Chapter 0995: South Emperor's Golden Lion Hall

Many martial cultivators had gathered outside the kingdom border at South Emperor City.

These martial cultivators waited here, mostly waiting for South Emperor City's internal customs to clear their status and documents.

They would only be allowed to enter after that.

However, waiting here was safe. Because the area was controlled by the Yan Huang Tribe, no person or sea region demon could fool around here.

Because they were simply waiting, thousands gathered here in twos and threes.

When the trio came here blended in, heading for the South Emperor City tunnel, they heard many things regarding the Nanyin Empire and the Phoenix Supreme.

"An Eternal Phoenix immortal beast has never appeared in the Jambu Realm before! I wonder where it came from. And two of them all of a sudden!"

"A scary prospect. Not only has she cowed all the demon lords of the Nanyin Demon Continent into accepting her as their ruler, but even the Eight Demon Sea Lords, the Stormy Demon Emperor included, were absolutely destroyed. The Stormy Demon Emperor hasn't even shown his face since."

"The various immortal kingdoms of the Yan Huang Ancient Region have not responded. A tacit recognition of the Nanyin Empire's establishment. I guess that's what it is. Otherwise, someone would have gone to crush the Phoenix Supreme."

"Don't joke around. The Phoenix Supreme is very powerful. Besides the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, I don't know anyone stronger. The Eight Demon Sea Lords fell to her together. The Eternal Phoenix is probably going to become an immortal!"

"I hear Princess Phoenix Dawn is really beautiful. In the Nanyin Demon Continent, she's only below one person, and above all others. Anyone who can become Princess Phoenix Dawn's consort will rise quickly."

"Stop daydreaming. If you don't have talent to match hers, how can you become her dao companion? Princess Phoenix Dawn is the future empress of the Nanyin Empire. Not like the Yan Huang Ancient Country - with so many princes and princesses that no one knows who will be next emperor."

"Perhaps Prince Le. But it's Kingmaker Le who's awesome, nothing much to do with Prince Le."

"That's too early to say. I think both Prince Le and Kingmaker Le are too young. They probably won't fare well on a real battlefield."

They would not have dreamed that Wu Yu would pass by them at this exact time.

"I hear that Kingmaker Le has gone to the Nanyin Demon Continent. I wonder if he'll make it back, with such unrest there."

"If he dies there, that will be a joke."

As they spoke, Wu Yu walked into the passage of South Emperor City, where the South Flame Army's guards were. At least 5,000 people maintained order in this passage, and there were, of course, many custom officials as well. In order to enter the Yan Huang Ancient Country, one had to produce proof of identity through a drawn-out process. But Wu Yu had the exit document from the Regent. When the trio reached an inspector, he did not even bother to look up at them. With a cavalier tone, he gestured with the thing in his hand, saying, "Take out all your things. And make it snappy. Don't dawdle, there are many more waiting."

Wu Yu took out the exit document and placed it on the table. The inspector grumbled as he opened it. "Just this?"

When he opened it, he jumped and hurriedly looked up at the trio with a pale face. "I see it is Kingmaker Le. This idiot was blind, not to have recognized your august self. Please forgive me, Kingmaker Le."

He was on his knees before Wu Yu already.

At the same time, he pulled out a Message Talisman. Wu Yu had just bid him stand when a middle-aged man of regal bearing in fire-red armor appeared. He came forth quickly, and said to Wu Yu, "Welcome back, Kingmaker Le. This humble creature is Ju Wang, a heaven dragon general with the South Flame Army. I heard that Kingmaker Le left Yan Huang via South Emperor City, and we paid special attention here. Welcome back, Kingmaker Le, and please follow this humble creature."

"We're going in directly?" Wu Yu had thought that the process would be drawn out. But the South Emperor seemed like a rather straightforward person, to let Wu Yu in like that.

Ju Wang smiled. "Naturally. Kingmaker Le is a pillar of our nation, and should be treated specially as such. Please follow this humble creature back to Yan Huang."

In truth, a heaven dragon general was only second to an army general. For example, the Yan Dragon Army only had a few heaven dragon generals, and Ju Wang probably had depths to his power that were unknown. He was no weaker than the Blood Poisoner who they had killed before.

However, he was very respectful towards Wu Yu.

Wu Yu did not waste words. Naturally, returning was the primary goal now, and so he followed Ju Wang through the layered kingdom border spirit design. After passing through the checks, he finally reached South Emperor City. Along the way, Ju Wang said deferentially to Wu Yu, "Kingmaker Le, the South Emperor heard that you were coming to South Emperor City and wishes to meet you. He bade this humble creature to escort Kingmaker Le to the South Emperor's Residence for an audience."

