Chapter 0999: Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug

To him, who was still quite young, this was an unsolved mystery.

But he still had a clear idea of his feelings.

"Firstly, that was not the real her. It was the Golden Eye Ancient Demon's way of attacking my dao.

"Secondly, I'm no saint, but I’m not scum either. We didn't stay together for many reasons, but it is definitely not because I looked down on her and felt that she is not worthy of me. Every issue with her cannot be individually singled out."

He believed that it would not be easy to get a perfect match for a dao companion. This depended on chance, fate, and many other factors. It also depended on the two individuals' intentions.

He was also not absolutely sure if Luo Pin would be willing to be with him. After all, when they first met, Wu Yu was just an insignificant person, while she was superior. Perhaps now she had forgotten about him….

Of course, this was pessimistic. If she could not even remember him, then Wu Yu felt that there would be no need for him to court her. 

So as for whether Nangong Wei and Luo Pin would both appear at the Immortal's Capital at the same time, this was Wu Yu's anticipation. It was also the reason why he was nervous, especially when he thought of facing Luo Pin.

They were still some distance from the Immortal's Capital. They were finally in a safe place.

"A big show awaits us at the Immortal's Capital. Before we return to the Immortal's Capital, we need to increase our strength as much as possible so that we can handle various challenges."

Thinking about that, Wu Yu knew that he should make use of his time to do something.

"Floating Dreams Pagoda, puppets."

His real body had reached the sixth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and possessed power equivalent to that of a fourth tier Dao Querying cultivator. Of course, when he truly fought with a person of that tier, it would be very difficult, just like when he fought the Blood Poisoner.

But Wu Yu was grateful to the Blood Poisoner for boosting his Heaven Devouring Avatar and making him stronger. While it would be difficult to face the Blood Poisoner alone, with the perfect cooperation from Wu Yu's avatar, he had unlimited possibilities.

So after chatting with the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye XIxi, Wu Yu was prepared to enter the Floating Dreams Pagoda soon after they left South Emperor City.

Inside the Floating Dreams Pagoda, the real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar were both prepared to fight hard. Wu Yu specially exhibited the strongest offensive abilities he had and used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and Immortal Ape Transformation.

The Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth could now increase Wu Yu's size up to four times its original size. He was almost three zhang[1] tall now. This was taller than a three story building.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar was only as tall and wide as his real body's calf.

This time, Wu Yu wanted to challenge the puppet after the Dignified Archer Elemental. After he reached the sixth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, he had not seen what puppet was in the eighth spirit design.

The Dignified Sword Elemental, the Dignified Trident Elemental, and the Dignified Archer Elemental were all human-like, especially the Dignified Archer Elemental, who was of great help in the battlefield.

Wu Yu activated the challenge and faced a new puppet. He had both curiosity and aspirations. 

He was not worried about a more powerful puppet. In fact, he would be happier. He could always conquer puppets. The stronger the puppet, the more helpful they would be.

This time, nine spirit designs appeared again. The ninth spirit design also gradually appeared, but what surprised Wu Yu was that he actually did not see anything. The ninth white spirit design seemed to be empty!

Wu Yu was instantly very disappointed.

"Could it be that the strongest puppet in the Floating Dreams Pagoda is the Dignified Archer Elemental and that is the end?"

After all, there were puppets in the first eight spirit designs. For instance, the eighth was the Dignified Archer Elemental.

But the ninth spirit design was empty. He could not see anything at all.

"If that is the case, then my advantage from relying on the Floating Dreams Pagoda's puppets will be greatly decreased."

Actually, the Floating Dreams Pagoda's puppets had helped him greatly ever since he returned from the Taigu Immortal Path. It was like having another Heaven Devouring Avatar.

This advantage seemed to have ended after the Dignified Archer Elemental.

Wu Yu was depressed and got ready to leave.

"Use your Eyes of Fire and Gold to take a look? It might not be empty. Should you try to challenge the white spirit design? Perhaps it is invisible. You are together with the Full Moon of Nanshan, don't you know about invisibility?" Ming Long said as Wu Yu was about to leave.

"That's right, let me try."

So he walked up to the white spirit design and used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to search. He did not expect to see something as soon as his eyes scanned it.

"It's not invisible! It is too small. I did not see it just now." When he used his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he vaguely saw that in the white spirit design was something about the size of a little finger nail. That thing should be the puppet in this white spirit design. He could not tell what it was, but it was definitely a puppet.

It was only now that Wu Yu relaxed.

"I knew it. The Floating Dreams Pagoda is mighty enough to alter the flow of time. How can it not have any more puppets? Ludicrous thinking!"

He chose to challenge the white spirit design. At this moment, the spirit design and puppet both disappeared. After this white spirit design shone at its brightest, it immediately lost all its light and the puppet that Wu Yu wanted to challenge appeared before him.

