he used his ability, he found it a bit hard to properly react. Why was he here?

“How is that Natural Arts Department new student?” He didn’t immediately reply to Associate Professor An’s question,he instead couldn’t help but ask this first.

Associate Professor An calmly said, “He is fine.”

“Oh.” Lin Xi felt rather happy inside, and then answered the question he was just asked. “I seemed to have heard him calling out, which was why I didn’t have time to think too much, just rushing in.”

“Not taking the time to consider oneself, this is indeed quite impetuous, but this time, your bravery while doing your all to save a fellow student is deserving of a reward. When I discovered him, he had already fainted from the heat, so if it wasn’t for you, he might have not made it.” Associate Professor An’s voice was still like that of reading. “That is why this time, the academy will reward you with a course point.”

“This is enough to grant a course point?” Lin Xi who had never thought about the benefits opened his mouth. One had to understand that an elective course would only grant two course points.

Associate Professor An’s eyes were still concentrated on the book in her hands, with a tone that didn’t have any ripples, she said, “This is my medicine room, it isn’t far from your Medical Care course’s building. I need some help with my courses in the future, so if you have the time, you can come and help out. There will be a two course points reward after an academic year.”

However, when these words landed on Lin Xi’s ears, it was like thunder from a clear sky. He couldn’t help but cry out in shock, “Your respected self has seen something in me?”

When he chatted with Lecturer Mu Qing before, he had already heard her say that if he was favored by some professors, helping with some course research, then he could also obtain additional course points. Meanwhile, right now, he already obtained a course point of reward, suddenly hearing of two more possible course points, and only now did he react. When he spoke these words, his face became slightly hot, knowing that his words carried quite the ambiguity.

En, correct.” However, this female associate professor who was still buried in her book clearly didn’t have any additional thoughts, only speaking honestly with her reading voice, “You entered as heaven’s choice… your ability to remember those herbs was extraordinary, and then you even chose Medical Care and Toxicology, so I reckon you have some interest in Medicine, which is why I felt that if you didn’t refuse me, you can come help me for a few hours every few days. I am aware that you are undergoing Tong Wei’s training, but that is not an issue. You can come before or after your training with him.”

He only had to help for a few hours each time, moreover two days between each session, this female associate professor was even aware of his special windstalker lessons with Bian Linghan, no pressure to even pass any tests, two course credits after a year, was there any reason left to refuse!

However, to be safe and understand her purpose, the already completely moved Lin Xi still carefully asked, “Associate Professor An, what course subject do you research?”

“I am testing some prescriptions. When the time comes, you can help me complete some preliminary treatment of medicinal herbs.” Associate Professor An calmly said.

“Okay.” When Lin Xi learned that it wasn’t anything scary, he immediately nodded.

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