Chapter 0996: 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage

"This is my daughter, Nan Yun," Di Nantian introduced warmly as the girl approached. 

So that was the Nan Yun Region Lord, the precious daughter of Di Nantian. Wu Yu couldn't recognize her, but the Full Moon of Nanshan did. He whispered secretly, "She's one of the few famous beauties in Yan Huang and has exceptional talent. You could also say that she's at the top of the Yan Huang Ancient Region and approaching the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm." 

Those who could reach the pinnacle of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm before the age of 100 could be called first-rate talents in the Jambu Realm. Based on what the Full Moon of Nanshan had described, the Nan Yun Region Lord was definitely a talent like this. Many princes and princesses might not reach this level. Therefore, she had a good chance of attaining immortalhood in the future. 

Although she was wearing a mask, Wu Yu could see through it with his eyes. Regardless of facial features or figure, she was outstanding and had an atypical demeanor. She was dignified, elegant, and attractive. Her royal bloodline wasn't something ordinary women could compare to. 

In the Yan Huang Ancient Country, there were numerous outstanding talents. The princes and princesses would take half the spots, while the Nan Yun Region Lord was likely in the other half and considered as one of the few elite talents. When Wu Yu locked eyes with her, he could roughly tell from her eyes and features that she had a calm and composed heart that wouldn't be swayed by emotions. This was a great mentality for cultivation. 

After greeting Wu Yu and the rest, she didn't intrude and sat at the side. Wu Yu had planned to leave and wasn't paying attention to the beauty, unlike the Full Moon of Nanshan, who was almost drooling. 

After chatting casually with Di Nantian for a little longer, Wu Yu took his leave and returned to the Immortal's Capital. 

Di Nantian didn't make things difficult for him or tried to get him to stay. He even courteously got his man to bring the gift over. The gift was a Sumeru Pouch, and just as he handed it over to Wu Yu, he said, "This is our first meeting. Here's a small gift for Kingmaker Le. We hope you will accept it." 

"This...." Wu Yu was surprised Di Nantian had prepared a gift. When he opened the Sumeru Pouch and took a quick glance, he saw at least 1,000 God's Way Pills. He was stumped and rejected instantly. "I'd like to thank the South Emperor for your goodwill. However, this gift is too precious. I can't accept it." 

Obviously, having more God's Way Pills would always be great. However, Wu Yu wouldn't want to owe him a favor. Therefore, despite the fact he could get this wealth easily, he still rejected it. 

"Alright. As long as Kingmaker Le knows about my goodwill, that is sufficient. However, do let my daughter send you guys out of the city. This... you can't reject me this time!" The South Emperor didn't insist on giving out the gift, and Wu Yu was comfortable with Di Nantian's actions. Therefore, when he asked to allow the Nan Yun Region Lord to send Wu Yu off, Wu Yu couldn't reject. 

"You guys are all teenagers and should chat a little more. Perhaps you all could become friends," the South Emperor said with a smile. 

Wu Yu was pondering. Perhaps the South Emperor was trying to find out what Wu Yu was capable of so it would enable him to make a better decision on who he should stand with in the competition between the princes and princesses. Or perhaps he believed that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had chosen Prince Le for some unknown reason and this had lots to do with Wu Yu. Therefore, he wanted to know more about Wu Yu. Obviously, he had to do this subtly. 

"Since he has shown goodwill , I could try to get him in our camp now so he can help Prince Le." This was what Wu Yu was thinking. However, he didn't do it. Firstly, Wu Yu wasn't particularly interested in Prince Le clinching the throne. This was especially so after he felt the immense pressure from the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. Secondly, recruiting and attracting different forces could be left to Prince Le. Wu Yu felt like these people were often wise and scheming, and this wasn't something he specialized in. 

Therefore, his interactions with the South Emperor today was at a very superficial level. 

The South Emperor sent Wu Yu and the group out of the South Emperor's Residence. Next, the Nan Yun Region Lord would be escorting them out of the city. 

"This way, please." The Nan Yun Region Lord wasn't in a hurry and chose to take a walk as he led Wu Yu and the group through the main streets to the exit. 

The streets were extremely lively. The Nan Yun Region Lord was well known and all those who saw her would greet her promptly and make way for her. 

"Old Wu, what tricks do you think the South Emperor has up his sleeve? Could it be that he's trying to create opportunities for you and his daughter after seeing that you don't have a dao companion?" the Full Moon of Nanshan asked sheepishly. 

Truth be told, Wu Yu didn't find the Full Moon of Nanshan crude here. This was what he had thought initially. However, after a small journey, the Nan Yun Region Lord didn't speak much. Therefore, she was likely not interested in this. Obviously, these were all their conjectures. 

Just as Wu Yu was thinking about it, the Nan Yun Region Lord spoke. 

"There are relatively few people in the city. In a few days, the Immortal's Capital and even South Emperor City would be several times more lively. It won't be easy to maintain the peace and serenity of this place. After all, there will be too many people from different backgrounds then." 

