Book 2 Chapter 12 - Tangcang Spy

At this time, that Natural Arts Department male student ought to have already hid himself under a table in the wooden building after panicking and losing his mind.

Lin Xi had no way of telling Associate Professor An and the other three black-robed lecturers. He was just like Principal Zhang, only able to do this once each day, having the astonishing ability of turning back time by ten minutes. That was why when he learned that this male student was inside the wooden building right now… even if he told them everything, he doubted anyone would believe him, because he was speaking nonsense.

However, in order to save that Natural Arts Department male student, time really was extremely pressing, which was why Lin Xi could only adopt these extremely direct measures.

“What are you trying to do?!”

The moment the three black-robed lecturers saw Lin Xi who was sprinting down the mountain side towards the burning buildings, they all shouted in shock and anger. There was actually a student who hastily charged into the scene of the fire, this was nothing more than causing trouble!

However, under everyone’s shocked and confused eyes, Lin Xi not only didn’t stop, he instead ran even faster. He didn’t have the ability to break through the thick wooden walls, he instead directly threw his body into the windows.

A wave of indescribable heat instantly wrapped around Lin Xi’s entire body, flames completely surrounding him!

He couldn’t open his eyes at all, unable to see the situation in the room. The pungent smoke and fiery light devoured everything, but he still forcefully released the air he held in his chest, screaming out, “I came to save you, where are you?!”

No one replied!

Shouts sounded continuously outside, all of them shouting his name.

After just a few seconds of time, Lin Xi already couldn’t hold on anymore, unable to breathe, the expression on his face full of incomparable burning pain. However, he still clenched his teeth, enduring it, following his original sense of direction when he charged in, moving along the walls.


A burning wooden strip smashed down perfectly onto Lin Xi’s back, immediately delivering an indescribably wave of burning pain. His body was also struck until he staggered forward.

However, because of this, he just happened to bump into a desk, his leg also kicking something soft.

“He was right here.”

Lin Xi immediately reacted, reaching dowards, wishing to support that Natural Arts Department student. However, the moment he bent his waist, a wave of an unbearable feeling of suffocation and dizziness attacked his entire body. His consciousness still had a bit of clear-headedness, but he could already no longer control his body.


Right at this time, what made Lin Xi who already couldn’t open his eyes reveal a smile of happiness, was that there were intense shattering sounds that continuously sounded from not far away. A faint blue cold radiance swept over.

The thin and long cold blade was like an overlord’s spear, domineeringly sweeping aside all of the flames in its path. The black-robed woman whose hair was a bit messy appeared at Lin Xi’s side.

“You finally came… turns out I could only hold on for such a short amount of time in this kind of place, I really am a bit lacking…”

After muttering this line, Lin Xi directly fainted, peacefully falling into this associate professor’s bosom.

To Green Luan Academy’s east, was a mountain peak.

This mountain peak was a bit shorter than the other mountain peaks in Green Luan Academy, on it only a few small courtyards hidden within clean maidenhair trees.

While Lin Xi fell into Associate Professor An’s embrace in a relieved manner, the morning mist still hadn’t left this mountaintop, clouds and mist drifting through the tall and lofty maidenhair trees.

A professor with silver stars embroidered into his collar and sleeves walked naturally within the maidenhair tree forest.

He was an academy professor that Lin Xi, as well as even most Green Luan Academy senior students never saw before. From his flowing long black hair, the complexion that lacked a single wrinkle, and handsome face that was clean and handsome like white jade, his age was also impossible to tell.

His eyes were clear like autumn waters, body giving off a free and unaffected feeling as he walked along through this forest. Meanwhile, between his brows, was a type of holy brilliance.

He walked slowly, gently treading on the withered and dried or faint golden fallen leaves. A black tiled dark green brick courtyard appeared before him.

This enclosed courtyard’s pine wood gates were tightly shut. When this long-haired academy professor faced these wooden gates, reached out his hand to knock, before he even made contact with the gates, he instead stopped. His brows furrowed slightly, his movement stopping.

“Nangong Mo, you shouldn’t have come.”

A calm and aged voice sounded from within the courtyard. Even though this long-haired professor didn’t push on the gates, it instead opened on its own.

The small courtyard was rather ordinary in appearance, only having a small pond. There were a few bamboo stalks to the side, as well as a single-armed elder… Vice Principal Xia.

“However, I still did.” Nangong Mo bowed slightly in Vice Principal Xia’s direction, saying with a calm expression.

Even though from the moment he walked into this maidenhair tree forest, he and the other party already became enemies, the other party’s experience and identity were still deserving of his respect.

Vice Principal Xia’s single arm was resting at his side. He turned around, the aged eaves and tiles behind him flickering with a dignified brilliance under the morning radiance. While looking at Nangong Mo who stood calmly outside the gates, his tone was full of an indescribable pain and helplessness. “You’ve already remained in Green Luan Academy for over ten year, yet in the end, you still couldn’t help but come here.”