The fingernail sized puppet was a pitch black metal insect. It was a bit like a ladybug. Its most obvious feature was that there were seven very small stars on its shell. At this time, the stars were twinkling and sometimes they dimmed. In this state, this ladybug puppet was hard to see, but sometimes it shone brightly and was dazzling. Wu Yu could distinctly sense a large number of spirit designs in the seven stars.

It was no longer a humanoid at last, but it was such a small ladybug. Wu Yu could only say that it was too well hidden. It was small in itself, and there was a concealment spirit design on it similar to that of the Dignified Archer Elemental. If it was hidden in his clothes, no one could see it.

"This puppet doesn't need to be put back in the Floating Dreams Pagoda in the future." Wu Yu was very satisfied, and next, he knew that it was probably time to see the true combat power of this puppet.

Kacha, kacha!

When Wu Yu locked onto it, it suddenly vibrated violently and made a very sharp and loud click sound. After a short time, Wu Yu saw the ladybug changing form. Under the control of spirit design, its body was changing mechanically. It was actually expanding, and many huge parts seem to have appeared out of nothing. This meant that there were very high level Na Word spirit designs in its body that hid the other parts of its body.

After these precise changes, the ladybug changed from the size of a fingernail to a giant, metal object comparable to the size of a demon. In front of it, Wu Yu's real body now seemed very small. After it got bigger, he could see more clearly that there were countless patterns on the black metal ladybug, and these patterns were all formed by spirit designs. The seven stars on the shell of the ladybug were very bright now, just like seven shining stars on the ground. Under the light of the stars, the inside of the Floating Dreams Pagoda seemed to be completely covered by light. With that, much of Wu Yu's vision was covered.

This change had transformed a tiny bug into a cold, bloodthirsty fighting machine in a flash. Now, whether it was its sharp horn on its head, its large number of long, barbed feet, or its shell that covered its whole body, they were all born for fighting. Its eyes were bright red, and its countless compound eyes inside looked ferocious. While the starlight on its back made it look extremely sacred.

"Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug."

While this was a puppet, it was the best puppet and naturally could announce its own name. 

This puppet seemed to be higher than the Dignified Archer Elemental by one level. After witnessing its current strength, Wu Yu could only feel happy. Of course, he realized that it would be a big challenge to defeat this beetle. 

But while Wu Yu was still admiring it, it attacked. He could tell that the materials forming its body were comparable to advanced dao treasures. This guy's body was definitely much tougher than many advanced dao treasures. Also, it had the support of a large number of spirit designs, so the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug was obviously adept at close range combat.

The shell-like iron wings on its back, the sharp horn on its head, as well as its long legs were all weapons for close combat. The key was that even if these weapons were destroyed by Wu Yu, they would simply regrow!

Wu Yu already desired to capture this battle machine for his own use.

But in the instant their battle exploded, the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug was merciless. Its close combat was horrifying and constrained Wu Yu. He mainly used his real body to fight. The two made loud clashing sounds in the Floating Dreams Pagoda as the Infernal Sky Pillar and the bug's metal body crashed against each other!

In the blink of an eye, Wu Yu did not know how many moves he had exchanged with it. The other party not only had a tough exoskeleton, the key was that it had horrifying strength. Wu Yu's real body was at a disadvantage after exchanging blows. He had not met another who was as good at close combat as him, but the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug was no doubt such an existence.

And the Heaven Devouring Avatar was actually weak against puppets because he could not devour them.

However, Wu Yu was not discouraged. Just now, he had not shown his real strength. At this point, he began to cooperate with the Heaven Devouring Avatar. At least the chill and coldness of the Dark North Royal Obelisk could freeze the spirit designs of the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug, making it slow. Then Wu Yu would attack it violently. Wu Yu used all means to deal with the puppet, including the Offensive Spirit Design of Infernal Sky Pillar, and bombarded it with various dao techniques and mystiques. But to be honest, no matter how many legs he broke, the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug could recover.

And the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug had offensive abilities as well. It had two Offensive Spirit Designs. The first was the Invisible Slaying Iron Wings Formation. When this spirit design broke out, those iron wings were like two blades that turned invisible. They flew and sliced around, as though they were two new puppets. Wu Yu was almost cut in half several times!

The second was the Seven Stars Shining Blast, which utilized the seven stars on its back. When the Seven Stars Shining Blast was used, seven stars in the sky seemed to communicate with the seven stars on its back. In an instant, the endless power of the stars was infused in the seven stars on its back, which was similar to Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold. Then all of them would erupt. Wu Yu escaped from the Floating Dreams Pagoda and avoided this attack.

But he felt like he stood a chance, so he continued to enter and challenge. As long as there was a shred of hope, he would not be willing to give up such a strong battle machine!

In his imagination, the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug would hide in his clothes and suddenly transform and explode with horrifying offensive power.

1. 1 zhang= 3 ⅓ meters or 3.645 yards

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