This journey was rather awkward. However, since she had spoken, Wu Yu obviously had to answer. When he walked side by side with this dignified beauty, he attracted all the envious looks from the passers-by. Many of them didn't know who Wu Yu and the group were. 

"Region Lord, why would you have these thoughts?"

The Nan Yun Region Lord was astounded as she looked at Wu Yu. In her gentle voice, she said, "Soon, the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage will begin. You have been in Yan Huang for some time. Don't you know about the important 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage?" 

It wasn't just Wu Yu who wasn't aware. The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi didn't know either. One of them had been detained in a prison for as long as he could remember, while the other had grown up in the Infernal Inferno. There's no way they would know about the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. 

Therefore, the trio was completely lost. 

Seeing their uniform actions, the Nan Yun Region Lord chuckled. "It seems like the three of you never paid much attention to anything other than cultivation. It's not surprising that you guys are so strong. The 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage is an exceptional grand event for the entire Jambu Realm. It is hosted in the Immortal's Capital whenever the Ancient Emperor makes a decree personally. In the past, it would take place once every 10 years or so. Since the last 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, slightly more than eight years have passed. A month ago, the Ancient Emperor made a decree again. Therefore, it will be brought forward slightly by a year or so." 

Wu Yu and the group still didn't know what the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage was about. However, as this concerned the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, Wu Yu was paying additional attention. From what it sounded like, it was entirely up to the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor to decide when the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage would be held. 

From Wu Yu's understanding, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was just like an immortal. Moreover, he was the only one in the Jambu Realm and he rarely showed himself. 

Seeing Wu Yu and the group still looking completely lost, the Nan Yun Region Lord added, "It seems like you guys know nothing about the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. In that case, let me explain further so you guys can prepare mentally before reaching the Immortal's Capital." 

"Thank you," said Wu Yu. 

The Nan Yun Region Lord continued her explanation as they walked. "You guys could probably guess it. The pilgrimage is obviously about paying respects to the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, the absolute overlord of the entire Jambu Realm. As for the bit about the 10,000 Kingdoms, it is actually an exaggeration. There aren't 10,000 kingdoms in total. Nonetheless, the number isn't small. This encompasses almost all large and small cultivation kingdoms in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, across ghostly cultivators, demon empires, smaller forces that can't be considered kingdoms, some cultivation sects, and bountiful lands. In the Yan Huang Ancient Region, there are over 1,000 of them." 

Based on what she was saying, Wu Yu recalled encountering people from the Azure Wings Hurricane Valley, the Snow Expanse, the Cloud Immortal Kingdom, and many other small kingdoms. Obviously, humongous forces like the Dark North Kingdom would also be included. 

"All the forces in the Yan Huang Ancient Region gather in the Yan Huang Ancient Country under the decree of the Ancient Emperor to pay their respects to him. So this is the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage?" Wu Yu was astounded. He couldn't imagine the scale of this. Nonetheless, if these people were willing to come, it was a testament to how terrifying the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was. After all, this was a pilgrimage. 

The Nan Yun Region Lord said, "That isn't all there is to it. The majority of the sea region demons are within the area of his decree. Most of the sea region demons attended the last few 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. Whether they are from the Perennial Sea Region, the Dead Souls Sea Region, the Stormy Seas Region, or others, they will send representatives with offerings to express their respect and allegiance." At this point, Wu Yu could start to envision this grand event. All three of them were shocked to their core. It was at this moment that Wu Yu finally understood how incredible the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was. 

With just a decree, the numerous experts in the world would have to send representatives to the Yan Huang Ancient Country. This included large kingdoms like the Dark North Kingdom and also various ghostly cultivators, demons, and even sea region demons. He believed that each 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage would be successful and there wouldn't be a force that would dare to go against the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor and not attend. 

"That's amazing...." Wu Yu had never expected something like this in the Jambu Realm. Moreover, the timing of the pilgrimage was entirely up to the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. 

"Offerings? You said that the 10,000 kingdoms have to attend with offerings?" The Full Moon of Nanshan thought he had heard incorrectly. 

The Nan Yun Region Lord nodded. With a sense of pride, she answered, "That’s a given. If they didn't bring offerings along, it wouldn't be called a pilgrimage. For each 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, they have to take out treasures that show the value of their kingdoms and offer them to the Ancient Emperor. The larger cultivation empires have to prepare at least 1,000 advanced dao treasures or even divine dao treasures, immortal medicines, immortal essences, talismans, precious treasures, or spirit designs as offerings. Smaller kingdoms can give a little less. However, no one dares to scrimp on this. After all, these are given to the Ancient Emperor directly. The Ancient Emperor will definitely find out if someone gives too little. At least for the past several hundred years, no one has dared to try their luck. Once, someone was careless and ended up paying the price.”

Despite always having the feeling that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was frightening, Wu Yu felt like he had underestimated the Ancient Emperor after hearing what the Nan Yun Region Lord had said. 

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