How to Live as the Vampire Lord

How to Live as the Vampire Lord

79 Reviews
Kim Hyungjun (김형준)
Vampire Eugene -- a sacrificial lamb slaughtered after half a year of running to fulfil the desires of a templar for fame.
He was given a second chance at life after concluding his life with regrets.
"I will never again die the same way. If I really did return to the past, no matter what it takes... I will never regret again."
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The latest series from Kim Hyungjun (김형준), the author of Duke Pendragon.

Editor: Veela

Status in Korean: Completed at 343 + 2 SS

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79 Reviews
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3 years ago
Preemptive review up to ch9 . It's a good start, new premise and loads of mystery to uncover about the MC like in duke Pendragon. The translation is good and the flow of the story is nice.Fighting so far seems brief and to the point,we havent gotten a good scuffle yet, now magic system yet except for the ability from eating a magic stone. If you like Duke Pendragon then this is right your alley and you would enjoy it. Hopefully this one goes ahead since it looks like it can be the next city of sin or warlock of the magus world if theMC is the antihero it's kinda building up to.

Plus things:

1) vampire reincarnation

2) medievalist setup BUT with dungeons

3) MC shows cool-headed so far no stupid fuvk ups

4) mystery about his tattoos

5 ) how did he become a vampire or his past

6) Puck like fairy companion like berserk

2 years ago
Not recommended
Review as of Chapter 45

For these kinds of stories, I expect the protagonist to experience challenges and set backs. Other than pre-reincarnation, everything seems like a walk in the park for the protagonist. So far, he has been in 3 cities. It seems like he is much stronger than every knight he meets. His fights with monsters are so short, that they are only a couple of sentences or happen in the background. He gains cool abilities that he doesn't need (if he does use it, the author needs to emphasize it more in the fights. Again, the fights are too short). He gets gifted a great horse and armor due to a misunderstanding. He gains fame and fortune without having to sacrifice anything. He gets great subordinates by either talking, fighting with or simply existing. You would expect the protagonist would be ostracized due to his pale vampire skin, but, guess what, he is so handsome that men and women swoon over him. You would expect a vampire who, as far we know, doesn't have any sword fighting lessons to be bad at fighting, but he seems to possess both technique and strength to beat trained knights. The motivation for the protagonist to get stronger is not developed well either. In his previous life, he gets killed by knights. Is he vengeful? Is he apprehensive (maybe the knights that killed him are super powerful)? Is he looking up their information? The author doesn't mention much of anything that is meaningful.

At chapter 45, we do get our first villain, but he seems like a noble having a temper tantrum rather than a full blown villain that could endanger the protagonist. Even the villain's subordinates respect the protagonist after getting beaten.

I expected a much more lone wolf sort of story. It can start off with some sort of resentment with knights/humans. Something simple like family getting hunted/killed by knights. It should have proper emotional character development for the protagonist. Start off with blind hatred and develop towards a resolution as he finds nicer humans. He should possess a vampire's strength and healing, but he should still have trouble fighting properly trained knights until he fights enough people or finds a teacher. He should have issues cooperating with humans and living in a human city. He can start off as a mercenary to find more monsters cores. Each fight in the dungeon should be more hard fought (easy when he can use brute strength, and difficult when he needs technique/better equipment/team work). There should be a looming threat that if anybody pays close attention to him, they might discover he is a vampire. He can find comrades that doesn't care or doesn't know that he is a vampire. To follow along with the current story, he can eventually realize that the best way to take revenge is to become a roaming knight.


Story 5/10

Character 5/10

Action 1/10

3 years ago
Definitely one of the better books I’ve seen or read on WW i think if it continues how it is it could definitely be up to par with warlock of the magus world or city of sin I have high hopes and expectations for this would highly recommend reading the first few chapters already out. Apparently I need 50 more words so as I said READ THE FIRST FEW GOD DAMNED CHAPTERS ITS WORTH IT blah blah blah balha blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

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Goodbye Vampires~

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