The South Emperor was a younger brother of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. He was on par with the Regent and Di Yuantian. What was the basis for this sincere request for a meeting?

Wu Yu was in South Emperor City, and its ruler wished to meet him. And he was Prince Le's royal uncle as well - a request from such an elder could not be refused. Besides, he had treated him with such courtesy, which had to be reciprocated.

Also, he was in no great rush to get back to the Immortal's Capital. After all, he had nothing specially arranged. He just wanted to focus on cultivation. As for Prince Le's throne-taking, Wu Yu felt that it was still far in the future, and there was no need for worry.

He knew that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was a terrifying presence, and he might be watching him. But he still had to return to the Immortal's Capital because he knew that running right now was no use.

Unless perhaps he went to the Ancient Demon Realm.

That was something that Wu Yu had thought of when he returned from the Ancient Demon Realm.

"If the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor forces me to, I will go to the Ancient Demon Realm. I don't believe that he can follow me there."

At least right now, he felt a little more insured with an escape secured. Of course, whether or not the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor knew about the Ancient Demon Realm was something else.

He did not really understand just what kind of being the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was....

Escorted by Ju Wang, Wu Yu reached the splendid yet intimidating South Emperor's Residence. Here, many flaming golden lion statues could be seen. Lifelike and majestic.

The entire South Emperor's Residence seemed like a huge dao treasure, with spirit designs drawn everywhere. It looked impregnable, the heart of South Emperor City. The spiritual qi here was exceptionally dense as well. But after experiencing the spiritual qi at the Ancient Demon Realm, Wu Yu could only rate this as very good.

In the finest hall of the South Emperor's Residence, the Golden Lion Hall, the South Emperor was waiting for Wu Yu. When the three entered, they expected to see a cool and domineering presence of regal bearing, just like the Regent, or perhaps an arrogant, callous, and superior figure like Di Yuantian. Instead, they were startled to see a white-haired and bearded man with a boyish face and energy. He wore simple cloth robes and looked very cultured, much like an erudite scholar. The warm smile on his face was as comforting as a spring breeze, and made one feel welcome.

"Welcome, Kingmaker Le. Your presence brings light to my humble dwelling." When Wu Yu arrived, he personally welcomed him, leading Wu Yu into the Golden Lion Hall.

Wu Yu could do small talk. He chatted a little with the South Emperor, who had already called for beautiful servant girls to serve up the finest delicacies, and bade them dance for Wu Yu. Wu Yu was not that interested, although the Full Moon of Nanshan's eyes were popping. Whether in terms of the finest foods and wines, or the devilishly attractive ladies, they were his fervent passions. He wined and dined and played to his heart's content.

The South Emperor did not address any serious business. He first used small talk to break the ice, speaking of trivial matters. He pointed out the ingredients in the drink and bade Wu Yu take some back to taste. He spoke of which master chef had prepared the cuisine, and also of the breeding and culture of the dancing beauties, and which schools they came from. They embraced the dao of the land through their dance. It was an easy time. But Wu Yu felt that he was trying to get to know him, and see what he was made of.

"I heard that the Nanyin Demon Continent has been in unrest recently. Kingmaker Le just returned from that area. What have you gained?" The South Emperor suddenly threw this question at him.

Wu Yu was already prepared. "I went in search of an old friend, but I was mistaken. When we heard that the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence had opened, we went to test our luck as well. But the Phoenix Supreme emerged, and she was too overwhelming. There were demons everywhere. We hid to stay alive. In terms of gains, we did manage to watch the terrifying battle between the experts."

As for the Demonic Eye of Illusions and the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm, even the Phoenix Supreme did not know about them. Wu Yu would not let him know either.

"Is the Phoenix Supreme really as powerful as the rumors make her out to be? She took on the Eight Demon Sea Lords alone?" the South Emperor asked.

Wu Yu nodded. "I saw it with my own eyes. Truly a monster."

The South Emperor shook his head and laughed ruefully. "The Stormy Demon Emperor alone was enough of a headache. With the Nanyin Empire on our south border now, things won't be peaceful anymore."

Wu Yu laughed in response. "That might not be so. After all, the Nanyin Empire might keep the Stormy Demon Seas occupied."

"Sound logic." The South Emperor smiled and then again poured wine for Wu Yu, steering the conversation into other waters.

About two hours had passed, and Wu Yu felt like he should be on his way. He had not addressed anything substantial in this conversation with the South Emperor, and was still not sure of his mind. Wu Yu was just about to leave, when an enchantingly beautiful woman walked out, dignified and veiled.

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