Chapter 0998: The Pull of Immortal's Capital

After the Nan Yun Region Lord saw them off, Wu Yu and the others boarded the Hidden Immortal, coasting through the skies of the Yan Huang Ancient Country for the heart of the Central Region Divine Continent - Yan Huang Immortal's Capital.

Ordinarily, one would not need to sneak around with the Yan Huang Ancient Country on the Hidden Immortal, especially with Wu Yu's status. But after the last assassination attempt, the Full Moon of Nanshan activated the concealment spirit designs on the Hidden Immortal, and they returned to the Immortal's Capital stealthily.

On the deck of the Hidden Immortal, they propped their hands on the rail and looked down at the splendor of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. As far as their eyes could see, countless cities and bountiful lands - a land of cultivators, where even the most modest of hamlets had Qi Condensation Realm cultivators. Otherwise, they might not be able to survive in their wilds, where beasts might turn into demons at any time.

The slightly larger cities would have Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators. Or even Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators.

The Yan Huang Ancient Region was divided into many provinces, and each provincial lord was like a ruler. They had their own provincial guard, and children born in each province often aimed to become provincial guards and bring glory to their ancestors.

Each province was huge - so much so that many never even laid a single foot outside of their province. The Yan Huang Ancient Region was not like the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. The Dong Sheng Divine Continent had a huge land area, perhaps a third of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, but every inch of soil in the Yan Huang Ancient Country had martial cultivators subsisting on it. Every inch of land was equivalent to a bountiful spot in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. As for the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, one portion was taken up by the martial cultivators of the Three Thousand Immortal Kingdoms, while the others were sparse lands with few people. Many places were wastelands.

"Perhaps because of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage about to start, it seems like those below are more lively. The Yan Huang Ancient Country is a good place. With the Ancient Emperor as guardian, all who live here will have the chance to cultivate, no matter who they are. There are also various institutions such as the provincial guard and city guards which guarantee individual safety to a certain extent. Immortal kingdoms are truly something else." Wu Yu observed as he looked down on the hamlets, cities, and castles.

He knew that the Dong Sheng Divine Continent was still rife with demons and had no such conditions.

The immortal sects of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent were only concerned with sectoral matters, at most venturing out to slay demons.

Whereas a complete immortal kingdom was a vast, complex, and rigid machine.

The Nanyin Demon Continent was currently undergoing a metamorphosis, from a free-for-all land to a place where ordinary people would not dare to venture into.

The presence of the Phoenix Supreme could reduce their internal fighting and unite them against those outside. When their strength is made coherent, the Nanyin Demon Continent might have the potential to become a superpower demon kingdom that might overtake the Dark North.

This would attract many demons to lend it allegiance.

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were by his side, and Lazy the cat was perched on the highest point of the Hidden Immortal, lazily basking in the sun.

"Don't worry about that stuff that doesn't help us. Do you think the Nan Yun Region Lord and theSouth Emperor are on to something about Prince Le? Prince Le will soon shoot to glory?" the Full Moon of Nanshan said moodily.

Wu Yu considered this.

Frowning, he said, "One thing we can confirm is that a Yan Huang Ancient Emperor-like being emerges from the Yan Huang royal family in every generation. Of course, they might not be as strong as the current Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. Therefore, within this generation of princes and princesses, there will eventually be one to ascend the throne. As for the actual approach, that is probably the greatest secret, and no one knows."

"But you feel that it might not be Prince Le?" the Full Moon of Nanshan asked.

Wu Yu nodded. "I think so presently. Two reasons. Firstly, from the interactions between the Ancient Emperor and Prince Le to date, I think that their connection is not that strong. It might be limited to me. Secondly, don't forget that I watched Prince Le die on the Taigu Immortal Path. Although I don't understand it yet, I think it is something to consider. What I mean to say that the leader of this generation of the Yan Huang royal family might not be Prince Le. Too much is still up in the air." 

"That's what I thought. There's still so much time left. How could the South Emperor so quickly sniff out the pattern? And you haven't forgotten the assassination, have you?"

Wu Yu nodded. "Of course not. In fact, I think that the South Emperor's view might already be circulating around. Prince Le is definitely one of the highest fliers around now, and might stand a good chance. Some people are panicking. There are some who just refuse to give up, to the point where they will even risk discovery by the Ancient Emperor in order to send the Stygian Devils after us."

Ye Xixi fretted. "Does this mean more assassination attempts in the future? We're living on a knife's edge."

Wu Yu brooded on that. "Perhaps. But once we're back in the Immortal's Capital, there are few who will be that bold. We were targeted before because we were in the sea region."

