Chapter 0997: Secret of the Royal family

Wu Yu didn’t need her to explain in detail. Perhaps at the beginning, some had not shown up to pay their tributes, but as she had said, these people had paid the price.

Now no one would dare to skip this.

Every decade, the Yan Huang Ancient Country would ask for all the strong powers in the Jambu Realm to come forth and present their treasures. This was similar to paying protection fees.

It was said that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had maintained his current cultivation level for more than 1,000 years. During these 1,000 years, various powers had paid tribute 100 times. Hence, this was basically considered an ordinary mission now.

From the Nan Yun Region Lord's relaxed tone, the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage would proceed smoothly. At that time, all the powers would come forth and pay their respects. They would also give treasures that would at least need to reflect their statuses. If not, as the Nan Yun Region Lord had said, they would have to pay a price. 

It seemed like the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was not as Wu Yu had imagined him to be - an existence surpassing mortal and materialistic desires. His dominance was expressed in such a way.

"F**k, that's awesome, he's practically.…" The Full Moon of Nanshan wanted to say “big bully,” but thinking about the respect the Yan Huang Tribe had for the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, he resisted saying that. 

However, the Nan Yun Region Lord knew what his exaggerated tone meant. She lowered her voice and said, "Don't misunderstand the Ancient Emperor. It is only reasonable that the Ancient Emperor receives all these tributes. Actually, our Yan Huang Tribe is not much stronger than the others anymore. But we can be the leaders because of the Ancient Emperor. With the Ancient Emperor around, our Yan Huang Tribe will always be the overlords. Actually, it is not a problem for the Ancient Emperor to destroy all the martial cultivation kingdoms and let our Yan Huang Tribe control the whole Yan Huang Ancient Region, or even the Jambu Realm. However, he will not do that. Just based on this, people from other countries should be grateful that they have not been annihilated and can still exist.

"Secondly, with the Ancient Emperor in power, many martial cultivation kingdoms dare not to realize their ambition of widening their territories and bullying smaller, weaker martial cultivation kingdoms. This is the reason why there are few wars in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. Considering this, the tributes that they pay during each 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage is not a lot. In summary, it is all due to the Ancient Emperor that a relatively peaceful era can be maintained in the Jambu Realm, that everyone can have the opportunity to cultivate and no one is enslaved. Without the Ancient Emperor, the Jambu Realm would be in chaos. So they really should sincerely pay up their tributes."

The Nan Yun Region Lord had her reasons for saying that. The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was very strong and the others were grateful to him for not killing them. The second point on the effect of his dominance was true too. As for the third point, it was the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor who had solved the problem of the Ancient Demon God in the Infernal Inferno before.

"When you say that, it seems true. As citizens of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, we are really lucky to be ranked above others. Haha…." The Full Moon of Nanshan could not resist laughing. Actually, while he laughed, he knew about Wu Yu's situation. They were now tied to Wu Yu. Wu Yu's danger was his danger. So he was actually quite depressed. Because what they had discussed, this terrifying existence might be their enemy. 

He rolled his eyes at Wu Yu and secretly muttered, "Forget about meeting such a crazy existence. We should just pack up and hide in the Ancient Demon Realm." 

Of course, Wu Yu would not be scared by this. Besides, his home land was the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. His family and teacher were there. It would be difficult for him to go to another world, especially when the Ancient Demon Realm was so terrifying. If Wu You and the others went there, they would have a harder time surviving. 

Actually, to Ye Xixi, the stronger the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was, the more the hatred and fury burned in her heart. The hatred she had for killing her parents could not be wiped from her heart. She was an open book. At this moment, her eyes were bloodshot and her expression was dark and sinister. At this moment, she muttered, "The Yan Huang Tribe without the Ancient Emperor is no stronger than the other tribes, especially when there are many sea region demons. If one day the Ancient Emperor leaves and disappears from here, wouldn't you all be afraid…."

She was actually muttering this out of anger. Naturally, she wanted to curse the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor to die. 

But the Nan Yun Region Lord did not hear that underlying tone. She laughed as though she had heard a naïve question and said, "This is something you don't know. I heard that the Ancient Emperor has already achieved immortalhood and is now an undying existence. He won't leave easily. Even if he passes the Yan Huang throne to the princes, he will still protect Yan Huang. If he leaves to go to the Sky Palaces, it will only be after Yan Huang has produced a new existence comparable to the Ancient Emperor. For countless years, in every generation, an immortal who will protect the whole Jambu Realm is born in the royal family of our Yan Huang Tribe. This has never stopped before. The previous emperor also left for the Sky Palaces only after the Ancient Emperor came to power."

Hearing this, Ming Long said, "In my era, there was also a terrifying existence in the Yan Huang Tribe. Of course, in my time, he seemed to live through legends and basically never appeared. He was shyer than the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. It is no wonder the Yan Huang Tribe has been able to maintain their glory to this day and still occupies such a good amount of territory. So it is because the royal family births such a crazy existence in each generation."