“I am not afraid of hardships. While remaining in the academy for so many years, I didn’t even hesitate to kill and sacrifice many people on our own side, wasn’t it all so that I could come here?” Nangong Mo looked at Vice Principal Xia, “A person will always have some things they will persist with.”

“Those words were spoken well!”

An applause sounded from the maidenhair forest. A rather unruly ‘Madman Qin’ who also lacked any trace of age on his face clapped in an unrestrained manner as he walked over. On his hands was a longsword sheathed in a green sharkskin scabbard. “Even though you’ve already remained hidden in the academy for so many years… unknown just how many people died because of some news you leaked out, because of the line you just spoke, I still admire you.”

Nangong Mo’s brows furrowed slightly. He didn’t say anything, but a bit of emotions and bitterness appeared between his brows. He didn’t turn around to look at the crazy sword wielding black-haired man, instead turning slightly to the side, looking towards his own left.

Beyond the left cliffs were strips of faintly discernible morning mist. Meanwhile, a light gray color slowly passed over the cliff, quietly appearing in his line of sight.

A slender, gray-haired elder landed lightly on the precipitous cliffs, walking over.

At the same time, the single-eyed black-robed lecturer who Lin Xi and Bian Linghan couldn’t be more familiar with emerged from the maidenhair trees in the distance. He only gave Nangong Mo a cold look, and then his figure disappeared.

He had a black longbow on him, precisely the ‘Little Black’ left behind by Principal Zhang.

Towards the single-eyed black-robed lecturer, Nangong Mo naturally understood him even better than Lin Xi and Bian Linghan, and knew even more clearly that with the disappearance of the single-eyed black-robed lecturer, he became much more terrifying than when he was in view, more threatening. However, with the appearance of that empty-handed slender elder and the single-eyed black-robed lecturer, his expression instead became completely peaceful again. The trace of emotions and bitterness from before instead completely withdrew.

“I never expected you all to learn of my identity so long ago… however, allowing me to start the fire, moreover not sending more people ahead of time to provide aid, in order to prevent me from developing suspicion, don’t tell me you all do not care about the vivid lives of those new students?” He only revealed an indifferent smile, looking at Vice Principal Xia while asking this.

Vice Principal Xia’s expression became even colder, saying calmly, “An Keyi went. With her strength, it is unlikely for there to be any casualties.”

Nangong Mo was quiet.

“Forget about Tangcang Country, even the other academies in Yunqin Empire wish to enter Principal Zhang’s small courtyard here.” However, Vice Principal Xia instead looked at him while continuing, “Since you stayed for so many years in Green Luan Academy… then I don’t mind letting you in to take a look, because there is actually nothing in this place.”

“There is nothing?” This spy, who had hidden his identity as a Green Luan Academy professor all this time, Nangong Mo, already had a heart that was cold and unshakeable like a boulder. Even when facing so many terrifying experts, he still remained extremely calm, to the extent where he could calmly face his friends, face his own death. However, when he heard this, his entire body shuddered, couldn’t help but release a low cry.

The area that the academy had always sealed off as a forbidden area, not even Yunqin Empire’s imperial family permitted to enter, the small courtyard that sealed Principal Zhang’s secret inheritance and divine weapons, actually had nothing?

The small courtyard, a secret he only came into contact with after investigating and fighting for more than a decade, was actually nothing more than flowers in a mirror,a moon reflected in the lake, it didn’t exist?

This nothingness obtained after endless sacrifices… this type of feeling battered his mind that was calm like a boulder to the point where he could no longer hold on. The moment he couldn’t help but release a low cry, he somewhat absent-mindedly took a step towards the steps before him, wishing to enter this small courtyard, get to the bottom of this.

Right at this time, a wave of sky reaching sword energy surged from the maidenhair trees. Countless golden maidenhair leaves instantly scattered down.

With a point of Madman Qin’s finger, a vicious noise screamed from within the forest. The longsword in his hands left the scabbard, directly turning into a streak of clear light, piercing towards the back of Nangong Mo’s head.

Flying sword!

Ever since Lin Xi met that serious and inflexible young lady by Deerwood Town’s decorated archway, what he cared about the most, now appeared in the hands of this black-haired Self Defense Department professor’s hands!

Just from the mournful screaming sound that was produced from the moment he took action alone, one could tell how terrifying the speed of the flying sword was.

Meanwhile, right now,  it was also when Nangong Mo, Tangcang Country spy’s, was most vulnerable, when he was most distracted.

However, this absent-mindedness was actually feigned by Nangong Mo!

The moment the longsword left the scabbard, revealing a green blade that was clear like autumn waters, his left hand already spun backwards, a golden rod that was only a foot long appearing in his hands.

The sword radiance that shot over from the distance was blocked head-on by this short golden rod. The thin but sturdy sword smashed fiercely into the head of the rod, releasing a noise that made one’s teeth sore.

Nangong Mo’s brows furrowed slightly, but by borrowing this force, his momentum that was originally moving forwards became even greater. Like an arrow that left a bow, his right hand reached out, striking towards Vice Principal Xia who was standing next to the courtyard pond.

Black light flickered in his right hand, a long black assassination needle within it.

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