After all, they were not the real targets. The bigger fish here was Prince Le.

"We have been swept up in this, and you're being eyed by the Ancient Emperor as well. Perhaps it's time to lay down our escape route. For example, the Ancient Demon Realm. Might be the only way to get free of him," the Full Moon of Nanshan offered.

Wu Yu said, "Forget about the Ancient Demon Realm for now. It's too dangerous. I cannot possibly bring my kin over. It's still early; the time is not yet ripe. Who knows what the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's true goal is? For now, we should sit quietly and observe." They were like blood-related siblings now. They would stand together no matter what.

"Perhaps after some time, I will go to the Ancient Demon Realm again to check it out. And then find a way to return to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent." Wu Yu knew that he was still vulnerable in those ways. Therefore, he also had his own ideas regarding those things.

The Full Moon of Nanshan cupped his hands behind his head, declaring in a casual voice, "Well, I've got no ties. I'll follow you wherever you go. After all, there's no place for me here in the Yan Huang Ancient Region besides being by your side." 

"Big Brother Yu, I have no family either. You guys are my family. Wherever you go, I'll go. We live and die together," Ye Xixi said seriously.


They spoke in completely different tones - the Full Moon of Nanshan was lackadaisical, while Ye Xixi was very earnest. But their wills were the same. It was simply their differing personalities.

The Full Moon of Nanshan did not like to speak too mushily. After all, he regarded himself as a manly man. But saying "no place in the Yan Huang Ancient Region but by your side" spoke of his true feelings.

"No matter what, I will seek life. I won't let talent such as yours falter on the path to immortalhood," Wu Yu vowed seriously to them.

Just as Ye Xixi had said, the two of them were just like Wu Yu's kin now. Wu Yu would naturally not allow his kin to die. Fate might be a cruel mistress, but it had to be resisted and fought against.

Perhaps the Immortal's Capital was a place that demanded battle.

"10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, where experts from 10,000 kingdoms bring offerings to the Immortal's Capital and pay homage to the Ancient Emperor. All the groups in the world, including the sea region demons, will come to the Immortal's Capital. The Ancient Emperor only cares about the greetings and accepting the offerings. As for the Yan Huang Tribe, regardless of whether they are young or old, they must accept the challenges of the 10,000 countries. They have to defend the honor of the Yan Huang Tribe, and show the strength that the rulers of the Jambu Realm must have. At that time, with the princes and princesses as the spearhead, the pressure will be enormous. Those youngsters will also be chomping at the bit to prove themselves, and also assert dominance."

Wu Yu knew that he would definitely have things to do then. Although he personally saw no need to defend the honor of the Yan Huang Tribe, he was not one to back down from a battle.

If there really was a fight, he would be fighting for himself and his kin!

"The 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage for the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. How grand! How glorious!"

The Hidden Immortal's bow was pointed straight for the Immortal's Capital. With the imminent 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, Wu Yu suddenly thought of something.

"The Phoenix Supreme knows of the Ancient Emperor. The Nanyin Empire has just been founded - will she come to pay tribute? Will she bring Nangong Wei...."

He wondered, mingled with anticipation. Normally, a new empire would definitely come. But if the Phoenix Supreme was confident in her abilities and dared to challenge the Ancient Emperor, things would get interesting.

And he had even greater worries.

"I hear that Luo Pin is now the Dragon Lord of the dragon tribe of the four seas, the highest immortal beast in the whole Jambu Realm. The dragon tribe of the four seas is hidden in the sea region, and average people cannot find them. I wonder if she will come to the Immortal's Capital...."

Wu Yu was not really that hung up on whether Nangong Wei would come or not. After all, he had been to the Nanyin Demon Continent, and he would probably be turned down again this time as well. But Luo Pin. Wu Yu dreamed of meeting her. Of course, he was both concerned and anxious, because he knew that his current level was no match for her and that he was not qualified to be her dao companion. Once, he had bragged that he would go look for her in 10 years' time. Although that limit was not up yet, if they met before that, he would get to see her again....

That did not seem too good a prospect. Wu Yu wanted to meet her as an equal.

At this juncture, he again thought of Nangong Wei's words on the fifth platform.

While it had been an illusion, they were painful words to hear. She had accused Wu Yu of chasing stronger women. She said that Wu Yu had looked down on her because she was neither as eminent or talented as Luo Pin. She had said that he was only looking for a stronger dao companion, not love. He simply chased women who were above him.

Therefore, he was asking himself now. If Luo Pin was an average person, how much interest would he have in her?

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