She was not sure about this before. In her era, the guardian of the Yan Huang Tribe was always behind closed doors, secreted away. No one saw him, not to mention hosting events like the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. 

Wu Yu also did not doubt that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had already gained immortality. But could he go to the Sky Palaces? Legends said that after reaching immortalhood, one could go to the Sky Palaces, and it was said that they would be immediately summoned to ascend thus.


Wu Yu never knew that immortals could remain in the mortal world. 

And he did not know that the Yan Huang royal family could produce an immortal every generation. At least from the princes and princesses that he knew, while they had the potential to become immortal, none of them were really outstanding. None of them seemed like they could definitely become immortal in future. 

At this moment, the Nan Yun Region Lord was almost at the gate of South Emperor City. She suddenly stopped and looked at Wu Yu. 

"What's the matter?" Wu Yu asked. 

The Nan Yun Region Lord looked at him and asked formally, "Are you also thinking that out of all the current princes and princesses, there are none who look like he or she surpasses everyone else, or is an extreme genius or domineering existence?"

He had not expected her to know what he was thinking. Of course, she was guessing. 

Wu Yu nodded and said, "It is as you have said."

The Nan Yun Region Lord smiled. She knew what to do, but at this moment, she lowered her voice and leaned towards Wu Yu. She said slowly, word for word, "Actually, you do not need to be suspicious. I heard from my daddy that the Ancient Emperor was not that outstanding at first. He was very ordinary and was not even the queen's son. He was even poorer in terms of talent compared to my daddy back. Then, one day, he instantly surpassed everyone as though he had received some heavenly help. He reached the top instantly and became the new emperor. Other than when facing the previous emperor, he was undefeatable. I heard that it was then that he became immortal."

Wu Yu could only use the word “shocking” to describe this truth. He had thought that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's power had always been heaven-defying. 

He believed that everyone else would think that too. At least that was what was in the stories now. If he asked anyone now, they would probably say that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had been a heaven-defying existence since young. Perhaps only his brothers like Di Nantian would know the truth. 

The Nan Yun Region Lord continued, "And all of this happened after my grandfather suddenly started paying attention to the Ancient Emperor. I heard that what happened back then is similar to what is currently happening with Prince Le. For instance, personally arranging for a Kingmaker or having some sort of relation. So, Kingmaker Le, do you know what I mean? While most people in Yan Huang don't know about this secret, my dad knows. Prince Le is very special now. You're very special too. My dad feels that such special occurrences mark the start of a legend. So we think that Prince Le will be the next emperor of Yan Huang royal family. The next… immortal."

Now Wu Yu finally understood why Di Nantian had approached him. 

Even Prince Le might not be aware of the things that the Nan Yun Region Lord had said today, because few dared to discuss the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's past. Those who knew had to have been alive for a long time, and those people had basically all died. Besides, many would not believe that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor started out as an ordinary person. 

But Di Nantian knew. 

So from what he knew, he was placing his bet on Prince Le becoming the new legend. And he probably thought that Wu Yu was the most crucial part of this legend. In the future, he would be as prominent as Prince Le and surpass all the other princes and princesses. 

10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, the truth of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, the future immortal of Yan Huang royal family…. Today, the Nan Yun Region Lord had revealed much information to Wu Yu. 

"Kingmaker Le, after returning to the Immortal's Capital, let's remain in contact. Send my father's greetings to Prince Le." At this moment, the Nan Yun Region Lord took out some core-tail talismans and passed them to Wu Yu. 


Wu Yu accepted them.

He was now confused and had to digest a lot of information. Next, he would need to discuss and analyze all of this with the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ming Long. 

Wu Yu felt that the reason the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had chosen him might not be because he wanted Prince Le to become the new Yan Huang immortal. 

Besides he was suspicious too. How could someone go from ordinary to surpassing all his competitors in one step? Just like Nangong Wei? 

He was very curious about the method used. 

At this moment, they were out of South Emperor City. Before the Nan Yun Region Lord said goodbye, she said, "Actually, the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage is not as simple as paying tribute. Each pilgrimage is a large gathering of the whole Jambu Realm. At that time, you may get many missions in which you will be representing the Yan Huang royal family. So all the geniuses and elites of the Jambu Realm will gather at the Immortal's Capital. To be honest, those who go there will want to prove themselves to their country and tribe. It is also to vent the resentment of having to pay tribute. At that time, they will think of many ways to challenge our Yan Huang at formal occasions in an attempt to humiliate us. 

“The 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage is a very exciting time, but the Ancient Emperor is not bothered by this. So they will be less afraid and more reckless. Frankly speaking, for us young people, that is the time that we will defend against the challenges of the youths from 10,000 countries and defend the honor and face of our Yan Huang Tribe. You also have that responsibility, Kingmaker Le"

To defend.

He would never commit himself fully to that word, not for this overlord.

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